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What i love most about Taylor is that she never feels the need to prove herself to people, even if they are wrong in accusing her of something. Like with the whole wedding video, people were hating on Taylor so much because of it, but she just took the hate instead of speaking up and clarifying that it wasn’t here doing in the first place. It just goes to show that Taylor really does stick by her words when she said “If you know who you are, then you don’t need to defend yourself”. I wonder how many other things she’s been wrongly accused of yet hasn’t spoken up about.

so let’s talk about real shit r*ylo is fake and unrealistic as fuck from both sides and y'all know it. y'all really think rey, after witnessing the murder of han and almost killing kylo, would like. forget all that shit. and fall in love with him? hell no my baby girl is pissed and needs to express some rage. she hates him lmao. i have no doubt that kylo will have a redemption arc (it’s oblivious) and she may forgive him at the end of it all, but sure as hell she ain’t gonna forget.
Also. not to be That Bitch but r*ylos try to make kylo a woobie so much they forget how is he really like. right now, he is a feral, angry and lonely person. he doesn’t care about anything or anyone but his ambition to become like darth vader. to think that in the interrogation scene he feel some kind of sexual or romantic attraction to rey is madness smh. the only moment he shows a different kind emotion other than pure rage towards rey is when he tells her he can be his teacher. and i firmly believe he does that just because he knows he’s about to lose the fight. anyways y'alls faves are ooc and y'all deluded

shiro: and so, i think i may hold romantic feelings for you, princess

allura: i know. the mice have told me about your late night talks with keith

shiro: what?

allura: they also told me that keith likes to lie face down on the floor of your room and talk about how lance’s smile is “like the sun itself”

keith, in the vents: WHAT

Hey just a few things from Irene Koh at the ECCC panel

- Irene Koh says Korra and Asami will kiss twice

- She ships Zutara

- She also says she’s a firebender and her favorite specialized type of bending is lightning bending

- She says Mike and Bryan have allowed her to include elements in the comics that they didn’t include in the show. More on that later

- She also says she sometimes includes her boyfriend as a background character and lets him get beat up by the likes of Jinora

- Speaking of which, she says there will be interaction between Jinora and Kai as the airbenders will feature prominently in this

- She’s also included some Korean and South Asian characters in the comics

- And she also says she doesn’t check Tumblr much anymore because y'all don’t know how to act and made her feel uncomfortable here (good job!)

I also have footage of the panel and will upload it to my YouTube channel later.

Types as Disney Villains

NOTE: Continuation to Types as Disney Heroines where I showcased the strengths of each type. This time, I’m focusing on the downsides and what the types may look like when unhealthy or looping.

ISTP - Aloof. Vulgar. Aggressive. Cold-hearted.

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“I tire of your arrogance, old man. Bow to me!”

ESTP - Possessive. Boastful. Disrespectful. Immature.

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“Were you in love with her, Beast? Did you honestly think she’d want you, when she had someone like me?”

INTP - Lazy. Untrustworthy. Awkward. Cynical.

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“He’s gotta have a weakness, because everybody’s got a weakness. I mean, for what? Pandora, it was the box thing. For the Trojans, hey, they bet on the wrong horse, okay?”

ENTP - Facetious. Moody. Noisy. Obnoxious.

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“Ah, how shall I do it? Oh, I know. I’ll turn him into a flea, a harmless, little flea, and then I’ll put that flea in a box, and then I’ll put that box inside of another box, and then I’ll mail that box to myself, and when it arrives, I’ll smash it with a hammer!”

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So I figured this was the perfect time to let y'all in on a lil something. I came to this realization probably a while ago but I only let my closest people in about it in the past week.

I started to realize each morning I was growing into the person I liked and could love. My jaw got more pronounced and my voice stronger. My body finally felt like the home I wanted.

Babygirl started to feel like The Man. That’s how I woke up happier. That’s how I found myself.

You may already know my name but i’d like to re introduce myself my name is Reed.


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Do y'all ever just take a second and think about how weird eating disorders are? Bc there’s obviously that whole thing about how “it’s more than food” but like. Why food. How the hell did I latch onto THIS of all things to cope. Wtf. Oh so I feel like a lazy piece of shit that’ll never make anything of myself? You know what would make that better!?!?!??? OBSESSIVELY COUNTING THE CALORIES IN A SINGLE EGG WHITE AND A CUP OF SPINACH OF COURSE. Seriously what the fuck. I could have latched onto literally anything, but what do I choose? Fuckin breakfast? Let me reiterate: what THE fuck. Wtf the fuck. What tf in the hell.

I will never get over the fact that Goro Akechi, a fellow wild card/Persona-user, could only summon one persona besides Loki. One. And you know whose influence was most likely the reason Robin Hood manifested in the first place?


Joker is canonically the only person Akechi ever opened up to, and I don’t know how y'all feel about him – love him, hate him, whatever – but that breaks my fucking heart.

Y'all, my first book is being released tomorrow by @workmanpub. I’m overwhelmed by all of the nice shit that’s been written about it, not to mention the awesome write-ups in print mags like @elleusa, @bust_magazine, @healthmagazine, & @familycirclemag. Also, apparently there’s already a book club reading it this month and I’m just sitting over here like 😳📕😳📕

Tomorrow’s Bull City tour kick-off at @motorcomh c/o @regulatorbookshop is allegedly sold out, but y'all know how I feel about party crashers- just show up and you’ll probably get in- at the very least you can grab a beer or some sesame udon salad at @partsandlabour. Tell ‘em Jessamyn sent you & TIP YOUR BARTENDER PLEASE AND THANK YOU. After that, it’s Nashville’s @parnassusbooks on Wednesday, Raleigh’s @quailridgebooks on Thursday, and a yoga class at #yogafestnc on Saturday- all the info’s on jessamynstanley.com/tour (link is in the header). Anyway, y'all are the best & I’m so excited to meet you. Also USE THE #EVERYBODYYOGA SNAPCHAT FILTER WHEN YOU’RE AT THE EVENTS- it features a half-naked bitmoji Jessamyn doing yoga soooo. Yeah. Let’s spread that shit.

You can buy “Every Body Yoga” anywhere fine books are sold. I have waited a long time to say those words. Also, this shameless promotion is inspired by the boys of @thecrookedmedia.

Outfit by @vonscher_active Photo by @lydiahudgens (at Durham, North Carolina)

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Oh okay apparently someone is being shitty about ace people belonging in the lgbtq community??????? I feel like this happens like every two weeks but y'all know how I feel, I fully support and believe that ace people belong in the lgbtq community and literally if you send me shitty asks about this I will just block you alright I don’t have the patience to deal with hateful people, my blog is a safe space for y'all so we aren’t having any of that here tonight 👏👏👏👏

Okay, so today as most of the kpop world knows, Twice and Bts both released mv’s. They were both great and all but there’s something that I’m kinda concerned by and confused about.

I’ve noticed that a lot of Army’s and Once’s have been talking about how they haven’t slept just so they could continue streaming. Some even apologized for being tired and said that they would just take a “quick” nap and go right back to streaming to keep the views going…

It’s cool how dedicated some of y'all are but, views aren’t everything. I know you just want to help your favs but, you shouldn’t feel obligated to spend the whole day watching one video. Views aren’t the end all and be all of a group. There’s a lot of competition in kpop, I know that well, but it’s gotten to the point where all the comments are about increasing the views instead of talking about the music.

If you are exhausted and tired, then go to sleep. Your dedication is amazing, but you don’t have to stream all day, everyday. You shouldn’t feel like a bad or fake fan for not being able to stream continuously. If you have homework, then do that. You got an exam tomorrow, study for it. The views on a kpop video shouldn’t be your top priority.

@ the Europeans are racist because they don’t use the word “race”: guys the first times I’ve heard American people say race I was shocked, it’s not that we decided not to use that word a month ago or something. We haven’t said that since fascism. I grew up knowing that if someone said it that was a red flag, almost everyone in my generation did. So when I see y'all muricans talking about how “we are different races” and “you saying we are only one race is racist” I still fucking feel sick. I understand that it works for you in the USA but I still don’t feel comfortable using it, if I hear that word what comes to my mind is nazifascism and that’s because it’s what it’s associated with here. So if you want to use it talking about YOUR country or YOUR continent fine, do it, but don’t you fucking dare call me or other Italian people racist because we refuse to use a word that in our country is associated with fascism.
(@ mutuals and other people that had to answer Americans about this: I’m sorry, y'all are great)

Nct 127 + Chenle,Renjun & Jaemin's reaction to their s/o hugging them really tightly

Request: can I request a reaction for NCT 127 (+ Chenle, Renjun & Jaemin) to you (their s/o) just hugging them really tight for a while when they come home? and when they ask why, you tell them you just had a bad day and hugging them makes you feel better.

A/N: this is so cute omg ,, and i’d make you their s/o , hope you dont mind !



As soon as you stepped into the house , you gave the man a tight hug . Taeil would be shocked at first , standing frozen in his spot . As you rested your on head on his shoulders , his arms would slowly wrap around your waist , asking you softly ,

“ what is it ? ”

“ i just need your hug , they make me feel better ”

Taeil would smile instantly , but not too brightly , he’d pull you even closer , his hands reaching up to pat your head , as he softly sang for you .

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Without even saying a word , you made your way to the sofa , where Johnny was lying , watching the television . He sat up as soon as he saw you , and tried to speak , but your tight hug cut him off , his arms naturally making their way around you .

“ how was work babe- ”

“ i guess you’re tired”

No other words will be shared , only the light sound of his hands tapping gently against your back , as you rested your head against his chest .

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He’d notice that something was wrong as soon as you stepped into the house with a small frown on your face , and would make his way to comfort you ,

“ baby what’s wrong ? ”

And when you did nothing else but hug him tightly on the spot , he would soften and hug you back  , resting his head on yours and he pat your back gently .

also be prepared for a whole set of home cooked meal specially made for you after

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Yuta was often clingy and liked to tease you by hugging and holding on to you as he loved the way you’d get annoyed at him .

But this time , instead of the usual pushing him away and whining , you willingly hugged back , as you let out a soft sigh .

Yuta would be shocked at first , wanting to ask what happened . But since he saw your sad expression , he’d refrain from asking , then trying to make you smile by pulling you closer and pecking your cheeks .

yuta needs to be stopped asap

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You caught eye contact with him as soon as you stepped into the house . Before he could say anything , you ran up to him and attacked him with a big hug , burying your face in his chest .

Doyoung would complain and be unhappy about it at first , but stop as soon as he realised what was happening .

“ What are you doing ,”

“ I almost fell- ”

Like Taeyong , he’d try to ask what happened , as he cupped your cheeks and tried making you smile , which totally worked .

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You didn’t even need to say or do anything , he’d notice and know right away .

Instead , he’d be the one who took the intiative to hug you first , then trying to make you feel better as he saw the slight frown on your face .

“ I made dinner for us babe , ”

“ Go wash up , i’ll prepare the table ”

“ know that i love you ”

stop jaehyun too thanks

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A total clueless bean - he just stood there frozen on the spot , as you hygged him tightly with all your might . He wouldn’t say much , but would gently rub your back , waiting for you to speak .

“ i feel better now ”

“ did something happen ? ”

“ yeah , but it’s okay now , thanks to your hug ”

WinWin would blush and give a small smile , then lean in for another tight and warm hug .

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Another clueless bean - his face would resemble a ‘😳’ right away , his arms awkwardly hanging by the sides , unsure of what to do . Although it wasn’t the first time the both of you were hugging , his face would still be fully red , as his eyes shift around nervously .

“ U-Uh… Are you alright ? ”

“ No , mark ”

“ Oh .. why ? ”

*his arms slowly finds its way around your waist*

“ i don’t wanna talk about it now , ”

And mark would just nod his head , patting your back lightly as he started thinking of ways to cheer you up .

One hour later he brings you out on a small date

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As usual , he wanted to tease and greet you as soon as you stepped in , but stopped when he noticed your sunken expression .

“ You’re back- what’s wrong ? ”

As he slowly made his way to you , you naturally and instinctively pulled him in your arms , sighing and taking in his warmth .

He also tries to make you feel better by teasing you ,

“ I know you love me a lot but can you let go for a while , i can’t breathe ”

“ i-i’m sorry ”

“ no don’t be . besides …. you have me here right now so cheer up ! ”

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He’d greet you with a big and cheerful smile , holding on to your hands . But as he caught on to your forced smile , his expression would change , then asking you questions worriedly .

“ are you fine ? do you want to talk- ”

*hugs him*

“ oh .. ”

And like Mark , he’d just pat your back gently in a small rhythm , his other hand combing your hair .

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Like Yuta & Jaehyun , he’d be the one who hugs you first , and tries acting cute to gain your attention . But when he noticed that you didn’t have much reaction , he’d peck you lightly on your cheek , “ are you okay ? ”

And when you start hugging him , he smiles brightly to himself and tries his best to comfort you with sweet words .

“ my angel will have a better day tomorrow , don’t worry ! ”

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He’d be the most chill about it amongst all the members , and wouldnt even notice that you were sad until you told him - Maybe because y'all hug too often it just feels like a normal hug to him .

“ i had a bad day today ”

“ ahh , but you’re with me now !! ”

And he knows exactly how to cheer you up -

starts playing music and dances for you to see:

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I don't know about y'all but.....

I am hoping in ACOWAR Tamlin finds his mate. I know we all hate the tool, but I want him to find his mate and then realize what he did this whole time. I want him to see how painful it is to not have your mate and to have them taken from you. I want him to have that moment of empathy for Feyre and Rhys. I want him to feel like the tool his is for bringing this war for a person who IS NOT his mate. But also high key I want him to have a match that isn’t a good match because y'all still know I’m petty. 🐸☕️

All the times Trump cared about himself (or the four Black people he knows) more than Black History Month.

By now, I’m sure y’all have seen some of the tweets and memes about Trump having absolutely no idea who Frederick Douglass is.

But have you seen his little speech though?  Because I’ve never seen someone take a speech about Black History Month and turn it into whining about how they were persecuted by Fake News.

Here’s the transcript if you can’t bear to watch Lil Baby Cheeto Prez.  I'ma just bold the parts that have absolutely nothing to do with Black History Month…even though it’s Black History Month.

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Fellas what is it that you love about black women? It could be anything from the way they walk, talk, dress, their confidence, swagger and demeanor, etc.

I love how strong willed and focused black women are w/ certain things, being able to do a multitude of things at once and getting them accomplished with no problems at all. In the midst of chaos and uncertainty around y'all, no matter what y'all remain calm, cool and unfazed by the madness going on around y'all and I love that about black women! I love a independent black woman as well, who doesn’t need shit because she has her own, like “nah nigga I’m good, I got my own thing going on.” 😏 I admire that about a black woman! I love how they can be both classy and aggressive when need be! Ain’t nothing like a black woman with a lil sass and feistyness in her! I like how black women smell when y'all get out of the shower using some freshly scented perfume, body oil or lotion on your mocha and chocolate skin with it glistening all over ya body looking like a black nubian goddess! I love a black woman’s attitude and demeanor whenever we’re feeling down, at our lowest they’ll rub our backs with comfort & encourage us like “come here baby, it’ll be okay, you can do this.” I love how supportive black women are through our ups & downs as men, when niggas are successful, they are there supporting & when we fuck up and do dumb shit, black women are still supportive & loyal to us even when we don’t deserve it and need a good kick in the ass at times. That’s love and I appreciate that from y'all! ❤😘. It’s imperative that we as black men stand by black women and support them as much as they stand by us, that’s not asking for too much! As much as they support us even with our bullshit, that’s the least we can do! Also, learn to appreciate them and adore them by telling them nice things without wanting or expecting something in return (sex). But back on topic, I love a woman who doesn’t need to get dolled up in order to look good. I like a sweatpants, hair tied, chillin with no make up on type of girl who’s not worried about shit! I know y'all like to look good and feel sexy, but you don’t necessarily need your nails or your hair done to feel good or look sexy. Whether you have long hair or you keep it short with a bob or fade, whether you have small titties, big titties, the biggest ass or no ass at all, if you’re confident and content w/ your looks then baby girl own that shit and do you! You gotta have confidence & swag, like you know you’re the shit regardless of how u look. That’s sexy to me, when a girl can own a room regardless of how she looks and feel like she’s the shit no matter who else is there! Ooooh yeah did a nigga mention personality yet? Man I love a black woman who can laugh and crack jokes at the slightest lil thing like when a nigga trips over his own feet. I love women who like to laugh and crack jokes on a nigga that wil have me busting a gut from laughing so hard at them! Nothing like a black woman who can make me laugh and smile a lot!😏 I love y'all overall excitement and joy in anything that interests you or that you find appealing. I also like how y'all get excited about something or think something is nice and y'all say “Awwwwww, baaaaaaaaby” or “oooohhhhh look Bae, look look” or when a favorite song comes on and y'all start vibing to it singing, dancing and snapping your fingers. Y'all are so damn cute when y'all light up with excitement like that!😏 Nobody else will hold black men down like a black woman, y'all are the only ones who see beyond our struggle, our pain, our tragedies and see us for who we really are and uplift us from those things just by providing love and support to us. Y'all will have our backs when nobody else will, and treat us like kings with love and respect with arms open wide when everybody else has pushed us aside! Being raised by a single, strong willed black mother, it’s imperative that I find Everlasting love with my black queen and treat her like one so that we may have beautiful black daughters and raise them up to be treated as queens by us and their future husbands. Nobody have our backs like y'all black queens and I’m appreciative and thankful for all the black women not only in my life, but in the lives of all black men if I can speak for the rest my brothas. We appreciate & love y'all. 😘✊🏾