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“It’s good to see you again, Inquisitor. It has been too long.”

pregnancy waddle is a cute thing ok..

So, for shits and giggle (and because i’m sort of sick, poor, and desperate) I got these Near-sighted Myopia Glasses from Amazon to see if they’d help with the fact that everything past my elbow is a blur lately.

I put them on.

And it was like waking up from a dream and you were there, and you, and you, and Oh my god why is there so much dust and cat hair?!

I just finished reading Crooked Kingdom and I don't know where to go from here.

I need more Kaz and Inej. Healing. Building an empire. Making things better. Loving each other and building their lives together. I need more Wylan and Jesper. Finding joy on their lives, living with their problems. Being adorable. I need more Nina. Healing. Managing her new powers. Saving fjerdans and drüskelles. Making justice for her kind and for her love. I miss Matthias. He was so pure! So kind! So fierce and strong… WHYYYYY?????

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I’m not saying I’m writing a bellarke arranged marriage au where clarke is saved by Mythical Being Bellamy as a kid and hence is marked to become his bride when she turns of age, but that’s Precisely what I’m doing, at this point

i haven’t watched any of S2 because i’m terrified they’ll hint at a chat noir betrayal arc & the visceral horror/fury Overwhelms me

all the goddamned civil war pseudo-spoilers, his weird placement in the rainbow, the lingering specter of watching doctor who go down in flames…

so yesterday @cherryonsimon and i did a writing exercise where u generate a random sentence and then add onto it except we switched off every other sentence and this is what we came up with lmao we’re are Professionals

There was sadness in her face as she told him he looked a lot like his father. He tried to understand why that was, considering his father wasn’t necessarily terrible. Could she know something he didn’t? Why would she have kept it from him for so many years?

“Is there something wrong with that?”

“Do you want there to be?”

He raked a hand through his hair. “Of course not.”

“Well, then,” her smile didn’t look sincere, “of course not.”

His gaze flicked to the door behind her. He was about to leave before her comment; maybe he should just leave and let this go. He took a step forward just as the door slammed shut from the outside. Mouth agape, he fixed his gaze back on the woman.

“What the hell was that?”

“Didn’t you want to know more about your father?” She opened her arms, smiling ominously, “this is your chance, Michael.”

And then the building exploded. Among the debris, Michael’s body still remains. Rest in pieces (lol).


found this shit^^^ and basically what it is saying is like

y’know how you quicksave in skyrim, kill everyone in whiterun, then load the game and act like nothing happened?

that’s what this fucker does

I have a feeling Araki just created king crimson to piss people off, but hey

fuck it.

RIP The Final Problem

It’s been a strange week. A week of “art imitate life; life imitates art” on a constant loop. As I dreaded the approaching Inauguration Day, the last thing I expected was the creators of Sherlock breaking the fourth wall to remind me “life is rarely pure and never simple.” Uh, thanks. I guess?

I have engaged with TFP in good faith and expressed my disappointment and constructed my theory. I have attempted rewatching in multiple occasions since in hope to gain insights but failed miserably. There have been many brilliant readings by so many of you, and honestly, you gave me the brightest and most lighthearted moments in an otherwise miserable week. You rule, truly; and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

TFP is an abnormality in bbc Sherlock canon – you don’t have to see or believe in the romance between Sherlock and John to recognize the fact. Many audiences did as well, and I hear the same conclusion from friends (most casual of all casuals) – the creators jumped the shark. There is likely a reason; everything about the episode screams inconsistencies, and they were made to be noticeable. But there’s the rub – without proper context (TPTB’s silence), every single explanation is plausible. We can speculate, endlessly, because anything is possible. The exact same could be said of the plot of TFP.

My feeling regarding the possibility of a fourth episode remains the same: there is no evidence supporting the claim, but I cannot ignore the abnormality that was TFP even if I wanted to. But I am done trying to justify an episode that defies logic: where the text and the subtext seemingly cancel each other out at every turn. TFP offers just enough for every reading possible under the sun yet providing an equal amount of plausible deniability; an episode that could mean anything, therefore nothing at all. The only thing left of TFP at this point for me is its potential for spectacular crack (and there’ll be plenty).

One thing is clear, however; the crisis of narrative is one manufactured deliberately by the creators of Sherlock; they may not have anticipated the severity of its impact on our corner of the fandom, but to say they are not aware of the queer reading of acd canon, and of Sherlock due to the queer codings they applied in their own show is utterly laughable. A fourth episode will not change this fact – no matter how much I still love the story of Sherlock and John, I will continue to hold Mofftiss and Co. responsible for employing the offensive tactics at the expense of the show’s most loyal fans. So good riddance, The Final Problem; I will not let the ill-intention or ignorance of a few in power denies us the beautiful story between Sherlock and John — one that we cherish with all our hearts and souls ever since the day they met (7 or 130 years ago, take your pick).

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