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some doodles with a trio of dresses i found in my massive fashion folder

An Encounter.

Rating: NC-17

Content: Sexual situations, dry humping 

Luke was the answer.

At least to the question of who I wanted to see on a weeknight.

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Some of my favorite named things in science:

  • rick:*suggests something*
  • people:let's try something else, rick
  • situation:*gets worse*
  • rick:now that we tried, maybe we can d-
  • people:yeah, you're right, let's ignore you and try something else
  • situation:*still not okay*
  • rick:alright now, please listen to m-
  • people:let's try again!
  • rick:*internally screams*
  • situation:*what the actual fuck?*
  • people:we so smart
  • situation:*someone dies*
  • people:*slowly face rick* lol..
  • rick:*flips table* fUCK THAT

“Somehow, we’ll find it. The balance between whom we wish to be and whom we need to be. But for now, we simply have to be satisfied with who we are.”
― Brandon Sanderson


Rule #1, always post the rules.

Rule #2, answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, then write 11 new ones.

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1. What is your favorite book series?

All the book series…..every single one of them….sorry I dont have a favorite….

2. Where is your favorite place to shop?

Barnes and Noble and FunnyBooks(comic shop)

3. Celebrity crush?

Brendon Urie

4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where?

idk..maybe Norway

5. Avengers or Justice League?

really….you are terrible….um avengers in the movie-verse and justice league in the comic-verse.

6. Favorite song atm?

Clairvoyant- The Story so Far

7. What’s your spirit animal?

an Emu

8. Favorite disney movie?


9. Perfect kind of weather?

60 degrees and sunny

10. What is one of your fears?

throw up and people throwing up around me

11. Have you started school yet?

Nope I start Sept. 4th














1  Favorite color?

2 How was your day?

3 What’s your favorite tv show?

4 What is your current book obsession?

5 What’s your favorite school subject?

6 Are you a night owl or early bird?

7 Do you enjoy rollercoasters? 

8 DC or Marval?

9 Favorite villan? 

10 Do you have any siblings?

11 Where would you want to go on vacation?


anonymous asked:

any fics with taekook as a side couple? main couple doesn't matter, also, what are the admins otps aside from vkook? ~(⁰▿⁰)~

Yesyes okay, hi annoniee~~ ((I’m back from the dead yo)) Also, my other otps are Taegi and Yoonminsoek I might cry ;;__;; {and vmin but like who doesn’t ship vmin tbh}

Nothing Personal (I’ve hit an all time low)  You may be a smartass literature teacher but you sure as hell are really oblivious to these very obvious wooing attempts our coworkers are trying au

(This is a fluff and crack fic which is seriously my fav!!! {Namjin main})

Boys who Talk Shit™ When Yoongi enrolled in BTS (aka Boys who Talk Shit) Boarding School, he wasn’t really expecting to be the only ‘straight’ (to be read sarcastically) guy in a room of seven geniuses (aka children aged five to ten, honestly). Plus four pet spiders. Yes, plural.

(The main ship is Yoonmin but it is overflowing with Taekook content ngl)

First Kick Drum, Second Snare Drum  Namjoon is Taehyung’s adoptive father, and spends so long worrying about Taehyung that he forgets how to worry about himself.

(I HAV E SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS FIC {da main ship is Namjin btw})

Galaxy S♡ “We all have those memories that don’t end even when everything is over. Some call that critical error. Others call it human existence.”

(Main Seokmin. Android au. Angst. I cry)

Cocoa Puffs  Somewhere between fake basketball matches and even faker marriages, Park Jimin learns that camp is for fun, and summer is for butterflies.

(Main Yoonmin.)

Watchers of the Eternal Flame Jimin goes to Rio de Janeiro to live his passion. He leaves Rio de Janeiro having found his dream.

(Main Seokmin. This is so well written. Pls when will Mindheist notice me and my love,, I am ready to elope.)

Cupcakes of Forgiveness Jimin’s roommate likes to have loud, obnoxious, raunchy sex. So he camps out on the neighbor’s couch.

(I laugh. Main Yoonmin.)

An Aperture in Fine Balance Fake Marriage AU in which Yoongi is an up and coming rapper whose fame had blown up in Korea, traveled throughout Asia and has now landed him in the States. Meanwhile, Jimin is in America to study photography and find success in this land of freedom. Except for one problem. His school’s policy for financial aid requires him to be either over the age of 24, have a child, or be married.Considering the fact that he’s only 21 and can’t have a kid, Jimin is left with the last option.That’s where Yoongi comes in the picture.

Chasing Smoke Into Wings In which Jimin is of the rare human species and his future doctor instincts would not allow his conscience to overlook the scent of smoke that clings to the Very Attractive Barista at that café near campus.

(QUality content right here mmm. Main Yoonmin.)

I hope you have fun with these anonnie!!!

♡ Admin N(ezzie)

Okay y’all last post about Illumi for now. 

When I talk about why I dislike him, I keep forgetting to clarify that I hate what his character represents, which is manipulation, control, emotional abuse, etc. 

However, I will never deny that he is a fantastic character. He’s fairly rounded and developed, he’s interesting, and his design just looks cool. That’s why I understand when someone does like him. 

Also, the sheer fact that I have such strong negative feelings about him means that Togashi did an amazing job writing him. As a viewer, I’m not supposed to like him. As a writer, though, I do appreciate his character. 

As a side note, I also want to point out that no I will never dislike anyone simply for liking Illumi. There’s a lot of cool fanart/fics of him and some neat fandom interpretations of him as well, and I do like those. They’re fun and cute and funny most of the time. So no, I don’t hate those either. 

All in all, Illumi’s complexity (and simplicity) as a character is worthy of praise. He’s just not my cup of tea. 

Two options:
1) show queerbaits and you sit there frustrated and watch ur faves make heart eyes at each other while the entire fandom and writers tell you nothing is there and that you’re crazy

2) show gets you to watch by making the most beautiful queer relationship it could, talking about it, treating it like a het ship, getting you to trust them, then promptly killing one of them off and telling you to get over it

there is no inbetween


This dress makes me feel like ursula from the little mermaid and idk if I like it (it was my sisters prom dress and she is a very different shape than me 😂)
Anyway shoutout to subjectunicorn who not only puts up with me but also agreed to be my date to prom ily pooge 💕
Come talk to me if you want to 💕💕

this is a very official psa that i am going to write a tog x acotar crossover fic of unidentifiable length……………im signing my soul away to the depths of hell and im not letting myself out of this one and holy fuck am i excited