y'all don't even know each other

different types of bts stans
  • n°1 : wow i don't get what this MV is about but it's so deep and meaningful!!!11!1!
  • n°2 : *writes a 50 pages essay about the whole concept*
  • n°3 : why are there like 5643 theories that are completely different from each other??
  • n°4 : lmao they're just on crack and y'all need to chill
  • n°5 : *actually impressed by the symbolism and how everything is connected even tho they don't understand everything*
  • n°6 : am i high or are they high
  • n°7 : does bts even know what their MVs mean

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hey! I don't want to put down this ship aye I think they are really cute together sometimes but I was just thinking that there may be a kind of culture dissonance when y'all see how touchy they are with each other? Like in some asian cultures (e.g. here) I think like sitting on each other's laps or hugging each other for no reason or even grabbing each other's hands/legs is quite a normal thing between friends, especially teens. Just my two cents!

[ROA]- Really Old Ask

lol nah no biggie, I’m Asian i know where that came from :)

In Asian cultures, it’s totally normal for friends to get involved in skinship. In my country, for instance, we would slap eo’s butts, hug, sleep with eo, even to the extent of groping eo’s boobs (don’t judge!) However, the thing I’d like to point out here is, in Jikook’s case there’s more to it than a mere skinship between friends/close friends, whatever you label them. How do I say this? Sort of like there’s more…feelings involved…

For Jikook, there’s natural connection between them. It’s like their body knows how to react when the other touches them. Their minds are in sync. They know how to work around the other. They’re not just physically attached, but emotionally attached too. EMOTION. That’s what it is.

this whole Vlive was sketchy af, from the moment Jungkook came in till the end. (chose this gif out of million other gifs bc look at Jungkook’s hand. Seems like he wanted to place it on Jimin’s waist where it should be haha)

The trillion times Jikook leave other members just to be with eo. the kind of content I absolutely adore, bc they don’t have to be touching for you to see that they’re genuine-whatever relationship they have.

The touches…

The way Jungkook looks at Jimin and smiles…

The way Jungkook takes notice of what Jimin is, and could be doing…The way they know eo like the back of their hands, the way they care so much bout the other…

PLUS! their actions are somewhat calculated. If you observe them closely, you would notice that most often than not, when they’re continents away from each other, it’s almost as if they don’t know one another. There would be very little to no interactions between them. When they DO interact, it’s like all the pent up frustrations are being let out. Jungkook and Jimin would go full blast and touch eo like there’s no tomorrow. Besides, some of the skinship they do lie beyond supposed boundary..and we must bear in mind that even if they’re close friends, there’s still that hyung-dongsaeng boundary between them.By right Jungkook needs to treat Jimin as how he treats other hyungs. (tho Jungkook has crossed it long long time ago) 

Their relationship isn’t just fanservice, isn’t skinship alone. The love I have for them isn’t solely based on skinship that they deliver everytime they’re together. The things I love about them can’t simply be put into words. Gosh i’m emo I love them…so much.

this is a masterpost of my Opinions, because i’ve been seeing a lot of drama and ship war bullshit going on, so i just want to be very clear on where i stand on some things. here we go:

-alex is not an alcoholic. she’s an adult who drinks alcohol.
-i ship karolsen & supercorp both, at the same time, legit like 50/50.
-that being said, i can also acknowledge that lena is kind of problematic (the alien finding device thing) and i would love for them to address that please.
-james, j'onn, and maggie have been treated horribly this season. they’re all regulars, and yet only get about, what? .5 seconds of screen time per week? and yes, it’s for sure racist…..which brings me to my next point..
-it’s no secret that my biggest problem w/ this season is mon-el. they sidelined james for this white fratboy, and there was nothing subtle about it. why they felt the need to kill a cute, semi-slowburn romance between an interracial couple is beyond me.
-i don’t think m'gann is technically a regular, but she’s also been treated like shit. they literally have sharon leal on their payroll and they’re not using her AT ALL and i’m heated about it.
-i’m cool with james as guardian, but i am not cool w/ literally any other male heroes on this show, because supergirl, at its core, is a show about women. as it fuckin should be.
-sanvers is my lifeblood.
-maggie needs a backstory, and relationships with people outside of alex. i would love for her and james to be besties, and please for the love of god acknowledge the friendship that she would undoubtedly have with m'gann.
-i want cat grant back.
-i want lucy lane back.
-last but not least. my daughter, kara danvers, has been sidelined on her own show. she is more alone right now than we have ever seen her, and it’s reflected in her overall demeanor. i despise the fact that we had such an amazing, underlying awareness of kara’s constant anger and grief in season 1, and now it’s as if that never existed. i miss the episodes ending with her and alex talking and eating pizza, but now all we get is mon-el manipulating her into feeling guilty that she doesn’t like him back. i don’t need that, and neither does she.

these are some of the big things that i’ve seen people arguing about the last few weeks. if you disagree with any of this, that’s fine, we can still be friends. literally the only people i’m not interested in talking to, are karamel shippers who genuinely believe that they are a healthy relationship, and that kara and mon-el have more chemistry than kara and literally anyone else. they should be brother/sister relationship, and that’s all. other than that, please know that i love seeing different headcanons for all the ships, and brotps you guys come up with, even if i don’t ship them myself. i follow blogs with totally opposite opinions, and love coexisting with each and every one of you.

new perspective // panic! at the disco


some cute tango/whiskey things to think about !!

tango asks bitty and the rest of smh for advice on How To Handle A Crush without letting on that the crush in question is whiskey, until bitty figures it out at a later point, and he offers to help in any way he can. tango fires off so many questions, one of them being about how bitty deals with any of his crushes and bits is just like “haha, texting helps!! 😅”, so they try many different drafts of what message tango could send to whiskey to get them to meet up so he can confess his feelings to him

bitty: this one?
tango: idk…is that too eager?
bitty: what about that?
tango: ??? is that okay ???
bitty: this one!! i’m sending it!!
tango: wait-
bitty: too late, it’s done, it’ll be fine!!
tango: 😰😰😰

(this got…long, like. Ridiculously Long, so the rest is under the cut!!)

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should you fight day6?
  • Jae: YES FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIGHT JAE. Or better yet, call me, and i'll fight him. just break that fucking dweeb's glasses and shove him into a locker or smth
  • Sungjin: yeah but listen. this is gonna be some fight club shit, like this is cathartic for him. y'all will beat the shit out of each other and then probably have a good cry
  • Junhyeok: NAH SON. Don't fight him ok. he looks skinny and punchable, but he's speedy and unwilling to back down from a challenge. i mean, maybe you'd win, but god at what cost?
  • Young K: fuck to the no. first of all, he doesn't even want to fight you. he wants to talk it through and work out your differences. also he could wipe the floor with ur ass so.
  • Wonpil: FIGHT HIM. OR DON'T. I DON'T KNOW! you would probably win the fight but he'd maybe cry and i don't want to be responsible for that, do you? also day6 would jump u
  • Dowoon: you can't fight him. listen there are a lot of reasons to want to but he's a sweet kid. also he plays the drums so u know he's strong af. Do. Not. Fight. Dowoon.

I’d just like to say that I feel very personally vindicated by how the episode resolved the AIDA thing. I have been arguing that Fitz’s curiosity about AIDA was only to figure out what went wrong. I was worried for some time that he really did think that the Darkhold “magically” changed AIDA. So, I was particularly pleased to note that he was actually following the rational track and assuming that they had been betrayed by Radcliffe. Which led them to apprehend him.

In other words, I am very grateful that AoS, once again, showed us a complicated issue between Fitz and Jemma where they were both right and wrong. And resolved it in a way that showed us that sometimes you’re going to be on different sides of issues, you’ll both have ground to stand on, and both make mistakes. 

But, at the end of the day, you love each other and you will work through it. And it’s ok to disagree and mess up. It doesn’t make your relationship any less valid or good.

Girl Meets World of Terror Part 3:

-Shows the impact of Riley and Maya’s friendship and how they influence each other.

-Everyone including Riley laughs in the real world when Lucas tries to say the most important relationship is his and Riley’s.

-Lucas seems to see that Maya is vulnerable even if he doesn’t know her.

Anti-Maya/Anti-Lucaya/crazy Riley-stan people’s response:

“OMG this episode totally showed how Riley and Lucas were always meant to be together and how they’re the center of the show and how Maya and Lucas always hated each other and never would have interacted whatsover without Riley and Riley is the one who made everything better and the only one that makes the world go round!”


  • the obvious one- harry was 16 when he and louis met
  • ‘a long way from the playground’ aka we all know that zayn was head over heels for liam from the very beginning and so was liam- just that he didn’t realize it until a while later, so they were playing around each other which i think is what this lyric is- they’ve made it a long way from the times when they wouldn’t admit they’re feelings for each other.
  • 'long before we both thought the same thing’ again, zayn was the first one head over heels for liam- while liam was still blind for some reason and didn’t see that his true love was right in front of him- so from the very beggining, zayn was the first to realize he was in love with liam, while it took a bit of time for liam to catch up
  • 'that these arms were made for holding you’ yeah idk this could apply to both but yeah y'all know how ziam are always holding each other it’s like they can’t survive without wrapping their arms around each other not even giving a fuck that they’re in public- so idk larry might do it too behind closed doors but since i’ve seen ziam do it about 304830 times that’s the first thing i thought of when i heard the lyrics
  • and idk this isn’t a valid point but the whole song just sounds more ziam than larry idk don’t hate me
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what the fucccck. never thought i'd hit this milestone tbh. In honor of me hitting 700 lovely fucking followers i present to you my second follow forever. I am honestly so thankful to have you all, I don't even know how y'all have managed to bare with my measily ramblings and silly pointless updates on my life for so long. this blog started out as something pointless but I'm glad y'all have stayed with my throughout this journey! Thank you so much guys. I'm sorry if I've forgotten anyone! Now, in no particular order ...

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