Jian Yi: *sighs*

Mo Guan Shan: … you ok?

Jian Yi: I haven’t seen Xixi in two days. I really miss him.

Mo Guan Shan: Huh…

Jian Yi: You probably know the feeling. Since you haven’t seen He Tian since last week.

Mo Guan Shan: Not really.

Jian Yi: You don’t miss your boyfriend??

Mo Guan Shan: Sometimes I do. But then I remember that my boyfriend is He Tian. And then I feel all better again.

Jian Yi: …


While You Were Sleeping | HA HA Cloud Machine 

While you were sleeping, the humor themed illustration show HA HA Cloud Machine, curated by Dave Van Patten, opened over the weekend in MADE by Millworks, Long Beach, CA. The show featured the hilarious handiworks from various Los Angeles and Long Beach based artists as well as the awesome works of Daniel Johnston. Other artists included Matt Furie, Penelope Gazin, Luck McGarry, Michael Hsiung, Travis Millard, Dave Van Patten Jeff McMillan and Charlyne Yi. HA HA Cloud runs till April 30th, so there’s plenty of time to grab one of those special Daniel Johnston pieces!  

Photographs courtesy of Dave Van Patten