y'all gonna need to note me if you wanna rp

open post

[Shopping needs to be more accessible closer to home. From New Bark Town to Goldenrod, even by almighty bird, takes several hours. Going back is worse. This is shit.]

[Especially when you didn’t remember to bring a flying pokemon!]

[That’s why Mr. Ethan is seething his way down the dirt road with about 1000 pounds of groceries stuck here there and everywhere. Both arms, strapped to his belt, and probably within that backpack of his. Poliwrath’s following him, helping out with the workload.]

Some of this was my money, too. And I don’t even eat it!

Seriously - who eats brussel sprouts? No one I know! Waste of cash!

[He’s complaining just because he’s in a mood. Chances are? The kid wouldn’t have a care in the world if there was a car or something to help him along.]

[… Or at least someone to talk to. Wanna be a bro and fill that spot?]