y'all just jealous!

Why are people complaining about never ever, just bc it’s ‘different’ than what they usually do. But when bts or Exo or any other bigger group has a concept switch it’s 'iconic’ ?? Bye.

Hello!! I’m laughing too!! Here let me educate you:

1. One Direction has about 3 million fans

2. Kpop has about 35 million fans

3. The Guinness book of world records’ record for the largest fanbase EVER belongs to none other than TVXQ, a *gasp* kpop group!!

4. Kpop is awesome fuck off :)

Headcanon time
  • This most likely has been done before but yeah.
  • I just had this thought that Levi would probably be so annoyed when all the noble women would look all smitten at Erwin and being super unsubtle with their advances, and Levi would just stare them down. But he actually has nothing to worry about because while levi has been looking angry at these girls Erwin has been staring at him all lovey-dovey

what if i just kissed you

right now

on the top of your head

the tip of your nose

would you object

reject my kisses

i don’t usually show affection

but you’re special

and different

i like you

and i don’t like that

but at the same time it’s the best

but do you feel the same

or are you just a mirror

my feelings aren’t absorbed

just reflected and i just look bad

will my light ever be absorbed

is that possible for me

the one that flies under the radar

the one that is always looked over


the forgotten one

will love ever find me

will love ever get me

will i ever escape these feelings

apparently the answer is no

Today a 14 year old boy called me "Miss Piggy" instead of my real name.

Backstory: I’m a teacher at a junior high school. I’m 23 and overweight because of my own choices combined with my genetics. This boy called me this back in September I pulled him into a classroom, explained that it was rude and disrespectful to me as an authority figure, and thought that was that. I also don’t have this gentleman as a student.

So today I was walking down the hall between classes. This student walked past me and then after I was halfway down the hall he said “Heyyyyyyyyyyyy Miss Piggy!” in the most teasing and condescending tone a 14 year old boy could muster.

And you know what?

I am confident, I am young and you know what?


She don’t need no man. She’s strong on her own while still being feminine.

So I’ve decided to make this boy my project. He hangs out outside my door every morning and I see him most days. So I’m going to learn his name and say hello. Every day. I will get to know him.

I will show him that there is no way that a 14 year old boy calling me fat is going to make me angry. Because its true but fat doesn’t make me a bad person.

So I’m going to stick with my theme song. Me and Miss Piggy