y'all don't even know each other

new perspective // panic! at the disco

People who hate Kent Parson: i get it. I completely do. But, even Jack says they both owe each other a lot of apologies?? Implying that Jack has also been angry and wrong??? And we know Jack can be mean with how he used to treat Bitty?? So quit hating on people who don’t hate Kent Parson??

Girl Meets World of Terror Part 3:

-Shows the impact of Riley and Maya’s friendship and how they influence each other.

-Everyone including Riley laughs in the real world when Lucas tries to say the most important relationship is his and Riley’s.

-Lucas seems to see that Maya is vulnerable even if he doesn’t know her.

Anti-Maya/Anti-Lucaya/crazy Riley-stan people’s response:

“OMG this episode totally showed how Riley and Lucas were always meant to be together and how they’re the center of the show and how Maya and Lucas always hated each other and never would have interacted whatsover without Riley and Riley is the one who made everything better and the only one that makes the world go round!”