y'all better love this bc it took a while

Second Chance Ch. 9- Jealousy Issues

Hiya guys sorry this took so long, the chapters been done for a while but sometimes getting it edited takes some time bc my friends have lives. I’ll try to have ch 10 up as soon as possible but I just started my first semester at college and things could be better in my life. So just keep your eyes peeled.

Y'all I love your comments so much. They give me so much inspiration and make me feel so great, thank you.

Thanks to my friends for being so helpful and supportive as usual. My friend Kay ( @thegeekyartistoffical ) named this one. Thanks to @nora-ren for editing. 


TW: Eating disorder implications, nothing graphic

Pt 2: The aftermath of the night before and the festival continues. Some football is watched too. Jealousy happens.

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