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Ace and aro people are valid
Ace and aro people are not broken
Ace and aro people are not confused
Ace and aro people are not “going through a phase”
Ace and aro people are apart of the lgbt+ community



Being Oliver Queen’s sister and finding out you’re pregnant with Mick Rory’s child.
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You felt like the world had just been kicked out of orbit. The expression your brother wore…you’d never seen it before. Was he happy for you? Angry? It was impossible to tell as he slowly made his way over to you.

“Oliver?” You shifted around on the couch, unsure whether to stay where you were or jump up and make your escape through the door. “Oliver, say something.”

He didn’t. Instead he knelt down before you, took your hands in his and grinned.

“Oliver, you’re scaring me.”

“I’m going to be an uncle,” He cheered, pulling you towards him by your hands and catching you in a hug. “And you’re going to be the best damn mother this kid could ever have!”

“Y-you aren’t mad?” You asked him, awkwardly returning his embrace.

“Oh, I’m mad,” He assured you. “and I’m going to have so much fun sticking an arrow or two in your boyfriend as soon as he returns from whatever timezone he’s currently in. I promise you.”

“Please don’t.”

Send Off

It was 7 in the morning and you were still half asleep and in sweats and a large sweater. You didn’t want to come all the way to the airport to send your best friend off but he insisted and said that he couldn’t leave knowing he didn’t see you before getting on the plane.

“Why do you look so grumpy Y/N? You’re not mad that I’m leaving are you? You aren’t right?” Jae leans down to look at you with a frown on his face and you narrow your eyes at him before replying

“I’m not upset that you’re leaving Jae. I’m happy that you’re following your dreams, what kind of best friend would I be if I kept you from doing what you love?” Your words turn his frown into a huge grin and he wraps his arms around you in a huge hug.

“You’re not going to replace me when I’m gone right? I won’t come back to visit one day and see you calling someone else your best friend will I?” You laugh and shake your head at his ridiculous comment, who could ever possibly replace Jae?

“No one can replace you Jae, you know that” He hums in response and hugs you a bit tighter when they announce his flight on one of the intercoms of the airport. Before he gets onto the plane he removes his necklace with his guitar pick on it and places it in the palm of your hand. ‘To remember me and my amazing self’ he says and you can hear the sadness in his voice. You remove your favorite bracelet that was given to you for your 16th birthday and slip it onto his wrist

“Don’t forget that I’m always cheering you on okay?”

1 year later and you’re struggling to find the location of their live busking that they had announced the day before. Jae didn’t know you were in Seoul, you hadn’t told him that for your last year in college you had gotten the chance to study abroad and Seoul was the first thing that came to mind for you.

You ask 2 other people where the location was and no one knew. You were starting to give up when you hear the familiar sound of a guitar, a sound you hadn’t heard in person for almost a year. You pick up your pace and feel your heart racing when you see Jae and the rest of Day6. You feel like a proud mom as you watch them preform with so much confidence and when the fans begin to sing along with them. You sneak to the front to take a picture of them when you catch Jae’s eye. You hide behind a random girl and she gives you a death glare when you bump into her a bit

“Sorry” You say in Korean and she turns around and continues to fan girl about your best friend. You stay behind other people through the rest of their performance and when they finish you have to take a few deep breaths before you make sure the security is occupied with something so you can get closer to Jae

“Jae” He doesn’t seem to hear you over the chatter that’s going on. You try again but still no reaction.

“Jaehyung!” You cup your hands around your mouth and yell as loud as you can which works because Jae turns around at the sound of his real name instead of the nickname that people knew him by. His eyes widen when he sees you. He hands his guitar to one of his band mates and runs over to you

“Y/N what the heck are you doing here!” He yells before tackling you into a hug (he literally wraps both of his legs around you)

“Jae you’re not as light as you think you are” You laugh and he unwraps himself from you and brings you into a proper hug. He squeezes you tightly just like he did the day he left L.A. Your little moment is stopped when someone harshly pulls you away from Jae. Two arms grab onto your waist and you let out a scream when they lift you up and away from Jae.

“Wait don’t I know her!” Jae scrambles to grab onto you as he pulls you away from the security that was dragging you away from him.

“Please don’t manhandle my best friend like that again” Jae frowns at the security who bow before turning away from you two.

“You still haven’t told me how you’re here Y/N” Jae looks down at you and you look up at him with a gummy smile on your face

“I came to surprise you of course and to meet your new family” You motion towards the rest of Day6 who are staring at you guys with furrowed eyebrows. “I told you I wouldn’t replace you didn’t I?” You hold up the necklace that he gave you before leaving and his eyes begin to water and he shows you the bracelet that you gave him also.

”Why are you crying!” You laugh and pull him down and into another hug. He sniffles before pulling away, rubbing his eyes and looking down at you with a playful glare

“I’m not crying” He mumbles and you’re about to tease him more but an arm wraps around your shoulder and you jump at the sudden contact that wasn’t Jae

“Hey hyung who’s this, she’s pretty” You look up at another blond boy with a huge grin on his face and feel a blush rise to your face because wow you had seen them through pictures but they were so much more attractive in person

“YoungK no, stay away from her!”

Dating Hoseok (jhope) would include

- “hey are you gonna finish that?” “Hoseok, I literally just sat down.”

- falling asleep at the dorms and faking sleep when you wake up so you could listen to him softly hum next to you as he stroked your hair

- Hoseok dragging you to fan meets and photo shoots when you didn’t even want to go, but making you have fun because anywhere you went with him was automatically brightened up

-  you and Jin standing in front of the tv together at the dorms, hands on ur hips, mom face on, asking Hoseok why he didn’t pick up his underwear from the restroom

- “y/n’s the one who took them off of me, I thought she would pick them up.”

- trying to be mad at him for shit he says, but then he’s literally holding you hostage in a back hug and calling you shit like “my little sugar plum cream Danish baby y/n, are you still mad at your hope-ie?” And then you’re rolling your eyes cause damn you got a lame ass bf

- picking him up at late hours from the practice room because he’s the last one in there practicing his dance

- “oh my god Hoseok you could’ve at least showered before you got in”

- whenever you go over to the dorms and greet the other boys, he gets a little overly jealous and ends up cradling you in his arms the whole time, side eyeing jungkook whenever he sat next to y'all

- yelling at him because he steals your face masks, like you’re wondering where they all went and you walk inside the bedroom and he has like 3 stacked on his face for “maximum effect”

- he the type to meet your friends and family and introduce himself as ‘your hope’, they’re looking at him crazy, your face is red, why Hoseok

- him using your phone like its his, like half your music library his music, he gots his parents phone numbers in there, he takes his selcas on it, having to bring an extra charger because he never remembers his

- resting together on your bed after he’s cleaned from practice and full, you’d be dozing off but then suddenly he’d pull you on top of him and catch your lips, his hands coming to grip your ass and hips and your suddenly so awake and ready to go

- going in and out of little stores together, having to turn down his insistence towards you to try on literally every outfit y'all see

- “but it would look so nice on you, jagi.” “No, Hoseok I’m tired.” “What if I buy it?” “I mean I can try it….”

- you and his sister texting, and hoseok’s always in ya business like what ya talking about? is it me? let me see, i know its me

- in reality your both just sending each other hair tips and wondering how to stop your cuticles from drying out 

- sharing food, like at first you thought it was cute, but he the type to order the same thing as you but then be staring at your plate and asking for a bite because ‘yours looks better’ 

- namjoon thanking you whenever you picked him up on the weekend’s because that boy is just too hype and yoongi is .5 seconds away from strangling him because he doesn’t let him sleep

- you not getting much sleep either, but from other reasons 

- ‘Y/n, you know you’re an angel right? i want you on our next album cover” “hoseok please

- even if on the surface your guys’ relationship doesn’t seem very serious to yourself or even others at first, you both know that you’re in the for the long run and love each other more than you could ever love someone again, you just so happened to find your best friend in the guy you love the most.

Imagine dating Gabriel, and hiding the candy he gives you so you don't hurt his feelings, because you can't eat it due to cavities

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“What’s this?” Gabriel asked as he pulled out the zip lock baggie full of unwrapped sweets from your pillow case. “So, this is where all the candy I gave you went to.”

“Gabriel, I can explain, okay? It isn’t what you think. I really do appreciate the candy, but I couldn’t-”

“Y/n, sweetheart, are you scared? It’s okay!”

“Y-You’re not mad?”

“Heavens no!” He laughed as he pulled you into a hug. “I could never be mad at you, but I’d like to know why you hid these from me instead of just saying no. You on a diet or something?”

You shook your head. “No, I’ve had too many cavities recently and I can’t eat a lot of sugary candy anymore. The sugar in it hurts my teeth.” You explained. “Plus, I need to stop before I get anymore.”

“Oh, that has to suck!” He exclaimed. “No candy? For how long!”

“For a while, Gabe.”

“Oh my father! I couldn’t do it! No way!”

You couldn’t stop the giggle that escaped from your lips. “Gabriel, it’s okay! I promise! I think I can manage without it for a while.”

“You’re a brave soul, Y/n. I couldn’t live without my sugar!”

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PD-nim: okay suga, for this picture, i want you to say something very serious to jungkook

suga: hokay

*places hand on kookie’s shoulder*

suga: bruh

suga: you insfire me



100 to 0 real fast.


Jason Todd x Reader

“Jason, what are you doing?” , You said raising an eyebrow while your boyfriend posed in front of the mirror. He’d been doing that ever since he came back from patrol and honestly, it was starting to drive you mad, “[Y/N], I have a reputation, those suckers need to know that I’m a bad motherfucker. I have to look good.”
“Oh, right, I guess the guns, the red helmet and the punches you give just aren’t enough to send that message.” A smirk starting to draw on your face. “Ha ha, very funny.” Jason turned to you with a smile that matched yours. “You’re just jealous you can’t look as menacing as me.” He said while getting closer to you. “But it’s okay [Y/N], I love you no matter what.” He was now inches from you and you couldn’t decide whether to kiss him or punching him on the face, how dare he say you weren’t menacing!? You knew maybe your height wasn’t enough, in fact, a bit down the average, and you also had to accept that the reason no one believes you’re old enough to live alone is because you have a babyface that looks will stay forever. But that didn’t bother you, you knew there was more to it than that, someone just had to look at the demon spawn to see that height and appearance had nothing to do with that. “Jason, you just won a night on the couch”
“What? Why!?”
“Two nights.” You said as you pulled away from him and headed to your bedroom. “[Y/N], that’s not fair!”. You stopped cold on your feet, holding onto the door frame you turned your head enough to glare at him over you shoulder with the cruelest gaze you had, reserved only for those unfortunate enough to anger you, and answering with a tone that matched, “Shut up!”.
“Wow…” He said while raising his arms. “[Y/N]… babe, I’m sorry.” The smirk now fading and slowly being replaced with one of terror and confusion. You were now facing him, your body language transmitting what could only mean danger. “[Y/N], calm down a bit, okay?” He tried pleading with you, his knees lowering to the floor. “Shut up!” You screamed, throwing the nearest object you had to the wall behind him. “Shut up you fucking bastard”. Now closing the distance between you two with your eyes harder and wilder than ever. “I’m fucking tired of you, I can’t with this any more”, “I’m gonna kill you. IM. GOING. TO. KILL. YOU.” Jason tried to back away from you but the wall didn’t allow him. Once you were close enough, with a hand you grabbed him by the neck and with the other you reached to his belt and took a gun, now pointing to his head. The terror had now taken control of his face, he had fought gangsters, armies, murderers, thieves, rapist, you name it, but never has he feared someone this much, it wasn’t because you represented a threat, he could disarm you any moment, but he couldn’t harm you, and he loved you, and seeing you pointing a gun to his head left him powerless.
“I’m sorry [Y/N]” You looked at him in the eyes and started to laugh. You laughed until your stomach hurt and tears came out. “What!?” His face now full of confusion, he slowly raised again while you kept laughing, now less than before. “What the fuck [Y/N]!!” His hands pulling back his hair and resting them on his neck. “Fuck!”
“You shouldn’t have said I wasn’t menacing.” You said placing the gun on his hand.

A/N: Thank you @cait-writes-stuff  @batlog for reading this:)


“Tommy? Y/N?” The two immediately pulled away from each other. Y/N knew making out in the kitchen was a horrible idea, but when Tommy’s lips got to her’s, there was nothing that could tear them apart. Except for maybe this.
“Ollie,” Y/N exclaimed jumping from the counter. “I can explain.” Tommy, usually quick with a witty remark, was silent. Oliver just held up his hand. After a minute or two of processing what he had just seen, he looked at his twin sister and his best friend.
“When did this start?” he asked.
“A couple of years after you ‘died.’ We were always there for each other and one thing led to another,” Y/N paused. “Are you mad?”
“No. Just surprised,” Oliver said as he made his way over to his sister and hugged her. “Just don’t do anything to hurt each other, okay? That will make taking sides very confusing.”
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I bet Lev would totally adopt an orange tabby munchkin cat and name it after Yaku because “he’s small and cute just like the real Yaku-san!”

obviously he’d get hit but come on you know Yaku wouldn’t be THAT mad ‘cause the cat IS really cute and of course so is he

Request: Silence

Request: It’s still Wednesday where I am!! Haha I hope this counts. A dean x reader one shot where the reader is giving dean the silent treatment for whatever reason and dean is teasing her and being cute and trying to get her to talk. At one point dean talks so much about something knowing it’ll annoy the reader, so to shut him up she kisses him and tells him to shut up and they both laugh. So much fluff okay. As much fluff as you can do! Haha thank you. You’re the goddess of SPN one shots!

Word Count: 632

Goddess? That’s one hell of a compliment; thank you so much!!! I hope you like it, sorry if it’s a little short!<3

“Y/N?” Dean knocks at the bathroom door gently, trying not to make you any madder, “Y/N, are you still mad at me?”

No answer. He sighs, leaning his hand against the wood and knocking again.

“Talk to me?” He asks desolately, “C’mon, Y/N, I didn’t mean to!”

Alright, that’s a lie. He’d planned on replacing your chocolate after he ate it; you’d just caught him in the act, and haven’t said a word to him since.

After all, you had made him promise not to touch your chocolate. And it had been safely concealed within your bag, forcing Dean to go ahead and rifle through your stuff to retrieve it. He knows fine well that he’s in the wrong, but he’s already apologised a thousand times and you’ve been in the bathroom for almost an hour.

“Y/N, at least give me a sign that you’re okay?” He asks, and in response you open the door, stalking out and going to sit on the motel’s creaky bed without saying so much as a word to him.

“Aw, babe, c’mon?” He prompts, coming to sit beside you. You turn away from him angrily, picking up a book. After a few moments of watching you in silence, he harrumphs childishly and folds his arms, standing up, “Fine, then. I don’t need to talk to you. I can amuse myself!” He proclaims, propelling himself to his feet and crossing over to the table on the other side of the bed, shoving Sam’s laptop open violently.

He stares at the screen, occasionally typing things in – no doubt some shitty gossip website again. As much as he’d like to deny it, Dean likes to keep up with pop culture. Every so often, however, he’ll sneak a glance over at you and hope that you’re looking back at him – but you never are.

“Maybe we should go out tonight?” Dean asks loudly, vying to get your attention, “There’s a restaurant down the block that look nice.”

Still, you don’t even react to him. He shoots you a glare, but there’s nothing to it. In fact, all he wants is your attention back on him – he doesn’t like it when he can’t hear your voice or see your smile.

“Come ooooooooon!” He groans, throwing his head back in frustration, “Can you please talk to me? I’m sorry I ate your chocolate. I’ll buy you ten new ones if you say something.”

“Something.” You say shortly, not even looking up from your book. He merely stares at you for a moment, not sure whether to laugh or cry. Instead, he goes to sit beside you, resting his chin on your shoulder.

“Please talk to me?” He begs, “I wanna hear you say funny stuff again. Or mean stuff. Or happy stuff. I don’t care, just stuff.”

When you don’t reply, he continues on.

“I like your voice.” He insists, “It’s nice and soothing and it makes me feel at home. I know we don’t have an ordinary conventional home as such but when I’m with you it’s the closest I’ve ever felt. You make me feel like I’m at home, like I’ve dropped in and kicked my shoes off and gotten a bottle of beer and sat in front of the TV and put my feet up and put the game on and-“

Sick of his rambling, you groan, taking his face in both of your hands and pressing your lips to his firmly, successfully shutting him up.


“Mm?” He stares at you, awestruck as you pull away from him.

“Please shut up.” You say, and you both burst into giggles like a pair of children.

“Gladly.” He grins, pulling you in and kissing you breathless; making sure that this time, you’re both doing something much more interesting than speaking.

Sam’s Timestamp: 1996

Previous Parts

Note: Zeke= Ezekiel/Gadreel, also, Dean is the best person in the world and I love him with all of my heart. 

14 years old- Sam’s in 8th grade, Y/N’s in 7th

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living together with Jimin (pt.2):

Okaaay~ I couldn’t wait any longer and I love this imagines too much so here you go part 2 ~ ♥

part 1 |

You: Oppa are you being serious we are going to miss our flight of you keep joking around. *gets mad af*

JM: Okay calm tf down Y/N we won’t be late *continues playing around*

You: Chim~ Smile for the cameraaaaa~

JM: *gif explains everything tho~ *

You: JIMIN you are not going to fight with those idiots..c’mooon~ *panicks af*

JM: They will see with whom girlfriend they are messing with Y/N. *mad af*

You: CHim~ ? I bet you can’t drink all the beer with one shot! *smirks*

JM: BISH you’ll underestimating me~ *lowkey he can’t drink everythig out*

You: *starts randomly screaming* How you dare lying to me Jimin?

JM: *doesn’t knows what to say*

You: *lowkey smirking* KK awww oppa I was just kidding~

JM: AAAAAH you scared the shit out of me Y/N ….*dieees*

You: *does something cute*

JM: Aiiiish I can’t handle you jagiiii~ *fanboys internally*

*he doesn’t realises how cute he looks himself*

*lowkey you fangirl as well over his cute charm*

Updated (again) WINTOUR information

If you want to buy just a ticket (Mailing List Pre-sale), the code is WINTOUR

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3/04/16 - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden
3/05/16 - Mashantucket, CT @ Foxwoods Resort Casino
3/06/16 - Syracuse, NY @ War Memorial Arena
3/08/16 - Grand Rapids, MI @ Van Andel Arena
3/09/16 - Dayton, OH @ Wright State University Nutter Center
3/10/16 - Louisville, KY @ KFC Yum! Center
3/12/16 - Chicago, IL @ United Center
3/14/16 - Des Moines, IA @ Wells Fargo Arena
3/17/16 - Birmingham, AL @ BJCC Arena
3/18/16 - Memphis, TN @ FedEx Forum
3/19/16 - New Orleans, LA @ Smoothie King Center
3/20/16 - San Antonio, TX @ Freeman Coliseum
3/22/16 - Wichita, KS @ INTRUST Bank Arena
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3/25/16 - Phoenix, AZ @ Talking Stick Resort Arena 

3/26/16 - Irvine, CA @ Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre

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Access To On Site VIP Host

“Look, Harry. I’m not mad! All I’m saying is that you could have taken five small seconds to stick the dishes into the dishwasher.” You scoffed, slamming the dishwasher shut before gesturing to it. You and Harry barely got into arguments, but when you did, they were usually over the smallest things.. (”No one folds shirts like that, Harry!” “It’s not my fault you were raised folding shirts in a strange way, Y/N!”)

“You seem mad.” Harry hummed casually, scrolling through his phone, not even bothering to give you as much of a glance. That only pissed you off even more - Even though you told him you weren’t mad, he knew you were mad.

“Will you get off your phone for once, please?!” You snapped, grabbing Harry’s phone and sticking it into your bra. “I’m trying to talk to you and you’re not even paying attention to me! How many times do I need to remind you, ‘If the dishes are gross and dirty, stick them in the washer so they come out nice and pearly!’” (Yes, you had a song for the dishwasher. No, you weren’t ashamed of it at all!)

“I was in the middle of tweeting something!” Harry frowned, getting up off the stool, about to make his way over to you. 

“I bet it was a dumb tweet anyway.” 

“It was jus’ about how people who make songs about dirty dishes are big ol’ dorks.” Harry smirked. He’d never admit it, but he always liked pushing your buttons. You were hilarious when you were angry, with your scrunched up nose, your cheeks burning red - It was a little cute, no doubt about that. 

“Oh, the nerve of you!” You hissed, grabbing his phone out of your bra before rushing over and holding it over the garbage bin. 

“Ooh, look a’ me, I’m Y/N!” Harry began mocking you, placing his hands on his hips while pulling a face. “I threaten my boyfriend so tha’ he’ll put dishes into the dishwasher, and I’ll annoy the crap out o’ him till he does things my way. I also spend my time writing songs about stupid pearly dishes!” There was a moment of silence before the two of you burst into laughter. 

“I don’t even sound like that!” You laughed, handing Harry’s phone back to him as he chuckled along. “I’ll try to be less uptight, I’m sorry. I just like neatness!”

“Look, I promise I’ll remember to put the dishes into the dishwasher to get them nice and pearly for yeh.” Harry teased, pressing a kiss to your cheek before shaking his head. “We’re probably the most dysfunctional couple to ever exist - fighting over dishes and tweets.” 



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Got7 when you hide that you're in a company.


Y/N: Don’t be mad…

Mark: I’m not jagi, don’t worry!

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Y/N: So… are you mad?

JB: No, i’m surprised and of course happy.

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Jackson: It’s supposed to mean that we can go to we got married together?! *happy bae*

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Junior: Don’t worry baby, I’m always here to cheer you up.

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Youngjae: We can practice together. teheehe

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BamBam: So, you joined a company? Interesting…

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Yugyeom: What, I hear that right? Say it again! *comes closer to you repeat* blush

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Hey, i’m sorry for the delay, I had some problems, but I hope you enjoy. :D