“Regina reminds him, and he wonders whether dream people are meant to be snarky. He likes it, though.”
                         >> do dream people like apples? <<  by  skywideopen

two ravens in the old oak tree: one for you, and one for me

“i am so sorry that i have led you into such peril…” — “no! i am glad to have shared in your perils, thorin. each and every one of them. and it’s far more than any baggins deserves.”

// a playlist about stepping out of your front door and coming home as a different person, about a most unexpected love, about leaving and being left behind, and about remembering whilst picking up the threads of an old life.


i followed fires - matthew and the atlas // cradled in love - poets of the fall // coming home pt. II - skylar grey // maps - benjamin francis leftwich // walking far from home - iron and wine // cold cold water - mirah // east - sleeping at last // if you were me - frightened rabbit // more than letters - benjamin francis leftwich // all the miles - runrig // asleep - the smiths // we all go the same - radical face // wax and wire - loch lomond // signs - bloc party // home from war - frightened rabbit // get lonely - the mountain goats // elder and oak - there will be fireworks

Tfw you adore @harinef more than anything in the world and you die a little because all you want to do in your life is manage to be and important, funny, influential, gorgeous, and talented as her.