things that make me happy:
• cats purring
• the smell of the ocean
• cursive
• perfume bottles
• sleeping in
• making people laugh

What the Haikyuu characters have taught me

Hinata Shouyou taught me that it’s okay to lack in a major component in regards to something you love. Nobody’s perfect enough to embody the idea of a complete person but so long as you have the perseverance and determination, you’ll make up for what you lack with what you’ve learned.

Kageyama Tobio taught me that everyone has a past that can inflict a lifetime scar, but that doesn’t mean you can’t move forward. Change is the only permanent thing in this world and time is ticking, so there’s no excuse for you to not fix it.

Tsukishima Kei taught me that losing interest in something just because you’ve seen its bad outcome won’t make you end up the same way. In fact, you’ll turn out even better since you’ve seen the worst. There are always people better than you in this world but you can’t put yourself down just because of that.

Yamaguchi Tadashi taught me that if you’re the only one among your group of friends/peers that’s not excelling in anything, you can’t feel incompetent and fall back. Look for something you can be good at and you’ll join your friends in no time.

Azumane Asahi taught me that a frightful experience can be fatal enough to make someone withdraw from something they love. It’s okay to run away for the mean time, but it’s not good to keep staying away from it. As long as you still harbour strong feelings towards it, the experience will only serve as a means to improve.

Nishinoya Yuu taught me that hope is always there if you believe it to be. It’s not anyone’s place to give up if they truly love something, and if they do, it makes them a coward or have a reason to not keep pursuing it. Keep holding on until you get to solid ground.

Sugawara Koushi taught me that even if someone else is better than you, you’re always going to be an original copy no matter the difference in potential. One day, what you can do will contribute to something huge.

Sawamura Daichi taught me that victory won’t come overnight – just like how Rome isn’t build in a day. If you work hard to achieve it, victory might just be in your hands soon enough.

Ennoshita Chikara taught me that running away is common, and then coming back feeling guilty is common. A lot of people have done that before and that’s because they’re not strong enough to stay. But like Asahi, if you can’t keep it out of your head, it’s meant to be in your life. What you do about it now is the real deal.


Just gonna drop this here then I’m off to bed!!!!!!

ayyyyyyy I finally got round to this! And it’s not awful! Yay!

So I hit 700 a while back and I thought it’d be nice if I could do something for the nice people on my dash who make my dash lovely yknow so here’s a follow forever to shower you guys with my love. I actually wanted to do a gifset sort of thing but I realize that’d take me a long while to master so yes here are some screencaps I edited slightly and added text on it yay. Credits for screencaps here and PSDs here and here.

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I would really like to thank you guys for following me, all 700+ of you ; u ; I know I’m an idiot so it makes me very happy that you guys will follow me okay thank you you wonderful people with wonderful hearts LET ME HUG YOU OKIE DOKIES

Wedding Complete!

After six years together, Mith and I finally tied the knot. Sure, the lead-up to the event caused no small amount of hand-wringing, but the day itself was fucking perfect.

Now my wife (wife wife wiiiiiife) and I are in San Francisco for our honeymoon, and though I am tired and a little nauseous from the plane ride, I am ridiculously and deliriously happy. I threw a great party with the woman I love, we promised to spend the rest of our lives together, and now we get to happily dork around in a city we’ve always wanted to visit. Can’t ask for more than that.

I…have broken 1000 followers and that’s just…amazing. Wow. Thank you all so much for your continued support and for taking the time to follow my lil bloggy.  I’m trying to think of what I can do for y’all. Normally I write some Cougarstrid, but I honestly don’t have another part lined up right now. It’s also been hard for me to squeeze in all my writing. Ugh.

Things I would like to write (that maybe you would like to read?): the next chapter of SGH (possibly the last chapter of SGH - don’t worry, there’s a whole other third part to that AU), the next chapter of Young God, the next chapter of A Marriage of Very Little Convenience, the next chapter of Ordinary Princess AU. Um…do I have anything else ongoing that someone would like me to write? Or do you want my lame follow forever? Or something esle? Or nothing?

Ask Me Questions Darlings

I found this list on the internet pardon it’s weirdness but the higher the level of sass i get the happier I’ll be.


These questions just serve as a jumping off point for zappy zanny joy. 


Do you have any relatives in jail?

Have you ever gone cow-tipping?

What’s your worst pet peeve?

Whats your favorite horror movie?

Do you do dance crazy when no one is looking?

Do you like to sing in the shower?

Whats your favorite colour?

Do you like baths or showers?

Do you blow dry your hair? or just let it dry on its own, or towel dry?

At the beach would you rather play in the sand, or play in the water?

Do you think people should eat the fish they catch, or just let them go?

What do you like better hands or feet?

Do you like cruly hair or stright hair?

Whats your favorite kind of drink?

Do you untie your shose when you take them off?

Whats your favorite book?

What’s your favorite midnight snack?

Do you eat junk food everyday?

What is the one, single food that you would never give up?

What is your weirdest “quirk”?

Whats your favorite movie?

What was your favorite toy as a kid?

Whats your favorite food?

Do you like school?

What do you think is the most useless class in high school?

Whats your favorite day of the year?

Do you like soda or pop?

Do you shampoo first in the shower or soap?

Wet the toothbrush or brush dry with the toothpaste?

Pen or pencil?

Have you ever gambled at a casino?

Have you thrown up in a car?

Do you scream on roller coasters?

Whats your most missed memory?

When did you go to your first funeral?

Where did you go on your first airplane ride?

Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?

Whats your favorite season?

Do you like music? if so what kind?

Whats your favorite thing to do?

Last thing you bought?

Last person you argued with?

Do you put butter before putting the peanut butter on?

One of your stuffed animals’ names as a kid?

Did you ever own a Barenaked Ladies Cd?

Favorite day of the week?

Favorite Sundae topping?

Do you play a musical instrument?

Most frequent song played?

T.V. show you secretly enjoy?

Would you rather play basketball or hockey?

Date someone older or younger?

One place you could travel right now?

Do you use umbrellas?

If you dont know the words to a song do you improvise?

Favorite Potato Chips?

Favourite cheese?

Movies or TV?

Do you find these questions funny?

Define a really funny question?

Do you prefer Blondes or Brunettes?

Kindness Tag!

>Rules: 1: This is a optional tag. 2:First get 10 or under tagged people of your choice. 3: Then complement the last person that tagged you. 4: Complement the tagged people of your choice. 5: Remember; BE KIND, NOT RUDE! This IS a kindess tag after all. 6: When done, tag 10 or under people of your choice.

1. ask-jeremyfitzgerald-fazbears simply wonderful and amazing, always barging down my door when I’m sad. Thank you for being awesome.

2. cutzy-clocken I remember way back whens you was one of my first followers, and you’re just amazing, wonderful, and talented friend. Thank you for being spectacular.

3. mysticbaconslice You make me laugh a lot, your art is wonderful and it cheers me up when I’m sad. Thank you for being amazing.

4. capnofilluminati I love your streams! You are amazing and I wish I could talk to you more (but I’m a shy sack of traaassh). Thank you for being marvelous.

5. ask-marionette- One of my first followers, you were one of the reasons why I kept drawing, and thank you for that. Thank you for being Terrific.

6. ask-mikeschmidt-fazbears  You are amazing and wonderful, It really brightens up my day when you drop in and say hi. Thank you for being Superb.

7. devil-child-robin your art is really really cool man, you’re amazing and a talented artist! Thank you for being Wunderbar.

8. roadtoimagination your art is really cool, I loaf it man, stay frosty. Thank you for being really cool.


I’m a broken record and I keep repeating wonderful and amazing because I’m bad with words ;;

I want to say this to everyone who follows me, thank you for following me and putting up with my shenanigans.

Dear logankeeble, ianstagram, someonecomesaveme, average-glasses and holyromanhomo

You guys are seriously some of the best people I’ve met on tumblr. Among others, you guys really leave your mark. Along with others like expected-chaos, scottsmisadventure, 70million, and atownwithnopeople, you guys are some of the best friends I’ve made here, so thank you so much.

for y’all at home, please please make sure you follow these guys, they’re truly amazing people