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Did you know about Ramsay?

someone: i’ve had this hyperfixation for years!! i know everything about it !! i love it and i’ll never get tired of it

me, replacing each hyperfixation with another after a month of being interested: cant relate 

Okay I know I already made a post praising the fact that Sarah J Maas wrote a character who actually has a period, but there’s so much more to this

Because not only does she have a period, she has to find supplies for that period and has to ask the male she’s travelling with to stop at a town just to buy pads. 

And, even more importantly, Sarah touches on the fact that this character hasn’t had a period recently. That she was malnourished, and as such, didn’t have a cycle for a long time. As someone who’s had issues with irregular and sometimes nonexistent cycles, this is such an important distinction. 

Periods have been hushed as a taboo subject in today’s society, and that means that women aren’t able to learn about how their bodies work. Often, women who have irregular or missing monthly cycles don’t say anything and end up feeling less ‘womanly’ because of their lack of period. 

I just think it’s really, ridiculously important for women to learn about their reproductive systems and the health of those reproductive systems, especially since it’s hard in today’s society as a woman to learn about your body without being shushed, shamed or put down.  

They called her crazy, dirty, savage, wild thing. They bulldozed all her holy places, uprooted her temples, built parking lots on land she had blessed with her own hands. They put her wolves in cages. When she told them how they’d failed her and my god, don’t you know what you’ve done? They laughed, blew smoke in her face. It smelled like her leveled forests. They called her freak, hysterical, huntress, uncivilized. She wept for them once, and then never again. She sharpened her arrows on her own too-hard teeth; when the wolves howled she howled with them and sent a chill through the heart of every man who heard it. They called her terrifying, feral, proud, unbroken. When she smiled, it was with a mouth so full of blood they almost missed it.
—  IV: Diana
Master List of Cameron’s Nicknames for Kirsten in Season 1

So this is a list of pretty much every single thing Cameron called Kirsten in all of Season 1.

Episode 1 – “A Stitch in Time

  • Queen of the Estupidos
  • Dr. I’ve-Never-Studied-Neuroscience-Unlike-Cameron (counts, right?)
  • Sparky
  • Stretch
  • Princess
  • Rocky
  • Princess (again)
  • Ace
  • Cupcake

Episode 2 – “Friends in Low Places

  • Tough Guy
  • Boomer
  • Sporto
  • Buttercup

Episode 3 – “Connections

  • Stretch
  • Pork Chop
  • Sunshine
  • Stretch (again)

Episode 4 – “I See You

  • Gonzo
  • Goose
  • K

Episode 5 – “Stitcher in the Rye

  • Bones
  • Little Darling
  • Stretch
  • Dopey (insult; not a term of endearment)
  • Sherlock (to Linus)
  • Sparky
  • Stretch (again)
  • Ballbuster (contact name on his phone)

Episode 6 – “Finally

  • Stretch
  • Penny Priddy
  • Stitcher (does this count?)
  • Nobody (I have decided that this one counts)
  • Stretch (again)
  • Stretch (and again)

Episode 7 – “Root Of All Evil

  • Sunshine
  • Ace
  • Betty (also Veronica)

Episode 8 – “Fire in the Hole

  • Birthday Girl
  • Stretch
  • K.C.
  • Sweet Pea
  • Jim (kinda)

Episode 9 – “Future Tense

  • Oda Mae
  • Stretch
  • Zoltar
  • Kid

Episode 10 – “Full Stop

  • Sparky
  • Cupcake

Episode 11 (Halloween Special) – When Darkness Falls

  • Scream Queen
  • Jason
  • Angel (I think it counts…It’s too perfect not to)
  • Deathstare

Let me know if I missed something. Enjoy, my fellow *insert yet to be determined fandom name here* :)

John Egbert what are you doing

So, everyone knows something’s not ok with our egg son (the birthday sign, the nostalgic snaps when he turns 20)

In a previous post, I misunderstood his nostalgic snaps and I thought they were made because Dad had died and how he was struggling with his death.

Buuuuut probably Dad Crocker is well and alive and John (i’m a grown man i can live on my own!) is living in Dad Egbert’s house (bcs of all the clowns and shit).

So why is our child sad?

It started back when he turned 18 and asks Terezi about Vriska. Then he witness a poor ghost (*sad nya*) get swallowed by this void thingy that seems to be so much more.

Now, what if as years go on, this gets tied to his nostalgia for when he was in the game? Yeah,it was a traumatic experience, but that doesn’t mean he can’t miss being The Hero.

How has John dealt with negative feelings in the past? Throwing a tantrum and getting mad about it.

Then Caliborn, the perfect excuse, sends him a mean snap and this boy inmediatly picks up his hammer and breAKS HIS PHONE

This kid always goes from 0 to 100. And given that no one came to be with him in his 20th birthday and the only person to come to the 19th was Jade too good for this world Harley, he probably feels disconected from his friends and would probably hesitate before calling for help.

Anyway these are just my wild thoughts on the matter, I worry about my son but I’m probably exagerating. Do you have any input? Let me know!

this town + pop punk bands lamenting about their personal experiences living in the suburbs (all songs contain the phrase “this town” at least once) [LISTEN]

1. ”runaways” by all time low // 2. ”for the win” by we are the in crowd // 3. ”hoodie weather” by the wonder years // 4. ”jet lag” by simple plan feat. natasha bedingfield // 5. ”7 minutes in heaven” by man overboard // 6. ”beatdown in the key of happiness” by four year strong  // 7. ”the (shipped) gold standard” by fall out boy // 8. “i couldn’t wait to leave 6 months ago ” by neck deep // 9. ”sorry, not sorry” by mayday parade // 10. ”the ballad of mona lisa” by panic! at the disco // 11. ”come one, come all” by all time low // 12. ”ready, aim, fire!” by new found glory // 13. ”monday” by real friends // 14. ”ocean avenue” by yellowcard // 15. ”bulletproof heart” by my chemical romance // 16. ”grand theft autumn/ where is your boy” by fall out boy // 17. ”heartbeat slowing down” by the all-american rejects // 18. ”cheap talk and eager lies” by real friends // 19. ”are we the waiting” by green day


“One time I got sent the script for Scary Movie. But it was a little bit different when I received it. It changed a lot by the time they made it and you know it was a parody of the Scream movies & I Know What You Did Last Summer. And they actually had a character, it was the Brandy character, and they wanted me to play Brandy, and kind of do a parody of her. I actually liked the script, I thought it was really funny, but I didn’t want anybody to take it like I was disrespecting her in anyway. So, I actually didn’t do it and it turned out to be a really funny movie.”


The story behind this post isn’t something I made up. My cousin went into the hospital earlier today because of bad headaches which I now know were caused by a tumor that had burst. She slipped into a coma when they were trying to remove it and I assume that they just took her off life support. I can’t stop crying and it hurts. It hurts to know that God is so cruel to take her away like that. Because of this I’m going to be on hiatus for a while, just until I can get myself together and come to terms with everything that has happened. Thanks for being so understanding. I love you all and I’ll miss you but I’ve gotta take some time away from the blog, okay? I’ll see you guys when I get back.

I’ve had a kind of weird week, so I’ve been thinking a lot abt self-care?  So, when I first started hearing about self-care as an idea I had a lot of misconceptions and didn’t really know how to apply it and sometimes made things worse trying to make myself better?  So I’m gonna write out some of the things that work for me now when I’m doing self-care and taking self-care time for myself.

For me, self-care is more about respecting and listening to my body and instincts than it is specific actions.  Like, initially I just saw lists of like ‘take a bubble bath!’ ‘read a book!’ ‘eat a good meal!’ and that’s all good and well, but just Doing Pleasant Things is no good when I do them desperately and for the wrong reasons.

Self-care, for me, means reminding myself that I’m a finite being who’s allowed to have limitations.  It means that when my body says ‘I am too tired to keep doing this’ I say ‘ok ur too tired to keep doing that’ instead of saying, like ‘ok but also u pulled all-nighters all the time 5 years ago ur not that old yet wtf’ or ‘other ppl are still working probably what is wrong with u?’ or ‘too bad ur prob making that up and anyway we gotta do the thing’ or ‘tough noogies have some coffee idc that u have a stomachache it’s only for a little while longer u can puke when this is done.’  Self-care doesn’t always mean that I go get a full 8 hours of sleep, but it does mean that I take my body’s needs seriously.  It means I get to put my needs at least on par with whatever it is I’m trying to get done, instead of below it.  It means thinking holistically and remembering that whatever task I’m doing, I’m doing it as a specific, embodied human with specific talents, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, interests, and limits.

Self-care means staying in tune with the rhythms of my life.  It means knowing how my own REM cycle works and taking it into account when I decide when to go to bed and get up and whether to nap and how long and all of that.  It means remembering that my life is more than a specific day and I need to live like I also want to be healthy 3 days from now and that if I push myself too hard and then collapse on the next free day I have, I’ll never actually enjoy myself.  It means backing down when I have a headache and figuring out if I’ve forgotten to drink my usual amount of water or if I’ve missed my usual morning caffeine or if I’ve not slept long enough or spent too much time in front of a screen or missed out on social time and over-stressed myself or whatever else.  

Self-care also means living with Future Me in mind.  Future Me needs me not to push myself to collapse rn.  Future Me will benefit if I do the 12% of this task I’m probably up to, even if Future Me thought I was going to get 50% of it done today.  Both Present Me and Future Me will benefit from eating some vegetables.  Even if ‘eating some vegetables’ means a sandwich on the go with lots of lettuce bc I still haven’t been to the store, Future Me will still appreciate the veggies.  Future Me will not appreciate the way she feels if I refuse to sleep and make myself do tasks poorly, painfully, and ineffectively and eat nothing but cookies instead of taking the time to find better food.  Even if doing all the work I imagined I should would mean leaving no work for Future Me to do, not doing all the work I imagined I should will mean Future Me is strong enough to handle the work I leave for her, instead of collapsing into mush.  Future Me pretty much always turns out to appreciate that.

Self-care also means giving Future Me some credit.  She’s stronger than I think she is, so while I can and should help her by doing what I can now to take things off her plate, sometimes just helping Future Me be strong enough to cope is good enough.  Often just helping Future Me be strong enough to cope is good enough.

Self-care, for me, also means always having a set of possible standards I’m ok with.  I think a lot about that Ron Swanson thing ‘don’t half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing’ and I think generally it’s pretty good advice, but also, sometimes u have 2 things and u have to do them.  Sometimes u have 5 things and u have to say this is the one I care about enough to whole-ass and then I’ll half-ass these 2 and quarter-ass this one and worry about the mess in the kitchen some other day also u can pay money for ppl to bring food to ur house.  Self-care means reminding myself that I literally can’t do everything all the way all the time and letting myself make new plans that respect that.  It also means letting myself over-achieve on those goals a little bit, as long as I’m focusing on the stuff I care about.  Self-care means not letting myself feel like I’m just getting dragged around by the world instead of making my own choices.  Obviously, I still feel dragged around sometimes, but deciding to do a little when I can and that different standards for different tasks at different times is ok helps a lot.

Idk, this is pretty vague and not nearly as specific as ‘I felt crappy yesterday so I did some yoga and took a shower and wore comfy jeggings and worked from home instead of leaving my apartment’ but I could have done all of those things and still come out of it feeling crappy.

It worked because taking the time to feel my body and breathe deeply and reconnect with my physical being helped me trust my own instincts/self-knowledge after an emotionally tumultuous and mood-swingy week.  It worked because telling myself that I was allowed to take a shower purely because I wanted one and not because it was the time on my how-to-not-be-offensively-greasy-around-others schedule was telling myself that the feeling of wanting a shower was real in the moment even though I usually hate having to shower, and that I was allowed to want that and allowed to give myself that.  It worked because jeggings and a bra under my t-shirt make me feel like I’m dressed and give me that Dressed And Out Of Bed confidence/competence boost, but are not much less comfy than pjs.  It worked because I got some work done instead of none, and because it took the pressure off.  It worked because I had reframed doing 25% of the work I’d wanted to for the day as doing 25% more than if I had stayed too anxious to start any of it and frittered the day away feeling bad about myself and waiting to Magically Start something I wasn’t up to in that state of mind anyway.

So that’s a lot of rambling but anyway there it is.  I ordered a pizza box tonight because I should have gone to the store more than a week ago and still haven’t, and I’m gonna eat it for at least 1 more meal before I go to the store and maybe 4 meals, idk yet.  I’m sore from yesterday’s incredibly basic yoga video bc I haven’t done any in months and don’t really work out beyond walking places when I can get away with not driving.  I’m not exactly the poster child for yoga-and-vegetables holistic living.  But, like, when doing those things is part of Treating My Lived Experience As Valid I can do them without feeling guilty for all the times I didn’t and I can respect myself for making other choices at other moments like taking a nap and ordering pizza, which I’m actually still feeling super duper good about.  I did slightly more than the minimum amount I wanted to get done and ended up meeting my middle goal for work this evening, and I’m super excited about those cinnamon bread sticks I’m gonna eat for breakfast tomorrow.

it’s weird

people keep telling me that what very few sfm animation i made are good

yet i’ve never had experience animating before. i don’t even know what i’m doing half the time. i’m literally just guessing if the timing between each point of movement will be quick/slow enough.

y’all are complimenting me over basically shots in the dark

KaraTodo fanfic "Aftermath"

The Karamatsu incident… We all know what happened with the Karamatsu incident… Even weeks after said incident, Karamatsu was still physically injured. His mental state has withered as well. The sheer neglect and cruelty of his brothers had made him spiral down into a severe depression. He had given up… He was convinced no one cared…
He spent most of his time lying on the little green couch in the living area of the Matsuno household. He barely moved unless absolutely necessary. None of his brothers seemed to notice this extreme change in behavior, further convincing him that they didn’t care…
Facial hair had begun to grow on his defeated face. He stopped caring about his looks… He stopped caring about himself in general… Just as his brothers had…
“Seriously Karamatsu-niisan, that’s enough…” A sudden irritated, yet slightly concerned voice rang throughout the room… A voice that belonged to his younger brother, Todomatsu. The suddenness of it didn’t phase Karamatsu at all. He slowly turned towards his youngest brother, acknowledging hike with a weak and monotone response, “Eh?”
Todomatsu’s heart sank. He had no idea how far gone Karamatsu was in this depressive state. He sighed, “Come here…” Karamatsu obeyed, slowly starting to stand up. Meanwhile, Todomatsu quickly went into the bathroom and grabbed some shaving cream and a razor.
When he returned, Karamatsu was standing, awaiting his brother to come back. His face blank, and emotionless. Todomatsu then got some of the shaving cream from the can and after working it in the palms of his hands for a couple of seconds, spread it on Karamatsu’s face, where the unwanted hair had begun to grow. He then took the razor and glided it across the skin of his face.
“Like I said, we’re sorry. So please…” Karamatsu looked away from his brother, avoiding eye contact. “Keep taking care of yourself already…” Todomatsu attempted to make eye contact, to show that he truly cared. When Karamatsu continued to avoid eye contact, Todomatsu placed his hands on the sides of Karamatsu’s head, forcing him to look downward until he was able to place a kiss on his forehead.
Todomatsu pressed their foreheads together, “We love you Karamatsu-niisan… We really do.”

y’all: paul’s playing such a good game!!!!!!! he’ll be robbed if he doesn’t win!!!!

paul: *shit talks every jury member*

paul: *votes out a potential ally for petty reasons, has his ride or die go home the next week as a result*

paul: *wants to take the stronger competitor to f2 for petty reasons even though he’s practically guaranteed the win with the other person and has next to no reason to dislike him*