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hummingbird heartbeat - pt23

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On July second, Bitty stood on his tiptoes, eyeing the arriving passengers for any sign of Kent. The flight was on time, according to the arrivals board. He hadn’t gotten a text message from Kent yet, but they had to have landed. Fidgeting with his phone, Bitty looked up at the boards again. Maybe he could find Kent by the baggage claim?

He’d managed to convince his parents – mostly his Mama – that it would be fine for him to go pick Kent up by himself. It wasn’t an awful drive from the Atlanta airport back to Madison, and, in all honesty, Bitty wanted Kent all to himself. He wanted to hold hands on the drive back from the airport, to kiss Kent when he saw him. He wanted to make sure Kent wasn’t freaking out too much about meeting his parents. Bitty checked the boards again, looking for baggage claim information.

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Pitch was diverse, had a black female lead, addressed topics like rape, feminism, and mental health. It had healthy relationship dynamics. It had SEVERAL great, complex, female characters with agency and narrative. It had good writing and excellent acting. ALL THAT AND IT WAS JUST GETTING STARTED. But it had no following.

Pitch being cancelled should shut down every argument against the prevalence of fandom racism, white feminism and racial bias in entertainment. There is no way in HELL this show should have failed. It had EVERYTHING going for it - EVERYTHING! It just comes back to race, like everydamnthing. If Ginny had been played by a pretty white girl she’d have been everywhere. She’d be the most talked about thing on tumblr with the exact same storylines, personality, love interests and backstory.

It’s hard to imagine there’s ever gonna be another show/film about the first female in major league baseball, but if there is, chances are she’ll be white and watch what happens….

Tumblr can’t be responsible for a show’s failure, it’s not that powerful. But the site at least can start a conversation or a movement. Pitch would’ve gotten cancelled with or without being hot shit on tumblr. BUT if tumblr gave a damn, there could’ve at least been a little fight for it. Petitions, hashtags, anything…something to show it had an audience. Maybe caught the interest of other networks.

I’ve seen what the White Feminists of Tumblr can do when it comes to fighting for a character they think “deserved better ”. Y'all know how to get your discourse to the right people -in a shockingly organized manner.

Well, Ginny Baker deserved better, too. We deserved Ginny Baker. And there’s no “crew ” or “defense squad ” to be seen.

Well, it’s day 14. I hope ya like it.

Victoria Gomez Hair Appreciation Post.

If I had this much hair I would be SO IGNORANT ALL THE TIME.  Like, you couldn’t take me nowhere ever.

**at a nice restaurant**

“Will it just be you tonight?”

Excuse you, ma'am, table for two.  Me and My Hair.  Thanks.

**at a party**

“Heeeeey Rafi, long time no see!”


“Oh, hey Rafi’s Hair, it’s nice to see you both.”

Hey man, how you been?

**at traffic court**

“And you’re contesting this ticket?”

Honestly, what I need to do is file a complaint so y'all can get better vision plans for your police officers.  Obviously I had every right to be in the carpool lane as a driver - Me, and one passenger - My Hair.

**at a photoshoot**

“Okay Rafi, can you just move a little further to the side?  We’re trying to center the shot on the white dress.”

Then why do you have one model on that side of her and two on this side?  I don’t understand.

**at the club**

“Sir, sir, sir!  Could you please stop hitting me with your hair?”

You mean, can you stop aggressively throwing your body at My Hair so you can avoid catching an assault charge tonight?  Because we will call the police.

**at a wedding**

“Rafi, where’s your girlfriend tho?”

Not to be all shady on their special day, but do you know them fools didn’t even invite her?  So insensitive.

“You didn’t get a plus one?”

Well, obviously I did or I’d be standing here talking to you bald af.

**at work**

“So for your performance review…”

You know, let me just stop you.  I don’t think you have enough hair for me to really care about your opinion, so we – My Hair & I – have decided to give us an A on our review and a 20% raise.  Thank you sooooo much for stopping by though.

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When your boyfriend co-star lets you play with his phone between takes

“That’s Okay, I Brought Two.” | JB Drabble

I’m out okay JB is constantly tryin 2 make me unfaithful but u know what i am denying him the right  ~Admin Hedgehog (y'all I’m getting better at angst i think) ( I got too carried away hard carried away lmao I’m sorry)this is more then a goddamn drabble whoops

“Hey Jagi. It looks like practice is gonna run late again tonight, so I don’t think i’ll be able to make it back for dinner. I’m sorry this keeps happening but with the comeback soon we need all the practice we need, but I promise I’ll be home tomorrow. I love-”

You hung up on Jaebum’s voicemail. This was the fourth time this week that he had canceled on you, and after a month of not seeing your boyfriend, it was wearing on your nerves. At least when he he went on tour he face timed you, but with practicing for the comeback so much, so late, he was too tired when the boys got back to the dorm to even send you a goodnight text. You were fine with him being away often, but it was hard to not even get a goodnight text, when he was usually so sweet and texted you good morning and goodnight no matter the time difference. 

You sighed to yourself as you chewed on your lip, and got up from your desk to go call Mark, to see if you could possibly swing by the practice room at lunch to see Jaebum. You stepped outside into the brisk fall air and shivered, whiting you had brought your coat along with you. 

“Hey Y/N! What’s up?” You could hear Mark’s smile over the phone, and it made you feel a little better, even though your reason for calling made you sad.

“Nothing much, how’s practice going? Jaebum oppa said he wasn’t able to make it home tonight because it was gonna go late.” There was silence on the other end for a moment. “Mark?”

“Yeah i’m still here. Uh, Y/N, we don’t have practice today.” you furrowed your brows as this new information appeared. 

“But Jaebum left me a message saying you all were gonna be there all night…are you sure? Is he at the dorm right now?” Mark cleared his throat awkwardly.

“Y/N, Jaebum left the dorm early this morning, before we all woke up. He hasn’t been home all day, and we haven’t heard anything from him today.”

“He hasn’t been answering my calls for a while now, just leaving messages.” You said as you swallowed, fear coming up like a bubble of bitter vomit in the back of your throat. There was a pause as you both struggled to come to a conclusion as to why Jaebum wouldn’t return the calls of you, and more importantly his members. There was one reason you could think of, and you kept trying to deny it. 

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Mark questioned, snapping you out of your reverie. “Do you need me or Jinyoung to come pick you up from work? It’s getting really dark, and I know Jaebum wouldn’t want you to walk home alone this late.” 

“No, it’s alright Mark. Thanks for the offer though. I’m gonna be leaving soon anyways.” You gripped your phone tightly, trying not to cry while on the phone with your boyfriend’s friend. 

“Are you sure? I don’t want anything to happen to you, and I know Jaebum wouldn’t like it-” 

“Jaebum obviously isn’t here though, so if he didn’t want me walking home alone at night then he should have showed up instead of leaving me twelve messages over a month.” You snapped, and regretted as you heard Mark shuffling awkwardly around on the other end. 

“I understand, but please be careful. Call me back if you see Jaebum, the members and myself need to have a talk with him.” He said darkly. 

“Of course, I guess I’ll see you guys later.” You hung up with that said. You held your phone close to your chest as you watched the colorful leaves fall from their branches. Was this to be the end of your three year long relationship? The very thought tore your heart apart. You considered what you had done to make him want to breakup with you in this way as you walked home after clocking out, your coworkers expressing their concern for your wellbeing, asking if you felt well. Their love was touching, and it made you feel a little better. Not by much, though. 

“Is he cheating on me??” The poisonous thought pierced your mind. You knew he loved you, and that he would never look at another female idol like he looked at you, because he told you that again and again, but you could never shake the nagging feeling that he could do better then you, with someone prettier and slimmer. Yeah, your guys’ relationship wasn’t perfect, but who could really say that their’s was? If they did, then they were lying, because every relationship had troubles. Your insecurities puzzled Jaebum, who couldn’t see the reasons why, and you would get frustrated with his temper and how he would bottle up his emotions, but it never got to the point that you guys felt like you had to break up.

You slowly walked up to the door of your apartment when you heard music coming from the inside. You frowned, turning the lock as you heard JB’s voice singing 2PM’s “Promise” You slammed the door, all the negative emotions you’ve been stewing in for a month bubbling over.

“Hey, Y/N. You took forever, why didn’t you take a cab home instead of walking? Yah, it’s dangerous at-” You rounded the corner into the living room as he sat there with his feet on your coffee table, like you hated him doing, playing a video game.

“No.” He looked up from his game as he heard the tone of your voice. 

“What’s wrong?” You scoffed, not believing his behavior.

“Are you serious? Are you really, truly, being one hundred percent serious right now?” You asked, and he raised an eyebrow and shrugged his shoulders.

“Im Jaebum, I cannot believe you! I haven’t seen or heard anything from you in over a month and you have the absolute nerve to come over here and act like everything is normal?? Who dropped you on your fucking head?” You shouted, frustrated tears coming to your eyes.

“I told you i was at practice all day, but we ended ear-” He tried to bluff, but you weren’t having any of it.

“Bullshit! I called Mark oppa, and he said that you guys didn’t even have practice today?? What the hell are you doing? Are you-” You choked on your tears for a second. “Are you seeing someone else? Is that why you wouldn’t return my calls?” Your voice dropped into a whisper, and you wiped your eyes on your sleeve as JB stood there. “Say something, please. Anything. I deserve an explanation, at least.”  He sighed and rolled his shoulders back, before walking over and picking up a box of chocolates you didn’t notice before.

“I know. I’ve been a piece of shit to you, and you deserve better then me. I was out all day trying to find the perfect apology gift for you, but i couldn’t find anything good enough to say how sorry I am.” You let out an unbelieving giggle, trying not to drown in the wave of frustrations and emotions you were flooded with. You smacked the box out of his hands, spilling it out on the floor.

“Do you really think a box of fucking chocolates will make me forgive you?? One whole month, Jaebum!! You always text me good morning and good night, and tell me you love me no matter what, but where were you this month when I needed you?? Were you fucking someone else? Another idol? If this was your way of distancing yourself from me to soften the blow, it didn’t fucking work-” He interrupted you by grabbing your cheeks and kissing you hard on the lips.
You struggled to pull away from him, but you just sobbed into his mouth as he kissed you so passionately and lovingly, reminding you of the times before this hell of a month. He pulled away and held your head to his chest as you clutched onto his shirt and sobbed into his shirt.

“Shh, shh. I’m sorry, okay? I’m so, so sorry and I never meant to make you feel like this, I was just really overwhelmed and I know that’s a terrible excuse but I needed time to think to myself and the members were making it impossible with the comeback coming up next week, and I promise I’ll try to be a better boyfriend and I’m sorry I’m a piece of shit boyfriend, and you really should break up with me because I can’t treat you as good as you deserve,” He paused to take a breath and kiss the top of your head. Your sobs slowly turned into hiccups as he rocked you back and forth, holding you as if you were going to slip out of his fingers any second. 
“I need you to stay with me, even though I’m awful because I don’t know if i can balance myself out without you, you keep my temper under control and you make me realize how to let lose and be okay with chaos and I love you for you, and I would never, ever, ever leave you for anyone better because there is nobody better then you in my eyes.” You looked into his eyes and saw tears of his own running down his face, and you gently grabbed his face and brought his lips to yours in a salty kiss, letting him know that he was forgiven.

“I’m sorry for smacking the box out of your hands.” You looked at the mess around you. “Now we have to wash the floors, I don’t want to get ants.” You picked up the box lid, wincing as you saw the expensive name brand on it. “It was so much money and I wasted it, I’m sorry oppa.” Jaebum laughed, and rubbed the back of his neck.

“You see, I kind of had a feeling you would be really pissed off at me, so it’s okay, I bought two.” You giggled along with him, laughing at his need to be prepared that worked out in your favor. You guys snuggled up on the couch after cleaning up the mess, sharing the second box of chocolates between the two of you as you guys watched your favorite movie, both of you feeling truly happy and content for the first time in a while. 

BTS as Family Pt.3 "Shopping"
  • A/N: Other parts are on my masterlist.
  • Jin: Ok my sad-excuse-for-a-family, we're all going to spend quality time together. So we're going shopping!
  • BTS: *ignoring Jin*
  • Jin: Ahem... I said, we're going shopping!
  • BTS: *still ignoring Jin*
  • BTS: *scramble to car*
  • - @ the store -
  • JungKook: I want to sit in the cart mommy!
  • Jin: Ok baby *lifts up JungKook*
  • Jimin: I want to get in too mommy!
  • Jin: Boy you're 7 stfu.
  • Jimin: *crying, makes RM carry him*
  • Hobi: I'm going to the pharmacy section.
  • Jin: Why?
  • Hobi: So I can cure all the sick people with my godliness *heavenly lights shine on him* I'll also save them money on the medicine. *more heavenly lights*
  • Suga: Uh-huh, sure weido now stop people are staring.
  • Hobi: Let them stare for I am- *gets knocked out my Suga*
  • Suga: I SAID STOP!
  • Jin: *moves kids away* Ok children nothing to see here.
  • RM: Honey can we go down the condiment aisle?
  • Jin: Why we have enough condiments @ home.
  • RM: Yeah but Jimin says he wants to get some jams.
  • Jin: *stares narrow-eyed at Jimin*
  • Jimin: Daddy, mommy's scaring me again. *burries face into RM's shoulder*
  • Jin: Where's Taehyung?
  • JungKook: He said he was going down the ice cream aisle, because that's what his kind eat.
  • Jin: Namjoon go get your child.
  • RM: Don't you mean "our" child?
  • Jin: No I mean YOUR child. This is my baby *points @ JungKook*
  • - 5 mins later -
  • V: I don't understand why I can't just go and live on my home planet.
  • Jin: Because I said so, now JungKook baby get out the cart so I can-
  • JungKook: No.
  • Jin: What did you just say?
  • JungKook: I said no mommy. Are you deaf?
  • Jin: Boy you better-
  • Police: Ma'am is this your child? *holds up V* We found him in the dairy aisle eating ice cream without paying for it.
  • Jimin: Yeah we know him! That's my little bro-
  • Jin: NOPE! I have never seen that kid in my life.
  • V: But mommy I-
  • Jin: Maybe you should find his real parents.
  • Police: *drag V away*
  • RM: Why did you do that?
  • Jin: Because he's technically not my son, only JungKook is.
  • RM: *facepalm*

CONGRATS EVERYBODY !We made it to 6 million great people in this community, and this is AWESOME. I know I said it before but it’s so crazy how fast the community grew from 5 mil to 6 mil subs. It’s just like it was yesterday! I personally found Jack’s channel just when he hit 5 million subs and I can’t believe why I didn’t found his channel earlier. I was looking for FNAF Gmod let’s plays and found a video where he played it. I found Markiplier through that as well. Anyways I thought ‘Hey, this guy is funny!’ and started watching more videos of Jack. I literally LOVED his videos. Especially the vlogs and ‘Reading your comments’ vids. Such a funny, kind, caring, honest and bootiful guy. I am SO proud of Jack and just everybody in this community. I know I’m still not fully part of the community, cos there are not many people who actually know me but I hope some day I can fit it. Because of this community I found a few friends, I got motivated to start drawing again (Thanks to wiishu I got inspired to start digital drawing, even if it’s only on my phone and I’m still a noob), I found a reason to laugh everyday and I see people everyday who care so much and are just so cool. I was never actually in a fandom until now. Some days I still feel sad and lost because I can’t do anything with my life right now and stuff, but everything gets better, right?Thank you Jack. Thank y'all so much. I’m looking forward to your videos in the future!