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just think about the air going off in the house, so Jared walks around in short cut-offs all day, and while Jensen is preparing dinner, Jared opens the freezer, and bends down to grab a cherry popsicle. He practically gives the popsicle a blowjob while staring right at Jensen. His lips look plump and stained red. When he goes to throw the stick away, Jensen pulls Jared to him (1/2)

and asks, “What did daddy tell you about eating sweets before dinner?” Jared looks at him with wide eyes and says, “I’m so sorry, daddy, please let me suck your cock like a good boy. I’m sorry daddy.” to which Jensen replies, “No, first daddy’s going to give you a good spanking, then I’ll feed you cock, baby boy, and you’re going to take it all like the good little cockslut you are.”

I’m really lucky ‘cause I found what I really like to do really young. But that’s fairly rare, so I would say, if you’re lucky enough to figure that out — which is kind of the main struggle in this life — just don’t hold back. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and stuff.
—  Kristen Stewart on what advice she can give to her fans (x)