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@thatsthat24 is an absolute sweetheart and I am honestly mystified at the fact that he keeps saying such nice things about my art??  (also ngl pretty mystified as to how he keeps seeing it in the first place cause honestly??? I’m shook)

(or: I woke up to this comment on my Prinxiety speedpaint over on YouTube and I’m having a great day basically)

seventeen as hockey gifs


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Wonwoo (the goalie): 

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DK (player on the left):

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Vernon (white jersey):

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meanie cuz mingoo is ovi and wonu is sid om g bye

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hoshi and minghao ffs 

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either mingoo or wonu you get to decide the more emo child bc of this 

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seungcheol’s awkward and out of context dad dance moves 

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hyung line i crie

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chan and bully soonyoung 

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seoksoon. so soft.

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mingyu and seungkwan those 2 are gonna kill each other one day i stg 

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gyuhao. gyuhao. gyuhao. do i even need to explain

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enjoy my two fav things in the entire world in one post :D all the love, xoxo

So they’ve already put up the Christmas lights at the local shopping center right and one part of the display are these big festive phrases hung between the buildings; y’know standard stuff like “Believe” and “Wish”-- and for whatever reason, “Ding dong”. But the thing is if you stand on one side of the road half of it is blocked from view so it just looks like someone decided to write “DONG” in massive fuck-off glowing letters and hang it in the middle of the high street and tbh it’s the closest thing to a Christmas miracle I’ve ever seen


Please take a moment to appreciate Optimus and Bumblebee going to school with GIANT. FUCKING. AUTOBOT. BACKPACKS.

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omg arin seeing that dan has been skipping some meals to do work and hasnt been getting enough sleep and arin starts to nag dan from his tank to take better care of himself. and dan is basically just like 'lol i can handle it. if you think this is bad, you should have seen me in grad school' and now arin is even more worried

hello did someone order cheesy and fluffy mom arin

good bc here you go



Dan awoke with a start at the feeling of a hand on his back.

“Dan?” Blearily, he wiped his eyes and blinked at the culprit. It was Suzy, with Holly standing behind her. “You fell asleep. It’s late, why don’t you head home? Holly and I are heading out. Ross and Adam took off an hour ago.”

He smiled at Holly, who was carrying Suzy’s purse for her. “Hey, Holly.”

“Hey, Dan.” She smiled. Dan didn’t miss the way Holly’s eyes kept darting to the tank. Arin wasn’t there.

“Have you met Arin yet, Holly?”

“No,” she admitted, finally turning to look at Dan. She smiled, embarrassed. “Sorry. I know he’s not a piece of art to gawk at. Suzy just tells me so much about him and I just…want to see him with my own eyes.”

Suzy laid a hand on Holly’s shoulder, smiling. “If Arin doesn’t feel like coming out, the only one to get him to is Dan.” Her eyes flicked to the tank. “Sorry, babe, but we don’t ask him to come out just to meet people. Then it starts feeling like he’s up for auction or something.”

“No, no, I totally understand,” Holly replied quickly. “I’ll meet him some other time.”

“Anyway, Dan,” Suzy said, turning back to him, “you look exhausted. Go home and get some rest.”

“I will,” Dan promised, and said goodbye to the girls as they left the lab. 

Their footsteps faded down the hall, and Dan turned and started up his computer, mentally berating himself for falling asleep. They had an important report due tomorrow, and he’d been working Arin hard, too. He needed to get this finished.

He nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound of Arin’s voice. “What are you still doing here, Dan?”

Dan clutched his chest. “Jesus, Arin. You scared the shit out of me.”

“Sorry?” Arin questioned, flicking his tail back and forth. Dan tried not to stare at his tail. It still mesmerized him. “But it’s late, isn’t it? Aren’t you tired?”

Dan shrugged. “I’m fine. I need to get this stuff done.”

He could practically feel the disapproval radiating off Arin. “Have you eaten?”

“Yes,” Dan lied.

“You’re a terrible liar, Dan.”

“You’re not my mom,” Dan snapped, then sighed, rubbing his head. “Sorry. I just…I need to get this finished. I haven’t slept. But it’s nothing to worry about. I’m used to it.”

Arin was silent for a few minutes. Dan kept his head in his hands, trying to rub away his building headache. His stomach whined, reminding him that he hadn’t touched proper food for nearly two days.

“Dan,” Arin said quietly. “You look awful.”

Dan raised his head at Arin’s tone, and was surprised to see such an upset look on Arin’s face. He looked…distraught. His ear fins were moving in concern, and his brows were drawn close together. His tail was swishing anxiously. “Arin?”

“You work yourself all the time and don’t sleep,” Arin burst out. “You don’t eat. When Suzy goes for lunch you stay here and work. You go home later than anyone and arrive earlier than anyone. You’ve always got a drink with you to fight off the fact that you’re tired. They all let you sleep today, you know. When you fell asleep right at your desk, Suzy gave strict instructions not to wake you.” Arin chewed on his lower lip. “We’re all worried about you. I’m worried about you.”

Dan was speechless, staring at Arin. No one had ever noticed Dan’s unhealthy habits before. He always insisted to Suzy that he ate and slept, and Ross and Adam hadn’t been around long enough. 

But Arin had noticed.


“I mean, I saved your life,” Arin interrupted, knotting his fingers together. “I feel like I have some say when you’re not taking care of yourself.”

Dan smiled, laughing a little. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you worry.”

Arin scoffed. “There you go again, worrying about others but not yourself. Can’t you take care of yourself just once? Please?”

Dan stood and walked to the tank, looking up at Arin’s worried face. “Okay. I’ve just been…stressed.”

“You dedicate yourself to whatever you’re working on one hundred percent,” Arin said. “You always do that. You don’t take time to realize you’ve been neglecting your own needs.”

Dan was touched. He hadn’t thought Arin cared this much. “Arin…”

“Do you want me to sing to you?” Arin asked, anxious. “You said it helped you relax.” His cheeks were pinker than usual. “I’ve been practicing.”

Dan tilted his head, curious. “You learned a song?”

“Well…no. But I just…let noise out. Like…a melody? It’s different, but we do that underwater, too. It just sounds different. It’s odd to do it with air, but I have to admit it sounds nice.”

Dan started up the ladder. “Alright, fish man. Sing to me.”

Arin bobbed next to the platform, and Dan laid down on it, turning his head toward the water. “Okay, I’m ready.”

Arin swallowed, and started to sing.

He was right–there weren’t any words, but he kept singing a lilting melody that seemed so lovely that Dan suspected it was part of something they sang underwater. It dipped into a beautiful tenor line, and Arin’s voice sounded so rich and deep that Dan felt his heart beat just a bit faster.

He closed his eyes as the singing continued, appreciating the fact that a merman was singing to him. He’d heard myths about merpeople’s singing–or was that the siren?–and it was as every bit lovely as Dan imagined.

After a bit, the singing wobbled and weakened. Arin’s singing was much softer. 

Dan felt something on his face. He peeked his eyes open just a bit.

Arin’s fingers lightly stroked down Dan’s cheek, hovering at his jawline. Arin stared, entranced, as he lifted his hand to touch Dan’s hair.

Dan opened his eyes. For a moment, neither said anything, staring at each other with soft breathing.

Arin made to move his hand back. “Sorry, sorry, I–”

“No,” Dan breathed, hardly daring to move. “It’s okay. You can touch it.”

Slowly, Arin reached forward and lightly skimmed Dan’s cheek. “It’s so soft,” he murmured, awed. He poked Dan’s ear. “It’s so…warm.”

Dan’s breathing hitched when Arin’s cold fingers trailed down to his neck. Arin rubbed the spot right under Dan’s jaw. “No scales. Nothing. It’s so vulnerable.” Arin’s eyes were wide with wonder.

“Yeah,” Dan whispered, wondering if Arin could feel his accelerated heartbeat. 

Arin moved to Dan’s hair, at first toying with the ends but then grabbing a tuft and feeling it between his fingers. It felt so nice Dan half-closed his eyes. “I’ve never seen hair like it. I wonder what mine would look like completely dry?”

“Soft,” Dan murmured, drowsy. “It’d probably be soft.”

Arin drew his hand back, and Dan opened his eyes. “Wait. May I?”

Hesitating, Arin extended his hand to Dan, who took it with both of his. He kneaded Arin’s palm with his thumbs, marveling at the slick texture. He brushed the webbing between his fingers lightly, his eyes roving over every detail, memorizing it.

He let go of Arin’s hand, who took it back and looked at it, wondering. Arin looked back at Dan. “Do you feel better now?”

Dan smiled, sitting up. “Yes. Thank you, Arin.”

Arin smiled, and Dan felt his heart skip a beat. “Go home and rest now, okay? Eat something healthy.”

“I will.”


“I promise.”

“Good.” Arin moved forward. “Before you go…”

Dan obliged and lowered his head so Arin could kiss his forehead. Straightening, Dan tried to keep his blush under control. “Thanks, Arin. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Arin nodded and leaned back into the water. “Until then. Goodnight, Dan.”

Dan slept better than he had in months that night.

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Hi! Just thought that you should know scottishboop on twitter is trying to pass of your sniper McCree art as her own.

Thanks for letting me know! I dropped a comment on the post in question – although, it looks like it ain’t just my work they’re trying to claim as theirs (which is incredibly dumb of them really, considering the amount of difference between the art styles of each piece). If anyone recognizes any other artists’ works that have been reposted there, it might be an idea to let them know as well. Hopefully it’ll all get resolved soon in any case– shame that the first time I use twitter in months is for such a thing tho, lol

EDIT: not five minutes later, they’ve blocked me! lmao


When Min Yoongi does that with his face.

Come play Broadchurch Bingo

Dear All:

There are many things to celebrate in my blogger’s life… the return of Broadchurch, the 2 year anniversary of this silly blog, and the fact that almost 600 (when did this happen?) of you amazing people are following my ramblings.

In order to celebrate I am kicking off the official “Chibbers Read The Fic” Bingo. Clearly, Chibbers has been spying on all of us fic writers and is attempting to put as many Broadchurch fanfic tropes into the show as possible (this is a scientifically proven fact - fight me on it). We shall use this splendid opportunity to play bingo. I created a set of bingo cards with common fic tropes which show up in actual fic (i.e. Ellie calls Hardy an insult, they hug etc.). We will be watching the show and marking all the tropes we find.

Here are the rules:

  • Players must be following this obsessive Alec Hardy enthusiast
  • To participate reblog this post and I’ll message you the image of your card
  • Watch Series 3 (all episodes including 1), enjoy, and mark all the fic tropes you find
  • I will be keeping track myself and make posts with the tropes identified after every episode
  • If you get 5 in a row, column, or diagonally, tell me (I will check your card) and you’ll win
  • THERE ARE PRIZES (Alec Hardy mugs from @jem-scribbles Redbubble store and/or a medium length prompt fic from me) (must be willing to give me your address to get the mug)
  • Alternatively you can use it as a drinking game if that’s your thing (lol)


Honestly though the Lego movies’ version of the Batman universe is the straight-up best and I will not hear otherwise