y'all just jealous!


once you got to the thot7 dorm, you inhaled a deep breath. you couldn’t have a repeat of last time, you couldn’t let them suck you in again. last time, it was only bams that was the problem. now, you’ve got double the trouble.

you knocked on the door, rung the doorbell and even yelled out their nicknames that you personally gave them. that way, the random people walking pass wouldn’t know that it was the members of got7 that you were calling out on the other side of the door.

the music was so loud that you could hear it even if you went across the street. you noticed that one of the windows upstairs was open and that that’s where the music was coming from. although there was a curtain before it, you could see both yugyeom’s and bam’s shadow.

from what you saw, they were jumping around and looking like pure fools. everytime it got to the hook, they would scream it. everybody on the block could probably hear it.

“y/n come in!” you heard jackson’s voice, calling out to you.

you literally ran pass him and up the stairs to bam’s room. you banged on the door several times, getting more upset than you already were everytime you didn’t get a response.

“if that song fucking repeats again im knocking the motherfucking door down.” you mumbled.

“what was that sweetheart?” mark whispered in your ear as he crept up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“get the hell off of me and help me.” you wiggled out of his grip.

“get the fuck off mark she’s mine.” jackson said while he walked up the stairs.

“what are you talking about? you didn’t see shit.” mark scoffed at him.

you held in your urge to laugh and focused on the real reason for your being here. but since you didn’t have the energy to keep knocking on the door, you came up with something.

“let’s make a deal!?” you yelled over the music.

“what?” they both asked in unison.

“whoever can get the door open first, will get to kiss me.” you crossed your arms and watched as they literally pounded and kicked on the door with all of their might.

“yo open the fucking door!” jackson yelled aggressively.

“the cops are here open the damn door!” mark added on.

as expected from mark, the door swung open in seconds. there stood a very sweaty yugyeom and bam bam. they had a look of fear plastered all over their faces.

“yes!” mark jumped up in excitement. he hopped in front of you and grabbed your face. he pulled yours to his and kissed you.

“mark what. the. fuck?” yugyeom was shocked, forgetting all about the cops “being here”.

“i may be in love with her but we’re just friends. friends ki-.”

“y/n!” you turned around once you heard youngjae’s bright voice.

he and the other boys came running down from across the hall with the brightest smiles on their faces.

“thank god the music stopped, i was deadass about to set this bitch off.” jaebum rolled his eyes, earning weird looks from the other boys.

“you hang around y/n too much…” jinyoung paused and shook his head at him. “anyways thank you princess. you always know what to do.”

“ehhh…it was kind of these two that did it this time.” you pointed at jackson and mark.

“so i should get a kiss too!” jackson quickly kissed you and ran down the stairs, leaving you and everybody surprised as hell.

“anyways, i feel like the cops never came and y'all are just jealous.” bam bam said distracting everyone from what had just happened.

“agreed my boy.” yugyeom dapped him up and eyed the rest of you.

“do not and i mean do not play that damn song out loud unless it’s only you two here. there’s these things called earbuds and headphones, y'all should try them.“

“to be fucking honest.” youngjae mumbled. “shoot out the roof…” bam mumbled but loud enough for you to hear. “that’s it!” you jumped at him, but you were caught in mid-air by at least two of the boys.

hm…the rest was history. who knows if you beat bams ass…or if jackson ran away…or if yugyeom was jealous of mark…or if jinyoung really shot out the roof. find out on the next episode of got8hoes.


Vision passed you an envelope and you reluctantly took it; when Tony and Clint were in the same room it was nearly always guaranteed a prank was about to happen. Sam had pulled his phone out and was recording you.

 “I don’t even trust you guys,” you laughed and they echoed. Wanda seemed particularly keen for you to open it. Tearing it open - you didn’t have to see the whole contents to know that they were plane tickets. “Holy…” Your expletive was cancelled out by everyone shouting surprise and jumping at you in excitement.

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You are obvs the #1 wife lover of the fandom and I have been in the fandom since the beginning but I dont know a whole lot about the wives? Especially Dan, Gen I know a tiny bit about from cons and what not but I was wondering if you could tell me what you love about them so much? They seem like great gals and I would love to support them and love them too but I just dont know them I guess. Teach mee

Okay wowza I was about to go to sleep but I gotta answer this first

There are so many things I adore about them, so I’m not gonna be able to get through it all just now but here are my mains on Danneel seeing as you know more about Gen:

  • fucking flawless face; this woman is beautiful and i want her to murder me
    • did you SEE the pic gen instagrammed of the two of them bc Danneel is SLAYING OKAY
  • she’s such a good actress? like i’ve been a huge fan since One Tree Hill - it was always incredible to me that she could play a character like Rachel and still be so… not Rachel-ish irl. like that’s a sign of a great actor, being able to play someone that you’re not
    • in addition, I watched Ten Inch Hero bc of Danneel before I knew who Jensen was (didn’t actually put two and two together until i’d been watching SPN for a couple months and then i watched TIH again like !!!!!!), but I watched it again with v the other day, and Danneel’s acting is one fuckin hunna… arguably better than jensen in that movie ngl
  • she gave up that career almost entirely to be a mom.
    • people look down on people for this and i can’t fucking stand that. people also say she’s using jensen for ‘fame’ like GIRL this girl has so much talent she does NOT need to get a man to make her famous smh - she gave up a career to look after JJ and to ensure that Jensen could keep living his dream. fucking QUEEN i love her
      • ***obv there’s things she’s done since then (baby boot camp etc), but she’s made a lot of sacrifices for her family and that is admirable
  • she’s such a great person
    • people call her a bitch bc they don’t understand her. sure, she can be a bitch. so can i, so can you (probably idk you lol), so can everyone. she’s literally said before that she doesn’t want her characters to be taken as a face value bitch - like with Rachel she always said she wanted her to get a story arc where she says something and sees it through, where we get to see her working as a better person
    • people claim she’s typecast as a bitch, and use Tish from TIH as an example but those people obv have never properly watched TIH
      • SURE tish is a slut (lol relatable) but she’s got a good heart, and she fucking stands up for herself when she realises how bad her ‘relationship’ is - that doesn’t make you a bitch, that just makes you independent, and i’m sure i read somewhere that Danneel had something to do with how that last scene played out bc she wanted to show Tish as a strong woman in her own right
  • okay i just love her idk it’s midnight she’s the queen of my trashy heart

You shouldn’t be at a Lady Gaga concert!

So, lately I’ve just been recounting stories that haven’t happened in retail, but that’s ok, some of my stories I feel need to be told. I think this is one such story.

So this happened about five or six years ago. I was standing outside the Boondall Entertainment Centre, in Brisbane (Australia). I was waiting for my friend, we were seeing Lady Gaga. It was my first time seeing her, so I had prepared myself that I’d been seeing a lot things I had never seen before.

(I was completely right. I watched Gaga birth herself on stage. But that’s another story)

Anyway, I was standing near an announcer and a family that had two teens. When a stunning drag queen walks past. And when I say stunning, I mean, she was drop, dead gorgeous! Her body was fit and toned, her blow out was phenomenal, she had this dress with cut outs on it that was just to die for and sky high heels that she strutted in like it was nobody’s business. I was straight up jealous.

However, the family that was near started to make rather rude comments about the way she was walking and the way she was dressed. They were so loud the even the announcer beside me stopped talking and he had a mega phone. I was pretty outraged by their comments and their behaviour in general. Snickering and pointing, I couldn’t believe it. So I said very loudly in their direction,

“If I could walk in heels half as good as her, boy I’d be so happy! Don’t be hating because you’re jealous.”

They stopped and looked at me with disbelief, like they couldn’t believe that I was defending someone like her. I couldn’t believe they weren’t admiring her like I was. At that moment, my friend arrived and was calling out my name. So I finished with,

“Also, if you can’t handle her and how fierce she is, you shouldn’t be at a Lady Gaga concert.”

I walked off and all I could hear was the announcer giggling and the mother telling me to get some manners. Oh the irony! But I was surprised to see later on that same drag queen entered the mosh pit to a huge cheer. I wasn’t the only one to know she was fabulous.

TL:DR: Shut down a family who was making fun of a stunning Drag Queen at a Lady Gaga concert by admiring her.

Headcanon time
  • This most likely has been done before but yeah.
  • I just had this thought that Levi would probably be so annoyed when all the noble women would look all smitten at Erwin and being super unsubtle with their advances, and Levi would just stare them down. But he actually has nothing to worry about because while levi has been looking angry at these girls Erwin has been staring at him all lovey-dovey

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I'm sick of twitter and tumblr trying to bring down the Kommunity. Y'all are just jealous that's where Rhett and Link show the most love and that's not going to change even if you guys keep acting like gay people are oppressed in modern times. Grow up and realize that people are just sick of gayness being forced on us and then once everyone cuts it out y'all can come and have fun with the real fans too.

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Someone: *is a pedophile* Us: hey they're a pedophile Y'all: omg ur just jealous haha fukken rekt

I originally wrote a huge rant and I’m sure you’d like to read it, but since I know you can’t read well I’ll shorten it up for you:
Fuck off.

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I've got a cooperative living situation going with two other disabled people--basically, I'm roommate who goes to work, they're roommate who handles errands and roommate who handles housekeeping, respectively. It works super well, has worked for over two years despite all sorts of Weird Life Shit, and yet I still get people giving me shit for "enabling" them. Like nah dude, y'all just jealous that y'alls roommates don't make you tasty muffins.

Oh man that sounds fantastic! I’m so glad you’ve found a great way of living that works for all of you, good on you for ignoring the naysayers as well, you don’t have to fit one model of living. Sending my love to all of you <3333

All these fucking rats saying exo doesn’t deserve to win! Mygod! First of all, fuck you. second EVERYBODY in the kpop fucking industry is talented and WORKS FUCKING HARD, i mean everybody keep on fainting and shit so no one really does not “deserve” an award, it’s not exo’s fault they’re fucking legends! 😝 y'all just jealous because no matter how hard you try to drag exo down.. your faves cant win shit. I think behind the scenes is a very talented group tbh I even voted for them for the best mv or smtn but their fans.. HOELY SHIT just WHY CANt YOU JUST FOCUS ON YOUR GROUP AND STOP HATING ON EXO? Insecure much?! 😡 and btw… exo doesn’t need daesang, daesang needs exo 😛😛😜😜

-“So what of your sister?”

-“Ugh. Don’t get me started on that shit for brains.”

-“Trust me, I can relate. Tea?”

-“Are there sweets?”

Today a 14 year old boy called me "Miss Piggy" instead of my real name.

Backstory: I’m a teacher at a junior high school. I’m 23 and overweight because of my own choices combined with my genetics. This boy called me this back in September I pulled him into a classroom, explained that it was rude and disrespectful to me as an authority figure, and thought that was that. I also don’t have this gentleman as a student.

So today I was walking down the hall between classes. This student walked past me and then after I was halfway down the hall he said “Heyyyyyyyyyyyy Miss Piggy!” in the most teasing and condescending tone a 14 year old boy could muster.

And you know what?

I am confident, I am young and you know what?


She don’t need no man. She’s strong on her own while still being feminine.

So I’ve decided to make this boy my project. He hangs out outside my door every morning and I see him most days. So I’m going to learn his name and say hello. Every day. I will get to know him.

I will show him that there is no way that a 14 year old boy calling me fat is going to make me angry. Because its true but fat doesn’t make me a bad person.

So I’m going to stick with my theme song. Me and Miss Piggy

Aside from the one-shots for a second

you know what makes me really fucking mad? when I see yet another source/post that shows that the women on supernatural are getting hate. Why the fuck are you doing this? Danneel for example once said that she began feeling weird at meet and greets because the others gave her looks at whatnot, why the fuck? 

If you have respect for Jensen, respect his fucking wife. She is an amazing person, and actress.

 Erica Carroll, who played Hannah, has gotten hate because of her scenes with Castiel. It’s a fucking show, and love interests make it all the more better. And even if people don’t like the love parts of the show, why do they have to belittle someone else? Just fucking stop. Now many of us want Danneel to have a scene or something in Season 11, just for fun because we like her - but because of all the hate she’ll get, no one wants to even pitch the idea. Now it’s totally fine if you like the show just with the 2 brothers and their angel - hell I love that too, but if someone does guest star on the show and becomes an interest in these 3 mens lives, don’t send the actress hate. It’s her fucking job!