Tyrion Dabble Thing...

He was called an imp, a dwarf, and a freak his entire life…by family and strangers alike…that it felt so strange to be called anything but. The moment he heard his name Tyrion fall from her lips, he felt his heart leap in a way he had only read about. The moment he heard her laugh, he couldn’t help but turn and look for her everything he heard something similar to it. She lit up his life, gave him a reason to wake up every morning.

She…Y/n of House Y/l/n…she was the daughter to a Lord of the Westerlands. A vassel under Tyrion’s father. The only daughter and youngest child to the Lord of that House. She was beautiful, far more so than his sister Cersei could ever dream of being, and the way she was so sweet and gentle…Tyrion always wanted to take up a sword and defend her with his life whenever she was near him. On that very first day, the day he first laid eyes on her and she smiled so brightly…so purely at him as if he wasn’t stunted with mix matched eyes and an ugly face, Tyrion swore one day he was going to marry her. Or, at the least, make sure she married someone who would truly love and care for her.

It wouldn’t be until many years after that first meeting that Tyrion of House Lannister would be able to make good on this promise.

The war for the Dawn was over, Daenerys Targaryen…the Mother of Dragons…now sat the iron throne and Westeros was at peace once more. The Queen’s small council, led by Tyrion himself, had talked her into hosting a ball on the one year mark of her coronation. People from all of the seven kingdoms came to the capital to celebrate…but none of them caught his attention and stole his breath like Y/n did.

She was still just as beautiful and gentle as she had been when they were kids. The war had made her widow, although Tyrion heard it through the grapevine that the marriage was far from being a happy one and that Y/n was better off.

She didn’t dance with anyone, not until Tyrion found her outside in the gardens and asked her softly for a slow dance (while no one was around to mock either of them). Y/n smiled brightly but then asked, “Why not dance in doors, My Lord Hand? The music is that way and I would be able to see your hand of the king pen better. How do I know you are even who you say you are?”

“How many dwarfs do you think are here tonight, My Lady?” Tyrion asked dryly, lifting a brow as he looked up at her, surprised at her words.

She frowned, “There are no dwarfs here, My Lord Hand, there are simply men and women who all wish to drink and dance. Do you not agree?”

He was speechless and could do nothing but take her hand and walk her back inside to the throne room. Everyone watched them, but for the first time Tyrion didn’t notice all the eyes on him that at one time would have made him uneasy and would have filled him with the desire to run away. In that moment he could do nothing but dance around in small, slow circles as he stared up at Y/n and she stared back down at him with a smile and a laugh that had haunted his dreams since he was just a boy.

Harry-- The New Pet

I was filled with a giddy feeling as I put the key in the lock to our house.  Y/N thought I was in London for another three days, but I had managed to get a few days off by pushing meetings closer together, moving some to video conferences, and tying up all the loose ends I could so I would have a full week with just the two of us.  She didn’t know I was coming home, though.  It was a complete surprise; one I was looking forward to seeing her reaction to.

When I opened the door the house was quiet except for the distant sound of our shower running.  Carefully and quietly, I took off my shoes so she wouldn’t hear me moving through the house as I quickly rethought how to best surprise her.

The surprise was going to be mine, though.  I was halfway through the living room when I heard something that sounded like a soft meow of curiosity.  Confused, I looked around and behind me, seated next to the couch, was a small gray and white cat, head tilted and tail twitching as it looked me curiously.  Part of me didn’t believe what I was seeing: we don’t own a cat.  But then it meowed again.

I crouched down and the small thing walked over to me, sniffed my hand for a moment and started purring like mad.  It was rubbing all over me, tail tickling at my arms and nose as I looked at it.  “Who are you?” I asked it quietly, but was only met by more purrs.

Back in our bedroom I heard the water in the shower turn off.  I scooped the cat into my arms and started to head up the stairs, murmuring to the cat, “We’ll just have to ask Y/N how you got here, won’t we?”

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Hey y'all. My boyfriend and I are moving to LA by September 1 and we haven’t found an apartment and we’ve been searching since July. The roommates we met and set up to get an apartment with flaked out on us last minute when we already filled out an application.

So if anyone has a spare room they’re willing to rent out to a couple, please message me since we’d like to move in as soon as possible.

We’re open to any place at this point. Downtown LA, koreatown, westlake, west hollywood, east LA, south LA, long beach, etc.

Please share or message me if you or someone you know has a room for rent and can meet up soon or discuss details. We’re in a time crunch and it’s really stressful since we don’t have a strong support system or family to stay with.

Thanks again.


Y/N: “What the-”


Stiles: “Do you like our dance moves, Y/N?”

*You turn around very slowly and walk back inside the house*

Y/N: “What the fuck did I just witness…


Favorite Place || Sirius Black

Requested- hi! you shipped me with james and ron earlier (it was so nice, thank you so much!) and i was wondering if you could write me an imagine? my personal favorite of the marauders is sirius black so it would be so nice if you could write me an imagine about him? take all the time you need to write, i’m sure you’re getting a lot of requests- your descriptions and such are wonderful! thank you so much :)

Y/N- Your name

Y/F/N- Your friend’s name

Y/E/C- Your eye color

Y/H/C- Your hair color

Y/H/N- Your house name

“That’s hilarious Lil-”

A pair of arms strongly wrap around your waist, stopping you mid-sentence as you turn to find your boyfriend Sirius’ familiar eyes. He smiles weakly at you, gently placing a kiss on your forehead as you return to your previous conversation you were holding with Y/F/N and Lily Evans. You felt his head nuzzling into your neck as the conversation deepened, a smile staining your lips every time he would move his hands the slightest way.

Your heart fluttered as he continued to hold you like this, your cheeks growing redder by the second as he sweetly held onto your waist. Sirius is a very affectionate person, but strangely today he’s been very needy. First it was in Potions, his hand resting on your thigh while you worked. Then in Herbology he insisted you held his hand. Most recently in Defense Against Dark Arts where he continued to send small notes to you, even if he was barely a few seats away.

“Y/N.” He whispers, sending shivers down your spine, “Can we please go cuddle?”

“Sirius, not right now.” You mumble quietly, distracting him by tracing circles on his hand gently.

“What?” Lily questions confused as you shake your head, trying to show that you said nothing to her.


You sat, listening to Lily ramble on about how hers and James date went the other night when you noticed Sirius claim the open seat next to you. His fingers danced against the table before coming in contact with your hand, curling his fingers around yours and scooting closer to you. His thumb caressed your small hand as you tried to listen to Lily’s endless babbling, but failed.

“Can we go cuddle now?” He sighs impatiently, gazing into your Y/E/C eyes helplessly, using his free hand to tuck away a strand of your Y/H/C hair.

“Meet me in the Y/H/N common room after dinner.” You smile before turning your attention back to the girl who was still talking.


You walked into the Y/H/N common room with a smile, noticing Sirius already waiting on a couch, a blanket covering his body as he impatiently awaits your arrival.

“Finally.” He groans, “I’ve been waiting all bloody day to cuddle with my beautiful girlfriend.

“Aww.” You cooed jokingly, watching as he opened his arms widely for you, which you gladly accepted, swooping into his strong grasp.

“I love you, you know that?” He sweetly mentions as you turn, pecking his lips gently.

“I love you too.” You respond as he brings you in for another kiss, this time with much more passion.

His arms wrapped tightly around your small body, bringing you as close to him that he could. Your hands laid calmly on his chest as you nuzzled into him, loving the way your favorite perfume mixed with his cologne. You wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, this was where you wanted to stay forever.

Wrapped tightly in his arms as the fire crackles from a short distance behind you, the two of you in your own little world. Nothing else matters when you’re with him, it’s like he melts away all of your worries whenever you’re in his loving grasp. He has that effect on you, strange, but you love it.

“Hey, where’s your favorite place?” Sirius questions randomly, making you glance up to his soft expression.

“My favorite place?” You counter with a small smile, “In your arms.”

-B.S xx

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Have you ever seen project X? Bc in it, these boy & girl do body shots & I can't help but to think of Frat boy Harry & Y/N doing body shots & imagine how Harry's skin would feel; hot & thick under Y/N's tongue. & they're both secluded in someone's bedroom upstairs in the frat house & Y/N ends up in her black bra & panties (bc let's face it; black looks good on anyone) & Harry's in his boxers & he really wants to touch Y/N, either kiss her or caress her but they're both too full of pride (cont)

to step over the line & become slaves to their underlying emotions. But as Y/N squeezes lime juice onto Harry’s naval as she’s kneeling on the floor, he can’t help but to think how /hot/ she is; hotter than any other girl he’s seen/ been with. & when she’s licking the lime juice off of his skin, then continues to tilt her head back to take a shot of vodka, he’s keeps on thinking about how hot her neck looks; the skins stretching over her throat, slightly glistening from sweat & he wants to kiss it & bite it so badly. So he’d pull her up onto the bed & push her down so she was on her back. He’d pull her by her legs so he was kneeling & his knees would graze her center.

He’d pour himself another shot & set it on the nightstand, then lower himself so he’s hovering over her & he’d nudge her chin up to expose her neck a bit more & he’d squeeze some lime juice onto her skin, the sour substance dripping down her neck & onto the duvet & his tongue is quick to dart out & lick at it, lingering a bit longer than needed, sucking on the soft, supple skin, gently then roughly biting at her pulse point & then he kneels again to take his shot, only to bend back down & continue sucking at her skin, smacking noises filling the room, her moans & whimpers spilling from her alcohol-covered lips.

He’d look up at her & her lips look so enticing; swelling & pigmented from the lime juice & in his mind, he goes “fuck it” & their lips meet with such fervor, their minds clouded from alcohol & leftover cannabis from the party. Her arms would wrap around his sticky neck & she’s pulling him down with such need & he’s rocking his hips into hers & he can just feel how wet she is even through the material of her thong & his boxers. He’d pull away to bite on her ear, roughly pulling on her lobe & she’s scratching at her back, pulling him closer & he’s biting on her jaw, her neck & she’s a whimpering mess. ~S


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Affection ||Draco Malfoy

Requested- Hi, I love your one shots! Could I have a Draco one shot where he doesn’t really know how to show physical affection like kisses, caresses, or even just holding hands because he never received that kind of affection, but Y/N (his gf) is patient with him because she understands but he gets flustered seeing other couples do that because he wants to be good for her. Thank you so much 💙

Y/N- Your name

Y/F/N- Your friend’s name

Y/E/C- Your eye color

Y/H/C- Your hair color

Y/H/N- Your house name

You can’t help but smile as you walk past Y/F/N and her boyfriend in the halls, the two of them gripping tightly onto the others hand with wide grins. Draco, your boyfriend, wasn’t very affectionate even though he’d try. You understood that he never received that kind of affection before, but he’s always worried about not being good enough. You turned to face him with a small smile, noticing his cheeks were burning a bright red, indicating he had too noticed the couple strut passed us.

“Draco, don’t worry about it.” You comment as he sighs and glances down.

“Y/N, I’m going to worry about it.” He responds with a small pause, “I see everyone else…doing these things that I don’t completely understand and I feel like I’m not good enough.”

“Draco Lucius Malfoy.” You state, stopping him and gazing into his blue eyes, “I’m with you because I love you, I don’t care if you hold my hand or show much affection by yourself. Sure it would be nice and all but I still love you.”

“I-I’m sorry.” He stuttered nervously as you grabbed his hand, gently squeezing it to show it was alright, this caused a small smile to appear on his lips.

“Don’t apologize.” You respond as he looks up, smashing his lips onto yours passionately. When you pulled away you couldn’t help but smile as he laughed, “See look, you know exactly what you’re doing.”

“Not really.” He mumbled jokingly, searching into your Y/E/C eyes as you tucked a strand of your Y/H/C hair behind your ear.

“You’re lucky you have a Y/H/N like me.” You tease while grabbing his tie, bringing him back for another kiss, “Otherwise, you’d be like a lost puppy.”

“Very funny.” He mumbled into the kiss, his arms awkwardly placed on your body.

You grabbed ahold of his right hand, gently placing it on your waist in order to prove he was allowed to touch you. Moments later he pulled you closer, deepening the kiss as you tangled your hands in his messy blonde hair. Once you both pulled away you looked up to the much taller boy, a smile still playing with your lips as his hands stayed securely on your waist.

“Keep your hands to yourself, Malfoy.” Snape calls as Draco sheepishly backs away from me, his cheeks reddening at the professor’s statement.

“The one time I actually show affection.” Draco sighs making you laugh playfully, not able to take your eyes off of the suddenly shy boy, “Not saying I didn’t love it. I did, every second.”

“Me too.” You smile while laughing, “Just like I love you.”

I hope you enjoyed! Thank you for your request. Have a lovely day/night!

-B.S xx

Request: Daydreaming

Request: Can I request an imagine where Chibs wakes up before his old lady and just lays and admires her then makes breakfast and they just relax doing cute normal couple things. Just really fluffy and cute.

Just a fluffy imagine for our favorite Scot 😉

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They didn’t have a proper honeymoon. Chibs wanted that, but club business kept him busy and now months had passed since their wedding day. SAMCRO was in an unbelievable quiet moment and he finally could appreciate the house Y/N had decorated with so much love, making it a home.

He had come home early last night, just to find it quiet, Y/N still at work. She arrived and went straight to bathroom, cuddling with him on the couch after it, falling asleep immediately. He had thought in spend a night alone with her, but didn’t dare to wake her up, looking so tired and lovely sleeping in his arms. Chibs carried her to the bedroom and laid next to her, pulling Y/N to his arms, falling asleep too.


He noticed the light sneaking through the blinds and stretched on bed, looking to the side. Y/N was asleep, her arm under the pillow, mouth slightly open. She was gorgeous, really adorable and he couldn’t have found better woman to call Old Lady. She was kind, caring, but also strong. He smiled every time remembering the prospects thinking she was docile, but then feeling the rage of his woman. Such memorable scenes!

The sheets stopped at her waist, he could see her shapes under them, the curves he loved so much. His hand itched to touch her. Some of the new Sons could say he was crazy to settle down when there were so many croweaters around, but nothing was sexier than call a woman yours, look at her sleeping by your side and know that she is yours. There was nothing boring on that and God, he swore his desire for her was bigger than before the wedding. His ring on her hand roused some kind of primitive feeling on his chest, a possessive and protective one. He was a damn cave man when it comes to her.

He had the day free for the first time in months and decided to make breakfast, sneaking out of bed as silent as he could.


He settled their cup of coffee, toasts and fruits on the tray and carried it to the bedroom. Chibs slowly opened the door, finding Y/N still asleep. He let the tray over the nightstand and crawled up in bed to run his fingers through her hair. He caressed her cheek with the back of his hand and carefully held her chin, leaning to kiss her.

“Love”, Chibs whispered, kissing her cheek, “Wake up love”, he kissed her jaw, “Gorgeous, open your eyes to me”

“Filip”, she giggled and he knew she had woke up the moment he touched her. Chibs’ eyes met hers and Y/N opened her arms to welcome him. He gladly felt her body against his, pulling her close.

“Morning my love”, he kissed her neck, hearing a happy sigh in response.

“Morning”, she smiled, pulling back to look at him, “Were you watching me sleep?”

“No”, he grinned and looked away to the tray. She followed his gaze, “I made breakfast”

“You are the best”, Y/N threw her arms around his neck, pulling Chibs to a passionate kiss.


They made love and ate breakfast on bed, talking about their friends, family, how their day had been… After a relaxing bath together, Chibs did the dishes while Y/N curled up on a chair at the front porch, a book on her hands. He met her outside and sat on the floor, cleaning his guns. Neighbors passed by and greeted them. Chibs thought it was a nice day, narrowing his eyes through his cigarette’s smoke to admire Y/N peacefully reading.

She made lunch and they laid together on the couch, watching TV. They felt asleep after a while and Chibs only woke up with the smell of her making dinner.

“Hello love”, he wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her neck.

“Hey you”, she turned her head to kiss him and smiled. “I’m happy Filip”

“Is that so?”, he grabbed a knife and helped her to chop vegetables.

“Yes”, Y/N smiled, “It has been a nice day, don’t you think? You, at home, having a day off. We doing things together, just relaxing…”

“Absolutely, love”, Chibs leaned to kiss her, “I haven’t had a nice day like this in ages. I love to spend quality time with you”

“Me too”, she kissed his scars and they prepared dinner together. Chibs poured a last glass of wine for both and put the music on, walking towards his wife. Y/N dried her hands and smiled at her old man, accepting the glass.

“To us”, Chibs raised his glass, “To more days like this”

“To us”, Y/N smiled, taking a sip of the wine. Chibs wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her close. He swayed in the rhythm of the song, touching her nose with his, eyes closed. She started to sing along and he took her glass, putting it with his on the table. He spun Y/N around, seeing the lights reflected in her eyes. Chibs couldn’t be more happy. That day had been kind of a perfect honeymoon.


The doors were closed and the lights out. Chibs took off his clothes and put the sheets aside, laying on bed wearing only his boxers. Y/N was in the bathroom, doing her night routine and he stretched on bed, waiting for her. She opened the bathroom door and he sat on bed.

“Jesus Christ”, he muttered, admiring her. She had this sexy, black nightie that stopped at the middle of her thighs and he could see the top of her perfect breasts, “What is the special occasion love?”

“I just thought about celebrate our day together”, she shrugged, smiling, “This was what I would wear in our honeymoon, if we ever had made to that hotel”

“I love you”, Chibs said, reaching for her hand and pulling Y/N to bed with him. He held her close, his lips hungry over hers.

“I love you too”, she whispered, caressing his cheek, “And I wouldn’t want our honeymoon to be any different”

“Let’s enjoy our honeymoon then my love”, Chibs whispered, kissing his wife again, both forgetting about the world outside.

Here for you // Hayes Grier Imagine

mlili723 said:

Hey! Can you do an imagine of hayes grier accident? Like you take care of him and it’s cute or something like that? Please😍

Here it is! It’s a shitty title i know It took way to long because my internet crashed for fuck’s sake stormy weather. i loved you… lmao let’s get to the point; your imagine; here you go, babe♥


“Hayes was in an accident.” that sentence was spinning in your head for the last four days. You finally came back home from New York and headed straight to Hayes’ house. As your mom was driving you to the his house you were holding your tears trying to stay strong for Hayes. You were deep in thought you didn’t realize you were already in front of the Grier house.

“Y/N, honey?” your mom called for you.

“Mm?” you said looking at her.

“We’re here, honey. Let’s go.” she said and realization kicked in, you quickly went out of the car and ran towards the front door, you had the key so you didn’t bother to knock and wait for somebody to open. You entered your mom was right behind you.

“Hey, Y/N.” you looked up at Nash.

“Hey.” you said, your voice barely audible, “W-where’s Hayes?” 

“In his bedroom, sleeping probably.” you walked upstairs and knocked quietly on the door, not loud to wake him, but still loud enough for him to know somebody’s there if his awake. You entered the room and there he was in his pajamas just blankly staring at the wall.

“Babe?” you whispered trying not to be too loud.

“Princess, you came.” he looked at you, his blue eyes staring at you, you could see he was tired, he smiled at you weakly.

“As soon as I could.” a tear was sliding down your cheek.

“Don’t cry,” his voice was raspy, “I’m fine, see.” he stood up slowly.

“Babe, lay back down.” you said as you walked towards him holding his arms.

“Okay, ma’am.” he said and laughed, then he coughed a bit, “Ugh, I can’t laugh, hurts a bit.” he said.

“I’m not leaving your side until you’re perfectly healthy again.” you say and kiss him.

“What would I do without my little princess.” he kissed your forehead, “I want us to cuddle a little bit, maybe it’ll help me fall asleep faster.”

“I can? I mean, I won’t hurt you or anything?” you ask looking at him, you just realized that he had bags under his eyes, “baby, when was the last time you slept?” you cupped his face kissing him all over.

“I don’t know, I just couldn’t sleep..” he looked down avoiding eye contact.

“Hayes, baby.” you lift his chin up, “I’ll cuddle, of course, but you have to sleep, if you don’t you’ll get worse and I’ll also get worse, you know me.” he smiled and started kissing you passionately, after you two broke the kiss for some air he finally spoke.

“I’m the luckiest guy in this world, no girl would ever be as worried and caring towards me as you are right now.” he smiled and kissed your forehead again.

“Same for you, remember when I was in the hospital, you were like way too protective and you were–” he cut you off with another kiss.

“And I know you’ll be the same, even worse probably.” you chuckled, he smiled.

“Now, less talking and more cuddling.” you said and he nodded his head agreeing. You lie down next to him, wrapping your hands around his torso, “When you wake up soup will be waitng for you.”

“Not soup..” he whined.

“Babe, you need to eat it..” you pause, “for me?” you heard him sigh.

“You know I’d do everything for you.” he whispers, you knew he wasn’t thinking just about the soup. You two finally fell asleep in each other’s arms after so long.

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What if, while exploring the castle, they find (y/n), who had been living there for years, thinking the castle was abandoned.

“Who the FUCK ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU IN MY HOUSE?” (Y/n) shouted, stumbling backwards, grabbing on to the edge of piece of furniture, pointing a shiv towards the group that stood in from of them.

“Your house? This is my father’s castle, now who are you?” Allura stepped forward, glaring at the ‘intruder’.

“Nice try. This isn’t anyone’s castle. I’ve been here for four years! I haven’t seen you once!”

“I was frozen for 10,000 years!”

“Yeah, nice try. You just want to take my house away. Well, good try, but I’m not leaving. I need to stay here. You can’t kick me out of my home, no matter how beautiful and intimidating you are!” (Y/n) huffed, plopping down on the ground. “Besides, this is the only place I’ve found that he hasn’t gotten to, yet.”

“He?” Allura kneeled down to look (y/n) in the eyes.

“Zarkon. Come on, you must’ve heard of him. Even if you’ve been living under a rock for 10,000 years. He’s everywhere.”

The group nodded collectively.

“As a matter of fact, we have heard of him, and we’re trying to stop him.” Allura smiled.

“You are? … How the hell do you think you’ll swing that one?”

Allura gave a dry, sort of uncomfortable laugh. “Well, we don’t really have a full plan, but we’re going to give it our best shot.”

(Y/n) paused, then gave a soft smile. “Well, I’m glad that someone’s willing to stand up to him.”

“Would you like to join us?” Coran butted in, holding out a hand to (Y/n).

They seemed a bit startled, but seemed to be seriously considering it. Allura stood up, waiting in anticipation along with the rest of the group for their response. (Y/n) grinned, grabbing Coran’s hand. 

“To defeat Zarkon? I’d do anything. Count me in.”

The Prisoner's Daughter- Fred Weasley Imagine

The product of Sirius Black and Marlene McKinnon was raised in a muggle orphanage because unlike Harry Potter, she wasn’t welcomed by every wizarding family in Europe. Y/N’s mother died when she was three and Y/N barely remembered her. Recently Y/N’s father showed her all about her mother and she got to know him after he spent twelve years of Y/N’s life in Azkaban for the crime Y/N always hoped he hadn’t committed. Like Harry Potter, Y/N grew up in a home that left her neglected, and she didn’t know she was a witch until Minerva Mcgonagall came to tell her. Also like Harry Potter, Y/N didn’t allow her upbringing to make her bitter. She became the second Black to not be sorted into the Slytherin house.

By Y/N’s fifth year in Hogwarts, she had been very close with both Weasley twins, but felt a strong attraction to Fred Weasley. Harry Potter and Remus Lupin helped Y/N reunite with her father and realize that he was, in fact, innocent of his crimes. Always protective of their favorite person, Fred and George went with Y/N to see Sirius Black. Y/N could not live with her father the summer after her fifth year however because Sirius Black was not exonerated. In sixth year, Y/N started officially dating Fred Weasley.

Following the return of Voldemort, Sirius moved back into Grimmauld Place and Y/N went to live with him, after Minerva Mcgonagall confunded those at the orphanage that would stop her from doing so. Y/N learned all about her parents, and got to know members of the Order. The Weasley family soon came to stay at Grimmauld Place too.

Now allowed to do magic, Fred and George apparated into Grimmauld Place first. Y/N and Sirius had been talking about all their terrible relatives, exchanging jokes back and forth about how Y/N would have to take Bellatrix to a dentist her teeth were so messed up, followed by an in-depth explanation of what a dentist was.

“Y/N!” They both shouted from behind Sirius and Y/N in the basement. Y/N turned around just in time to be engulfed into a group hug with two identical gingers. Fred kissed her on top of her head as the remainder of the Weasleys came in through floo network. Y/N greeted every one of them then began to introduce them to her father.

“Dad, you know Fred, George, and Ron. This is their mother and father Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. And that is their little sister Ginny.” Mr. Weasley extended his hand to shake Sirius’ but Mrs. Weasley was more apprehensive.

Throughout the time spent at Grimmauld Place, Y/N’s father and Mrs. Weasley butted heads often. Y/N and Fred laughed it off, but it proved to make both parents more tense about their relationship. The real trial was when Harry came to Grimmauld Place.

Y/N had sort of become Harry’s surrogate sister, they both had only Sirius as parental figures. After the blow up between Mrs. Weasley and Sirius over Harry, Y/N decided it was really hard to be so close to Harry Potter. One day, when Sirius and Y/N were alone, he told her “I don’t think you should be in a relationship with Fred. Or any Weasley for that matter.”

“What? You love Fred.” She said, astonished at her father’s behavior. Then she realized the issue. “It’s because you don’t like Mrs. Weasley.”

“I just don’t want her thinking she’s your parent too.” He said.

“Well, you’re my father. I don’t want any other parent. Don’t get insecure.” She giggled a little. “I’m not gonna stop dating Fred, but I’m not gonna let anyone but you parent me, either.” She reassured him a little, but he still looked wary.

Little did Y/N know the same situation went down between Mrs. Weasley and Fred, except it didn’t go as well with the Weasleys as it did with the Blacks.

A/N: Part 2

Unspoken crushes

Request : can I request a fic where the reader and Remus are close friends and she suspects he likes someone so she keeps teasing him about it and trying to find out who it is and after weeks of bugging he tells her that its her and she’s shocked and he takes it bad so she organizes a secret date for them and its super fluffy? - @marauderobsessed A/N: I changed the request a little bit, I hope that’s okay. (Y/N) your name (Y/L/N) your last name (Y/H/C) your hair color (Y/E/C) your eye color (Y/H) your house °° You tugged on the waistband of your short black skirt, tucking the tail of your white button down in quickly. You rushed to get ready, not wanting to miss your first transfiguration class of the year.  Tossing your (y/h/c) hair up, you darted down the stairs to the (y/h) common room and darting into the hallway. “C'mon, c'mon,” you muttered, walking as fast as you could without technically running.  The last thing you needed was to be stopped by Filch. Rounding the corner, you broke out into a large smile as you noticed your best friend Remus Lupin waiting for you in the corridor. He was glancing at his watch, seeming to be bouncing impatiently when he looked up and his eyes met yours. “You’re gonna make me late dork,” he teased, running a hand nervously through his hair as you approached him. “Worried you’ll miss out on the chance to talk to that crush you’ve got before class?” You retorted, smirking as you watched the blush on his cheeks deepen and ignoring the warm feeling rising in your chest. “I don’t have a crush on anyone,” he lied, looking down at his shoes as the two of you walked to class. “Oh sure, you’re just extremely cold in the middle of the hottest September we have ever seen and that’s why your cheeks are as red as a bum that’s just been thoroughly spanked,” you laughed, jumping in fright as you felt someone press up behind you. “You into that (y/l/n),” Lucius Malfoy whispered into your ear, twirling a strand of your (y/h/c) hair between his slender fingers. “Get your bloody hands off her Malfoy,” Remus growled from beside you, gripping your waist tightly and pulling you securely beside him. “Watch yourself mongrel, wouldn’t want to have to put you down would we?” Lucius sneered, raising his wand threateningly. You instantly raised your wand, shoving your body in front of Remus as you try to shield him from whatever Malfoy was planning. Remus sighed from behind you, placing a hand on your shoulder and trying to pull you back behind him. You threw him a  confused look over your shoulder, standing your ground. “I’m not moving Remus, if he wants to hurt you he’s going to have to go through me and we both know he isn’t capable of that,” you snapped, turning your attention back to Lucius with a hard glare. You smirked slightly when you noticed him shaking. “I can handle it love, don’t worry,” he assured you, smiling down at you softly before abruptly connecting his fist with Lucius face. “Don’t touch her again.” The two of you walked away, leaving Malfoy’s goons to clean up the fallen blonde. As you reached the transfiguration classroom, you realized you had been holding hands the entire time. You began to ask Remus what was wrong when he suddenly let go, looking away from you, but you were interrupted by McGonagall walking in. Another time then. You walked into the Gryffindor common room, throwing yourself down onto the couch beside Remus with a huff. You pulled at your (y/h) tie, loosening it as Remus gave you an amused look which you met with a half hearted glare. It had been three days since the incident, as you had begun to refer to it, and Remus was still adamant in keeping the name of his crush to himself. He wouldnt even tell you what house she was in. “Remus,” you whined, laying your head onto his lap as you looked up at him. “I’m not telling you (y/n),” Remus laughed, playing with your hair instinctively. “Will you at least give me yes or no if I say a name or house or something?” You begged, giving him the best puppy dog eyes you could muster. You smiled as you watched him crumble, mentally thanking Sirius for teaching you. “Great, so girl or boy?” “She is very much a woman I assure you,” Remus beamed, muttering under his breath after. “What was that?” You quizzed, poking his thigh with your pinky. “Just shocked you remember I’m bisexual is all,” he replied, giving you a warm smile. “Of course I’d remember, I’m your best friend, and you know this so tell me what you really said Mr. Lupin,” you retorted, raising a single eye brow at him as if challenging him to lie to you again. “Okay fine, if I tell you what house she’s in will you drop it for today?” He gulped, his hands no longer playing with her hair. “Hey, you don’t have to tell me anything if you really don’t want to, you know that,” you assured, sitting up and turning your body to face him. “I’m just teasing you a bit, this is your crush not mine, I have no right to be pestering you like this.” “No (y/n) its okay, I know you don’t mean any harm by it,” he soothed, taking a deep breath. “She’s a (y/h).” “Oh do I know her?” You stammered, ignoring the bad feeling in your gut. “Wait sorry I said I would drop it. Thanks for telling me that, at least. Very much narrows it down.” “Oh god, help me.” By Saturday, you had grown restless and Remus, well Remus was avoiding you to the best of his abilities. You wandered the castle corridors searching for him, as you had all day. You had ran into the other marauder’s earlier in the day but Remus had not been with them. You smiled brightly as you caught sight of the familiar curly haired boy leaning against the tree near the black lake with a book in his hands, which was being ignored as his golden eyes watched the lake. You made your way towards him, deciding not to mention his crush. It was obvious that was why he had been avoiding you for nearly two days, not that you blamed him. No one enjoys being questioned continuously about something personal like a crush, and you missed your best friend. Over the time without him, you had quickly come to realize how you felt about him. You loved him, but you weren’t going to tell him, not with this crush he has. You weren’t going to ruin the friendship you two had so beautifully created over the past six years. “Hey Rem,” you gulped, shifting awkwardly on your feet as his head snapped up at the sound of your voice. “(Y/n)…” He sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I -” “No Remus, just listen for a minute,” you interrupted, causing him to quickly clamp his mouth shut. “I shouldn’t have pushed, and it was dumb of me to get so invested in it I guess, I just get this weird feeling whenever  you start blushing or smile or anything really and then Sirius mentioned your crush and you wouldn’t tell me anything, and I just I got jealous I guess and I’m sorry.” “You were jealous?” He whispered, looking up at you. Your eyes widened in realization as you clamped a hand over your mouth. “Oh god, that’s not what I wanted to do, you like this girl some - some (y/h) and here I am essentially outing myself about my feelings for you and its going to ruin everything oh god I can’t lose you Remus you’re my best friend,” you rambled, tugging at your (y/h/c) hair roughly, pacing in front of him. “(Y/n) stop,” Remus mumbled, standing up and wrapping his arms around you. You sighed softly, leaning into his touch. “I’m sorry Remy,” you cried, hiding your face in his shirt. “I ruined everything, didn’t I?” “No, no hey shh, you’re okay love, we’re okay, you didn’t ruin anything,” he assured you, running his hand soothingly over your back as he pressed a kiss to the top of your head. “But that girl…” You whispered, knowing fully well how smitten Remus was with this mystery girl. You may not know who she was, but you know enough about him to know when he’s in love. “That girl, is you (y/n), I love you, I always have, it just took me a while to realize it,” Remus confessed, leaning back to look at your face as he felt you go rigged in his arms. “(Y/n)?” He asked, eyes scanning yours worriedly. He jumped in surprise as you surged forward pressing your lips to his in a passionate kiss. “I love you too Remus,” you confessed as you pulled back, leaning your head against his.

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Breaking Down The Walls #1 And 11

prompt:Draco shows his dark mark to the reader which leads to her first kiss #’s 1+11 on list

requested by: @maxiverse thank you, enjoy ;)

warnings: arguimg, being yelled at


y/h: your house y/n: your name


You and Draco had been the best of friends since the third year. You two were like Ron with food, inseparable. When one of you were angry or feeling some type of way, the other would notice. You told each other everything and never hid secrets.

Or so you thought…

It started in the morning. Draco usually met you for breakfast outside of the y/h common room or in the dining room, but he never showed up. Brushing it off, you thought he might have just slept in. But when it came to classes starting, Draco was nowhere to being found. You were suddenly not convinced that he just slept in. You decided to ask Blaise who was one of his roommates.

“Hey Blaise, have you seen Draco, he missed breakfast and hasn’t been to any of his classes.”

“No sorry y/n”

“I mean if something was wrong he’d tell me right?”

Putting his hand on your shoulder he gave you a sad smile, “Hey, I’m sure it’s nothing, he probably didn’t do Snape’s homework for potions.”

When Blaise left you were even more worried. Draco loved potions and had the best grade in class. He would never miss it or the homework. You were going to look for him after Potions.


Potions class was unbearable. The whole time you weren’t paying attention and almost got detention with professor Snape. The only thing on your mind was Draco.

As soon as you got out of class you searched the halls. You looked in each classroom again, the prefects bathroom, the dining hall, by the Black lake, the quidditch field and yet Draco was still nowhere! So you ran to check his dormitory in the slytherin common room. Turning the corner you had bumped into someone causing both of you to fall. You are about to talk when you recognized the blonde locks on the person head.

“Draco! Where have you been? I’ve been looking everywhere an- hey are you okay?”

His eyes were red and puffy, and he had a sorrow face. He looked paler than usual and his hair was a mess. He had been crying, but why didn’t he tell you? You stood up and helped him up as well. “You’ve been crying; please tell me what’s wrong.”

You grabbed for his hand but he quickly backed away. “Don’t y/n.”

“But I just want to help, please just te…”

He charged at you with a very stern face until your back hit the wall.


Draco backed away realizing what he had done. His flashed you a look of regret before running off somewhere. Leaving you still against the wall in shock,

He, never in the time you’ve been best friends, has he ever yelled at you like that. Ever. You didn’t know whether to cry or scream or maybe even laugh. That maybe this was some kind of sick joke, but it wasn’t. People were looking at you knowing that they saw the whole scene. You got up and ran to your dormitory room. None of your roommates were there so you closed the curtains around the bed, plopped on it and finally let the tears all out.



Draco was in his room pacing back and forth. He felt sorry for what he did to y/n. He wanted to tell her, he really did but he wasn’t sure if that was such a good idea. He had this raging battle in his head trying to think if he should go and tell her or not. Finally, his pacing came to a halt. He decided it was best to tell her


He walked out of his dormitory and headed to y/n’s room. When he got there he knocked on the door.

No response….

“Y/n, you in there, please let me in. I’m sorry.”

Still no response….

So he opened the door and walked right in. The curtain around y/n’s bed was closed. When he opened it what he saw made his heart ache. There she was asleep. One arm draped under her head the other hanging off the bed. Her eyes red from crying. Dried tear stains on her face.

He brought a hand to her hair, and wiped a few strands away. Y/n stirred a little before awaking


“Draco? What are you doing here; I thought you wanted to be alone…”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry for yelling at you, for pushing you away, for not telling you where I was. I was a total git for all of that. I didn’t want to tell you so I’ll have to show you. But promise me, you won’t tell anyone about this. You have to swear!”


You looked at Draco in confusion but agreed. “I swear I won’t tell”

Draco reached for his sleeve and slowly pulled it up. You hitched a breath when you saw what was under. There on his pale skin was the mark. The dark mark of a death eater

“Oh my gosh, Draco i- im so sorry. Why- how…”

“It wasn’t me, they said if I didn’t do it they were going to kill me, kill my family. I had to do it y/n”

Draco couldn’t hold it in anymore, he just started sobbing. And Right before your eyes, there was just a boy who had no choice. A boy whose walls finally broke.

“I understand if you want to leave me y/n. I don’t blame you, but I just want you to know that I love you, I’ve always have. “

You put your hand under his chin to look at you. Before you could think you pulled him in for a kiss. He was shocked at first but then melted into it. It wasn’t a needy kiss or a sloppy one. It had so much meaning and passion that you two have been holding in for those three years with each other. Eventually needing air you pulled away to look at him. A tear came down his cheek and you wiped it away.

“I love you too Draco and I’m not going anywhere. Not for as long as I live. As for this…”

You got his arm and pecked him where the mark was. “This means that you are brave and you were just trying to protect your family. We’re going to get through this together no matter what.” “Thank you y/n.

He got on the bed next to you and wrapped you in his arms so you were snuggled into his chest.

“Wait, y/n?”


“Wasn’t that your first kiss?”

You giggled, “Yeah…”

“How was it?”

You looked up at him and blushed “It was great.”

He kissed you on the forehead and rested his chin on your head, “great.” The rest of the day was spent cuddling and whispering sweet nothings to each other