y&r brazil

Can't Do You Like I Can.

I sat next to Neymar, my feet propped in his lap as we laughed at something yet another time. We had been holed up in my loft for a few hours just watching movies and snacking on different foods. It felt good to have him around to just hang out. It was difficult having a boyfriend with the lack of time like he had but today was one of the few days we had together to just relax.

“You want me to beat you in FIFA again?” he proposed while he grabbed for the controller I had tossed to the floor earlier in fake frustration. I held out my hand and took it quickly into my grasp. “No. I don’t want to play anymore.”
At that moment, the door of the loft swung open revealing Justin walking in fresh from work, staring down at his phone until he spotted me and Neymar on the couch.

I knew he wouldn’t speak to Ney. They secretly hated each other though they never exactly verbally confessed to such to each other but I just knew. Neymar would never admit to him that he felt insecure just by his presence and the fact we lived in the same home. Justin was my roommate. Though we were just friends, telling that to Ney didn’t ease his worries. In his mind whenever I was home and Justin was as well I was pouncing on Justin and ignoring his text messages or calls.

It was the furthest thing from the truth but it was hard to get my boyfriend on board with believing me. He didn’t trust Justin.

At all.

And it kind of made sense. Just looking at Justin today showed why Neymar feared what may be happening in this home. The man had on a salmon colored button up, a pair of dark navy blue pants and a glistening gold watch decorated his wrist. His pale blue eyes behind his fashionable black rimmed glasses and the blonde hair atop of his head that was styled perfectly with gel gained the attention of many women. Except mine.

I had Neymar. There was nothing better than that to me but tell that to my boyfriend and it was a for sure lie. The glare he threw Justin’s way as he walked further inside and smiled in my direction showed that. “Hey, Y/N. Thanks for the brownie last night. They saved my life,” he chuckled, still continuing to walk past us as he talked.

“No problem!” I smiled back. I had made a large batch of brownies and knowing I wouldn’t be able to eat them alone, I set out a few for Justin. It was normal for us to share things or for me to share things I cooked. Neymar didn’t like that.
Justin smiled and continued his journey upstairs to his room, shutting the door behind him. I looked to Ney who had a scowl on his face. “What?” I giggled, somewhat enjoying his jealous behavior.

“Nothing,” he scoffed. But it wasn’t really ‘nothing’ and when a few more moments passed, he spoke up again. “When are you moving out? I really don’t like you living here.”

“Awww. Is the poor boyfriend jealous?” I playfully took his cheek between my fingers, pinching them lightly which only made Ney push my hands down unamused at my playfulness. “I’m serious. Even if you don’t want to move in with me at this point I’d buy you your own place.”

But I felt comfortable where I lived and I wasn’t looking to change that just because my boyfriend felt uncomfortable with the fact my roommate looked like a model for GQ instead of an unattractive eye sore. “No thanks. Get over it.” I stuck out my tongue but it only caused Neymar to roll his eyes to the ceiling in annoyance.

“Now what do you wanna do?” I questioned but Neymar didn’t respond, instead just standing to his feet and heading up the stairs urging me to follow.

I moved a few steps behind him as he led the way to my bedroom, stealing a glance to the closed door of Justin’s room before he walked into mine. I watched as he plopped down onto the edge of my bed and motioned me over with his hands.

I walked closer and once I was within reach, he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me down into his lap. His lips fell onto mine, deepening the kiss with the addition of his tongue languidly moving against mine. The remnants of sugar on his tongue from the sweets we just finished delighted my taste buds.
Too engaged in the kiss to break it, Neymar simply rolled over to put himself on top, beginning to unclasp the top button of my jeans. He fumbled with the zipper for a moment as his eyes were too busy closed to glance down for a better view. Eventually I shed the material and he next removed my shirt to leave me in only my bra and underwear. His eyes ravished over me. Ney quickly discarded of his clothing and lowered himself between my legs.

The bulge of his member lowering to my love made me grow even wetter than I already was, my body aching for the feel of him inside of my close confines. His soft lips puckered against my neck, dragging and tracing his territory on my skin with his tongue while he directed his member inside of me.

A sharp gasp left my lips with his first pump inside of me. He started off slow before beginning to move his hips back and forth quicker to eventually leave me breathless. Neymar wanted nothing more than to have my moans ringing out throughout the entire home and he wouldn’t stop until he accomplished his goal.

I could barely think straight with the pleasure emitting through me but with my eyes dancing through the room, I noticed the door of my room still wide open. I couldn’t react the way I wanted. I really wanted to jump up from under Ney and close my door but with the way he was slamming his hips into me, causing my eyes to roll back, there was no way I was stopping this.

“N-Ney? I have to close…fuuuuck.” At the moment I was trying to get my words out, he found my most pleasurable spot. And he knew exactly what he was doing.

“Shhh,” he urged. His pace quickened drawing out a string of moans from lips at a high volume. It turned Neymar on, a smirk now decorating his face. He lowered his lips near my ear, lust tracing every word he pronounced. “Say my name.”

He didn’t have to beg or ask again. His cool hands met my hips for better control while I sang out his name in delight. “Neymar.”

“Louder,” he commanded.

“Fuck, Neymar!”

He was purposely going after all of the right spots, at all of the right speeds to get me to be as loud as possible. I hadn’t even heard Justin exit his room until I saw him now standing at the door, an annoyed look on his face. “Keep it down,” he commanded before slamming the door shut behind him.

Embarrassed, my cheeks turned red. “Ney!” I hit his arm but he only stopped his strokes and laughed in response. The last thing I wanted was to be caught having sex with my boyfriend. Thankfully I still had my bra on and was covered by a hovering Neymar.

“What? You think he enjoyed the show?” My lips pursed as he continued to joke about the incident. I pushed him off and slid from under him but he just grabbed me back closer by my waist.

“You’re so sneaky.” I wanted to keep my mean look going but the look on his face made me crack a smile. “Can we continue this?” he asked.

“Yes but with the door closed and me being quiet.”

“I can do with the door closed but I don’t know about keeping you quiet.” I giggled while Neymar grabbed me closer, ready to finish pleasuring me to purposely piss off my male roommate.