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I made myself laugh on the way to work today because I started thinking of the DA talking like Bing does just to piss dark off. Dark is trying to be serious in planning to kill mark and the DA just goes “sounds lit” and leans over to Bing like “did I say it right” or just yelling out “big mood” to anything that dark days even though neither of them knows what it means. -sims anon

pffft omg xDD bing and da conspiring to annoy dark is just great tbh

Who is this bitch Y/N? 

And how are they getting all these hot men to fall in love with them?

  • Thor: Y/N, will you do me the honour of becoming my sister in law?
  • Loki: Did you just propose to Y/N for me?

Honestly, one of the hardest things about being a fangirl is trying to decide who you’re fictionally dating/married to for the day/week/awkward encounter with a relative who frazzles you into answering her “Oh! What’s their name?” after you accidentally say yes to the dreaded question of if you finally found someone.

Flannel (Luke smut)

Summary: basically just making out with sleepy/morning!Luke whilst wearing his clothes地nd a little something else

Warnings:this morphs into smut!

Word count: 1.4k

A/N: you can blame @starryclem for this one. We ended up chatting about making out with Luke whilst wearing his clothes and then this baby was born. I hope you enjoy it! ;)

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Lukes grip on your waist felt warm, his slender digits applying a firm pressure to keep you held in place. Your arms rested on his shoulders, hands draped around the back of his neck to allow your fingers to loop through his hair. Twirling the silky strands between your fingertips, you nudged your mouth back against his.

His lips were soft - slightly puffy from the past few minutes of hurried kisses. Hands squeezing your hips, Luke bit against your bottom lip, eliciting a small moan from your breathless mouth. Seizing the new access to your mouth, you felt his tongue slip inside a moment later.

As you continued to furiously make out, your couldnt help but smile against his mouth. Everything about the situation felt comfortable - from the golden rays of sunlight streaming into the room through a gap in the blinds, to the way his old oversized flannel engulfed you completely; the worn material - with its fading colour and fraying cuffs - giving you a sense of home. Your legs slung across the lap of your comfortable boyfriend was just a bonus, to be honest.

Someones eager, you commented, pulling back to speak against his lips. You shifted to the side and felt a bulging hardness poke up against your thigh. Luke groaned, the sound short-lived.

Cant help it, sweetheart, he mumbled, quiet words carrying a hidden weight, you look fuckin perfect in my flannel.

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Hair and Amen
  • Loki: Hey Y/N nice hair
  • You: Oh um thank you *blush*
  • Loki: I'll bet it would look nicer balled up in my fist when we-
More Than This (Stiles Stilinski soulmate imagine)

Summary: a soulmate AU in which you cantalk with your soulmate through a link in your minds. Based off the promptthis is yours.

Word count: 8.1k

Warnings: just the odd curse here and there!

A/N: I rewrote this prompt three times and Ive finally come out with something I like! The soulmate AU isnt something Ive tackled in this fandom and its always been a favourite of mine so I reckoned it was about time匈 hope you enjoy it! :) Pls dont let it flop.

For @fillthevoid-stilinski s writing challenge!! <3

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Age 16.

Has it happened yet?

Glaring at your best friend, you shook your head. I dont think its something that happens all of a sudden, Amber. Besides, he might not be sixteen yet, you said, lips twitching as you watched her bounce up and down on your bed. It was the morning of your sixteenth birthday and shed woken you up at the crack of dawn, demanding to know if itd happened - if youd got it.

You never know, she pointed out. They could start speaking any second.

Nodding hopefully, you layed back on your bed and closed your eyes. I guess I just need to wait.

Amber mirrored your actions, laying down beside you. Tell me the moment you hear something.

If I hear anything, you clarified, nodding nevertheless. Will do.

For as long as the earth had turned, soulmates had existed. Although there were many connections one shared with their soulmate, there was one fundamental link that could never be turned off - a communication bond. Once sixteen, the tradition was to grow a mental connection with your soulmate in which it was possible to communicate with one another.

Of course, the universe couldnt make it that easy for you. Your soulmate always had their voice muffled somehow so you never truly knew how they sounded. There were also pieces of information that couldnt be passed along the link. If you tried to tell them where you lived or where they could find you, theyd hear nothing but blank noise.

To many, the mind link was only a curse. It could be torturous to be so close to your soulmate but have no real way of coming into contact with them, having to rely on fate to bring you together.

To you, however, it was exciting. You were practically bouncing off the walls! Most of the people around you had found their soulmates and never failed to tell you how incredible itd been to hear their voice for the first time - you were ready to have a similar story. Despite knowing that your soulmate may not yet be sixteen, you were feeling incredibly optimistic that the link would open any minute.

Y/N, Amber whined, a few minutes later. Have you got anything yet?

Biting your lip, you shook your head. No, Ill let you know if I-

Hi? Anyone守m, there?

-oh my god! You exclaimed, sitting straight up, eyes wide. That was a voice! A voice, you repeated, pointing at your forehead. Amber, there was a voice in my head.

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The not Shawn Mendes tour

Summary: Youre sitting in on q&a with Shawn and the fans are asking you more questions than Shawn.

a/n: thank you so much for the love with 27 to Forever: vows, I lovedwriting that because I just imagined what I would want Shawn to be saying. I cannot believe so many people liked it. I love all of u sm. My requests are open, just request request :)

Your name: submit What is this?

Thats a good question, uhm, I dont know. Shawn, your boyfriend, smiled at the fans that was gathered in the little room.Ill think about it.

That was his first answer for the whole q&a session, and you were glad it was a good question. You can tell by the way how Shawn is smiling comfortably and his gears are really turning in his mind, thinking about the question.

Can I ask y/n a question? The next fan, that he picked, spoke up. By the mention of your name, Shawns face just lit up and he looked at where you were standing in the back.

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Poly-relationship, vkookxreader, AU

Taehyung x reader x Jungkook 

Word count: 1,497

Genre: Fluff, tiny bit angst

( I’m new to this, sorry if you don’t like it, please don’t hate :,) )


 It was cold, rainy and windy. Even better, you were told that you were a disappointment to the shop by your boss, because one costumer had to nag. Also, being snappy isn’t the smartest thing to do which consequently lead to you getting fired.

 You let out a deep sigh, twisting the key and quietly pushed the door open. You gazed down at the peachy digital clock that was sat on the commode, the clock Jungkook just had to buy, because it resembled you.

 11:43am, you could’ve been home for about 2 hours ago, but you were stuck on a bench near the shop you used to work at, with thoughts that ended up making you feel discouraged about everything. Your fingers were stone cold which was the reason for you managing to drop your phone in a puddle.

 The small prickling sensation in your fingertips made you clench your hands into small fists. Your hair was drenched, water dripping against the floor tiles of your fair to middling shared apartment with your beloved boyfriends.

 All you needed for the devastated feeling to pass on for a while right now was a hug from them, a warm big embrace from both. You roamed into the living room, the lights were slightly dimmed making it a bit difficult for your eyes to adjust before they finally settled on the two boys. They were both facing you. Staring to be exact.

You greeted them softly and shuffled towards Taehyung who turned to you with a small smile. Jungkook on the other hand, didn’t even spare you a glance. You were about to return the cute gesture, but Taehyung had already wrapped his arms around your quivering form before you could even blink as if you had been absent for long. His hands grasped onto your cold sweater, rubbing your back affectionately. You wanted to press your head against the heat of Taehyung’s chest, but his embrace didn’t last for long. He took a small step back and contemplated your face with a faint smile, nodding towards Jungkook. The room was awfully quiet, no one said a word as you peeked over Taehyung’s shoulder. Something was wrong, which left you staring intently at them.

The distressed feelings came pouring back at you once again, the looks on their faces, everything screamed that you probably had wronged them. But you couldn’t remember what you did so wrong to make them this senseless towards you. The living room was awfully silent, everyone kept their mouth shut and you couldn’t bear it anymore.

“What’s wrong?” you questioned faintly earning a half-hearted chuckle from Jungkook, making your stomach churn. He turned to you, finally showing off his features. But they were nothing near his usual smiley appearance. His brows were furrowed, creating tiny crinkles between them. Jungkook glared at you nonchalantly his eyes slowly trailing down to your wet clothes.

“What’s wrong?” He muttered, there was a hint of mockery in his voice. Jungkook pressed his lips to a thin line and glanced over at Taehyung. “The first thing she asks is, what’s wrong Tae” Jungkook seethed, it wasn’t Jungkook talking anymore, it was his frustration which left you somehow speechless. You stared, not knowing why they or more specific, why Jungkook acted like this. You breathed out, crossing your arms having a sick feeling to your stomach.

“Why are you so angry with me?” You questioned out loud directed to Jungkook, whilst fighting back angry tears. “What’s the reason for you looking at me like this?” Taehyung flinched as you shifted your gaze back to him. The last thing you wanted right now was to start crying and fight with the ones that were supposed to be comforting. You turned around abruptly about to storm off when you heard Taehyung’s soft voice, making you come to a halt. “Today, me and Jungkook had to eat alone, celebrating his promotion” (A/N: let’s pretend he promoted at his job okay and it was a very big thing for him) You inhaled loudly as it hit you, Jungkook promoted today at his work, all three of you were supposed to eat together and you forgot. Your eyes were shut as you turned around, not really wanting to look at them with an apologize at the tip of your tongue.

“Don’t apologize” Jungkook said sternly, standing up, making you feel even smaller.

“Jungko-” he cut you off again, “I’m not even mad for you forgetting, but you didn’t even call Y/N and the worst part, you didn’t pick up your phone!” he said raising his voice a bit, reasoning for his frustration as he dropped his hands to his sides. “We were worried” Taehyung mumbled, peering at you. Taehyung had always been the forgiving one, he was never fully mad, even when others wronged him a lot. He was just a too nice of a guy, wearing his heart at his sleeves.

Jungkook brushed past you, almost touching you. You glanced over at Taehyung with a look that made him avert his eyes from your gaze. You were feeling lost and didn’t know what to do, you wanted to reach out for Taehyung to ask him to help, you wanted to tell them how horrible your day was. But what you did to them must be even worse.

“It’s okay, Y/N, I’ll go talk to him” He murmured softly, moving towards you and gently pulled you against him. “Don’t be sad” He soothed as tears started falling from your eyes, dripping onto his shirt, Taehyung wasn’t aware of your crying before your body jerked slightly as you sniffed. He pulled away slightly, looking down at you with furrowed eyebrows.

“Y/N, hey” He trailed off, brushing your hair behind your shoulders, bringing his hand under your chin tilting it upward. “Hey, why are you crying, don’t cry” His stuttered in a low voice, wiping your tears away with the pad of his thumb. “Baby” He mumbled, knowing you love the nickname and pulled you in for another hug, placing his chin over your head as he pressed your cheek against his chest. Taehyung frowned at Jungkook who were still standing by the door, staring at them hugging. Taehyung pouted at Jungkook, trying to signalize him that he didn’t know was really going on

“I- they, they told me” You choked back tears and pulled away slightly, staring at Taehyung’s almost wet shirt. “I’m a disappointment for my boss” you started, sniffing a bit before looking up at him already staring at you with concern. “I got fired” you faintly explained, dropping your head, almost as if you were ashamed of it. All you heard from Taehyung was just him loudly inhaling, before bringing you closer to him. “Hey, you’ll find a new job, don’t be sad, your boss is a jerk anyways” Taehyung mumbled with a slight hint of envy in his voice, your boss was indeed a douchebag or a jerk as he described him, always throwing fits over nothing. Taehyung’s hand surprised you by carefully tilting your chin upwards and placed a loving kiss on your chilled lips. “Your lips aren’t warm” he grimaced, pressing his index finger against your bottom lip, pulling it down slightly, making you curve your lips into a small smile at the dainty gesture.

Jungkook on the other hand stood behind you, listening to every word you said, before reaching out for your arm, hissing at the cold fabric, pulling you towards him. “You’re going to catch a cold, go change or take a shower” he murmured, his face still showing some anger, you thought he was going to give you at least a hug or a kiss, but instead you nodded, quickly hurrying past him. Jungkook glanced over at Taehyung who stood with his arm crossed and eyebrow raising threateningly. Jungkook inhaled loudly, quickly turning around and went silently behind you, grabbing you by the waist and swirled you around, startling you, pressing a small kiss against your forehead then a giving your lips a small peck.

“Jungkook, I’m so sorry, congratulations on your promotion, I managed to forgot, seriously I-” Jungkook groaned out loud, pulling you into a similar hug as Taehyung did. “It’s fine babe, go shower, you’re cold. Next time something like that happens, you call and tell us who to beat-” Jungkook was suddenly cut off by Tae’s ringing voice, “No violence, Kookie” earning a small chuckle from you. “Yeah, yeah talk for your own possessive ass” you shot back, as Jungkook looked at you with slightly widened eyes. “I’ll show you possessive” Taehyung yelled out, laughing as Jungkook grabbed onto your hand and escorted you to the bathroom quickly locking the door. “Let’s shower” he beamed catching your confused gaze and raised his eyebrows questioningly, “You two better let me join or you won’t get any of me for the next 2 weeks” Taehyung complained from the outside, leaving you and Jungkook in snickering messes.


Haha, god this is my first one shot or whatever it’s called, I dunno hope you liked it. i rushed a bit in the end, aha. 



















A Stimulating Night (Calum smut)

Summary: ??????? Calum fucks you reaaaaal good.

(theres no plot its just地 lot of intense fucking)

Word count: 3.1k

Warnings: THIS IS VERY NSFW! Includes the following: thigh riding, daddy kink, mild bondage, dirty talk, slight overstimulation, mild spanking and choking kink!

Requested? Yup. I combined the following five requests (you guys are kinky fuckers and I love it):If youre still taking the smut requests please please please do a daddy calum one with like overstimulation pleASE. + Light bondage with Calum pls?!?! + cal and thigh riding has been a turn on of mine forever + Calum with daddy kink too + rough daddy kink cal w/ choking kink pretty please?聶

A/N: Wow Im back with 5sos writing after about half a year. Sorry for the delay. Im thinking about restanning Calum (and maybe Luke) but Im not sure if anyone still wants to read my writing! Please let me know if youd be interested in reading more 5sos from me?

Get your holy water.

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Holy shit, baby.

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