y'all know it had to be made

Day One Hundred and Nineteen

-A woman came through my lane clutching a thick paperback covered by what appeared to be a glistening, shirtless angel, entirely wrapped in chains. The woman’s stare told me two things: she was prepared to physically fight me were I to say anything, and this was not the first time she had mistakenly thought a store had a self-checkout until it was too late.

-A man insisted to me that I had rang him up earlier in the day and he simply did not have his receipt anymore, but, as I had been here under half an hour and had a total of five guests thus far, I could safely say that I had not. He apologized, realizing that he had mistaken me for my manager, and commenting, “All y'all white people look the same to me.” While I am inclined to agree with him on this, I do wonder what he sees in the mirror. This man was whiter than me, not an easy feat.

-An older woman, well into her eighties, made a comment to me that I will never forget. “As they say, I’m a little ‘dragon-aged’ today.” Later, a mother told her daughter to “Scooby up.” I do not know who has ever said these phrases, when, or in what context, but I deeply want this era of slang to stay.

-In a joyful mood brought on by an oncoming visit from my girlfriend, I decided to bring back a guest favorite: a “TAKE ONE” sticker display. This was an unequivocal success, pleasing children by the score. Their enthusiasm could only be matched by a group of guests who, while octogenarian in body, were clearly timeless in soul.

-Much to their mother’s dismay, a sweet yet energetic child insisted upon getting a frappuccino. The mother’s eyes were filled with an existential terror, the likes of which I rarely see without a five-digit number appearing on my register’s screen.

-A mother came through, young son in tow; the boy, in turn, towed along a replica of Thor’s hammer. I felt comforted to have a hero in my store, but this relief was not long to last. Upon the boy being denied gum, Mjolnir was brought down in a mighty thwack upon his mother’s shin. His mother promptly revoked his hammer privileges and summarily squashed what could have been the second-most upsetting turn of a superhero in 2017.

-I passed a girl her parents’ purchase over the counter. She graciously accepted the bag with both hands, smiled at me, turned in her seat, and power-dunked the whole thing into the back of the cart. This was a truly baller move and earned her my utmost respect.

-A woman commented to me on how fun her allergies are. Her young daughter asked if she was joking again. The mother told her that she had been, and explained to me that she had already figured out how sarcasm worked. I remarked that this should be a fun development int he coming years. She remarked that it would be, and so would boarding school in Switzerland. Based on the overall lack of response, I think that this woman is safe. Her daughter has not fully uncovered the depths of sarcasm yet.

-A man began to walk away without his bags. I called after, reminding him not to leave them behind. He thanked me for the reminder and continued to exit the store without them.

anyway, gotta love that double standard in this fandom, ey?

vilde is constantly, constantly, being racist, ignorant, islamophobic to sana. in fact she’s been this ignorant since season 1. she’s been so rude at certain times. she’s stepped out of line so many times, and not just with sana, but with isak too. but, hey, she can still get all the chances in the world, right? bc she’s a “uwu soft pastel pink princess”. yeah, sure, give her all the chances, right???? despite being told by sana time and time again when she’s corrected her in the past, vilde STILL remains ignorant. but noooo, she gets all the chances.

last week, lol, more than 75% of this fandom were villainising, dehumanising, belittling, reducing even, when we found out he knew sana. y'all were calling him a manipulative liar, using isak as a rebound, a serial cheater, being ableist and biphobic as hell, even after y'all did the same thing to him in s3 and y'all found out he had bipolar. his struggles were already somewhat known, yet y'all still demonized him. don’t you dare deny that you weren’t. but what happened after friday’s clip? we got to know the full story and now everyone’s back on the “we love even!!!1111!!! never hated him ever!!!!” bandwagon again.

y'all literally slaughter sana at every chance you get. whether it be in 4:10 from last season, despite her apologising to isak and learning in 8:10. y'all called her a sly manipulative distrusting friend to isak when even and sana’s past came out. y'all slaughtered her for unfriending yousef bc your precious little romance was looking to be sinking like the fucking titanic, instead of understanding her struggle. but oh nooo, now y'all are back onto loving her once again, hey????? bc she’s googling “why can’t muslims marry non muslims?” and now that your precious little romance looks to be back on track, hmmmm????? lol i’m just waiting for y'all to turn on her once again tbh bc i know its gonna happen.

so, mikael reacts in the wrong manner. he freaked out when his best friend just all of a sudden made a pass at him bc he wasn’t expecting that. he was 17. he too had religion as a conflict for him. he stepped back. that was his mistake. he fucked up. yes you can say that he did wrong. call him out on his mistake. but y'all are slaughtering him?? y'all are calling him a rat and telling him to choke and die?? y'all are forgetting every other thing we learnt about mikael, that he and even were best friends, still has his number, doesn’t want the world to know about what happened bc its only gonna hurt everyone if the past is rehashed once again. y'all are out here calling muslims “extremists and vile homophobes”. and we haven’t even heard the guy give his side of the story yet!!!!???? but ya sure forgive magnus for spouting homophobic bullshit. its okay when he does it.

the double standard in this fandom is …. disgusting. and we all know exactly why that double standard exists.

No disrespect to Jimberly at all, but I’m so glad they cut that makeout scene. It really grossed me out. Kimberly became an extremely thirsty hoe all of a sudden and it made her character’s power and independence totally disappear for me as a female viewer. It was really gross honestly and I’m not just sayin that because I ship Cranscott and Trimberly. I don’t know what they were thinking but I am SO happy it got cut! Y'all are more than welcome to disagree but the scene made me real uncomfortable in a way that’s so weird I can’t explain. If they had gotten much more time and romantic interaction, then sure, but because it’s an origin story??? Nah… good call Lionsgate. Now be smart and make Trimberly, Cranscott, and ZackxTommy canon plez, you’ve made some smart choices so far, let’s keep it going. If y'all are gonna go all the way and make the Rangers gay, then how bout y'all go all the way????

Why I strongly encourage witches to try recycling a book instead of buying a blank journal

So my grimoire is a recycled book with the pages either painted over with gesso or various matte acrylic colors. It’s one big hot mess….and I LOVE it.

The reason I did this was simple. In previous years (especially early stages) I kept changing my grimoire because it no longer “fit” my mental aesthetic for what a witch’s grimoire should look like…or whatever you want to call it.

And also…..because I kept “messing up”

Y'all know what I’m talking about. I know you do.

I had all these journals that I bought or made and they all had these stark white pages and I constantly feared messing things up/ruining it/ having to start over ect. And that’s what happened. I kept “messing up” and it pissed me off.

But when my pages are already “messed up” (painted over) there’s no fear. If I don’t like it, I paint over , paste over or even occasionally completely rip out the page. And if there’s something on the back I want to keep, I paste it in a new blank spot, or use it to paste over another spot I’m no longer happy with.

It looks like my grimoire doesn’t have much truthfully, but this bitch as been through a LOT 😂

Fellow witches, and baby witches especially, I encourage you to try recycling a book for your grimoire if you keep getting stuck. OR at the very least, use these methods in your current grimoire. “Mess it up” before hand so you can’t ACTUALLLY mess it up. The pahe is already stained. Just add in to the mess.

Remember, this won’t be your last and only grimoire. Each time I started a new one (I think I maybe finished 1 or 2 small ones?) I transfer over the workings that’ve worked for me in the past. Currently that’s all that I have. And in comparison to the 300 some odd pages my book is currently made from? It looks like NOTHING. And that’s great because all the more room for me to keep shaping myself and my craft and add more stuff!

Let your grimoire be a place of exploration and mistakes.
I promise you it’s okay :)


Did you know about Ramsay?

I feel like some of y'all “Woke.” Because Childish Gambino brought it to your attention or Get Out made you woke 😂 If you’re woke during the movie or listening to that song and become ignorant to everything when you turn the movie or music off, then you aren’t woke.

Being woke isn’t a trend or at least it shouldn’t be. You should be woke because you see shit others don’t. Someone drawing a picture or spelling it out for you on Instagram doesn’t make you woke. If you were so woke then you would know what something was before someone had to tell you.

And being woke is not just for blacks but for females as well and knowing we’re treated to.

Real woke people ain’t gonna take this post to offense because they know where they stand.

i’m so tired of people begging sm to have ten make a comeback. literally take several seats because i need all of y'all to understand that one of the biggest reasons why he hasn’t made a comeback was because he got INJURED and then had to have knee SURGERY. i don’t know if y'all have done research on knee surgery and the recovery timeline, but it takes about 6 months to a year for a full recovery. i know he said that’s he feeling better, but he would’ve been putting himself at risk to make his injury worse if he would’ve made a comeback with nct 127 like yall keep begging.

so can everyone please stop being selfish, and instead be patient and understanding as to why ten hasn’t made a comeback yet. it’s very disrespectful to put down nct 127 because ten isn’t involved, like i don’t even think ten, himself, would appreciate his fans putting down his friends who are as supportive to him as he is to them.

i don’t know, it’s just bothering me that people are still like this when nct 127’s comeback is so close, because the fandom is becoming divided. we just need to support ten and nct 127 as a whole fandom, and just hope that ten can recover well.

Time Waster Pt. 2 [ j.j.]

Jughead x reader in which he realizes that he has truly fucked up.

Part one: https://jvghead-jones-iii.tumblr.com/post/157974413026/time-waster-jj

Part three: https://jvghead-jones-iii.tumblr.com/post/158033527367/time-waster-pt-3-jj

Part four: https://jvghead-jones-iii.tumblr.com/post/158258806451/time-waster-pt-4-jj


(Y/N) walked all the way to Reggie Mantle’s house. She would’ve texted him to come pick her up but she had left her phone at Betty’s house.

Betty and Jughead. Jughead and Betty. How could she have not noticed it before? They were always spending time together. It would only make sense that they’d end up together.

She sighed to herself as she trekked to Reggie’s house, just wanting to sit and watch a movie with her closest friend.

(Y/N) hid her injured hand as she knocked on the Mantles’ door, knowing that Mrs. Mantle would be the one to open it.

“(Y/N), hi!” Mrs. Mantle exclaimed as she opened the door. “It’s so good to see you.”

(Y/N) chuckled, “Mrs. Mantle I came over two days ago.”

“Yes but it’s always a pleasure to see you. Go on up to Reggie’s room. He’s out with friends right now but he’ll be back in a few minutes.”

(Y/N) did as she was told and headed upstairs to Reggie’s room. She proceeded to lie on his bed and finally let the tears slip out of her eyes as her heart broke in two.

Reggie Mantle stepped into his house only ten minutes after his best friend had, and was immediately stopped by his mom.

“Oh honey! Go on upstairs. (Y/N) is waiting for you.”

Reggie stopped, completely and utterly confused. (Y/N) was supposed to be spending the day with Betty Cooper.

“Uh, ok mom I’ll go right up,” he replied.

“Great! I’ll bring you guys some snacks in a bit.”

Walking into his room, Reggie’s eyes immediately fell on the large lump that was curled up on his bed.

“(Y/N)? What are you doing here?” He asked. The girl in question turned to him and he instantly noticed her tear stained face and bloodied hand. Grabbing it gently, he led her into the bathroom.

The two friends were enveloped in silence as Reggie cleaned up her hand, only breaking it when he finished bandaging the cut.

“(Y/N), what happened to you? You’re supposed to be with Betty Cooper.” He said.

The (H/C) looked up at Reggie, pain and heartbreak reflected in her eyes. “Jughead. I thought he liked me. At least, that’s what Betty had said. He doesn’t. He kissed Betty.”

Reggie’s hands curled up into fists. He didnt like the beanie-clad boy, but he knew that his best friend had liked him for some time, even if she hadn’t realized it sooner. “I am going to KILL Donnie Darko, ” he growled.

His angry pacing was stopped when he felt (Y/N)’s hand grab his own. “Reg, can I just…spend the night?”

Reggie’s eyes softened as they landed on the girl. “You know you’re always welcome to.”

(Y/N) called her parents, using Mrs. Mantle’s phone, to inform them they she wouldn’t be home that night, before rejoining Reggie in his room. Unbeknownst to her, Reggie had just sent out a mass text to all his football buddies, informing them that he had very important matters to attend to and that he wouldn’t be joining them for guys night out.

After eating a quick snack, the two best friends laid down on Reggie’s bed, watching a movie. As the evening dragged on, they found themselves drifting off to sleep, each curled up next to their favorite person as the movie droned on, much like they did when they were kids.

At the Cooper’s residence, Jughead Jones was sitting with his head in his hands and tears in his eyes.

Betty Cooper had her phone pressed to her ear, desperately calling Archie, Veronica, Kevin, ANYONE who could know where (Y/N) had run off too.

“Where could she be?” Betty asked, highly concerned for her friend. The guilt was eating at her, she knew that the kiss was wrong, but it had been a spur of the moment thing.

“I fucked up,” Jughead said. “I really fucked up. I’m sorry Betty.”

“I know Jug-” Betty was cut off by her phone going off.

‘Archibald’ was displayed on the screen. Despite the situation, Jughead couldn’t stop himself from letting out a snort at the name.

Betty put Archie on speakerphone as she answered. “Hey Archie, listen we’re really busy right now-”

“I know where (Y/N) is,” Archie cut in. “Reggie just sent the team a text saying that he can’t hang out tonight because something important came up. The only thing important enough to make him miss guys night is (Y/N).”

“Thanks Archie!” Betty exclaimed. “You’re a life saver.”

“Hey, guys, listen, ” Archie continued. “Leave her alone for a few days, yeah?“

Jughead cried out in exasperation. “No. I have to apologize to her.”

“Listen Jug. You too Betty, ” Archie continued. “She’s with Reggie. That means she’s probably told him what happened. They don’t keep secrets from each other. Veronica is already mad enough about what happened and she’s only her friend. Now imagine how Reggie, who is her best friend, is going to feel about you guys breaking her heart. Sure, he won’t hit a girl, but he won’t be afraid to confront Jughead.

“Just leave her alone.”

And so Jones and Cooper took Archie’s advice. At least, Cooper did. Jughead waited at Pop’s everyday, knowing that sooner or later, the need for a burger would drive (Y/N) there.

It was a few days later when (Y/N) walked into Pop’s with Reggie. Reggie had stayed with her the past few days and after wallowing in self-pity, she decided it was time to get over it, so they decided to go out to eat.

Jughead had been sitting in Pop’s with (Y/N)’s phone and as soon as he noticed that Reggie left the booth to go and order for the both of them, he approached (Y/N).

(Y/N), not looking up, noticed someone walk up to her. “Wow Reggie, that was quick,” she teased. “It usually takes you forever to bring the food.”

Looking up, the girl’s grin faltered as she saw that it was Jughead.

“I uh- you left this. At Betty’s house,” Jughead stammered, gently placing (Y/N)’s cell phone on the table. Looking at her, he noticed a small smile on her face.

“Thanks Jones,” the girl replied. “So listen, about you and Betty…”

Jughead felt his heart beat faster as she brought up Betty. He had to apologize to her.

“(Y/N) I-”

“Jughead I-”

They spoke at the same time before Jughead motioned for her to go first.

“Listen, I overreacted,” the girl said. “I should be happy for you two, and I am. So let’s not make this any more awkward than it needs to be and just…go on with our lives.”

Jughead’s mouth felt dry. This is not what he had expected her to say.

“No wait,” Jughead began. “(Y/N) the thing is, that kiss it meant-”

“What’s Donnie Darko doing here?” Reggie sneered as he approached the booth.

“Reggie,” (Y/N) said. “Calm down. He came to give me my cell phone. I left it at Betty’s a few days ago.”

“Alright Suicide Squad. You gave it back. Now leave,” Reggie commanded, pulling himself up to his full height to intimidate Jughead. “My girl and I are trying to enjoy our food.”

Jughead froze at Reggie’s words. ‘My girl and I.’ He looked at (Y/N). Maybe it was just some sick joke she was playing on him, making it seem as though her and Reggie were together.

She smiled at Reggie’s words. She hadn’t heard Reggie call her that in a long time. It was always their thing, to call each other “my girl” or “my guy”.

To Jughead however, (Y/N)’s reaction made it seem as though it wasn’t a joke. Jughead felt sick to his stomach as he thought about Reggie and (Y/N) being a couple and muttered some excuse about having to leave.

(Y/N), noticing his sudden change in behavior, grew concerned. “Jug, are you okay?”

Jughead nodded weakly as he walked away. This time he was the brokenhearted one.

And so Jughead Jones III left Pop’s thinking he had lost the girl of his dreams, not knowing that Reggie calling (Y/N) “my girl” was just a completely platonic thing.


Wow y'all. So part two of Time Waster. Yassss. I wasn’t planning on doing a part two but people seemed to want it so…ta-da.


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dinahjane97: This is so surreal to me!!!! #1 on iTunes in 20+ markets
Top 5 - 38
Top 10 - 45
I mean I could ask, “ How ? How did this happen ?! ” but it’s pretty obvious as to who’s to claim this so called Victory!!!Haha viewing the charts right now , just proves how DOWN our Harmonizers truly are for us! I want you all to know that we do see the hard work y'all have been putting in and the interaction y'all have had with one another! Constantly strategizing and brainstorming ways for us to exceed in our career. When we don’t sleep, it’s like y'all don’t sleep either haha I mean y'all go above and beyond for us and I want you to know that we are standing tall right here, right now because of YOU! This is ALL because of you ! You guys make this journey one hell of a ride! Major shout out to the man himself, our A&R @chrisanokute !!!!! It’s important to have somebody like Chris in our corner because he’s made us recognize our strength, ability, and value in being in this business. Because of you we were given the opportunity to finally take control with our music into our own hands. Thank you for believing in us Chris ! Now that we have this single out, get ready for the even more exciting part ! The album 😜

So I made a delivery tonight, and when I dropped the pizzas off the guy goes, “Don’t expect your tip to be very much since you gave us such a great deal.” I was confused as fuck because I didn’t even take the order, so I don’t know what deals or coupons he got. But he ordered 4 supreme pizzas and 2 things of ranch and had it delivered, $71.13 in total. And then he goes, “I hope y'all enjoyed raping us, ‘cuz we sure enjoyed it.”

First of all, that is an inappropriate thing to say to anybody ever for any reason. And if you are pissed that pizza costs so much, guess who can’t do anything about it at all? That’s right, the driver. I’m literally the bottom of the chain of command. I don’t set prices, I just drive pizza from point a to point b.

Secondly, I’m super tired of people whining about how much it costs. You aren’t just paying for the ingredients for a pizza. You’re paying for someone else to make it for you. You’re paying for the lights and oven to be on in a building that’s open 14 hours a day where your pizza is made for you. You’re paying for someone to drive it to your front door. It’s not cheap. Buy a frozen pizza.and bake it at home if you want cheap. Besides, you are the idiot if you pay full price for pizza period, end of story. You can look up all of the coupons online and pick the best one.

Thirdly, you obviously didn’t pay attention in economics because if you wanted to stick it to the man, you shouldn’t have ordered the pizza. Corporate isn’t going to drop the cost of pizza because you didn’t tip the driver, they would only drop the prices if people stopped ordering so much pizza and then told corporate they stopped ordering because it costs so much. The pizza chain got their money when you gave me the $72, the only person affected in any way by you not tipping is me.

But thirdly, I don’t need your tip anyway. I made $40 without your tip because other customers aren’t whiny babies.


So since he done went and asked me to be his girlfriend or whatever and I’m happy as hell and what not I thought I’d share it with all of my favorite people on the internet who are also the people who follow my blog lol

I love y'all and how much y'all ride for me.
And also how much y'all support me and stuff.
I went through a lot last year and y'all were really fucking here for me. I felt isolated and alone like I had no one and y'all filled that void for me. I wouldn’t have made it without you guys and that’s not on no overdramatic Tumblr bullshit. Y'all know who y'all are.
Thank you.

Also dis my man. Lol
Be nice.

anonymous asked:

(SingleParent!Inquisitor) The Inquisitor's kid going up to the Inquisitor's romance (before they're officially together) and the kid just blabbing to them about how their [momma/papa] likes them. "I think [Momma/Papa] likes you. [Ma/Pa]'s always worried 'bout you and they talk 'bout you alot and I know you make them happy. Do you two kiss? 'Cause kissing is gross." Etc.

Cassandra- She blushes. Hard. She hopes that no one is around to see and tells the babbling child that ‘No’ they do not kiss (yet) and that telling other people how someone felt for them is best left secret. The child (to her dismay) does not care and simply continues on. Still it does make her happy that the Inquisitor feels the same but she would need to talk to him about it. To make sure that it’s real.

Solas- He remains calm while on the inside you know he’s panicking. He tells the child that such things are better to be said by the person who feels that way and the child offers to fetch their mother. He quickly and rather loudly tells them no and says he will handle it.

Iron Bull- He finds it charming that the Herald tells their kid about these thing and really it’s all he need to hear. He thanks them and says that he and their parent don’t kiss but they will soon. That causes the child to make a face an leave. He can’t help but smile and makes a mental note to visit the Inquisitor later.

Blackwall- He sputters and looks a the child with wide eyes. The child has no shame as they continue on about how much their mother loves him. He flattered really but he shoos the child away and they simply shrug and say that it’s true. It leaves him a lot to think about and wonders if he’ll ever be the man they think he is.

Sera- She laughs. Thinking it’s a joke only to realize the kid means what they say after they ask why is she laughing. She doesn’t need a child to play matchmaker for her as she had a hunch that the Inquisitor liked her. “Listen, tell your mom to meet me here in ten minutes. I have to talk to her.”

Dorian- He’s surprised that the Inquisitor of all people truly did mean what he said. Hearing it from the child made it feel real to him but he doesn’t let it show. “Why of course your father loves me! Who wouldn’t?” His proclamation makes the child smile and laugh with glee.

Cullen- Y'all know the awkward rubbing he does to his head? Yeah that basically his reaction but with a massive blush. The child does not sense his embarrassment or simply does not care as they continue about how much their mother loves, cares, and worries for him. He eventually manages to get the child to leave and he’s left wondering if what the child said is true.

Josephine- She handles it a gracefully as she can with only mild embarrassment. She tires to get the child to stop but they do not and she wonders how the Herald deals with such a talkative child? Once the child does leave she thinks back to what the Herald has said to her and wonders if it really is true.


Black Hat x Rival Villain! Reader

A/N: YES!! This! This was/is/shall always be a good idea! So much fun, thank you for this!! X)&
Side note, but I thought a lot about Ventress and Obi Wan’s banter from the Clone Wars while writing this.
I AM TOTALLY WRITING MORE OF THESE BECAUSE THEY ARE SO FUN!! (And feel free to offer suggestions as to what crimes our Rival! Reader commits.)
Also, I’ve started on some Hero! Reader inserts as well.
Hope y'all enjoy!


You chuckled into the darkness of the large room. Yet another hero, fallen at your hands. You played with your necklace and mused over the nights events.

Just thinking about it made your smile widen. You did love your job. How that fool had cried for mercy…mercy he would never receive.

A low, slow clap came from behind you, along with that irresistible laugh you’d grown to know so well.

“Black Hat!” You smiled without turning, “I was afraid you wouldn’t show up.”

“And I, my dear, was hoping you’d be gone.” He replied. Years of being total enemies bred a sort of familiarity between you two. You made a “tsk” noise.

“Oh, come now, Black Hat, you’re still not on about that whole thing are you?”

The body would have to go somewhere.

“This city isn’t big enough for two of us.” Black Hat replied, eyes on the fallen hero as you stooped down to lift your prize.


“Still so possessive.” You smiled. He rolled his eyes, lifting a hand and pulling the dead fool from your shoulders. Finally, you turned to face him, your stunning e/c eyes staring into his, “And a gentleman as usual.”

“You insult me.” He replied, hanging the hero from the ceiling with a few waves of his hand. He never took his eyes off of you. Pieces of the former headache were torn off of the corpse and hung around the room. You smiled at his handy work.

“We would make an excellent team…” you mused, turning your attention to Black Hat once again. The faint light of the moon through the building’s large stain glass window fell over his form in dim colored fragments.

“You’re playing Danse Macabre…” He ignored your statement entirely and looked in the direction of the sound. Defeated on the matter for now, you sighed and turned to the phonograph you had in the corner.

“Music helps me work.” You shrugged, surprised when in response Black Hat sat down his cane and took off his coat. He offered you his hand.

“Don’t tell me the great y/n has two left feet.” He smirked when you didn’t move at first.

“Of course not…” you rolled your eyes, hesitant to take his hand.

“What’s the matter, my dear, don’t your trust me?”

“Not in the slightest.” You smiled.

“Now why would I hurt one of my customers?” He asked, not moving his offer of a dance.

“I bought one gun one time, Black Hat.” You replied finally taking his hand with caution. Years of dealing with him set you on guard.

“And you still have it…” He smiled as the two of you danced delicately around the floor. His hand brushed delicately over the device in question, before going back to its position on your hip. For a while you danced to the mysterious sound of violins and cellos, violas and bassoons, horns and basses, almost like friends.

Eventually the song ended, and Black Hat dipped you down low, whispering in your ear.

“This town isn’t big enough for both of us.”

Then he dropped you.

And then he was gone. Happily walking out he door, coat back on and cane in hand. On his finger he spun something, something…shiny.

You reached a hand up to your neck where that piece of jewelry had been moments earlier, and chuckled into the darkness. Somewhere in the distance, you could hear the sound of police sirens growing closer.

“We’ll see about that.” You replied quietly, picking up your bag of stolen goods and making a hasty retreat.

Minutes later several officers burst into burst into the building, greeted only by the faint sound of a skipping record and the severed remains of the city’s latest hero….

cam girl - (a danisnotonfire smut)

not even a request, just got this idea in my head and now I can’t get it out,, help. Also I had to go on actual cam girl sites to know how it works and I actually made a friend lmao (shoutout to kristina, from Warsaw, you are Lovely xx) (also no disrespect to cam girls, y'all work hard and are awesome)

Y/C = your city x

DAN’S POV (never done that before so it Sucks™)

Editing. It’s all I do, all day, everyday. It gets tiring, and all I wanted was a break. As I stared at my bright laptop screen in my dark bedroom, I stumbled across an ad for a website that promised “beautiful women to make you drool!”. Now, usually I don’t fall for stupid shit like this, but honestly I was so sick of editing I would’ve clicked anything. As soon as I clicked it, a separate tab opened, revealing a site full of preview clips of various girls talking/flashing to their desperate forty year old audience.

My eyes scanned over the range of girls the site was offering until I focused on the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. The preview showed her blowing a flirty kiss to the camera, her beautiful eyes sparkling. I clicked on her without hesitation, which led me to a page telling me a bit about her. Much to my delight, she was live. I clicked on her live feed, but was distrusted by the stupid site wanting me to register first. Quickly filling in all my details, I went back to her profile and returned to her live feed.

“Hello, Daniel” she said, leaning closer to the camera as she read my name off the screen. Hundreds of other guys were commenting on her live chat, saying needy shit. One particularly bold guy commented “TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT!!”. I cringed at how needy all these people were. The girl giggled and smiled at the camera. “Okay, okay, I will” she said, smirking at the camera. She slowly lifted up her shirt teasingly, before taking it off completely, revealing a lacy black bra. I found myself start to get turned on, she was just so goddamn beautiful. “Okay guys, that’s it for today! See you next week” she said, before logging off.

I was left feeling frustrated and uncomfortably hard. I was about to go watch some poem or something, when a pop up appeared on the screen. “Want more? Pay £30 for a private session with this girl!”. I stared at the screen, furrowing my eyebrows in thought. Was j about to spend money on some random girl on a cringe website? Apparently so, as my hands seemed t move at their own accord, clicking on “but a session”. Just like that, the money was taken from my account and a new loading screen appeared on the page.

Her beautiful smile filled the screen as she cocked her head to the side, still only in her bra. “Hi Daniel. You were in my show early, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I was” I replied quietly, before realising she couldn’t hear me. I was about to type a message in when she answered.

“Well nice to see you again”. She could hear me? I noticed the small box on the corner of the screen, and realised she could see me too. The hideous lighting from my laptop must have made me look terrible, but at that moment I didn’t readily care.

“What’s your name?” I asked her, genuinely curious.

She raised a perfect eyebrow, that sexy smirk still on her face. “Interesting, most guys don’t bother to ask. My name is y/n. Y/n Y/ln.”

‘Y/n…’ I thought, smiling internally. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

“So, Dan. What can I do for you?” she asked. I blushed at the thought of all the things I could say to her, all the things I could tell her to do. But I didn’t want to come across like one of those needy guys on her live chat. I decided to opt for a different route.

“Whatever you want to do, y/n” I answered, smiling lazily. She smiled at this and seemed to think about what to do before talking.

“Is it just me, or is it unfair that I’m almost naked and you’re still fully clothed?” She teased, biting her lip. I gulped at her words, before tugging my shirt off. “Better” she said, nodding her head in approval.

“I love that bra of yours, but I think I’d love it even more to see you without it” I said, trying to sound more confident than I actually was. She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, slowly, ever so slowly, dragging the straps down her beautiful shoulders before it fell off. I couldn’t help but stare at her boobs and in that moment I wanted nothing more than to be there, kissing her torso and sucking on her nipples.

My jeans were getting uncomfortably tight now, so I unbuttoned them and pulled out and awkwardly shuffled out of them, revealing my boxers. The tent in them was embarrassingly obvious, but y/n seemed into it. “If I was there with you, I’d leave loving kisses from those collarbones of your to your v line, massaging you r balls with my tongue before licking alone down to your skit…” she began. I stroked myself through my boxers, groaning slightly before pulling them off completely, revealing them to y/n.

My eyes widened as I watched her sneak a hand into her panties, rubbing herself with her head thrown back. It was honestly the hottest thing I’d ever seen, and when she moaned I thought I was gonna cum right then. “Go on baby girl, play with that pretty pussy of yours. Imagine it’s me next to you, touching you where you want me to , making you feel so good”. She moaned again at my words, making me stroke wrapt my whole hand aground myself and pump hard.

“Fuck, I’m so close Dan!” she told me, grinding on her own fingers as she thrust them in and out.

“Me too baby girl. Don’t cum till I say so” I warned, my dominant side coming out. I felt that familiar warmth in my stomach as my orgasm approached and i moved my hands faster and faster. “Okay now!” I ordered. Y/n yelled in pleasure as her orgasm washed over her, swearwords spilling out of her lips. I came immediately after, cum shooting onto my hands and a little on the laptop screen.

After a few moments of silence as we both caught our breath, y/n spoke. “So what do you think? Would you say that was worth thirty quid?”. She had her flirtatious smile on again that made my heart beat faster.

“Hmmm. Not quite yet. I think it wouldn’t be complete until you agree to be mine” I replied, smiling at her.

“A long distance relationship? Wouldn’t that be hard?” She questioned, eyebrows furrowed.

“Oh I’m sure we could find other ways to make up for the lack of intimacy….”


Prompt: ANONYMOUS: Request for hamilsquad x reader where one of them meets the reader at a coffee shop and kinda flirts with her asking her out and then tells her about the open relation ship a few weeks into there relationship and asked them if they would like to join them and the reader is really shy and has horrible social anxiety and is really worried about messing everything up (because this is aka me 24/7)
Pairing: Mostly John Laurens X Reader, but also Poly!Hamilsquad X Reader
TW: angst, drama, mild swearing, mentions of bigotry and intolerance, drama, self depreciating thoughts, social anxiety
A/N: Hey guys! I’m really excited about this piece! I’m sorry for any typos; I pulled an all nighter to write this, so my brain is a bit fuzzy. I really hope y'all enjoy this! I did my best! If you want me to tag anything, please let me know! I want you to feel safe when reading my work! I love y'all so much!!!! Please enjoy!
Word Count: 10755

You liked to live by your aesthetics. You went to used book stores downtown, took polaroids of old buildings, went out of your way to a quaint little coffee shop for the feel of it. After you had gone to the bookshop, it was a habit of yours to go to the coffee shop, buy a warm drink, and read your book at a table near the window. You usually made the trip on a rainy day, for the aesthetic. You used old Polaroids as bookmarks and you wrote comments or thoughts in the margins of your book with a pink pen. The light chatter of background noise was soothing as you reread one of the Jane Austen’s. It was your first copy, therefore the most beaten up. You had always been a romantic, probably for the aesthetic. Which came first? Did your aesthetics extend from your romanticism, or did the romanticism stem from your aesthetics? It didn’t matter. All that mattered was that you loved the idea of love.
You were deeply engrossed in your book when you heard the sound of the chair across from you being pulled out. Someone sat down, but you buried your nose in the book. What would Elizabeth do? Would she accept Mr. Darcy’s love? Of course, you knew the answer, but you read the book each time like you had no idea. You just hoped that your guest would get the hint and leave you to read.
“Excuse me, I couldn’t help but notice that you’re reading Pride and Prejudice,” a smooth voice commented, and you glanced up at the boy. Your breath caught when you saw how cute he was with his curls and freckles. You almost shoved your nose into the spine of the book in nervousness. You knew you should probably say something, but you didn’t wanna mess it up. What if you accidentally offended him?
“Um, Yeah?” You managed to squeak out, and the guy smiled. He leaned closer, as if to get a peak at your face, but you were quick to bring the book back up. You fiddled with one of your polaroids to calm yourself.
“I think Mr. Darcy is a pompous prick that nowhere near deserves someone as well thought and versed as Elizabeth,” the boy stated bravely, and your switch flipped. You didn’t know how to talk to strangers about the weather, but you knew how to talk books, especially if you were defending one of your favorite romances.

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