y'all should have seen this coming

if I see a post on MY dash calling John Green a pedophile or sexual abuser, I will unfollow you. I report you.

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I lived with my abuser. I have seen him interact with other people and children as if the world that existed in my house wasn’t utterly on fire. You will not belittle my experience with that traumatizing shit with your fuck ass trivializing.

It is one thing to criticize a person and their work. It is one thing to question their motives. No one is above reproach for their actions. I told my cousins that if any adult made them uncomfortable or hurt them in any way, then they should report it immediately because I didn’t. I stand by it. If John Green says or does things that make you uncomfortable, say that. Don’t be a piece of shit and call him libelous names. Don’t drag his name through the mud without backing it up. If his work and his words make you uncomfortable, say exactly that without speculating about what he could be. because no one knows my abuser is what he is. No one suspects anything, so no one is lobbing accusations over their shoulders, hoping he’ll cop to some shit.

If someone makes you uncomfortable, say that they make you uncomfortable. Not some “he reminds me of one of the dads who volunteers to watch the kids at the pool” bullshit, hoping a fan or former fan will jump up and say “yeah, one time he slipped his hand under my skirt”.

I’m so fucking done with tumblr. This shit is so fucking toxic and y'all make me sick.