y u so expensive

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Can we just talk about how they tried to start drama without making any logistical sense??? Like if Dan started to talk to Phil in May why did he start sexting him in March? 😂 Also if they didn't have money in 2012 (which is none of our goddam business) why would they move to London which is 10x more expensive?? Y'all want phan drama so hard..... U tried postulatedphan....

yeah sure,,, dan and phil in 2012, interviewing one direction, little mix and about to host their first radio show…. were poor ?

Whenever I’m near Ikebukuro Animate, I stop by to draw on their cintiq exposition on drawing resources floor. It breaks my brain that my trip to Japan costed as much as such tablet. I get kinda guilty, if I’m having my priorities straight… I don’t regret coming here, but I do wonder if I should.

IDK one dream completed, next milestone goal set.


So I got my financial aid package from Agnes Scott a couple days ago and even with the Agnes solution, grants and loans, I’d be in about 60k in debt after I graduate. I really really reallllly want to go but that debt is just way too much on top of graduate school. Any Scotties know if there’s any way I could try for some scholarships or grants while at Agnes? I thought about transferring but then I’d lose the Agnes solution. Dream school, why you gotta be so expensive?

There are not many things I really really really want at this moment but … just look at this little cuteeey here T^T The Hyper Cloud II in white *lies down* ♥ I know that the next thing will be a new mouse because my Razer Diamondback is slowly dying on me (and I already switched one time with a more cheaper mouse and then I had to switch with the hubby because his one died for real and I had to use my old one again and aaah the confusion lel).

A headset is not as important as a good and solid mouse but…BUT just look at it. Why is it so exxxxxpensive urghs!

I may be spending $45 just on Asian drinks

dat’s right Kombucha Wonder Drinks: Traditional, and Ito-En: Rose Green Tea.

trust me, if you are any tea snob at all.. money well spent! Though I think I’m going to head to Roches Bros on the weekend to buy a single can of kombucha, because I’ve never tried it before, and want to before I commit to 24 cans. *Q*

what have your tea adventures been like this year? ^^