when you internet stalk/friend someone throughout the years. myspace, twitter, tumblr, facebook, instagram whatever…. and you just know deep down in your heart that you two would be the best of friends. but ya know, you’d rather keep it a secret then coming off super creepy~ I’ll just love you from far away*

I'm so happy that it's finally Saturday.

I get to seeeeeeeeee Mike :). Then go back to Sals pizza and be socially awkward around egyptian men who barely speak english … and answer phones very awkwardly. Lol yesterday they asked me if I smoked, I was just like uhmm no. Then they were like AHH EGYPT BOOBBAABOOBBADDEEEE YEW D0 DA DRUGZ. SMOKE. DRUGZ. and I was like oHHH HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO~~ NAWT YET!!!!!

went to the dermatologist today.

It was my first time there so I was kind of nervous.

When we were in the waiting room, this really attractive doctor walked by.

I thought he might be my doctor, so I got excited.

But then I went into the exam room, and a different doctor came in.

But that one was hot, too!

All in all, a good doctor’s visit.

Seriously I’m so confused about how people pronounce suga’s name bc like it’s just sugar without the r? The r isn’t what makes the s into a sh? Right? And the hangul is like ‘syooga’ so…? why?