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love is a word (you gave it a name) | harry/louis | 21 400 words

“It’s worth it anyway,” says Harry, looking into Louis’s eyes. He’s untucked his hair from behind his ear, and it falls down in silky strands to obscure his face. He looks so painfully young, even after everything. Louis’s strong, strong boy. “Just for the two of us. We get to be selfish for a little while.”

it’s christmas. in between snowman building, tree shopping, and ill-advised skating on a frozen lake, louis and harry get ready to take the most important step of their lives.

for inkedrope; written as part of the h/l winter exchange

Valentine’s Pity Rose [fic]

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! I hope everyone had a wonderful day, and I hope this fic makes it a little better!

This was written for @percyyoulittleshit  who gave me the prompt:  “So let me get this straight. You want to hire me to be your date to a Valentine’s Party?” I hope it lives up to your standards, Mari! 


“So let me get this straight. You want to hire me to be your date to a Valentine’s Day party?”

Annabeth sighed. Honestly, it sounded terrible when you said it that way. Well, she guessed that it would probably sound horrible any way you said it.

“Yes,” she snapped, tapping her foot against the sidewalk. “You just have to come to the party with me. We only have to stay for a few hours.”

Percy was silent as he considered. He was loading his band equipment into the back of his Jeep. Annabeth had seen him outside when she got home from track practice, which is when she decided to cross the street to his house and solicit his help.

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How am I already seeing Tony Stark hate on my dash for simply being in the Spider-Man movie lmao?

This is the Tony we deserve (not the Tony who has been used to make Steve look like the one true hero who never screws up because that’s Tony’s job)


I wanna enjoy this movie and I wanna stay away from the endless Tumblr discourse so 😂😂 If anyone posts Tony hate I am unfollowing tbh but if u love fatherly!tony and ur excited for him being Peter’s big uncle then hmu so I can followww 😱😆

today in my adventure through awakening’s tile convos i learned:

  • nah wants to eat her lover. literally
  • basilio used to be a pirate
  • sully’s letter-sending fangirls have started sending kjelle letters as well
  • whoever wrote severa’s dialogue read about zero of her supports. yes, the girl who freaking wrestled a bull to prove how strong she was is completely and solely obsessed with being a desirable woman in men’s eyes and hates getting sweaty in training. ok the bull was in fates but still gawds
  • ricken explicitly admits he’s in his adolescence 
  • laurent is worried his hairline is going to start receding
  • maribelle held brady’s hands when he walked up stairs
  • flavia and basilio have unique lines with emmeryn that are exactly the same as their normal ones except they say her name
  • libra is often called “voluptuous”
  • lon’qu has literally no idea how to take a compliment
  • tiki’s child sleeps more than her, and instead of challenging them to a battle she challenges them to a nap-off

all in all, it’s been quite…something. 

also shoutout to @robobones for rewriting some of severa’s more…extreme ones to something actually in-character and nice!!


favourite actors » devon bostick

"go to the bathroom before each episode. extra underwear for sure. 
maybe a strong drink. you know, orange juice.
buckle down 'cause it's gonna get crazier and crazier each episode."
hummingbird heartbeat - pt22

( missed the beginning? catch up on AO3! )


“Skype me,” Bitty said. Kent was obviously distraught. They couldn’t do this over the phone; unless Kent could see Bitty’s face, he probably wouldn’t actually listen to him. Bitty preferred video to phone, anyway, especially after such a long period where they’d had to rely on the phone for everything. “Video. Now.” Hanging up, he settled his laptop on the bed, waiting for Kent to call first. He chewed his lip, fidgeting a little as Kent’s screenname showed up in his ‘online’ list but nothing else happened.

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Port Mafia to Dazai: You’re such an embarrassment…

Armed Detective Agency: Don’t say such things about him so casually!

Dazai: Go get ‘em, guys!!

Armed Detective Agency: You have to broadcast publicly so everyone can know how big of an embarrassment to humanity this man is!


Who is Sherlocked?

For reasons, I was checking out the Sherlock Youtube channel just now. To pass the time (i.e. procrastinating), I decided to watch the “I am Sherlocked” segment from ASiB again (for the umpteenth time, because, procrastination). I know this is nothing new – that the subtext of the scene was all about Sherlock and his feelings of want and desire for John (his celibacy was part of the disguise, his yearning for John’s affection was but a chemical defect…, etc.) — but just by watching the segment again and listening to the words being said… it made me even more certain (I honestly didn’t think it possible) of what awaits us in S4.

“I am Sherlocked” – that is the mystery. Irene Adler was the (gay) messenger that brought it to light for all to see. And yes, it is very much to do with sex. But who, of all the players involved in this mystery, is Sherlocked? Think about it. Doesn’t matter who you ask, Sherlock Holmes is the great detective in the funny hat, the calculating machine, the bloodhound that sends the criminals of the world into hiding, the hero of the rational minds. Sherlock Holmes is… well, Sherlocked; he exists in our collective consciousness as the public persona depicted over a century ago; his private life, and where his heart lies, can only be found if you read carefully between the lines of Dr. Watson’s chronicles. Sherlock was made aware of the century-old outward trappings in ASiB – of “being Sherlock Holmes” – and he’s been trying to solve the mystery (alone) ever since.

By the end of TAB Sherlock finally realizes the man with the key is none other than our good doctor (thank god) – and yes, we will see Sherlock Holmes unravel in ways no one thought possible, but with John Watson by his side every step of the way. What happens when Sherlock Holmes is no longer “Sherlocked”? I’ve no doubt the poetic of “Sherrinford Hope” will be utilized in some way (whether a mirrored character or Sherlock’s real name), but everyone on the planet that watches the show will soon realize the true meaning behind show title “Sherlock”: a Sherlock Holmes stripped bare of the historical trappings (maybe literally, who knows, haha). Anyway, my point being: all roads lead to Johnlock, guys, and we will finally see it with our own eyes in just a couple of months.

  • monty green: [indirectly murders jasper's girlfriend and hundreds of other innocent people including children because he had no other choice]
  • jasper jordan: [is heartbroken and tormented and just as traumatised as everyone else because he's a human kid with emotions who had to see maya die in his arms]
  • jasper & monty: [are both suffering in their own way and trying to deal with the grief and the horrific pain of what happened in mt. weather and even before that]
  • jasper jordan: [confronts monty in his outbursts of grief-stricken anger and obviously resents him for being responsible for the death of the girl he loved]
  • monty green: [yells back at jasper because he is also in pain and that is how people argue sometimes and how they deal with all the pent up feelings]
  • idiot part of the fandom: wow jasper just... n eeds to sh ut thell up..... .. like sto p... being a dick to m onty like.... ... you have no right to b e dead inside???? onyl monty is suffer ing. why can yo unot.... SEE THAT.. . . five stages of grief what i s that i??? anyway SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!1
y’all i am losing my damn mind... let’s talk about ezra

Okay so… before the time jump. 

I couldn’t fucking stand him. And honestly it wasn’t even him that I couldn’t stand, it was a lot of how the writers kept flip-flopping his character.

  • Season 1-3, he was the teacher who dates his student. Was it inappropriate? For sure. But I bought that he didn’t know her age and loved her anyways. And he did try to end it all through season 1. So it was.. whatever. Not my favorite ship, but Ian and Lucy have undeniable magical chemistry lol.
  • Season 4 comes along. Fitz goes to the Dark Side. His lightsaber is red now. He’s changed all his twitter handles to Dark Side of the Fitz. He plays the pink floyd album on repeat. He drops acid in class, blahblahblah, he’s dark side fitz.
  • Okay, I’m obviously joking. But I loved dark side Ezra. It gave his personality complications. I couldn’t excuse the complications… I found many faults with them. But I love complex characters. 
  • Did I condone that behavior? Absolutely not.
  • Then season 5. The gunshot of redemption. Okay, so he literally took a bullet for her. Very poetic. Much cliche. 
  • But before you know it, Ezria is back. I just couldn’t ship it anymore, even slightly- I totally respected people who did, but it wasn’t my personal cup of tea. Overall I just felt his redemption arc was too easy and not well written enough for me to get behind. 

TL,DR; Give me bad boy fitz with a potential “grey area” of good, or give me no fitz at all.

but post time jump ezra

  • Bad boy fitz is back, baby.
  • He’s depressed. He’s alcoholic. He’s sexy. Real issues, and really well played by Ian Harding- seriously, he doesn’t get enough credit for being able to do bad boy Fitz so well. 
  • He’s finally honest.. telling the girls he doesn’t care that Charlotte is dead after watching her torture them for years?! Finally, someone says it. Harsh… but he’s not entirely wrong in the thought process. There’s that grey area of good that I wanted.
  • His character has flaws and quirks. He’s so absorbed in other miseries he can’t even be self aware enough to realize he has flaws too (like when he complains about Charlotte going free lmfao). Ian plays these flaws well and even adds… almost a dry humor???… to his quirks. The pot is calling the kettle black and Ian does it so well.

and now, post time jump ezria…..

  • Can’t believe I’m saying this, but so far, they’re the couple I want most to get back together. 
  • (????!!!!!!!!???? What’s wrong with me?!!!?)
  • It seems the break up was good for them. Aria couldn’t be with Ezra if he was all she had ever known. That’s the whole point of breaking up during college. They needed 5 years apart.
  • Not only do they have undeniable chemistry (the actors, and characters).. they just work. If you can come back to someone after 5 years and nothing is weird or awkward, just passionate- you’re meant to be with them. Any time apart, really. Seriously, speaking from personal experience lol. Like their interactions make it so obvious. Things are comfortable, they feel right.
  • Their relationship would be much much healthier now. Sure, he’s still bad boy Ezra, but she’s still bad girl always-sneaking-around Aria. They’ve got issues, but every relationship does. You have to help build your partner into being a better person. 
  • There’s no more age-inappropriate stigma. The high school shit was bad, yeah, but that’s way in the past now. Aria is independent and matured. Things are different. They have potential to start over but with twice the passion and tension. ;-) (god such a creepy smiley fml i hate being off mobile lol)

Give me bad boy fitz and bad girl Aria. I’m so down for it. Shit, I wouldn’t even mind if they were the new A together. Bonnie and Clyde, y'all. Complex characters. 

So yeah. Those are my thoughts. I’m losing it. @addictedtoprettylittleliars @monavanderdoll @littleliardiaries @anyone else who reads this y'all tell me if this makes sense or if I’m going crazy……… bc I’m feeling crazy. I went from hella Jaria (still love them lmao) to potentially… liking… Ezria. SOS. For my Ezria loving friends… WHAT HAVE YALL DONE TO ME! lmao.

PS: the gifs above are mine. Nobody go and repost them or some shit cause I’ll come after you. With one of Aria’s sharpest fork earrings.

And none of this is meant to be disrespectful towards those who do or dont ship them or those who dont feel this way etc etc etc. I mean no offense, and I love all of y'all shippers equally. It’s my opinion, and I’d love to hear y’alls thoughts on the subject. Xoxoxo

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A WORLD TO BELIEVE IN ~ an outlaw queen celine dion inspired fanmix

i. love doesn’t ask why // ii. if that’s what it takes // iii. a world to believe in // iv. i knew i loved you // v. thank you // vi. taking chances // vii. to love you more // viii. falling into you // ix. make you happy // x. didn’t know love // xi. if you asked me to // xii. the first time ever i saw your face //  xiii. the power of love

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Happy Birthday banditmills!!!


wow hi so uh it’s already been a whole year since i joined this lovely shithole of a site and i just wanted to thank all you kickass mutuals (relatively new and longtime peeps alike) who’ve made my experience super duper thus far!! even tho i’ve never/rarely talked to some of you or if we’ve grown apart, i still like seeing you on my dash!! also warm hugs to the nerds, i mean friends, that i’ve made along the way - i really, really appreciate you guys and um yeah *hides*

anyway thanks a bunch for stickin’ around!! luv u all to bits! stay gold ❤

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