y'all wanted it


My YNWA albums arrived today and I got Jungkook and Taehyung as photocards. And because my sister is an angel, she traded her Hoseok PC with me and now I have Junghope~   (ノ゚ο゚)ノミ★゜・。。・゜゜・ JUNGHOPE !!!! [I’m sorry Tae ^-^’’]

Look at them being all cute  щ(゚Д゚щ) 
I’m so freakin happy right now, you don’t even know  ! Best day ever !

Good morning I love jungkook

I got tagged by @bpdtransprince (!!!ty❤️)
♡ rules: answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you’d like to know better
♡ sign: Aquarius
♡ height: 4'11-5ft
♡ last thing googled: “are zebras real”
♡ favorite music artist: I’m not sureee but I rlly like The Neighbourhood
♡ last TV show watched: Criminal Minds
♡ when did I create my blog: gosh,,, 3 or 4 years ago? 4 I think
♡ what kind of stuff do I post about: mental illness stuff, personal stuff, memes, cute animals, aesthetic stuff, yikes idk my blog is a mess lmao
♡ do I have any other blogs: I’ve got a mental illness/venting/trauma side blog
♡ my personal: I mean,,, both of my blogs get pretty personal bc I am an Oversharing Machine™
♡ do I get asks regularly: no,,,,, I wish bc I am Starved For Attention
♡ why did I choose my url: bc I called myself a tater tot w my friends last year so now it’s,, Who I Am i guess + I have avpd
♡ gender: imma guy
♡ pokemon team: mystic
♡ favorite colors: blue/green, blue, pastel purple/pink type stuff is pretty too
♡ average hours of sleep: 5 or 6 I think
♡ favorite characters: Spencer Reid, Saeran Choi, Saeyoung Choi, Pidge Gunderson
♡ dream job: //sweats idk??? i never really had any goals or passion I’m just,,, going where life takes me I guess
I’m tagging: @fangrl-esque @allynicole42 @luinae @artsy-wolf96 @the-great-papyroo @softspoken-bxy


flower cloak.

some hipster post on tumblr: “What if instead of intense fight scenes, compelling romance, or nuanced characterization character X and Y just accepted eachother from the start and became platonic friends who cuddled and did quirky things together like knit plaid blankets and sell them to the townspeople??”

50,000 of y’all: “SO MUCH THIS”

Me: “That sounds boring as shit.” 

practicing a new style! ; w ;

the hate on otayuri is ridiculous.

it’s a 2 YEAR AGE GAP.

in sports anime people ship 1st years with 3rd years ALL THE TIME and no says jack shit about it (and those are also 2 year age gaps!!! and there’s nothing wrong with it!!!!!)

it’s also kind of gross how people assume shipping an m/m couple is automatically associated with shipping them sexually. fucking STOP.

He’s not my president and he ain’t my damn vice president either fuck that from now on I’m calling them Don and Penis like take all possible power from their names