y'all need to shut up and listen to this

it really makes me sick to my stomach to know some of y'all are really out here defending GROWN ASS MEN and their poorly thought out decisions, especially when it comes to hairstyles that belong to MY culture as a means to protect our hair and have a style that’s low maintenance. all y'all do is sit up and argue with us about how “the vikings ___” and reach about how it’s “the same thing as having blonde and straight hair if you’re not white”. i’m so tired of this shit. y'all need to LISTEN to us. stop talking, take in information from BLACK people, understand our frustrations, and keep your mouth shut. we don’t wanna hear it! it affects US. if you wanna be an ally, that’s coo, but stop trying to speak over us and tell us it’s not a big deal when for some of us, it absolutely is!

Anyways one of the Important Good Things I’ve noticed abt The Musketeers is that it totally disproves this idea that you need to have morally bad or corrupt or Grey Gridmark Antiheros for your characters to be interesting or complex.

Like, listen. Brooklyn Nine Nine is great on this too, but b99s genre and context don’t allow it to play around with more mature implied themes quite like tmk, so I’m gonna use tmk.

All of the main characters have …. A lot of Issues.

Like, boy, are these four men FLAWED. Prone to violence, impulsive, recklessly loyal to the point of active life endangerment, alcoholism, a constant need to prove themselves, abandonment issues, a stupid amount of faith in the Power Of Love, too LITTLE faith in the Power of Love, ego, bordering on hurtful sarcasm as a coping mechanism …

Like, listen. Flaws™. With a capital F and a trademark.

AND YET??? Every single one of them is nothing if not fundamentally good, and kind, and generous and so so so loving, always immensely respectful of women, always fighting to free the oppressed, always expressing outrage against injustice, emotionally supporting one another and any random stranger who needs it, Ready To Fight all abusive husbands, soft and gentle around babies or children, and terribly, ridiculously sincere and genuine.

They are GOOD PEOPLE. No matter WHAT their multitude of messy flaws, they are Good People at their very cores, and that goodness is never compromised for the sake of action or drama. And yet they’re such great, interesting characters! You are drawn to them because DESPITE their messes they remain good. Because their flaws make them unique and shape their past and future and motivations, but at the end of the day you know that they may make stupid mistakes that get people hurt, but they’d never do anything to cause that hurt INTENTIONALLY, or with malicious intent in their heart. They are emotionally three dimensional and experientially three dimensional and none of that comprises their goodness.

The core themes and essence of the story becomes about goodness, about love and friendship, because the story revolves around its characters and its characters are good. And yet the high stakes, the excitement, comes from throwing Good People with Major Flaws into a corrupt society.

Morally grey characters are, of course, fascinating and interesting, but it’s a myth that morally sound characters aren’t. You don’t need to make your characters bad to make your story interesting. All you need to do is to take those good characters and throw them into a corrupt or bad situation, and let them struggle to keep doing good.

Anyway, this has been an … Observation? Yes? A statement. A PSA. Whatever the case, y'all should all watch both tmk and b99. Have a Nice Day.

Can terfs stop comparing transitioning to conversion therapy? Considering how fucking hard it is to get doctors and psychologists to listen to you and believe you actually Would Be Happier transitioning instead of just trying to convince you you’re cis, considering that conversion therapy is a horrible fucking disgrace and not at all comparable to letting people be comfortable in their bodies, considering not all trans people are straight (or in terfs minds, GNC gay people), considering my boyfriend was this fucking close 👌 to getting ACTUAL conversion therapy for being a trans man when he never got any shit at all when he presented as a lesbian? I think y'all need to shut the fuck up.

The Beach House

Summary: Lauren, Camila, Ally and Normani had a beach trip planned for the weekend. Dinah, Lauren’s great friend from New York, showed up as a surprise to spend a few days at the girl’s house. To don’t cancel their already planned weekend all the girls go to the beach house together and Dinah realizes Lauren and the girl’s new best friend, Camila, might not look at each other only in the friendly way they believe they do. Dinah draggs Normani and Ally to, maybe, make the ship finally sails.

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the fact that it irks people that black lives matter is a hashtag instead of all lives is just ridiculous. why does everyone need to be included so bad? why do you want to be included in this oppression? we know all lives matter but some people seem to forget that black lives matter so we’re just reminding y'all. our race is being systematically killed and separated and people still, in 2016, turn a blind eye to it. black lives matter is suppose to be a wake up call not something to make u feel like u weren’t invited to the cause. I just want people to shut up and listen.

Every ace person who joins arguments with “I’m ace and I’ve never been discriminated against” and tries to makes points about how aces don’t face discrimination based on their limited and personal experience needs to shut the fuck up. Every one of y'all are speaking over the voices of all the abused, raped, traumatized, hurt, harassed, and suffering aces who just want people to listen and understand their stories and experiences. YOU are part of the goddamn problem, and being ace doesn’t excuse that behavior.

Black tumblr needs to stop using United State’s racial categorization and applying it to the rest of the world. That’s not how it works and you all need to stop erasing other’s oppression just because they don’t look like who you’re expecting them to look like. Y'all always talking about people should listen, MAYBE y'all should shut the fuck up and listen once in a while

looking for someone to put the stars in your sky
on your darkest nights.
Put them up there yourself.

wanting something.
Work for it.

blaming the world for your misfortunes.
No one can save you but yourself.
Everyone suffers.
It is survival of the fittest,
and I hope you have the strength in you
to keep up.

—  Shut the fuck up and listen to these hard truths - 7/5/14

honestly though if the goal of boycotting doctor strange was to bankrupt marvel it would never ever work. it wouldn’t make sense. the goal is to not see this particular movie and, if enough people do it, there will be enough of a disparity between other marvel movies that the company might say ‘let’s not be racist again because fans did not respond well to it and that affected our bottom line’ 

because, listen y’all, all marvel sees is profits. that’s all they care about. if you’re angry about what they’re doing, don’t give them your money. rent it later for a dollar. watch it on netflix. whatever. don’t see it in theaters (or buy it on dvd preferably), though, as this is what primarily determines of a movie is a success or a failure