y'all i am so lazy right now


Did I really just go and find (sorta recently) old pictures because I look a mess right now and am too tired to make myself look good? Yep.

So I was tagged by @jaeminmyheart for a selfie tag, thank you lovely! ily, and I hope you’re doing well! 🤧😘❤️

So I’m tagging (and of course you don’t have to do this!): @doyouta , @renhyucks , @softlyqentle , @rosehyuck , @rapgodjae , @middlepart , @1cure , @shinehaechan , @angelicjeno , @seaside-lion , @hyuckwon

do you ever just

save things in your drafts

bc you’re too lazy to tag rn/can’t come up with anything good to say/don’t want ppl to know you’re online

and then find that they pile up

so much that suddenly you have 600 drafts to go through

(which you know you’ll never do)