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worldbuilding hc  — on the subject of fishing, trade, and the guidelines in Fontaine

As the most nautically inclined kingdom in Ransei, it comes as no surprise that a majority of Fontaine’s exports include fish, and fishing based products. It may come as a surprise, but Fontaine is actually quite prosperous with the wide assortment of goods they’re able to gain access to.

However, there are certain guidelines put into place by the early Chosokabe warlords that prohibit the fishing of certain species within Ransei. With how prominent Fontaine fishing products are within the market, their guidelines have spread to a good majority of the region.

  • Magikarp - Gyarados

Magikarp are a unique case in Ransei due to the variety that appear all over the coast. It should be noted that Magikarp are recorded to migrate to the coasts of Dragnor to begin the evolution process on the rivers that flow down the mountains. Generally, the Normal, Calico and Orange pattern Magikarp are found in most bodies of water, coastal and inland, and are essentially the free-for-all varieties ( there are no outright consequences for keeping a catch of these kind ) and are used as a source of food.

Pink, Purple and White pattern Magikarp do not have an especially good taste, but what makes these Magikarp lack in taste, they make up for in their visual appeal. Oftentimes, these types of Magikarp are caught and kept alive to be sold as pets for children, since their vibrant colors often appeal to young boys and girls. Pink and Purple Magikarp are found inland of Illusio and Spectra respectively, while the White Magikarp is often found in the frigid waters near Nixtorm.

Grey and Brown pattern Magikarp aren’t a highly sought-after variety due to their particular taste being less than desirable, and their coloration being far from appealing. As expected, they are seen often all along the coast, but have an especially dense population off the rocky coast of Terrera and Cragspur.

Black pattern Magikarp are a difficult case, as depending on the Kingdom where they are fished. Most of central and southern Ransei have no qualms with fishing up Black Magikarp since the scales are highly sought after for decorative usage. However, in the north, particularly within Dragnor, the Black Magikarp are regarded with far more respect due to their coloration, and depending on the region of Dragnor, one may be received poorly for fishing them. Coincidentally the highest density of Black Magikarp happens to be on the coast, and inland, of Dragnor.

An undisputed fact is that, should one reel in a Golden Magikarp, it must be returned to the water whence it came. This is respected all throughout Ransei, and is very well punishable as a high offense should it be found that someone has openly disregarded it. The only known exception in history is when current Fontaine warlord Motochika’s grandfather, Chosokabe Kanetsugu kept not one but two Golden Magikarp within Fontaine’s Castle as a means to breed the Gold pattern in a safe environment, that it would not eventually grow extinct. To counteract this, every Spring, the Fontaine Magikarp Festival culminates with the release of the year’s Golden population into Ransei’s waters. Naturally, this means that one is most likely to find a Golden Magikarp off the coast of Fontaine.

As for Gyarados, it is highly recommended in Ransei that fishermen do not actively seek out large groups of Gyarados since they are incredibly dangerous and have volatile tempers. There is not much profit to be had either, as their flesh is tough, and their scales are less appealing. Perhaps the only useful parts of the Pokemon to be harvested are their fangs, which can be used to craft weapons and tool, and the ‘crown’ that can be used for the same reason. Gyarados can be found all along the coast of Ransei, though there is a particular density on the coast of Dragnor, and within the mountain lakes and rivers.

  • Vaporeon

Vaporeon is a case where the Pokemon themselves are not profitable, but their appearance can yield profit. Vaporeon themselves are both rare and incredibly difficult to capture, not because of their temperament, but because their molecular structure allows them to seemingly ‘melt’ into the water, effectively escaping from nets unless completely taken out of the water fast enough. Neither the pelt, nor the meat from a Vaporeon is worth the work put in to catch one of them. However, the real money-maker is that if one manages to see a large group of Vaporeon, it usually indicated the mineral of Water Stones to be present nearby. One will usually see Vaporeon off the coast of Fontaine, or in clusters within the rocky waters of Cragspur.

  • Wooper - Quagsire

The Wooper line is not a particular profitable species, due to their meat being excessively fatty, and the skin being far too slimy to be used for any clothing material. The Pokemon are more a nuisance while fishing anyhow, since they simply sit in water with their mouths open. This tends to get hooks and netting stuck in their mouths, and makes for a large hassle to try and free one’s equipment. Fishermen that are around Cragspur’s coast are encouraged to thoroughly search the waters before setting your equipment out, lest a Wooper or Quagsire damage it.

  • Bibarrel

While not popular for their meat, Bibarel pelts are actually considered quite fashionable, and there is always a market for clothing made from the fur among the noble families of Ransei. Prized specifically for their retention of warmth and texture, as well as their unique waterproof nature, allowing them to be worn even in conditions such as rain or snow. However, despite the demand for Bibarel furs, fishermen and netters must be cautious not to overdo their efforts, as Bibarel dams often have a big impact on the environment. Bibarel can often be found along the rivers leading out to the coast, and sometimes even on the river deltas themselves.

  • Spheal - Sealeo - Walrein

While both Spheal and Sealeo may be netted for their blubber, which is then rendered into oil and then manufactured into products such as soap, candles, or simply used as fuel for roadside lamps, the true target that fishermen and netters go after are the Walrein. Not only do they yield a larger amount of blubber, but they also have the tusks which can be used for weaponry or, more commonly, shipped off as a raw material to other Kingdoms to be made into works of art or religious objects. As expected of the typing, the Spheal line is only found in the northern section of Ransei, along Nixtorm’s northernmost coastline.

  • Dratini - Dragonair

While not a fish per se, Fishermen often run into these two Pokemon when they travel along rivers. The general consensus among Kingdoms is that one generally does not actively seek out Dratini and Dragonair to fish for. Here and there, one may be caught in place of a target fish, but its frowned upon to specifically be a ‘dragon fisherman’, especially since in the kingdom of Dragnor, fishing or netting of any kind against Dragons is punishable by time in custody. While Dratini are found in a couple different Kingdoms’ rivers, Dragonair are only found in the mountain rivers of Dragnor.

  • Oshawott - Dewott - Samurott

Up until recent years, the Oshawott line was sought out for their Razor Shells, to be sold as both weapon sharpeners or, for the more dull shells, as a charm or toy for young children. However, once Chosokabe Motochika ascended the Fontaine throne and his Perfect Link with Samurott being discovered, the fishing has been explicitly banned within Fontaine’s borders. This, as it happens, has effectively put Razor Shells off the market, as the Oshawott family has only ever been found in the inland bodies of water within Fontaine.

  • Piplup - Prinplup - Empoleon

The Empoleon line is a dangerous line to contend with, and it is a general consensus among fishermen that it is far too much of a hassle to successfully net an Empoleon to even out the gains at the end of the day. While the trident-esque crown is sought out for both weaponry and cosmetic means, Empoleon themselves are resilient and even taking one down along is a difficult endeavor. It’s generally also agreed that if one is to get a Piplup on their line, its wiser to simply let it go than try and keep it, as wherever a Piplup, the parent Empoleon is no doubt close behind.

  • Panpour - Simipour

The Panpour line is another case where the Pokemon themselves are not quite profitable, but their presence indicates that a potential for profit is nearby. As opposed to Vaporeon however, the presence of Panpour and Simipour indicates a place where there’s a high volume of berries. The berries in question go toward the making of juices, or, more often than not, are used within Fontaine as bait for attracting more profitable fish. Often, these Pokemon are found along the border of Fontaint and Greenleaf, or Fontaine and Aurora.

  • Lapras

Lapras itself has never had a particularly high yield for product, with tough meat, and tougher scales, couples with the shell on its back, doesn’t make for easy extraction of materials. As a result, Lapras is more often than not captured for the sake of domestication, and sold from there to other Kingdoms as a fisherman’s companion Pokemon, since the Pokemon are known to have an innate sense of direction. It should be noted that while they are most often found in Nixtorm, it isn’t unheard of to find them in warmer seas from time to time. However, with the bond between Warlord Mitsuhide and his own Lapras, over-domestication of the species is highly frowned upon.

  • The Leviathan

Regarded by many Fontainians as a god of its own right, the Leviathan has never had a for-sure sighting. Some fishermen describe it as a several headed hydra that glows beneath the surface of the water, some say its a giant serpent with a maw so wide it could swallow an entire ship, while others yet claim it to be a giant whale with fins so wide its able to fly out of the water for a time. No matter what the true nature of the Leviathan is, it is incredibly dangerous and if its silhouette is sighted while out on a fishing trip, the party in question must return to Fontaine with all due haste and inform the warlord immediately.

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y u no caleo ship why *cries

im pretty tired now so i cant give a really educated explanation atm so in short

-shes cursed to love him (which is icky and takes away a lot of calypsos say in things)

-caleo is a major case of pair the spares (which Riordan is very guilty of in many cases as a way of avoiding actually developing individual characters and instead sticking them in a pairing which apparently immidiately and magically eradicates all of their problems) 

-adding onto the above point i think that the whole “a relationship will solve all of your problems and is what you should be shooting for” thing is the wrong message to be sending to young children im not saying thats what hes trying to do but its one of the things that comes across in the books 

so leo who is desperate for a relationship from the beginning i would have expected (or hoped) that he would have a more personal development such as coming to terms with himself (realising that he doesnt need another person to validate his worth)-some sort of involvement with his mother in the plot like seeing his mother in the underworld and finally getting to have a heart to heart with her and forgiveness all around i expected him to try and find his mother because of the line “‘nothing is unfixable” except the fact youre gone forever’ which sounded like foreshadowing to me tbh but instead rick gives us a couple of chapters of yet another unnecessary relationship beecoouuss das mur impurtant

-their personalitys dont naturally go together well so both of these characters (that i really really like) had to be butchered to make them suitable  for each other thus making the caleo chapters seem forced and really really badly written 

so in conclusion caleo had potential for fanfictions but is a really weak route for somebody writing as a profession 

i could probably write way more but im exhausted rn and nobody wants to read that shit so  

My first NBC Hannibal fancomic.

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   —Disgust was too mild a picture for the I have regrets, horrified shrivel of the Jötunn’s nose –the unseeing gaze of utter repulsion at the soft, sticky food between his fingers. His chews, more like molasses teeth grinding, lips twisted, out of sheer respect not immediately hacking the entire confection onto the floor. It would do no good likely - it had spread too far, melted into every nook and cranny of his teeth. The King had no other choice than to sit stiff, tongue and palate in constant assault as it tricked down his throat —the texture, the overwhelming close to burning taste.

Trying everything once came with its own dangers. But never in ten thousand years had he ever thought a taste described with such longing would betray him so thoroughly.

Trans girl/nonbinary 2D would be rad but I lowkey want him to just be the dude that decided to grab gender norms by the p u S s y and fucking break them because oh I’m so tired of gendered clothing and accessories.

If me girls can dress like fucking hobos (me) let me bois wear pretty shirts and dresses, paint their nails and wear makeup.

Ps. I haven’t seen this addressed yet on Tumblr but the shirt 2D is wearing is usually sold/commercialized as a shirt for girls. Not because of the color. It’s the sleeves.

im so tired idk what im doing anymore,,

just finished my exams so have this piece of…thing… i worked on for toO LONG (he need some new pants tho))