My kind of aesthetic, Taekook’s body differences. Dem shoulders, peck and arms doe jeon jungkook.

Time Out

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Prompt: “Who ate all the mother fucking ice cream?!“

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Requested by: @kitchenwitchsuperwhovian


“Shut up.”

“But baby…”

“Shut up, Sammy!”

Sam sighs and drags his hand over his face.

“Y/N…you need to just listen to me.”

“I am sooo fat.” You whine falling back onto the bed.

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The gym (Fat Nigga Season ) 🐻

Ok first off this is not about to be a regular thing with me telling y'all about Fat Nigga season I am not Britany she’s the story teller and her adventures take you places have a bitch having flashbacks and shit lol !
So I walk in today and right near the ladies locker room is this fine fluffy guy ,brown skin , grey eyes , low hair cut , beard and all looking like a sexy bear🐻 on the stair master with his friend. He looks at me I look at him he smiles I damn near melt smile was perfect 😍 so i walk into the locker room .

I come back out ready 💪🏾 Beyoncé ,Daddy Yankee and Fetty wap workout playlist in full effect! I’m feeling myself I get on the elliptical and go for it , you know how you feel Iike someone is watching you I had that feeling! I look back and Kool-aid smile is staring at me 👀 maybe it was this 🍑 idk ! So I finish and move on to something else and he come and gets on a machine across the room from me .

Then I move again to this arm thing and it faces forward and he comes and sits at the machine right In front of me ! 😱 I’m like ok dude is watching me big time . So I go to wipe down the machine and he finally comes up to me 🙈 he’s like hello beautiful 😏 my name is Brandon how are you ? I’m nervous AF he smiles bitch damn near forgot her name! So I finally remembered what my name was and introduced myself 😂 he goes on to tell me he came over to see if I would like a work out partner since I was alone.

So I agree and we go lift weights and I’m like will you spot me ? Y'all I lay down and he’s standing behind me and he has on these Grey sweatpants my inner hoe Winter like oh shit ! ok 😏 he leaned forward to help me lift and the D🍆 fell to the front of them pants 🙈 I’m thinking yasss ! So we finish our workout and were outside he’s like what are you doing tomorrow? I’m like nothing and he ask can we go to lunch tomorrow I agree! So I have a date but before I left he hugs me and he grabbed my booty I’m like ok now before I knew it that bitch Winter set me up and said don’t start nothing you can’t finish… 🙊 he like oh really ? 😏 …. I’m finish the rest later I have to clock back in at work ! @lebritanyarmor