y'all were awesome


OMG!!!! HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that tuned into @bbwsupremacytakeoverchannel it was LIT!!! Y'all were so interactive, awesome topic and I CAN NOT wait till next weeks show!!!

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(BTW I’m the one with the blonde tips of hair XP) my friend and I had a fun time going to #AbandonedBySanAntonio to meet themrcreepypasta, missshadowlovely,and the big child XP creepypastajr y'all guys were awesome,fun and amazing to meet i’m glad that we came from Houston to meet you guys! You are amazing at what you do, and I will listen to your narrations when I have anxiety attacks so thank you for being on YouTube… You have helped me a lot…. And

@horrorsoftheuniverse great job at filming and being hilarious XD