y'all know i got your backs with this

reasons i haven’t replied back:

- i’m socially exhausted
- i don’t have the time right now
- i don’t know how to reply
- i have a bad memory and got distracted
- i’m having a depressive episode and don’t have the energy to socialise

not reasons i haven’t replied back:

- i’m ignoring you just because
- i hate you
- i’m fed up with you
- i don’t want to be your friend anymore

Do I seriously have to defend this fucker? Yeah, I do. Shit. (Lady's Thoughts)

Don’t read if you get easily offended, butthurt, or unable to comprehend another human being’s opinions.

Apparently, nobody is allowed to make offensive jokes because it’s “normalizing” and “just as bad” as actually doing the offensive thing!

Okay then. Let’s play this game.

No more murder jokes.
No more suicide jokes.
No more man jokes.
No more Trump jokes.
No more patriarchy jokes.
No more conservative jokes.
No more Christian jokes.
No more jokes that reference your mental illnesses.
No more Republican jokes.
No more penis jokes.
No more any offensive jokes–ever.

Why? Because it might hurt someone’s feelings and it will normalize hatred against white men or people who’s family has been murdered.

Only puns and good old fashioned humour, like Leave It to Beaver.

Oh, and while we’re at it:
No more plane jokes.
No more sex jokes.
No more America jokes.
No more jokes with coarse language, like shit, tits, cock, cunt, cum, fuck, etc.
No more jokes that could offend anyone at any given time ever.

That means no more jokes about any tragedy or bad things. Even if those things are personal, because it could trigger son or make them feel bad.

How about no humour at all? Even chickens crossing roads could offend someone whose pet chicken died when it got loose onto the highway.

Tumblr wouldn’t last a week.

Now, do I dislike certain jokes? Do I think some are garbage and tasteless? Of course I do. I hated that “All Jews must die” joke. But did you know what I did? I rolled my eyes and moved right along. That’s what adults do. They go on about their lives when they see something or hear something that they do not like. A joke won’t kill a Jewish person. A bullet does. And guess what? All of this attention on Felix for a bad joke is turning your backs on REAL crimes against Jews RIGHT. NOW. I bet your ass right now some little Jewish girl just got shot in the fucking face over Bast knows where while y'all are harping on ONE ignorant fuckface for making a 4chan joke. (Let’s also not forget that the man is known for making offensive jokes.)

Do you have any idea how many fat jokes I hear? How many gay jokes and witch jokes? Do you see me shitting myself and saying that their preferred brand of humour is encouraging witch hunts? Fuck. No.

It’s like saying South Park or Family Guy promotes domestic violence because of their abuse jokes.

This is a Swedish dumbass who’s job is to sit his ass in front of a telly all day, not fucking Hitler or a Grand Wizard of the goddamn KKK.

Should he be condemned? Yes. To this extent? Take your meds if you think so.

Bad humour and bad things will always exist, and no matter how much you want those things to disappear, they won’t. It has been proven to us time and time again that the more that you suppress an ideology and try to censor it, the worse it becomes. Look at how Trump got to office. (Also, because of all of this hubbub, a shit storm of actual antisemites have come out of the woodwork. If you would have left him alone, this shit wouldn’t have happened. Woopsies, right? Fuck you.)

No wonder people hate fucking liberals. Bunch of whiny ass pussies that need to have their coffee taken away from them and actually show them what REAL antisemitism is. They’d think that Pewds is the funniest bastard in the world after they’re done witnessing the horror of what other countries think of Jews and what they do to them.

I’m taking a shower. Fuck this. If you disagree with me, I’m not sorry. If you feel the need to unfollow me, then you aren’t a very strong person. At all.

anonymous asked:

what about some hc's about traveling??? would big boi follow you? or just stay in derry and wait until you come back?? how would he react upon your return if the latter?? I LOVE YOUR BLOG BTW FILLING MY CLOWN FANTASIES

Oh gosh you know he’s such a clingy little shit

-he’d follow you in like bird form or something and fly as close to you on your way as possible

-as soon as you got where you were headed and you were settled in he’d pop outta no where and hug you/pick you up

-“you thought you’d get rid of me?”

-everyone around you is confused because you came here alone so who is this tall guy walking around with dark brown hair and an arm around you?

-y'all make your way back to derry, exhausted and you just crash for like three hours with your head in his lap


-he’d be like a puppy with separation anxiety

-every time he hears someone outside the sewer he peaks out hoping its you

-out of boredom he blows up the whole pack of balloon animal balloons you bought him as a joke

-he’s got one of your jackets/shirts/whatever wrapped in his arms tightly while he’s just chilling

-as soon as you’re back he’s all over you

-he’s drooling like a motherfucker

-you’re instantly covered in kisses

-he won’t let go and he’s following you around


O Mama Don't You Cry - Zach Werenski

Originally posted by goldanklebonecups

Notes: look its not a smut for once (and ima wait on a few smuts, write a few non-smuts for you all then post bc :) ) but yeah, here’s a sUPER cute Zach Werenski one and its a lil fluffy with a bit of a grumpy zach so be excited!! also i feel like my titles have nothing to do with the story and im sorry

Warnings: Mentions of underage drinking

Mentions: Dylan Larkin, Jack Eichel, Auston Matthews, Noah Hanifin, Charlie McAvoy, a few more

Requested By @werenzki (also check out her imagines bc if you have time to binge-read, would definitely recommend!!): I’d love who when the reader is at some party or something and she’s interested in zach werenski but he thinks she’s into Dylan Larkin so he gets sort of awkward and jealous but by the end of the night she turns her attention to Zach and it’s all cute and stuff..

Up Next: idk its a surprise y’all

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Y'all already know that Kat will blame herself for Adena getting sent back since “doing something crazy” was her idea and she’ll feel that Adena only got detained because she wasn’t brave enough herself to fly to Paris. This is going to be like the vibrators but times a thousand. Kat is going to lose her shit and I’m so here for it

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❀ he loves to cuddle with you. but as time went on, there would be days where you couldn’t lay with him, so he’d cuddle with your thigh.
- it’s his favorite thing now
- he’ll just plop his head on your thighs and tuck an arm under it and just fall asleep as you play w his hair
❀ you squish his cheeks together a lot to show affection. he expresses a lot of dislike towards it because it ‘makes him feel like a child’
- he secretly loves it. most of his camera roll’s selfies with your hand in the picture squishing his cheeks together.
- only difference in the pictures are the setting, his hair, and sometimes the color of your nails
❀ you play with his hands a lot‼️
- like he has such attractive hands and you’re either touching his fingers or tracing the lines at his palms
- sometimes you pop his fingers in your mouth
❀ color coordinating outfits on special occasions
❀ quickies in classrooms? i think yes?
- as much as he loves taking his time teasing you, he knows the little time he has to get the both of you off
❀ he’s vv impatient
❀ trips to the grocery store at 2 in the morning because he decided last minute that y'all would have a movie night.
- warren has an obsession with frosted animal crackers, god forbid you to forget to put them in the shopping cart
- one time, it actually slipped your mind and you didn’t realize it until you got home. warren’s Extra Ass™ made you drive back to the store to get it
❀ “baby girl” “princess” “lover”
❀ “angel” “sweetheart” “baby”
❀ when warren gets drunk and wants to have a good time, he’ll start dance battles with you
- which is a mistake because drunk warren loses his balance easy. not so graceful
❀ your obsession with his back muscles will never cease to amaze him
- he’s never met someone who adored his back so much
- he doesn’t mind, he loves the attention
❀ small, innocent pecks before class
❀ dirty, passionate kisses after a long, stressful day
- lots of grinding too
❀ thigh riding
❀ warren’s very vocal and expects you to be vocal too
❀ you koala hug him almost 24/7
- when you’re not having a very good day, he’ll honestly carry you all day, making sure his baby is okay
What He Didn’t Know

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: SPN canon violence, unexpected pregnancy, angst, language I think, I think that’s it. If I missed any let me know.

Word Count: 3697

A/N: I wrote this specifically for angst appreciation day so I hope it’s angsty enough for y’all. This story is basically a rewrite of the Season 5 finale Swan Song with added bits of the reader. So like the long conversations the guys have are directly from the episode so credit to the writers of the episode for that. I would also like to thank @idreamofhazel because she gave me a list of ideas that helped inspire this so thank you love. I’m unsure if I want to continue this or not so if you want more let me know.

Summary: You have been Sam’s girlfriend for years and are basically soulmates however you found out you are pregnant. Right when you are going to tell him, he tells you his plan of saying yes to being Lucifer’s vessel and jumping into the cage. What happens next? Does Sam find out about your pregnancy? Does he still take the fall?

***Italics are flashbacks***

Sorry I went crazy with the GIF’s I couldn’t help myself 

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He’s in drama. Derek is always getting his ass in trouble, I love him but bruh come on. He stayed out late tonight I stayed up so I can ask him why the fuck he was out last night, cause Im in a situation right now that I cannot mess​ up. It’s currently 2:05 am and he stilled hasnt came so I went upstairs and change to my sweatshirt and joggers and and sat on the couch​ with my vape smoking it intill he came. I hear the door open and close I smelled weed. A lot of it I heard him walking. Intill he walk over to the couch were I was at waiting for him.

“Hey mama why you up” he said

“Cause you was out late again” I said shaking my leg I was gonna fuck him up any minute

He looked at my leg. Then smile​.

“Fuck it. Why were you late Derek?!!” I said rising my voice

“ Why are you rising your voice at me?” He said now he’s getting mad

I stop and think for a minute, know I have. A bad temperature when I get mad.

“Cause your bitch ass came in late, when you know I have to get my niece” I said

He just look​ at like he never hear me called him that.

“I just stayed out went out with Kevin why are you tipping! And don’t ever call me a bitch” he yelled

I turn my whole body to him look at him dead ass I went in his face.

“Bitch” I said walking away went in the living grabbed my car keys the next thing I know he threw a liquor bottle at me but I Doug it. So I took off shoes and threw at him right in his dick. I started to laugh cause he deserves that shit. I grabbed my car keys off the ground and walk to derek who was holding his dick.

“I really want to fuck you up for that” he said

“Haha you scared to get yo ass beat by a girl? Cause try me if you want Derek” I said taking off my shoes putting my hair in a ponytail​

“Ain’t gonna fight you” he said walking the other way but after he walk past I said “pussy ass bitch” he hates when people said that and he gets hella mad then that’s make him wanna fight. He walk over me. And got in my face like I was scared.

“I ain’t scared of you hoe” he said Know he knows I hate being calling a how I spite on him then push him in the ground and we started to fight I heard the door open it was skate Kevin and swazz and sammy grosco pulling us apart.

“YOU A PUNK ASS BITCH FOR SPITTING ON ME” he yelled while skate was pulling him back

“FUCK YOU! PUSSY ASS NIGGA SHOULD HAVE NOT TRY ME” I said laughing swazz was holding me back but I got off his grip and ran to him but sammy yank me back so I won’t beat his ass again.

“Derek you mad I beat your ass bitch” I said sitting down fixings my hair

“Bitch your weak ass fuck” he said taking off his shirt

“Oh really say no more” I said Walking to him

“Nah bruh y'all ain’t gonna fight” Kevin said pulling me back

p>“Why are you fighting with him anyway? Nate said

“Cause he came in late when he know I have to go to court to have the custody of my niece” I said getting a bottle of water

“Oh damn” Kevin said

“But I stilled beat you ass” he said so I threw my water a him and try to sock him Nate grab me. So I drank some nightquil sand took my ass to sleep​. I woke up on the couch while the boys was up talking I sat up quickly.

“Morning” Kev said

“Sup” swazz

“You good?” Nate said

“Umm yeah.. what time is it?” I said

“It’s 10:21 am” skate sayed

“OH SHIT” I ran up stairs and took a shower and put in my bra and panties but I could not find my clothes so I ran downstairs to get​ them and ran back. I ran back down stairs and saw Derek.

“We’re my keys?!” I said?

“ In the kitchen” d said

“Ight I’ll be back” I said after an hour of signing papers work o finally have my niece…My daughter I got her in the car and went back home. When we back home the house was all clean everyone​was there to welcome me and Derek baby home.

“ Hey guys” I smiled

“Let me see her” derek said the was smiling at him.

“What’s her name?” Nate said

“ Mila” me and Derek said

Mila start to cry so I grab her and change her. Everyone got to meet her and hold her and talked to her. After everyone went home and Mila went to sleep I was on the couch with Derek talking.

“I can’t believe it I’m dad y/n..” he said

“Me too” I said

“You know you get can’t go partying ​like that anymore” I said

“Yeah..I’m sorry I didn’t come home last night, I forgot we had to get Mila” he said

“Yeah I’m sorry I was trying to beat yo ass” I giggled

“But I least I got my family here” he said 😘 me

“ Me too I’m just happy she's​in a better place then what she was 2mounths before” I said pulling him for a hug.

Yeah we be fight a lot but family does, but at the end of the day we come together


Characters: Jared x Reader, fans, Jensen

Word Count: 1579

Warnings: implied sex and kinda fluff

Summary: All people ask you about is your past relationships and your relationship status during your panel. They are pleasantly surprised with the end result of their questions.

Authors Note: Honestly, this whole idea came from listening to Intertwined by Dodie. I wanted to have this song as like how they fell in love type thing. This is my first RPF. Also, Jared is single for this. No disrespect to Gen. Hopefully I satisfied your imagination with this! Feedback is always appreciated and enjoy xx

Originally posted by marvelouslyinsane

You slowly woke up in your hotel room with Jared’s arms wrapped around your waist. You lazily look at the time before jumping out of bed, realizing that you were running late for your panel.

Your panel starts in twenty minutes. It takes ten minutes to get there, leaving you with ten minutes to get dressed, and you still have to shower.

You texted Rob that you were going to be running late before taking a quick shower and getting dressed. You were about to rush out the door, then you realized that you hadn’t woken Jared up. You shake him awake and his eyes slowly flutter open.

“Morning sunshine,” you joke as you give him a quick kiss. “I’m running late for my panel, but I’ll see you down there after you get dressed.”

He hums in response, leaning on the headboard, looking at you. “Go on, don’t want to keep the fans waiting.” He smiles at you. “You’ll be great.”

You rush out the hotel room and made it to the panel, even though you were ten minutes late.

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Me: *watches Jack Ryan purely because Chris Pine is in it*

Jack Ryan: *Has a PhD and spends a good portion of the film being a fucking nerd*

Jack Ryan: *Spends the entire trip from Russia to America putting everything together and figuring out exactly what’s going on, when, where and how*

Me: *has existential crisis about James Tiberius Kirk being a giant fucking nerd and putting everything together and figuring out exactly what’s going on, when, where and how, on the bridge when a mission fucks up, and astonishing the shit out of the all the people that bought into his hornball and nepotism-got-me-here reputation* (ie; none of the command crew, but certainly the visiting dignitaries and even some of the Enterprises own crew)

Me: …I need to write this


Bones: *standing back with a sly smirk at the astonished expressions around him* What, y'all honestly thought the kid with the genius level aptitude scores actually needed nepotism to get him where he is? Bless your hearts.

Happy Birthday! Michelangelo x Reader.

Michelangelo loves, loves, loves, loves, LOVES birthdays! Especially his own, he can’t help it.
He loves the cake (Mikey man has a major sweet tooth) and the presents and the big party. Over the years, as the turtle’s have met more and more people, the party has slowly expanded.
But this year? This year is gonna be even bigger and better! This year, Mikey has his baby girl.
He has so many ideas about his big day, so many things he wants to share with you! Like a certain birthday tradition his brothers like to pull every year…
“Mikey? Whatcha doing, baby?”
The turtle shoots you a smile, still rooting under the couch.
“Looking for my presents! Wanna help?”
“Hey, no cheatin’! No outside help, birthday boy.”
You look at Raph with a raised eyebrow, gesturing at your boyfriend (who was now pulling up the couch cushions).
“Something I should know about?”
“Ha…every year, we hide Mikey’s presents around the lair. It’s just a game.” He said.
“More like the only way we could keep him entertained.”
Leo came foward, hiding something behind his shell.
“It was the only way to keep him busy while Master Splinter made dinner. If they were in a pile, he’d try to open them. But if we his them, Mikey had to find them.”
It was a cute story, one you were glad to hear. It was however, ruined when Mikey saw what Leo had behind his back.
“Hey, no re-hiding! I already found that one, bro!!”
Leonardo took off with Mikey right behind him, shouting insults at the older brother. But it worked. Time flew by quicker then ever and you soon found yourself at the table surronded by the gang, Mikey right next to you.
It was the perfect night.
Everyone telling funny (and slightly embarrassing) stories of mini Michelangelo, eating the cheesiest, best pizza and the sweetest cake you had ever had. Mikey tearing through his presents like Godzilla taking a stroll through Tokyo.
Video games, action figures, comics, and a big box of art supplies (“Baaabe! Thank you!!”).
He was in ninja turtle heaven. But now the party was winding down and (because birthday boys don’t do chores) Mikey dragged you off to his room.
He flopped down on the bed, pulling You with, giggling all the way.
“Soo…how does the birthday boy feel about his party?”
“It was awesome, Y/N. You’re gonna watch those Godzilla flicks with me, right?”
You shared a little kiss, soft and over in a second. But still something that made Mikey’s heart soar. He held you close, nuzzling his neck as you whispered to him.
“Wanna know a secret?”
“There’s this Halloween party tonight…costume only. I have this cute ninja outfit but I think I need a date.”
Mikey stopped, a sly smile spreading across his face.
“It’s super dangerous.”
“It is.”
“We could totally get caught.”
“We could.”
“Angel, we could get into so much trouble.”
“That’s true…you coming?” you asked.
“Try and stop me.”

Bonus! You have an awesome time at the party (Mikey wins the “Most Realistic Costume” award) and sneak back to your place. His brothers are sure you got into trouble but Mikey just shrugs.
“Y'all are so paranoid.”

That’s Cheating! (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: anon asked: Since requests are open and its halloween time, can you wrote a peter x superpowered!reader where they try to find the biggest pumpkin at the pumpkin patch but reader ( who can control plant life) just creates the biggest one and peter thinks its cheating.

Word Count: 621

Warnings: mention of pumpkin guts (that stuff’s gross as hell)

A/N: Finally got to this request (I’m SOOOO sorry it took so long, anon!!! :/). It was a cute one that yielded this cute lil blurb (definitely a lot shorter than my usual work) very appropriate for halloween time and no angst! lol also I now know how pumpkins grow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ fun fact trivia here I come. hope y'all enjoy! 🎃🎃🎃

Tag List:


“What about that one?”

“It’s smaller than that other one we saw back there,” you pointed out.

Peter sighed. “So why don’t we just go back to that one?”

“I’m telling you, there’s got to be a bigger one somewhere,” you tried as you stepped over yet another row of tangled vines and orange gourds. Damp mulch squished beneath your dirt-trodden boots. 

“And I’m telling you, there isn’t,” he whined, walking through the aisle clear of pumpkins.

“Fine,” you stopped and looked pointedly at Peter. “You pick whichever you think is the biggest, and I’ll pick out whichever is really the biggest.”

“That a challenge?”

“Yep it is.”

Peter smirked. “Let’s make it more interesting.”

“I’m listening.”

“We have five minutes. Loser has to gut it out.”

“Two minutes,” you challenged.




You both stood there, smirks on lips, challenges in eyes.


Peter took off back in the direction you came. Most likely for that damn pumpkin that you just knew couldn’t be the largest one here. 

You ran and leapt through the endless rows of the giant plants (managing to only trip on vines twice… nice). Scanning through them, you felt your hope melting away. Peter was probably right. Everything either was smaller than or just about the same size as the one he was probably bringing back.

Holding up your wrist, your watch signaled thirty seconds left. You could see Peter strolling back, that clunky pumpkin in his arms. 

You know what? you thought. Forget picking the biggest, I’m making it.

You bent down, crouching next to a cluster of pumpkins, shielding your hands from public view as you pulled off your gloves and shoved them in your jacket pocket. Spreading your hands just above some vines, you felt a pull. Leaves sprouted, seemingly dancing as they briskly growing bigger and higher. Golden star-shaped flowers burst from buds as a small green globe bloomed on the end of a thick stalk of vine. You spread your hands apart slowly, still feeling the pull in your forearms. Within seconds, the green had ballooned to a firm, orange pumpkin the size of your school desk. You checked around once more to make sure no one had seen.

“I saw that!”

You turned to smugly look at a most annoyed Peter.

“I found one,” you teased, patting your new creation.

“That’s cheating!”

“We never set any rules.”

“Yeah but we had to find the biggest pumpkin, not make it!”

“I still found it.”

After you made it! Finding is—is—is seeing it already made!”

“It’s already made isn’t it?”

Peter huffed and drooped in defeat, the pumpkin sagging in his arms. He glared at you pointedly as you held up your arms, shrugging with innocent eyebrows raised.

“Fine, but you’re carrying it,” he said as he lowered his beloved choice on a clear patch of ground. 

You stood up, crossing your arms. “I’m not the one with super-strength.”

I’m not the one who made it!

“Well we both know I can’t carry that!”

“Should’ve brought one of those little wagon cart thingies. Guess we gotta just take mine…”

“We didn’t bring one because we agreed you were gonna carry the damn thing! It probably doesn’t even feel like more than a feather to you!”

“Oh it feels like more than a feather, trust me.”

You rolled your eyes. You were not going to be the one to scrape out all the guts. “Fine, you stay here, I’ll be back with a wagon thingy. Do. Not. Touch. My. Pumpkin,” you ordered as you stomped off, pointing a stiff finger at Peter. He mimicked your earlier shrug of innocence.

“Accidents do happen…”

“I swear to God, Parker!”

College! au - Vernon

Ayy this is just a request but I got carried away so it’s a bit long in my opinion lol. BUt whatevs enjoy :)

Originally posted by minghaos

(also I just wanna say if u ever want to suffer just go look at gifs of Vernon and ur heart will hURT like why cant I have a Vernon I luv him so much how is someone so pretty the same age as me I cry)

  • Ok y'all I think we’ve all had the same idea that vernon could be a basketball player
  • Which is why I’m makin him play in college lmao

  • But don’t get too crazy now he’s not the star player u gotta be like 7 ft tall to be now

  • But everyone’s always like “this short kid goooood thank god we got him”

  • And he’s totally fine with that he’s not the type to love excessive attention and praise (same tho lmao)

  • He’s still an undecided major cuz he just has so many things he loves he can’t decide which one he wants to be stuck with forever

  • So his classes range from astrology to the history of rap (which is his fave this semester ofc)

  • So overall just a super chill guy

  • U know him cuz u volunteered to be the assistant/slave for the basketball team since they bribed you money towards ur tuition

  • So u see him at practices and games and he’s the only one that says thank u literally anytime u do something

  • So he’s special in ur heart lol

  • Like wow what a sweetheart someone is noticing ur hard work

  • So for a while, that’s ur only way of communication: short, brief sentences at basketball games

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RFA: MC Is A Sore Loser

Hi there! I just came across your page but I was wondering if I could request RFA+ V+ Saeran reacting to MC being a horrible spoil sport/ sore loser ( like to the point where they’ll get petty after losing or when they see they are losing) 😅 I look forward to reading your other posts!

Hello hello! I hope you like your request, I had such a good time writing it! It’s not very often that somebody requests a headcanon for an MC with a negative characteristic like that. Super fun and original ask, so thanks bunches! (Welcome by the way 😁) -Admin Pancake

⁃ Yoosung 100% gets it
⁃ Doesn’t like to lose either
⁃ So you can imaging playing LOLOL against each other is a BEAST
⁃ So that doesn’t happen often
⁃ Instead you watch him play or play with him because he nearly never loses and he’s taught you well young padawan
⁃ Once one of his guild members just was not pulling their weight on this raid
⁃ The team lost quite a bit of gold because of them
⁃ So you decided to better the guild
⁃ When Yoosung was asleep you removed them from the roster using his guild rank
⁃ (Stealth Master MC)
⁃ It took everyone a little bit to notice, but finally somebody did
⁃ That somebody?
⁃ It was Ya Boy
⁃ He looked back through the guild history and saw “xxxxx kicked from guild by SupermanYoosung”
⁃ ¿Que?
⁃ This sweet bean didn’t even suspect you
⁃ He called Seven immediately and accused him
⁃ But you sort of kinda maybe felt a little bit bad so you told him you did it
⁃ He understood but like?? Don’t do that???
⁃ You agreed you would ask him first next time
⁃ (No promises tho ay)

⁃ You guys are dream team for all the wrong reasons
⁃ You’re always working out together, singing together, practicing EVERYTHING together
⁃ He does it cause it’s fun
⁃ You do it cause you wanna WIN
⁃ The first time he experienced the actual creature that is post-defeat you, he was Shooketh to his Coreth
⁃ Babe
⁃ I said /bABE/
⁃ Your competitive nature is shared but like chill please
⁃ Zen just wants some friendly competition but you want to shrink the heads of your enemies and hang them on the Christmas tree
⁃ If you end up getting really angry, Zen will take your hand and whisper in your ear to help calm you down

⁃ Jaehee had signed up for a judo tournament to help her sharpen her skills
⁃ Gotta stay fresh yo
⁃ And of course, you were there to support her, along with— drumroll please….!
⁃ ZEN!
⁃ Baehee Support Squad reunites
⁃ She was doing really well! Most of the competition was no match for her
⁃ You had sat quietly and properly in the audience like everyone else, fists clenched in anticipation
⁃ Zen was into it too
⁃ The first round of the semi-finals was a Nail Biter
⁃ It was pretty obvious Jaehee was tired, and her opponent was strong
⁃ Then the ref made a bad call
⁃ And it cost Jaehee the match
⁃ Aw
⁃ /HECK/
⁃ /NAW/
⁃ “Come on!” you yelled. You were on your feet instantly
⁃ Zen was shocked, you had been so quiet before?
⁃ You scoffed in disgust and stormed out
⁃ You also may or may not have stepped on Zen’s foot on the way past him
⁃ Maybe both of them
⁃ Also maybe everybody else’s too
⁃ You had to wait outside for Jaehee while you cooled down, no way were you going back in there with those cheaters
⁃ (Bring it in MC everything’s fine)
⁃ Jaehee rushed out to find you, she had told Zen to head home without you two
⁃ She assured you that she was fine, losing happens
⁃ It’s part of life
⁃ You bought her and Zen ice creams to apologize for making a scene

⁃ Jumin was honestly so surprised
⁃ Like normally you act so professional
⁃ You’re so kind
⁃ But losing… it does something to you
⁃ He figured it out one day when you came up to the office during his lunch break to visit
⁃ Y'all decided to play chess cause you had some extra time
⁃ And you see Jumin’s pretty good at chess
⁃ So after a couple of turns…
⁃ “Checkmate”
⁃ The salt in the wound was Jumin’s Traditional 100% Original Jumin Smirk™
⁃ You mumbled something like “Pretentious” under your breath and started getting your stuff
⁃ And this poor babe did not realize what he was getting himself into
⁃ He read this on the internet somewhere and thought it would make you laugh
⁃ So he asked, “Is it that time of the month, darling?”
⁃  …………….
⁃  :D
⁃ You walked out of the office with his lunch, his coffee, and his rolling chair without a word
⁃ Jumin did some… extra research that afternoon while -standing- at his desk
⁃ And later that night he apologized by making you a home cooked meal instead of just taking you out
⁃ Please forgive him he didn’t know

⁃ So this boy actually got kind of scared once or twice?
⁃ I don’t know y'all were playing a video game and Skyping some dweebs from the other side of the internet
⁃ And you two lost
⁃ Seven was talking smack but it was funny and he wasn’t being serious
⁃ He was joking
⁃ You, on the other hand, were not
⁃ “You think you’re so great? Just cause you won doesn’t mean you’re actually good! You’ve got nothing on us!”
⁃ Seven was egging you on until he noticed your face was red?
⁃ Oh uh
⁃ Hm
⁃ Don’t know what to do about that
⁃ So he kinda left? He just slid out the room
⁃ When he came back you’d tried to take them 1 on 2 and we all know how that ends
⁃ You were sitting with your arms crossed and your lips pouting
⁃ So instead of joking around to lighten things up, he hung up on Skype and sat down with you to help talk out the issue
⁃ (Very mature yeet)
⁃ You feel much better after that, and now whenever you start getting frustrated he lays a hand on yours to calm you down ❤️

[V and Unknown under the cut]

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Zootopia characters as Hamilton lyrics

Judy: “I practiced the law, I practically perfected it. I’ve seen injustice in the world, and I’ve corrected it!”

Nick: “Talk less. Smile more. Don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for…”

Bogo: “Frankly, it’s a little disquieting that you would let your ideals blind you to reality.”

Clawhauser: “Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now!”

Finnick: “Yo I’m a tailor’s apprentice, and I got y'all knuckleheads in loco parentis.

Lionheart: “Headfirst into a political abyss! (Headfirst! Into the abyss…)

Bellwether: “I look back on where I’ve failed, and in every place I checked, the only common thread has been your disrespect.”

Gazelle: “And we just happen to be in the greatest city in the world!”

Mrs Otterton: “So long as you come home at the end of the day, that would be enough.”

Weaselton: “You have nothing! I don’t have to tell you anything at all! Unless…”

Doug: “I’d rather skip the pleasantries. Let’s go.”

Flash: “Wait for it.”

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

Pairing: Dean x Female Reader
Warnings: Blood, canon-related injuries, talk about self doubt and anxiety, Dean being kind of a temporary asshole.
Author’s Note: Am I too late for angst day? Don’t be scared, y'all know I can’t help but add a bit of fluff.
Summary: You’ve been hiding your feelings for Dean for months now and when you have a fight, you reach your breaking point.

You’ve got your hands pressed hard on Sam’s abdomen in the backseat of the Impala, your hands quickly turning crimson as you try to stop the bleeding.

Dean’s driving, his hands clenched so tight to the wheel that his knuckles are white. The muscle in his jaw is ticking repeatedly, and he doesn’t look at you as he races back to the bunker.

“Dean–” you say, trying to get his attention. You want him to say something, anything, because anything would be better than this silence.

“Don’t.” He barks.

You open your mouth to reply, but Sam groans, and you turn your attention back to him. “Hang in there, Sammy.” You say, keeping an eye on his pupils and monitoring his pulse.

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Reveling in Richonne

#79: The Great Plan (7x12)

So there’s something that has been consistently said in these posts and it’s only because it’s a thing that’s also been consistent for years on this show, and it’s especially true in this scene right here and, y’all, that is that; Michonne is the baddest chick in the game.👌🏽

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

In a continuation of the great “Eight” scene, Michonne gets these walkers to make their way over to her and then she does her thing like it ain’t no thing. Cuz 👸🏾.

Meanwhile, Rick runs into more trouble than he was expecting lol. Admittedly it was a pretty funny moment to see Michonne just taking care of business, taking out multiple walkers at a time, while Rick pulled apart one walker. 😋

Like we’ve been seeing R&M be all giddy and in love this episode but this moment served as a reminder that this is still the Michonne we’re dealing with. 👏🏽

So Michonne’s done her part and, because she’s not an idle chick, she goes to help Rick out. She starts pushing the car along and Rick looks back, clearly taking in the fact that his woman can do it all lol. And he casually tells her, “You got your eight walkers. I can push.” And it’s just so wonderfully husband like. 😋 And then Michonne confidently tells him, “So can I.”

And can we just stop and take a moment to appreciate this. Like, y'all, sometimes I feel like people try to overcomplicate feminism to make it seem like a bad thing when it’s not. And part of what feminism is, is illustrated in what we saw in this moment; The man can push but so can I. Equality. 🙌🏾

I love that Michonne says this cuz it’s true and it just again illustrates that she is completely his equal. And then she says “You just worry about steering us in that gap”. And I love this cuz I adore that they can tease each other. 

I also like the line cuz it really feels like they trade off being leader so seamlessly. Like she’s letting him now “take the wheel” literally and figuratively to lead both of them.

And then an unforeseen obstacle comes when the brakes don’t work and that walker’s gun starts firing off. Y'all, you may recall me saying I had been worried that something was going to come and ruin their fun? And when I heard those bullets for the first time this was me…

Originally posted by rainhagretchen

I thought R&M were about to come across some enemy and my heart sank for a second. I was ready to post up whoever was coming to cut this honeymoon short. 😂

Luckily it ended up just being the walker and a fairly minor situation. It does however force Michonne to have to jump in the trunk due to her quick thinking. And then they’re both stuck in the car. I love the way Rick says “Michonne, you good?” lol. I think its cuz as much as I love when they talk like they’re in love; I also really enjoy moments like this one where they also talk just casually like best friends.

And she tells him yeah and checks if he’s okay and he says yeah in a tone that says he’s technically okay but they’re also in a predicament lol. And then he tells her “I think we overshot it.”

This line makes me crack up cuz I always think of when my mom first heard this line and she was like “We!? Uh-uh that was you, Rick. You have Michonne falling through roofs and locked in trunks.” 😂😂

And I mean you gotta love Rick Grimes but also…where’s the lie? Lol it’s technically true, but R&M are one so everything is in “we’ terms for them. And I’m here for it. 😋

And then Michonne has a very wife response of “You think or you know?” I love this cuz it’s adorable and cuz you can’t cut corners with Michonne lol. Cuz she always knows what’s up so you have to just come right out with the truth. 

And then I love Rick’s husband response of knowing he’s just going to have to come out with the direct truth and tell her, “I know.”

But he’s not about to just leave it at that and so he tells her “It was a good plan though.” Which was sweet and hilarious and just felt like such a guy thing to say lol. And then Michonne says with the perfect mix of sarcasm and encouragement “It was a great plan.”

It’s perfect. 😊 How are they going to be locked up in separate parts of a car, surrounded by walkers, and still manage to have such a cute exchange? How Sway? Y’all, this just proves this couple is everything and then some. 🙌🏾 (And that cars never fail us 😋)

Homegirl is now in a trunk surrounded by walkers but she’s still choosing to see the humor in the situation and I love it. Like you just sense the genuine camaraderie between them through the little teasing banter they have.

I’m telling you there is no such thing as a “bad thing” when R&M are together cuz they both make the most of every situation.

Also considering this whole scene is like their first moment since the proposal, it’s cool to see how they still operate the same cuz they’ve been married long before that candlelit dinner. So now it’s like their original dynamic is just more magnified and visible to them but it’s not like things are crazy different now cuz this is just the husband & wife stuff they’ve been doing for the longest.

This whole sequence of moments was so good and you got to really see what it looks like when Richonne just gets to be Richonne. 👌🏽😊

This whole scene, from the start with Rick handing her that gun for her to put in his backpack all the way to Michonne’s final line from the trunk, was so fun to watch and it really cemented that they’re perfect together and truly nothing was going to ruin their fun, so far.

So yeah it might not have ended up being a literally great plan but it definitely gave us a literally great scene. 👏🏽😊

Human Canvas // Lee Donghyuck
External image
External image

A/N: this is the first request ive ever gotten and may i just say,,,,, HOLY SHIT I WAS SO EXCITED WHEN I GOT THIS. So thank you for requesting♥♥♥♥ Same thing,,, i will have a story version up soon on the other blog!! Also. I am so fucking dead, school has been HOOOOOOOKAY. I’ve be getting so much homework and it’s really stressing me out,,,, and i have like no time to write :((( but anyways I hope you like this cute little haechen au ;33

pairing: haechan x artist!reader

genre: fluffy fluffy fluff fluff

warnings/notes: some language??? that’s a constant i guess

word count: 1223

side note: i really want to write gender nerutral scenarios, i tried in this one but i ended up scrapping it beacuse it turned out really stupid, i’m going to practice for sure though! the paintings at the top are mine, the picture of donghyuck isn’t though so cred to where i came from

OH and Y/I means your initials :))

(i didn’t proof read bc im busy so im sorry for spelling errors and such)


  • high school!au
  • soulmate!au
  • every brush stoke you made would show up on his skin
  • this is like a one sided soulmate thing
  • because you don’t get any soulmate mark things
  • it’ll make more sense once we’re in and shit

so let’s gooooo

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“Well, Shit.”

pairing: George Weasley x reader

warning: swearing but Y'all already know that

request: Can you do a Fred/George (idk which) x Reader where the reader’s friends with the golden trio and she smells Amortentia and thinks it’s Ron and is freaking out but when she finally meets Fred/George she’s is like DAMN IT’S YOU! Haha sorry, it’s long I just feel like you’d do really well with this prompt! Love ya 😂💜

You just got back from Professor Slughorn’s class and were at the library with Hermione and Harry. As you set your books down you asked them where Ron was. “He forgot half his books at Slughorn’s so he went back to retrieve them. I swear, that boy is going to lose his head one day,” Hermione says. Harry laughs and asks, “Speaking of Slughorn, what did you guys smell when you went near the Amortentia potion?” I already told you,” Hermione starts, “Freshly mown grass, new parchment, spearmint toothpaste, and… well it doesn’t matter what the fourth thing is, does it? What about you, Y/N?”

“Well, I did smell one thing that didn’t make sense. I mean, it was familiar but I have no idea what it is,” Then, as if on cue, Ron comes running in, looking like a mess with all his books and papers flying out of them. He drops his books all over the table, covering Hermione’s work. “Ron!” she says, loud but not loud enough to get her kicked out the library. “Sorry,” he mumbles. As he goes to sit down next to you, you faintly recognize the smell. “Well, shit,” you whisper. “Y/N! Can you guys just act civilized for once? We’re in a library,” “Uh, yeah,” you start, “Sorry, about that, it’s just-pshhhh nothing. Nevermind,”

 They start talking about the assignment due for Transfiguration tomorrow but you are stuck in a daze. Ron? You love Ron? Well, first of all, no. You never even had a faint crush on him. I mean you love him as a friend and all, but not enough to have his scent in the most powerful love potion in the world. You started to freak out a little bit. What if you deep down did like Ron? I mean, you don’t, but what if really did? None of this made sense, but you knew you going to think about it for at least another week. 

Soon, Fred and George come strolling in. Fred gives Ron a noogie and George hands him a teal notebook. “You forgot one more thing,” Goerge starts to say, “I swear, Ron one day you are going to lose your dignity along with all th-” “IT’S YOU!” you shout, followed by a lot of shushing and a scorn from the librarian. “What do you mean?” George asks. “Uh,” you start. Why were you so stupid? Now, you have to think of a lame excuse as to why you decided to shout that. 

“It’s you! Who got the notebook for Ron! That’s good ‘cause ya know,” you start to nervously laugh. “I was a little nervous,” “First of all” George says, smiling “you’re lying. I can see right through you,” he winks. You being the idiot you are, look down with your face blushing crazily. “Second of all, I may have no idea what you’re talking about but anyways, how was Slughor\? We have it next,” “It was very interesting,” Hermione replies, “We-” “Did we?” you ask. You can’t have anyone find out about this. “ What? Y/N you’re acting strange, are you alright?” “Nope. no, I am not alright so I think I will go to Madam Pomfrey’s. See ya guys,” You pick up all your books and quickly move out of there.

This makes much more sense. Not necessarily in a good way, but still, much more sense. You always had a thing for George Weasley. You would never admit it, tough. You never really thought of it as love, tough. But, who knows? Maybe it is. It probably is. Okay, yes, it is. You just walk to your common room,(not Madam Pomfrey’s, that was a complete lie) and try to ignore these feelings you have. 

Okay. Lemme shut the shit down right now.

Joker and Harley is an abusive couple. But….we know this. The fandom knows this. Saying “but Harley and Joker are an abusive couple” ain’t gone make us suddenly ditch them and go to some other fandom. We ain’t sayin they aren’t abusive, nobody’s said that. But we will throw back at y'all the fact that Ivy’s abusive to Harley, too (if that’s the ship you’re defending). I personally couldn’t give a flying fuck who y'all ship. It’s your interest and your decision who you want together. But stop with the bullshit of “Harley and Joker are awful together because Harley gets abused” because I assure y'all, Harley ain’t a damn victim. She ain’t an angel by any means. Yeah, she gets a lot of shit from him, but she can sure as hell dish it out just as bad. Y'all need to go back and do some research on her before y'all pull the “she’s the victim” card. Yeah, she’s abused by him, but he’s abused by her, too. Shit the only reason she became his doctor was so she could use him to write a damn book. She ain’t have no intentions about bettering him for the good of the world. She wanted to right a damn book. That’s it. I don’t know what the fuck y'all got goin on, but we have been over this shit for a few days now since it’s spiked back up again. I know y'all read the arguments and explanations so I don’t know if it’s just y'all can’t comprehend it or y'all in denial cause y'all were put in your place or what but y'all need to chill the fuck out. Stop starting shit in people’s ask boxes, stop tryna tell us what is and ain’t right and what is and ain’t going on in J and H’s relationship cause I assure you, WE ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THE CHARACTERS WE’RE SHIPPING. Now, take several seats, and your L while you at it.