y visca catalunya

I don’t want to ruin anyone’s mood rn since we did afterall win with Leo scoring twice, but what I do want to mention is that the fact that a second place team like us was doubted when it came to winning to Eibar (not discriminating Eibar is a really strong team) who’s in 10th place just shows to me how much we’ve been lacking as a team lately. Especially our midfield and defense since we can’t track when dangers coming which should really be fixed when we get our new manager. Also, I’d like to say thank you to Lucho even though almost every culé wanted him out, he’s pulled us through to some very magical moments: remontada, 3-2 Bernabeu, and a few crucial wins at the end of it all. Even though we could’ve improved a lot defense-wise this season, in our books Barça will always win our hearts and with a touch of historic moments by Messi scoring his 500th goal at El Clasico and us turning around a 4-0 loss to PSG in the Champions League Quarter-Finals. I’d like to say that this season (and refs) hasn’t been too loyal to us but these memories we shall have forever written in our history books. And with that I’d like to say: VISCA BARÇA Y VISÇA CATALUNYA 🔴🔵


unforgettable barça matches: may 2, 2009

it was not just that barcelona’s 6-2 ­victory, secured with two each from thierry henry and leo messi, plus one from carles puyol and gerard piqué, ­carried them seven points clear with four matches remaining. it was that they left their rivals in tatters, turning the santiago bernabéu’s battle cry, briefly revived in the second half, into a ­murmur of impotence.

Ever since I was a little girl, my mom taught me I shouldn’t love anyone or anything because of its victories. “You choose one, you love one, forever, through it’s victories and defeats”, she said. “You can’t just give up on something because one bad thing happened.” I didn’t understand what was she saying then but today I completely understand. I love one team. I stick to it. It doesn’t matter if they win, if they lose or is it a draw. They are the best for me. One of the most beautiful things is seeing them winning. It’s not about trophies and prizes. It’s about believing in them. Mes que un club. Som un equip, som una família. Visca el Barca y Visca Catalunya!

  • Steal the golden ball.
  • Neymar transfer problems.
  • The fear of messi & neymar from injuries.
  • Puyol retirement.
  • Death of the son of iniesta.
  • Valdes & Pique’s injury.
  • No transfers for barca for two years.

But Barca is still fighting , Visca El barca y Visca Catalunya.