y u so cute and pretty

my opinions on the instruments since you guys are asking (reblog and add yours!!1!)

french horn: honestly so pure. i always think of Dvorak’s 9th when i hear them and u g h y e a s

tuba: my bias here should be obvious

euphonium / baritone: honestly they’re so pretty and cute and nice to listen to. basically improved versions of tubas (sorry @me)

flute: pretty but anyone who can play them is clearly dabbling in dark magic

mellophone: i haven’t met one but i really like their sound. its so nice and… not to be redundant but mellow

trumpet: tbh i could listen to trumpets all day. even beginning players sound amazing to me

trombone: i always listen to the trombones when i’m confused on my part, so they’re sort of my anchor. thanks frens 

piccolo: similar to flutes but the notes are even prettier and the players are using even more dark magic

saxophone: honestly saxophones=awesome jazz to me, and i love jazz, so 

clarinet: they sound like the ethereal wood fairy version of flutes (im not sure why i think this). there’s a really good clarinet player at our school so i always think of their solos when clarinets get brought up

oboe: like clarinets but more flute and less wood fairy

bassoon: oboes but stronger

percussion: thank you kind friends for keeping the beat when i am too lazy to count

piano: probably the very purest musical insturment

viola: like with french horns i always think of Dvorak and how awesome y'all’s parts are in his stuff

violin: amazing but also definitely dark magic

cello: i live to listen to cello solos. (also just Dvorak in general, but the two are intertwined)

bass: you’re the string version of me. i respect you



G u y s

I never see the whole “write on your skin and it’ll show up on your soulmate” au used as a form of communication

there are people who draw their otp drawing dicks on each other but it’s so common! And maybe, actually pretty and cute, little designs on the skin but I hardly see it used as a form of communication!

I want your otp writing on themselves til the break of dawn just entranced by the others writing style or how quickly or slowly the letters are written!

I need them frantically running around looking for a lost pen or marker when they see their skin is imprinted with “Hey how’s it hangin’ dude”

I need person A’s writing suddenly die out and Person B is just “what the fuck” but they see their skin revealing the phrase “sorry my pen kinda died lmao. It was my fav pen ;;”

I need one of them being “we could exchange phone numbers instead of writing” and the other being like “sure but I like writing with/to you”


I need to see more of this!!!!!


requested: nope

warnings: nothing this is really cute (language is a given at this point)

pairings: tom holland x reader

type: hc list

summary: it’s the first time you visit the holland’s at their home in london, and you’re trying your hardest to impress everyone. you aren’t tom’s lover just yet, but it’s obvious that you two fancy each other.

a/n: i’ve had this idea stuck in my head the entire day because it’s so fuckin cute. it’s pretty long, but i think it’s good. i hope u all enjoy! 

this is written in an american’s pov, but there aren’t any gender mentions in this, so it can be read in any gender once again!!

also, when i put things in parentheses, it’s usually me putting in my reactions. i do this periodically :-)

  • “y/n we don’t actually say that”
  • “tom, i have to get myself situated. with the boiling tea and crumpet chip biscuit whatevers.”
  • YEEHAW. you’re traveling to meet tom’s family back in london.
  • you’ve met harry, sam, and harrison already, but there were still three very important people to meet
  • you had met tom through a mutual actor friend who brought you on set one day
    • obviously it went like a fairy tale
    • your friend left you alone on set while they went to get snacks for you both
    • tom seen you, and came to tell you that only actors could be on set at that time
    • causing you to freak out, because UH, spider-man is speaking to you (ohMygOd, it’spEterparker)
    • which of course made tom cocky, and he was like “ayyyyy baby i’ll give u an autograph”
    • then your friend came back and officially introduced you two
    • and tom saying “you’re friends with y/f/n? i’m so sorry”
    • “i know. it’s tragic.”
    • “you two are perfect for each other” with an eye roll
  • so to say the least, you and tom had sparks from the beginning
    • not to mention the backhanded, sarcastic compliments that often lead to flirty and witty comebacks
      • “you’re cute, for 5′8″.”
      • “good thing you have a good personality because that outfit today was… :/”
      • “just wait until i see you again. you’re dead, holland
      • “well why don’t you come over right now and show me what you’d do?”
      • going over to play wrestle until you dominate him and straddle his hips while your breath is hitched and he’d just look up at you like “holy fuck
  • with the whole banter situation taking place, it kind of shocked you when tom asked you if you wanted to visit his family with him
  • like, REALLY took you off guard
  • because this was really domestic of him, and he hadn’t really ever showed that side to you
  • but nonetheless, you took the opportunity
    • took a bit of persuading to get your family to allow you, but eventually, everyone agreed. (boy it’s a good thing you got that passport that you totally didn’t get for the sole purpose of this occurring)
      • “as long as you call every morning and night, and text when necessary. and take pics.”
  • lots of preparation through facetime
    • “i heard it’s really fuckin’ cold in england. should i pack a parka?”
    • “y/n it’s not that cold. plus you won’t need two.”
    • “what do you mean i won’t need two if i-”
    • in a thick accent “peta parka.”
    • “….” deep sigh “can i get a refund for my ticket”
    • “don’t think so, love” in a soft laughing tone (AAAAHHHHHH)
  • after two or so weeks of packing and unpacking, and checking the checklist fifty times, it was finally time to depart to southwest london, darling
  •  this boy got first class tickets for the both of you
    • or at least that’s what he thought
    • he actually only got one for himself lmao
    • so instead, he swapped seats with the person beside you
      • oh my god shy hand holding on the plane would be expected
      • also cute little candids that would go up on each others instagrams wow
  • fast forward to arriving at the holland home
    • p.s., the entire car ride there was filled with little thigh touches to try and calm you down. but that only made you more nervous because god have mercy this beautiful boy wasn’t trying to act funny or anything like he usually acted, he was being genuine and that made your heart full
  • once at the door, you were greeted by nikki, dom, and a very excited tessa
    • “hello love! it’s so nice to meet you! tom has told us SOOO mu-”
    • DAD!!!!” would be said between clenched teeth while he would be blushing
  • with red cheeks of your own, you’d walk in to see the two brothers you had previously met, and a new face, who you recognized as paddy
  • sam and harry would say hello, but paddy would whisper yell to one of the brothers
    • “is that who tom calls his ‘babylove’?”
    • both you and tom would just stand there, his jaw would drop and one of your eyebrows would raise up
    • and you’d turn to tom with a huge smile and just whisper “babylove?”
    • and he’d blush even harder and be like “let me how you to your room!!!!!!!!!”
  • he’d bring you upstairs and into the guestroom so you could put your stuff up
  • then you’d follow him to his old room, and you’d sit on his bed and just have a look around while he piled his clothes into a hamper
    • hear me out
    • there would be little spider-man symbols across the wall, with some football flags strung up every so often
    • and you’d be like “you really weren’t lying about your obsession with spidey, huh?”
    • and he’d come and sit beside you and shrug while looking at his old decorations
    • you’d lean in and give him a lil kiss on the cheek before saying “it’s really cute, tom.” and he’d immediately light up and become a shy baby
  • then you’d hear footsteps coming up the stairs, and you’d pull away from each other with cute little grins
  • sam would look in and be like “mom wants to know what ya want for dinner”
    • and tom would turn to you and be like “well?”
    • and you’d insist that he choose, since he hasn’t been home in awhile
    • he’d say something he heard you talking about wanting to try
  • sam would leave and then you’d just nonchalantly grab tom’s hand and follow sam down
  • once down there, you’d be met by the family, minus nikki and sam who would venture into the kitchen
  • you’d let go of tom’s hand, and sit by paddy on the couch
    • little conversations would start up from dom
    • literally just things like “so tom said you can sing” and “tom said you guys met through a friend of yours?”
    • he wouldn’t even have to ask you questions directly because tom has told them virtually everything because the boy was swoon as fuck
  • but after a little while of tom and the rest of the family in sight getting caught up, you decided to slip out of view yourself and join nikki and sam in the kitchen
    • a “hey sweetheart! whatcha need?” coming from nikki
    • but you’d be like “i just wanted to know if you guys wanted an extra hand?”
    • sam would be like “hell yea y/n knows how ta cook”
    • but nikki would be like “that’s alright, it’s our pleasure to treat a guest of tom’s! thank you though, that’s really sweet”
  • so you’d walk back into the living room after a few “are you sure?”’s
  • and dom would be like “kicked out of the kitchen?” with a small laugh
  • and you’d answer with “yeah. you holland’s are stubborn.” 
    • which would definitely make tom pout, and your response would be to pat his cheek and say “pouting wont exclude you,” followed with a quiet “babylove.” while you dropped your hand
  • some time passed before nikki and sam returned, and nikki said dinner would be ready in about thirty minutes
    • those thirty minutes consisted of the family sharing embarrassing stories about tom
      • and him eventually hiding his red cheeks in the crook of your neck (sweet god)
  • soon, the timer went off and everyone made their way into the kitchen and got their plates
    • tbh i see the family taking all the seats around tom, so you’ll get to sit in between dom and nikki (i’d love that holy shit)
  • after dinner, you helped wash the dishes. that earned major brownie points from nikki and sam
  • it was getting kind of late, so the family suggested watching a movie or two together
    • oh my god tom would take you upstairs again and tell you to change into your pajamas because that was a tradition for movie night
      • wearing batman pajama bottoms knowing it would tease him
      • him refusing to let you go downstairs before changing into a pair of his spider-man bottoms
      • giving in once he gives you the puppy dog eyes while his forehead is pressed against yours
  • watching some sort of proper english movie because it was your first time visiting
    • angus, thongs and perfect snogging came into mind
      • harry loudly asking if you and tom ever snogged like that
    • cuddling with tom under a big blanket
  • when the family started to get a little drowsy, they decided to call it a night
  • everyone started to head upstairs, and you and tom did the same after grabbing a few snacks and some drinks
  • once in his room, you’d sit on his bed and just smirk at him until he’d ask what was up
    • and you’d immediately be like “what’s up with this lovey dovey side of you? you usually act like a sarcastic shit around me”
    • he’d just look down and press his hand against the nape of his neck and mumble “i like you”
    • and you’d say “well i got that part awhile ago”
    • but he’d sit there for a few seconds, trying to think of a way to say what he had in mind. he finally sighed and spoke out to you, “i mean, i think i’m falling in love with you”
    • and you’d sit there with your lips parted, and your eyes darting back and forth between his
    • he’d start to blabber on about how it was just a strategy that he used because he didn’t know how to show you how he really, truly felt
    • and you’d cut him off, and say “can i kiss you?”
    • and a few seconds of silence would take place before he would cup your cheeks and literally empty all the passion he held in his body out in one single kiss, while you would do the same
    • after you both pull away, he’d lower his hands and you’d both just sit and stare at each other
      • you’d raise your hand up and cup his cheek and rub your thumb across his cheekbone
    • eventually, you would say you’re tired, and press a small kiss against his lips before getting up and heading for the door
      • “goodnight, thomas.”
      • “goodnight, y/full/n.”
        • shutting the door and doing a happy dance all the way to the guest room

  • it’s sunday morning, and you couldn’t get any more sleep in due to the kiss from the night before still swimming through your memory
  • finally deciding on getting up and cooking breakfast for everyone to return all the love you were given the day before
  • carefully sneaking down to the kitchen
    • taking a long ass time to find all the ingredients you initially needed (oils, other stuff)
      • googling measurement equals because what american knows european measurements off the tom of their head
  • deciding on making some fancy omelette roll ups you once had with your actor friend
    • taking so much time to make everything perfect
  • when you finished making the omelette’s, along with some other sides, you would set everything out for easy serving, and then you would head upstairs again
  • since it was a sunday, everyone slept in
    • you’d gently knock on everyone’s door, and say breakfast was waiting for them downstairs
  • but when you got to tom’s door, you’d softly knock before heading on in
    • tom would be sleeping on the side of the bed that faced the window, and you would walk over to that side and crouch down
    • you would subconsciously lay your bent arm on the bed by toms face, and lay your head on your arm. you’d raise your free hand up to toy with a few loose curls while you looked over his features
    • he’d eventually wake up, and smile in a way that was really wide, but evidently tired
      • he would kiss your forehead and say “what a good way to wake up; an angel playing with my hair.”
    •  you’d giggle really quietly and stand up while saying “c’mon, babylove. i’ve made breakfast.”
    • and he’d pull you down onto the bed with him, and pepper little kisses against your shoulders, collarbones, neck, and cheeks before pressing a lingering kiss to your lips!!!
    • while he rested his forehead against yours, you decided to confess something you totally forgot to last night, “by the way,” you’d say in a really soft voice while swiping a messy curl from his temple, “i think i’m falling in love with you, too.”


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driving with tom

Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader

Warning(s)?: none, one (1) cuss word

Word Count: 423 if u wanna be exact

Summary: It’s your first time driving alone with Tom, and you’re not exactly confident in his skills.

A/N: i feel like bullet point made this so cute ahh i’m in love w it i hope u guys r too


  • okay so with tom being a ~huge movie star~ now he’s usually always getting driven around by other ppl
  • so when tom asks you to go run some errands with him in his new car you’re… hesitant to say the least
  • he’s only recently gotten his license
  • and this is your first time ever driving with him and he can tell that you’re pretty nervous as you shakily put on your seatbelt
  • “y/n stop worrying so much i got this”
  • you roll your eyes and pray to god you make it out of this alive

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Originally posted by tt-aeils

bear with me please this is my first bullet point fic and my first fanfic since like 7th grade?? mlp was a dark stage

-okay so you aren’t tumblr famous really but you do have a few hundred followers on tumblr and you put time and effort in your theme and stuff, like ur blog is classy but trashy,,

-you pretty much use Tumblr daily and you are a bts blogger and post gifs that you make for bts and a few headcanons

-so one day in math class you get like 30 notifications that someone liked and reblogged your gifs

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falling asleep on nct dream’s shoulders

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

Request: @elejks said: hello! can u do a reaction of nct dream to their crush falls asleep on their shoulders ? thank u, sorry if u dont understand.

A/N: ok so this is a kind of a reaction thing but at the same time it’s not???zfhekgfhge it’s basically a headcanon thing w all the same subject and in this case it’s falling asleep on their shoulders!!hope u enjoy<33 will put under a read more!!side note for in the future tho: i can do things like this but i probably won’t make them like per group anymore ajfhjhghr so basically just headcanons for one member!!<3thank u for reading

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anonymous asked:

33 + boyf riends for the ilu prompts!!

[The way you said “I love you.“ + 33. On a post-it note]

(Wherein sometimes you can say “I love you” without saying those exact words; a study in selected post its)

(inside one of Jeremy’s notebooks)

YOU LEFT THIS AT MY PLACE YOU FORGETFUL NERD!!! how do you even read your notes holy shit??? your handwriting looks like dancing snakes

P.S. flip through bottom right corner to watch a flippy animation thingy i made of a dinosaur putting sunglasses on


(inside the pocket of Michael’s hoodie)

Who’s the forgetful nerd now :P

You also forgot like eight of your pens but all of my pens disappeared idk so these are mine now. You’ll have to kill me if you want them back.

P.S. I almost did not return this. It’s very soft. Feel free to forget more often haha.


(passed to Michael during class)

I’m dying. I’m so bored.


(passed back to Jeremy during class, now with various doodles)

this here is gwendolyn and shes a lizard that fights with a war hammer thats on fire. you have til the end of the class to create a worthy opponent. GO!!


(stuck onto Jeremy’s phone. on the back is a shaky game of hangman)

dear sober jeremy,

yes, u got hammered last night. no, u didnt do anything that will require you to jump into the nearest sewer to live with bootlegged mutant ninja turtles. yes, you tried to dance on a table, but only for three seconds because rich pushed you off and proceeded to teach us how to dougie. yes, i drove you home, and no, you werent a bother. HYDRATE!! TAKE A SHOWER AND A PAINKILLER!! EAT AN EGG!!! hope u feel less hangover-y soon

P.S. drunk you is SHIT at hangman. you started suggesting emojis


(found crushed in the passenger’s seat of Michael’s car written in barely legible scrawl)

hangman is hard but thats ok cuz youre gorgeeo beatu CUTE

-J J J J J J J J

(on Jeremy’s wall)

what a great morning to remember that youre wonderful

(on Jeremy’s bathroom mirror)

looking pretty handsome, if i do say so myself

(on Jeremy’s backpack)

this backpack is so lucky to be lugged around by a RAD DUDE LIKE YOU

(given to Michael, folded up as a crane)

Thank you.


(folded up in Jeremy’s wallet. never posted anywhere)

I think

 Please don’t be 

It’s okay if you want to stop being fri

I’m in love with you


(in a tin container along with a Magic The Gathering Card and a ticket stub to Weird Al. never posted anywhere. this post it has been here for a while.)

im falling in love with you.


(slipped into Michael’s locker)

Lunch? Just the two of us?


music battles [michael m. x reader]

hi! i saw this post with soulmate aus and there was one where whenever one half of the pair listens to a song or any music, the other half hears it as well, no matter the distance or whatever they are doing.. do you think you could use it with a michael x reader? it reminds me sm of him.. thanks! :) )

this is such a cute au like honestly you had me at soulmate au to begin with but then i was completely sold by the end of it

warnings: n o ne

     There it was again. You weren’t familiar with the artist or the song this time, but half-way through your math test you were hit with whatever your soulmate was listening to. You were used to it - music coming on at the worst time sometimes, sometimes waking you up at the least expected times. But it was fine at times - the thought that you had a soulmate to share music with was warming, even with everything it came with. Normally, you’d have slipped your own headphones in if the song wasn’t good and turn on something else a little louder than your soulmate’s music. If they didn’t like it, they’d usually end up turning their music up a little louder, and eventually it’d be a little battle until one or the other turned off the music. But you were in the middle of a test and you didn’t need to fail it, so you let the song continue as you scratched out another answer.

    Then it switched. They were playing something you actually enjoyed - probably because you played it after hearing it from your soulmate and sometimes it’d end up in the mix of songs they’d listen to. Your leg started to bounce slightly to the music, and you attention slipped from triangles into the lyrics. Damn it. You didn’t need this. You’d find your soulmate and punch them for all the times they played songs associated with memes when you were in the middle of a test.

    Then there’s another change, half-way through the song. You frowned a little - it was just getting to the good part, what the fuck? - but look back to your test. Soon you’d be done and free for the afternoon. Soon.

    There’s a pause.

    You’re gonna punch your soulmate for rickrolling you again.

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Dating Chanyeol would include

Originally posted by yeolhighness

Park Chanyeol
- So Chanyeol okay let’s go
- Your tall beanstalk
- This noodle
- You love him so much
- First off, he is just really sweet
- He’s the happy virus so you best believe if you’re down, he’s going to fix it
- Turn that frown upside down you feel
- I can honestly see Chanyeol taking you somewhere fun just to cheer you up
- “Do you want to go to the animal shelter and look at dogs?”
- “…. Yes please”
- Seeing him with animals is enough to make your heart explode
- Plus cute animals!!!
- Gosh he makes you melt
- Anything could be a date with him
- He just wants you to have fun
- Picking a flower for you
- “Look!!!! it’s a flower!!! it’s pretty!!!! like u!!!”
- Him playing guitar for you and singing
- He’ll probably write you songs he’s just that kinda guy
- Imagine him playing at a cafe and just watching you the entire time
- His precious smile
- So all this sweet stuff right
- But also teasing the heck out of each other
- “Yeah okay ferret boy”
- “hhhhHHHH L O O K HERE Y/N”
- and
- “Can you even fit in the house”
- “Well at least I can reach the top shelf, there goes your favorite coffee mug unti lyou learn to be nice”
- “wait no Chanyeol I’m sorry hun we can work this out wAIT”
- It’s too late your coffee mug is so far out of your reach
- Baekhyun and Chen are your best friends as well
- You’re an addition to the Beagle Line probably
- You and Chanyeol roast the boys together
- Annoying Kyungsoo to no end
- Running from Kyungsoo together
- If anyone messes with you, he’ll gently nudge you behind him to protect you
- He’s not good at dancing and sometimes he gets frustrated because he can’t figure out the choreography
- So you comfort him and you’re like !!!! you’ll get it!!!!
- Oh my gosh dating Chanyeol in the winter time
- His turtlenecks
- (I’m squealing he’s so cute in sweaters)
- He’s probably a cuddler
- He’ll hold you like a teddy bear
- Waking up next to him in the morning
- His bedhead is just too cute
- He makes you smile as soon as you see him in the morning
- Like you open your eyes
- Boom smile
- And he’s smiling too
- He just thinks you’re so cute
- “Why are you so cute Y/N how do you do this”
- “Stop that you’re too cute”
- “Aish so cU  T E ”
- Legit you could be some hardcore punk and he’s just “hmmmmm so cute”
- Random pecks on the cheek
- But then he gets smiley and blushy
- Late night trips to the playground to swing next to each other
- Or he’ll push you on the swings and catch you from time to time just to hold you for a lil
- Piggy back rides
- Back hugs while walking, the kind where he’s attached to you and you kinda waddle because it’s weird but warm and comforting
- The ones where you jump to get on his back and still don’t make it all the way so he has to do the lil hop to get you in the right place
- Watching EXO Next Door together
- Encouraging his acting skills
- I feel like Chanyeol smells like coffee and soap
- He’s just such a warm person
-Inside and out
- Anyone who dates Park Chanyeol will be in very good hands honestly
- He’ll care for his significant other so much

Bangtan Boys: In Bed

S e o k j i n

- Typically vanilla, as he’s more of a traditional man. Missionary is his go-to.
- Isn’t afraid to be dominant, though. He prefers to be on top.
- Always willing to let you ride him, though, but only if you ask nicely.
- Loves to please his princess, so he’d love to worship your body (even if you get a bit impatient).
- Will let his girl cum first - always.
- Loves lingerie. He’d love if you put on a show for him, even more so if you let him slowly strip you.
- Definitely a fan of eating fruit and licking whipped cream from your skin. He’d bite you, but smile sweetly after, saying it was ‘an accident.’
- A bit timid about experimenting in the bedroom, but can be persuaded (anything for his princess).
- The type to light candles and scatter rose petals.
- Moans and gasps, usually increasing in pitch as he gets closer to his climax.
- Very caring afterward, would suggest a bath to help tidy up. If you’re too tired, he’ll pull the covers up and softly sing to you until you fall asleep.

Y o o n g i

- If you can get him in the mood, you’re in for a while ride. If he’s going to be awake, why not make it worth while?
- Loves when you beg for him, it fuels his ego and spurs him on.
- Very dominant by personality. He likes being in control, regardless of the position.
- Loves being ridden - but don’t be fooled, he’s still the leading role. He’ll buck his hips up and into your own at a rough pace, and all you can do is hang on.
- Enjoys marking your skin, especially your collarbone and thighs.
- “You belong to me. Right? No one else fucks you like I can, kitten.”
- Likes dirty talk. He’ll tell you exactly what he wants, and what he thinks about you.
- Hair pulling. He’d tug at your hair from behind, forcing your back against his chest as he goes even faster.
- Loves it when you’re vocal. In its own way, it’s a form of praise and encourages him to continue (not that he’d admit it).
- Fairly quiet throughout sex, but would grunt and / or groan during a change of positions, or if you were to tighten up around him.

N a m j o o n

- Dominant, all day and everyday.
- Has a strict set of rules that he knows you’ll break. He practically dares you to do so; he knows you enjoy being punished as much as he enjoys disciplining you.
- He has his own set of toys, ropes, and other such things to use on you, but if it comes down to it, he’ll use his belt and / or tie.
- Grips your hips so tight, he’ll leave bruises.
- Wouldn’t mind licking wine from your skin (but only the finest). May consider using ice as well, dragging it across your skin using only his teeth.
- The only time you’ll see even the slightest hint of submission is when you’re giving him a blow job. He’ll bite his lip, looking away or closing his eyes. If you’re lucky, he may even moan - but he’ll never say your name.
- “Such a good girl, taking Daddy’s dick so well.”
- Always complimenting and praising you for a job well done.
- Likes to prolong foreplay for as long as possible, but even he has a breaking point.
- Sighs when he first enters you, groans as he goes faster. Grunts and gasps as he nears his climax, and isn’t afraid to groan loudly as he cums.
- Always asks if you’re alright after sex, making sure you’re okay. He’d fetch you a glass of water and pull the blankets up and around you with care, kissing your forehead. After all, you’re still his baby girl, and he wants you happy and healthy.

H o s e o k

- A switch. Depending on your current mood and / or needs at the time, he’ll adjust to fit them.
- Happiest when at your service.
- Loves to bring you to the studio, where a brief demonstration of a dance-in-progress leads to sex against the mirrors.
- Has (what seems like) infinite stamina, and definitely shows it.
- “Just one more round, Jagiya. Please?”
- During his submissive moments, he’d love to be called ‘baby boy,’ and the like. He’s always eager to please.
- His favorite part - you riding his face. Not only is the view absolutely stunning, but he takes great pride (and pleasure) in getting you off with just his mouth.
- Would leave hickies and bruises anywhere he could, and would feign guilt if you complained about them. He likes to let the other boys know that you’re very much taken.
- Enjoys make-out sessions, even more so with you on his lap.
- Wouldn’t shy away from risque situations, but may need a bit of convincing (as he’s not the type to dive right in, like Taehyung).
- Depending on his mood, he could be rough one night, then slow and passionate the next. He likes to keep you on your toes.

J i m i n

- A switch, but more submissive than dominant.
- Would love to be bossed around and teased during sex.
- Will whine and whimper for more; he’s definitely not afraid to beg.
- Embarrassed very easily, and just as easily frightened off. He wouldn’t be willing to do anything where he could get caught (especially if the other members were around).
- Constantly biting his lips, blissfully unaware that’s it’s probably arousing.
- Overstimulation. He’d never willingly admit to it, but he loves it.
- More than willing to go multiple rounds if you ask.
- Likes it best when you ride him, but unlike Yoongi, he has little to no control over you.
- Physically quivers when he’s close, stammering and whining for more.
- “P-Please, Jagi, I-I’m… I’m so close…!”
- Likes to give you love bites (when he has permission to do so, anyways), especially on your neck.
- During sex, he likes to be intimate and as physically close as possible. He enjoys feeling the warmth of your skin against his.
- Even after, he loves to cuddle, showering your face with sweet kisses while he holds you against his chest.
- On special occasions (ie. a rough day, or after an argument), he’ll be considerably more dominant; forcing his way on top, pinning you down.
- Growls and grunts as he slams into you, going at a relentless pace. He won’t cum until after you’ve came - twice.
- When you’re sore the next day, he becomes almost apologetic, offering to bring you breakfast in bed and insisting that you stay put and rest.

T a e h y u n g

- Playful, very much so.
- He’ll push his luck and giggle when you frown or pout at him.
- Uses his deep voice to his advantage, purring dirty words in your ears while he strips you of whatever clothing you still have on.
- “Look at you, already so wet for me, Jagi… how cute.”
- “Should I fuck your pretty little pussy? Hmm?”
- The type to grasp the headboard when he’s topping you, supporting himself as he rocks his hips even faster against yours.
- Litters your chest with lovebites and hickies.
- Enjoys when you scratch his back, or otherwise leave marks of your own. He’ll show them off to the boys (much to your embarrassment).
- Wouldn’t mind fighting for dominance, letting you push him over and pin him down. But don’t be fooled; he’s still in control.
- Groans without restraint, biting his lip and growling unabashedly (even when the members are around).
- Which brings me to my next point - he’s totally unashamed and more than willing to fuck you in risky locations.
- Probably into voyeurism (receiving).
- After sex, he’d play with your hair, watching your face while you stare up at him sleepily. He may tickle you or squeeze your hips, ever compassionate and playful.
- He’ll leave you be if you’re too tired, though. He’d try to nap with you, but sometimes he’s too alight with energy to do so - which results in him making lunch (with Jin’s help) for you later.

J u n g k o o k

- Prefers to be a dominant, but would be timid at first.
- Determined to prove himself to you. If you tease him, it’ll only rile him up even further.
- Will always top, and is rarely ever persuaded to let you ride him. It wounds his pride.
- Absolutely obsessed with begging and orgasm denial - but only from you. It fuels his ego.
- Soft whines and pants, moaning louder as he approaches his climax.
- Loves your breasts. They’re warm and soft, and perfectly squeezable, so he’d spend a lot of time biting and sucking on your nipples.
- Another weak spot - your hips. He’d nip at them, teasing you, before trailing even lower.
- Enjoys eating you out, making you cum two or three times before he even considers letting you go.
- Tugging his hair turns him on, especially while he’s tongue-fucking you.
- One of his favorite sexual activities: blow jobs. Though he’s shy about asking for them, he’d be glad that you seem to know regardless. He’d grip your hair, gazing down at you with hooded eyes, resisting the urge to buck his hips forward and make you gag.
- Always respectful, making sure you’re comfortable before and after sex.
- Likes shower and / or morning sex.
- If he has a lot of pent-up stress, he’ll fuck you right against the wall, or even on the window (if he wants to prove a point, anyways). - Would indulge you if you asked to ride his thighs. - Touchy after sex. He’d like to hold you against him, your legs tangled with his while he rests his head on yours.
crush - mark lee bulleted scenario

a/n this is my first thing ever and my requests are open!!! request scenarios, reactions, and mtl’s pls! nct only!

summary: you have a huge crush on mark and donghyuck snitches and you try your best to avoid him as much as possible
genre: fluff

- so you’re like ,, super close with donghyuck but not as close as he is with mark
- and you like mark A LOT but you don’t even know him personally you just hear about him from donghyuck and see him around school
- and OFCOURSE you wouldn’t tell donghyuck about your crush on mark. that boy can’t keep his mouth shut even if he tried
- so like one day you’re just hanging out with donghyuck doing your own best friend-y things at this cafe
- then suddenly mark and their other friends (literally the rest of 127 but thats so irrelevant) come in so donghyucks like YOOOOO U GUYS ARE HERE TOO
- so he calls them over and hes like this is y/n they’re my bff
- and you’re like . h-hi stutter stutter bc mark!!! lee!!! is standing right in front of you
- and theyre like oh nice to meet you but we gotta get going now we’re gonna be late for our thing
- so they leave and as soon as they’re out of the door donghyuck turns to look at you and goes
- “i have no idea why i never realized”
- and you’re like “bitch what”
- and he’s like “you like mark DON’T YOU????”
- and you’re like “I DONT EVEN KNOW HIM”
- and he’s like “shut up i saw how you were looking at him earlier i bet you didn’t even see the other guys”
- and you try to defend urself by saying “i paid attention to the other guys just as much as i did to mark!!!!! the hell are u talking about”
- and so donghyucks like “then whats the name of the guy with the pink hair?”
- you’re like “tae……yeon?”
- and hes like SEEEEEEEEE
- he doesnt stop teasing you about it
- you eventually get fed up and youre like “OK I LIKE MARK NOW SHUT UP BEFORE I BREAK UR NECK!!!!! keep it a secret though or i’ll actually break your neck”
- so donghyucks like “ofcourse your secrets safe with me”
- you don’t trust him but you don’t really think much of it
- so a few days pass and you’re at school and you notice marks kinda glancing at you but he never really says hi
- but youre like oh maybe he just recognizes me from the cafe
- and this happens a couple more times which makes u feel kinda :3333 bc mark lee is looking at u but maybe he just looks at everyone so ur also like ;((((
- then probably a week after the cafe thing you’re eating lunch with donghyuck at school and you notice he’s really quiet
- and he’s being EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA nice for some reason and youre like. this can’t be real
- so you’re like “what are you hiding”
- and donghyuck stares at you in shock
- then he stuffs a whole spoon of rice into his mouth
- and he’s like “imayormaynothavetoldmarkyoulikehim”
- and you obviously didn’t understand a thing he said because it was muffled by all that RICE
- so you ask him “what did u say”
- and he swallows his food and goes “DON’T GET MAD AT ME PROMISE YOU WON’T GET MAD”
- you’re like ok i promise
- and donghyucks like “i told mark you like him”
- and you’re like “YOU KNEW I’D GET MAD”
- then you two are just sitting there in silence til u finally calmed down and went “when did u tell him”
- and donghyuck says “like … last week maybe”
- and you’re like UGH THATS WHY HES BEEN STARING but u dont tell donghyuck that because hes annoying so u say “what did he say”
- so donghyuck goes “he just said oh really?”
- and you’re like OH REALLY ?
- so ur over it (on the outside, because you don’t wanna talk about it with donghyuck anymore) but on the inside you’re silently freaking out and now you don’t wanna have any encounters with mark at all
- so you start avoiding being near him at all times
- see him in the library? RUN!!!!
- oh he’s in the nurses office too? you’re suddenly not sick
- donghyuck wants you and his friends to catch a movie together??? you suddenly have so much homework sorry can’t make it
- you’re just doing everything in your will to not encounter mark because its kinda embarrassing if he addresses it ya know
- so one day you’re walking your dog in the park
- and you let her off her leash bc its safe anyway let her have fun ok whatever
- then you’re just sitting on a park bench just on your phone texting and shit
- then you look over at where your dog is and you see ANOTHER DOG HUMPING HER
- so you’re like OH MY FUCKING GOD
- and you rush over to where the two doggos are at
- and so does the owner of the other dog
- so u finally get there and u look at him and you’re like AW CRAP
- and he looks at you and goes “oh hey y/n…… sorry about this”
- and you’re like “uhhhh its fine i mean i guess she’s old enough ugh what am i saying im sorry too”
- and he just laughs and inside ur like HES SO CUTE
- so youre both just standing there awkwardly
- ……waiting for your dogs to finish
- and he breaks the silence by saying “you’re pretty close with donghyuck huh”
- and you’re like “oh uh yeah our parents are friends”
- and he’s like “if i hadn’t known better i would think you’re dating tbh”
- and you’re about to say “BUT U KNOW I LIKE U”
- but he doesn’t know that you know so you’re just like “hes like a brother to me i’d never date him”
- but then he goes “so who would u date”
- and ur like wtf is he trying to get me to say its him thats so cocky of him
- and something just comes over you because bro. mark lee is right here talking to u just take ur chance RIGHT
- and u go “i know donghyuck told you”
- and hes like ???? what
- and you’re like “you don’t have to deny it mark i know donghyuck told you about my crush on you”
- and you’re like WHAT
- but what you weren’t expecting was this
- and youre just SHOOK
- and youre both too shocked at how well donghyuck planned this
- you’re literaly forgetting to acknowledge the fact that the feeling is mutual and YOUR DOGS ARE DONE MATING
- then it hits u and ur like “wait u like me?”
- and marks like “i always have??? YOU LIKE ME?”
- and youre like “I ALWAYS HAVE TOO”
- and marks like “damn….. donghyuck really did this…..”
- and you tell him you’re already planning dh’s death
- and marks like “count me in…. he’s dead to me too….”
- and you’re like “ill hold his arms you hold his legs”
- so mark goes “we should plan this thoroughly over lunch… maybe this saturday?”
- and you’re like “is that a date?”
- and he’s like “PSH NO obviously nOt its a plan to kill donghyuck”
- you’re like :333 “see you on saturday then”
- and hes like “lets not bring our dogs”
- and you’re like “agreed”
- so now you’re going on a date with mark all thanks to donghyucks devious plan. that boy lied to both of you to get the truth out GENIUS


Requested by anon: Woozi for lawyer!au Hehe thanks! 

This was one of the more popular choices when yall voted! I was sure that woozi aus weren’t that popular but my street musician au blew up?? as did this au when people voted??? ever since i made this blog you guys have never ceased to amaze me I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS PIECE FROM YOUR FAV MOM!!!

warnings: a Manly Jihoon that turns into a Blushy Jihoon with bad jokes

  • Ok yall im in mock trial so this is some real legit stuffz but i don’t know everything so it’s obviously not completely accurate!
  • This au got quite a lot of votes, a lot more than i expected
  • Here we will explore the concept of Manly Jihoon
  • Let’s get moving!!!!!
  • You’ve been in your current law firm for a few years now
  • You ain’t even an attorney you just file papers rip
  • You’re like i am s O D ON E with this job hahahah :)))))
  • Your office job is like the typical ones you hear about that make you wanna yawn bc they’re just sO B OR I N G
  • #savereader2k17
  • Additionally to your office job, you’re also lowkey a personal assistant for the one and only,,,,,,
  • You guessed it
  • Lee Jihoon
  • The bEST of the best attorneys ever to exist, at least for the defense
  • We’re talking about high-scale crimes that you would only imagine happening, like big scandalous murder cases in mystery novels and movies

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shit I’ve said and that has been said to me through tumblr IM starters.

“arson should not be a source of arousal!!!!”
“everybody wants his booty.”
“i now pronounce you the prettiest booty in the court.”
“you can’t fight this face. it’s too pretty.”
“be my pretty boy.”
“you get that booty and you never let it go.”
“so that’s when I figured ‘oh this is my son’s boyfriend’”
“That’s pretty cute not gonna lie.”
“and just it got really gay really fast.”
“a lot of what he said was kinda ominous.”
“we’re just all prepared for anything at this point lma o.”
“literally every scene they had together I was just like ‘GAAAYYY’”
“brother why. why are you licking me”
“I’m ten chapters in and I’m 100% trash for him.”
“seriously like just the smallest things that he does make me legit squeal and scream”
“he’s apparently got a thing for dark hairand a royalty kink but we don’t talk about that.”
“okay i’ll make out with you.”
“you’re just like ‘haha what if’ and then it suddenly becomes ‘oh no.’”
“…………..that wasn’t planned.”
“you could knock………..or you could join.”
“follow ur heart.”
“as in the heart in his pants or actual heart”
“I mean the fact that he’s bffs with 2 of the finest booties at court probably doesn’t help.”
“gayer than gay.”
“…are you looking at his butt?”
“no way I’m gay … I just … none of these girls interest me.”
“Smooth as gravel, that’s me.”
“I can’t even apologize I have no shame.”
“give me the angst. give me the regret and the pining and the hurt.”
“PLUS: it was very selfish.”
“I am ready for death.”
“That essay, that I stayed up until 4 am to finish, is due next monday.”
“I have a thing for pretty boys”
“good night! good luck getting the booty!”
“et tu?”
“he needs a little thirst in his life.”
“just embrace your ho life.”
“okay no blame will be placed as long as it is recognized that I am the most good looking.”
“kissing my brother I see how it is. I thought we had something special.”
“wink wonk.”
“e x cus e me ??”
“a blog called horny-sluts0 just started following me.”
“I’m not saying he isn’t kinky, I’m just not saying he has a royalty kink.”
“#dO NOT.”
“what’s the haps my dudes”
“(name) I do not think that 'what’s the haps my dudes’ is a correct way to engage with youths.”
“are you trying to put me in a bad mood because it’s working.”
“i shall corrupt this one.” *fixes cleavage*
“bet your pretty ass i am.”
“I’m gonna fucking punch something.”
“i will torture u softly.”
“how is walking in front of someone entirely naked cryptic?”
“she’s my child now don’t upset my child or i will eat u.”
“stop that.”
“Is this what a break up feels like?”
“i’m irresistible it’s my best character flaw.”
“i mean, i am irresistible, we established that.”
“i’d rather stick my hand in a scorpion’s nest if it’s all the same.”
“where are you going to find a scorpions nest in New York?”
“please don’t break into the bug house at the Zoo oh my god.”
“fine then, i’ll feed the ducks ALONE. UNPROTECTED. VULNERABLE. ALL BY MY SELF.”
“is that why I found jello in my shoes???? you’re buying me new boots.”
“little brothers are not secret weapons.”
“this is just making me MORE SAD”
“literally 80% of my decisions are made to spite someone.”

Let Me Teach You A Lesson :: Eggsy Unwin Imagine

This took so long, I am so so so sorry! I hope you like it though! Requests and prompts are open!

Request: Love ur blog so much do u think u could maybe do an eggsy imagine where y/n is dancing with someone else and eggsy gets really jealous and Smut smut smut stuff and have a cute ending -Anon

Eggsy’s Point of View

I make my way over to the usual table on the patio at the coffee shop and plop down in the seat in front of the pretty (c/h) female. “Hey there (y/n),” I winked causing her to smile with a shake of her head, “Hi Eggsy.” I smile at her and nervously bit my lip, “What’s wrong?” she asks as I fiddle with the collar of my polo. “Well, remember I work at Kingsman?” I start and she nods, “Well the company is holding their annual ball this Friday…and I uh, was wondering if you could be my date. Only if you want to!” I quickly add in a slightly louder tone causing her to laugh. She nods quickly with a huge grin, “Yeah I’ll love to go with you!” “Really?” I blink in awe at her smiling and sipping away at her iced coffee, “Really!”

Normal Point of View

I twirl in front of the mirror as if I was a teenage girl all over again getting ready for prom. Which is kind of funny and nostalgic since Eggsy was also my prom date back when we were in high school. Although, we actually didn’t go to prom due to his financial issues, instead we dressed ‘pretty’ and went out to a diner and had a movie marathon back at my place. But honestly I couldn’t ask for anything more, it was perfect, and prom is totally overrated anyways. I scoff and look over to the cheap plastic crown sitting on top of my shelf, besides we won prom king and queen, I thought as a placed the dusty cheap plastic crown that Eggsy got from the dollar store on to my head. In all honesty it looked a little stupid, with the beautiful flowing (colour) dress and the perfect curls pulled over my left shoulder. Suddenly the doorbell rang, erupting me from my mirror daze. I carefully take off the plastic crown, setting it back to its original place before bounding down the stairs. I all too excitedly swing open the door to come face to face with the handsome Eggsy decked out with his fitted Kingsman suit, classically slicked back hair, topped off with those thick dark rimmed glasses he sometimes wear. “Well aren’t you handsome,” I shyly smile while pulling on my heels. The blonde flashes me his famous grin and winks, “I can say the same to you, gorgeous.” With that he swept me off my feet and escorted me to the Kingsman ball.


It was simply awful. I wish I never came.

Was I being a little dramatic? Why yes, maybe just a smidge I huff, taking yet another swig of alcohol. I down my third cup of the night and rest my chin in my hands, eyes never once leaving Eggsy’s tall stature on the dance floor. After entering the stupid ball never once had Eggsy looked my way, or yet even talked to me, hell he hasn’t even been in a 3 meters radius of me since we got here hours ago. A heavy sigh escaped my lips and I drop my face into my hands, I should’ve seen this coming. But there I was hours ago thinking that maybe I would have a chance of Eggsy even thinking about maybe being more than friends, never have I felt this self conscious as I was now. I bitterly laugh at the pathetic being I was as I remember how incompetent I was compared to any other living female that walked this damned planet. Shaking my head to clear the on coming hot tears, I flag down the bartender for another drink. “I will die happy if I could unseen all the shit I’ve seen all night” I mumble to myself, chugging down my fourth drink angrily all the while watching Eggsy holding beautiful hot women close to him while dancing and smiling into their perfect soft locks of hair. It makes me sick, I jealously huff getting up to leave. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter if I was here or not I laugh, it’s not like he would realize that I left.

I spare one last glance at him in hopes to maybe catch him staring back, but it never came. Getting up from my stool at the open bar I make my way to the exit, but obviously being me, I never got far. “Hi there,” smiled a tall brunette, “Leaving so soon?” I blink up at him in slight confusion, was he talking to me? “Uh…yeah.” He frowned slightly before a smug smile stretched across his face, “Well that’s a shame, I was wondering if you would join me in one dance.” I laugh with a shake of my head causing a numb throb to resonate in my head, probably shouldn’t have drank that much and so fast in one sitting, “I guess one dance won’t hurt.” He grins and loops his arm around my shoulders leading me to the dancing crowd. I guess if he worked for Kingsman he wouldn’t be so bad, since Eggsy said that you needed to be a proper gentleman to actually work there. But then again, men still have needs, I conclude as I feel his hand travelling a little too south on my waist. I should’ve said something but I didn’t, maybe the alcohol didn’t help with my need for someone’s attention, or maybe it just slowed the hell out of my brain. I couldn’t even comprehend what happened as I felt a familiar hand rest on my shoulder, gently pulling me into a firm chest. “That’s enough Lucan, I think it’s my turn to dance with her.” I look over my shoulder and of course there stood Eggsy with his little smirk, even though I was slightly tipsy I couldn’t help but notice the dangerous glint in his olive green eyes. “As you wish, Galahad,” the brunette male bows, almost teasingly, placing a chaste kiss on the back of my hand before stepping away into the crowd. “What the hell was that?” Eggsy snapped quietly into my ear, quietly but surely angrily. “I was dancing?” I laugh scratching my cheek. The blonde pulls my hand away and rubbed away at the spot where the guy, apparently Lucan, kissed and added, “Anyone but him, okay.” I frown and pull away from him, “Why does it matter? I can dance with whoever I want Eggsy. Besides…it shouldn’t bother you, last time I checked you were the one that didn’t want to dance with me or heck, even being seen with me, okay? Can I please, please, just go home?” The male furrows his eyebrows together and shake his head, “That’s not true, far from the truth actually.” I look up into his deep green orbs and bit my lip as he continues, “Before you go, can you please just have one dance with me?” “Okay…” I shyly mumble looking at the glossy floor.

Eggsy’s strong arms encircles my waist and pulls me flush against his chest as my arms hesitantly wrap around his neck, holding him close as I bury my face into the crook of his neck. “Eggsy,” I mumble into his shoulder, “Why have you been avoiding me all night?” He chuckles, dipping his head near the shell of my ear and whispers huskily, “Cause, you drive me crazy. I can’t control myself when you look like that.” My cheeks warm and I timidly smile against his collar, “Really?” He nods and noses the shell of my ear, “Mhmm, when I look at you thoughts fill my head.” “What kind of thoughts?” “Dirty thoughts, really dirty thoughts,” he whispers lowly before licking the shell of my ear and nipping at the cartilage softly. A quiet moan escaped my parted lips, I dig my fingernails into his shoulder attempting to keep quiet as his lips travelled along my neck. “Eggsy, not here,” I heavily breathe, “Someone might see.” “What’s so wrong with that, you are my girlfriend,” he cheekily adds before sucking onto the supple skin on my neck, erupting a whimper from my throat. “G-Girlfriend?” I stutter out and he nods, “And I thought I was the tipsy one (y/n), tut tut, besides no one is going to notice.” He hums kissing my exposed chest, but of course leaving a few dark purple bruises on the swells of my breasts. “E-Eggsy, I swear to god!” I cry squeezing my eyes shut as his wet appendage plunged into the crack of my cleavage, “I…I can’t! Not here,” I sigh as I feel his fingers slide up and down the crack of my ass before his fingers push at the (f/c) fabric of my dress, allowing him a more direct access to finger me over the textile. His long index and middle finger presses small tight circles into my opening, it felt amazing yet foreign, no one has ever touched me down there before, let alone myself. I moan loudly into his blonde gelled tresses making odd strangled noises. “I can’t, Eggsy please!” I beg, clawing at his back relentlessly as his fingers attempt to plunge into my folds regardless of the fabric of my dress and underwear blocking his entrance. “Ahh, whatever you want princess,” he hums lifting his face away from my chest to sweetly kiss my lips. His fingers tug at the clingingly damp fabric away from my core to stroke my back lovingly, “Shall we continue back at the hotel?”


Thank gods for Kingsman to take precautions that there would be lots of celebration drinking and such, providing all the guests a room to stay at a high-end hotel nonetheless. I sigh contently as Eggsy lifts me onto the bed and hovering over me with his signature smirk, “Love that dress on ya princess, but it’s time for it to come off.” The blonde hums as he unzips the dress and pulls the long textile off my body, leaving me in just my lacy and embarrassingly damp (f/c) underwear. “Ah, aren’t you naughty, and soaking wet,” he chuckles deeply dipping down to kiss my lips again. But this time we would go on without trying to be discreet. I groan loudly as his pearly white teeth tugs at my bottom lip, forcing me to part my lips for him. He excitedly runs his tongue over the roof of my mouth before rolling his appendage against mine. I could tell that he was letting me be dominant over him as I easy pushed him onto his back, straddling him as I pushed my tongue into his warm cavern. He groans into my mouth as I tug at his blonde locks, easily dishevelling his previously perfect gelled back hair. I pull away to look down at a heaving Eggsy, who was surprisingly really submissive for the most part, until I moved my fingers away from his hair to slide off his glasses. Almost instantly a glint sparked in his eyes, he flips me over onto my back, “Do you understand that you can not dance with anyone but me now?” He teasing smirks, practically begging me to say no, so I did, “No Eggsy I do, not, understand” I smile as his widens, “Well then, let me teach you a lesson.”

He tugs down my panties and continued on what he started at the ball without any barriers and restrictions. Eggsy once again slips his index and middle finger into my folds, massaging gently into the warm wet skin. When wet enough, his fingers slip into the folds and pump in and out at a steady and quick rhythm. A moan escapes my constricting throat while I claw at his still clothed back. “Wait…Eggsy your clothes,” I breathlessly say tugging at his tie and he smirks knowing my intention. He quickly sits up and threw off his suit into the unknown corner of the huge hotel room, then went his dress shirt, and his fitted trousers, everything but his crisp black tie. I giggle at his cute little kink and encouraged it by tugging at his loosened tie to bring his lips back onto mine. Eggsy falls back onto his knees and pulls me onto his lap, I gasp as I feel his clothed bulge press into my sensitive nub of nerves. A high pitched whine rips from my throat, racking my entire body as Eggsy thrusts and grinds his hardening bulge into my warmth. My grip on his tie tightens impeccably as I burry my face into his shoulder seeking for comfort, especially when one of his hands that were holding onto my hips slid up to cup my breast and kneading the soft globe. I hiccup into his collarbone and pant out, “P-Please Eggsy…stop teasing.” He hums and purses his lips in attempt to put on his thinking face, “Eggsy!” I pout and he laughs, “You got it darling.”

Eggsy’s strong arm curls around my torso to lift up my body from his lap, as his other hand tugged off his black boxer briefs. He gently settles me back onto his lap and I shyly glance down to take the sight of him in. Eggsy was huge, his long thick length stood tall with pre-cum at it’s tip, I gap at his lower region and he chuckles stroking my back comfortingly. “Are you ready?” he huskily breathes into my ear as he spreads my thighs open while lowering me slowly down onto his length. I nod while biting my lip as I feel his tip prodding into my folds, olive eyes make eye contact with mine in a silent gesture to make sure that I was okay. Nodding again for him to continue he embraces me tightly and lowers me slowly but surely onto his full length. A groan escapes both our lips simultaneously as he throbs inside me and I tightly pulse around him. “So tight,” he whimpers and I laugh, causing both of us a slight discomfort and a spark of arousal. We sat there holding each other in silence, embracing one another tightly and lovingly before we mutually decided to move. His large calloused hands rest on my hips guiding me to ride him, when steady pants left my body he decided that I was ready for him to start moving as well. Eggsy thrusts upwards causing an unreal friction to build between our bodies causing my head to toss back. I wrap my hands tightly around his neck, attempting to ground myself as I feel my body slip into euphoria. He slams his hard length into my core relentlessly as I fail to keep up with his strong complete thrusts. I call out his name as the knot in my stomach tightens considerably, tightening around his hot cock, and I cry out as I became undone all over his length. Eggsy cusses under his breath before he also becomes undone, filling up my entire core with his hot seed, “Fuck!” he groans riding out our organisms causing our juices to mix and leak all over his lap, seeping into the sheets. “And that’s lesson one,” the blonde pants with a huge grin as he pulls us both down to lay on our sides on the fluffy mattress. I laugh and hug him tightly as he reciprocates, “Don’t dance with any one but Eggsy. But honestly, if you are going to do this every time I do, I just might.” He scoffs and kisses my temple, “If you don’t I will reward you, princess.” “That sounds good too,” I smile, “I love you, by the way” I add with a soft laugh and his arms tighten around my body. “And I love you most, okay.” “I’m glad we finally got that out there, after how many years,” I yawn. He smiles and nods, “Me too,” he confesses before gently pulling out and pulling the covers over the both of us.

“did i tell you that you’re hot- I MEAN GOOD AT DANCING?”

scenario/summary: you’re debuting in your group for your company brand new music, and you’re struggling with dance and you of course, had to ask the dance god park woojin.

person: park woojin / y/n!trainee au

  • so it starts off like this:
  • a couple of months ago you decided to become a trainee in brand new music
  • you realise youre debuting a couple of weeks
  • and youre hELLA scared
  • like
  • you seem to struggle with dancing
  • even tho youve basically stayed up every night just to learn the routine
  • because everyone talks about it
  • you yoURSELF decided to watch p101
  • and you noticed how skilled woojin is, who you know
  • you both dont talk often
  • you see each other in corridors, and stuff
  • i mean u did vote for him lolz
  • so
  • SKIP to nOOOOw
  • managers, and staff around congratulate woojin
  • and you smile as you hear the praises
  • once he’s left alone, you quickly tap him on the shoulder
  • “a-ah! oh, annyeong, y/n” woojin bows as he smiles
  • “annyeong,” you bow
  • “why are you here?”
  • “well uh, i sort of.. need your help..”
  • “with what?” woojin smiles as he scratches the back of his neck
  • also this boy kinda likes to pretend u both ‘bump’ into each other on purpose lol HES SO HAPPY TO FINALLY TALK TO U
  • “d-dancing.. if youre free- i mean, youre hella busy-”
  • “nONONO”
  • “y/n im totally free rn!! i was gonna have some break but its totally fine since ik you’re debuting :))”
  • “h-how-”
  • he turns red (like his hair. lmfao bYE)
  • “when do you want to start?” you ask, as he chuckles at your shyness
  • “i dont mind, anytime”
  • “how about we can both have break before we start? im uh, pretty hungry..”
  • “sure!”
  • time skip: u both are too cute beans getting shy and getting to know each other
  • “lets see how your moves go.”
  • AYYY WOOJIN GOTTA SEE UR MoVES wait i gotta chill
  • you dance, carefully not trying to fuck up lol
  • “Y/N!!”
  • woojin begins to clap, a hugE ASS grIN forms on his face
  • “you’re really good! you have clean moves, i know the footwork is hard, but i’ll help”
  • “thanks!” you smile
  • woojin then gets up as you both play the music, slowly going through each move
  • you can tell he’s really passionate
  • he’s concentrated
  • and u like it. wtf y/n
  • you werent going to lie, you couldnt concentrate yourself
  • not only did he just finish his smol cute shy bean time, hE TURNED INTO A HOT DANCE BOI
  • anyways
  • “okay, should we both try together and see how you do on your own?”
  • you nod, he picked the choreo up pretty easily
  • then, you did it on your own
  • hella supportive, loves to praise u
  • you begin to blush
  • “hehe, thanks woojinnie!!”
  • and there we go. u both became dancing buddies and best friends :::))))) 
  • also wtf was i writing?? thIS WAS SHIT SORRY BYE
friends to lovers // winwin

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a/n: can i stop making everything school related 

  • winwin is my literal sON look at that gif i love that gif 
  • ok anyways leggo
  • you and sicheng are close friends from school and he’s your study buddy when it’s time for exams
  • your friendship can be described as very open i guess??
  • you always rant to him about your ugly boy problems
  • and he always offers to fight them for you
  • sometimes will be ur fake boyfriend
  • i mean yeah you get what i mean
  • so one day your math class starts doing ugly integral calculus
  • and you understand most of it
  • so sicheng always comes to u all the time for homework help
  • you go to his dorm or he comes to yours sometimes
  • ya know. homework buddies (useless conversations while watching pokémon)
  • one time he was at your dorm and you had a particularly rough day
  • while you were finishing your work you kinda just,,,,, fell asleep on top of ur books
  • sicheng was about to wake you up but he was like nah imma let them sleep
  • so he starts packing up his stuff and decides to leave a note for when you woke up
  • since he put everything away he had no pen so he reached for the one sitting dead under your limp hand
  • when he leaned in close to your face he was like “woah….. omg”
  • “wow so cute omg i have to take a pic aww snORES”
  • he forgot about the pen he was just staring at ur face like it was the starry night by van gogh
  • “wait is it normal to want to kiss ur friend”
  • the moment he thinks that he smacks himself
  • and he’s so flustered he runs out of your place and realized he forgot the note, so he texts you instead and literallt runs all the way back to his dorm
  • why is he running he doesn’t even know
  • the next day you see him and as usual go to him immediately
  • but he looks at you and runs agaIN
  • wtf sicheng
  • anyways you’re like eh he probably did something weird and doesn’t want me to know
  • this literally happens for 2 days
  • until you show up at his dorm one day and thank goodness his roommate let you in
  • you barge into sichengs room and he’s there sitting on his bed like someone came to arrest him for that candy he stole when he was 9
  • “i’m here to do homework….. bc i don’t want u failing ugly”
  • “i’m totally okay with calculus!! that’s why i didn’t ask for help the past few days”
  • you go to his desk and see on top his homework which he tried doing but ended up throwing in the garbage
  • “really bro”
  • “um”
  • so yeah you’re chilling on his bed doing work and sicheng is lying down with his homework and pencil in hand and his face is covered with the paper
  • in his defense,,, if he was too close to you he was gonna accidentally kiss u
  • you ask him what’s wrong and why he’s avoiding you but he doesn’t answer so you’re like bro i asked a question and his paper falls on his face
  • this boi fell asleep
  • “is he SERIOUS” but you don’t wanna wake him so you say it quietly
  • you take the paper from his face and start clearing the bed
  • when ur done you go to him and pull his blanket up and take his glasses off his face as well
  • “he’s kinda cute- wait wHAT”
  • you don’t even believe you said that yourself but then you look at his face again and realize that he is kinda cute
  • “wow i’d love to squish his cheeks aww”
  • at that moment you’re so fascinated by how someone could be so cute you do end up squishing his face (cue squish sound effect coming from ur mouth)
  • when you finally stop gushing over him you get up from his bed when a hand grabs at yours and pulls you back
  • typical drama scene i know bye
  • once again you’re like “so cute i can blackmail him with this”
  • unlike winwin u don’t hide the fact he’s cute and love it
  • so when y’all see each other the next day you’re just being all coy and hahahahahahah awww u the cutiest tbh and he’s like “oh no. do they know i wanna kiss them oh nO OH FUC”
  • “so sicheng….. why are u avoiding me today ;)))))))))))))”
  • “yeah okay,,, also you have a really nice face”
  • and he’s like “that wasn’t a dream!!!!” (his insides: ahhhh!!!!!)
  • and ur like nope!!!! you also have soft hands
  • you walk away and he’s like what..
  • but then realizes (his insides now: AHAAAAAHHHA!!! SHIT.)
  • ofc the poor boy is even more of a mess than last time so you tell him it’s okay and that you’ll forget about it
  • and also ofc u admit he is very cute and you wanna squish his cheeks until you die
  • “did i just plan an indirect marriage proposal”
  • ur hoping he doesn’t forget it
  • sicheng is also dying at the fact that you think he’s cute but he’s also dying even more to jusT KISS U ONCE BC YOUR LIPS LOOK SO FLUFFY
  • one day u guys are studying again and he’s pretty normal,,, almost too normal
  • then suddenly
  • “hey y/n i need to do something you just tell me if it’s okay after i do it”
  • “sicheng what”
  • he kisses ur cHEE k
  • forget calculus homework you forgot the square root of 1 at that moment
  • he observes your face to see if you liked it or not but you were so confused with so many feelings and he’s scared you didn’t like it
  • so he’s about to apologize but then you say that it was okay
  • but on the outside he’s suddenly very confident thank
  • “in that case i actually wanted to kiss ur lips but today cheek was enough”
  • so you’re like why!!!!  that’s so unfair
  • and he’s being half cocky at this point now that he’s sure you’re okay and aware of this new step in your ‘friendship’
  • “sicheng do iT NOW”
  • he’s just sitting there smiling and doing his work and ur like k fuck this
  • you grab his face and give him a quick kiss
  • and now it’s his turn to be dumbfounded
  • “one more time pleeeeeeeaasssse”
  • “no i think that was enough for today”
  • before you leave he tells you to “have a study session in the nearby cafe”
  • “is this a date”
  • “no…. i just wanna pass calculus”
dating yoon jisung and park woojin

yoon jisung: 

  • you already know he’s a meme
  • he knows exactly how and when to make you laugh
  • probably sends you old memes he finds funny, like the ones with the big text in white with the black outline
  • you’d probably criticize his memes
  • “,,,,hey i’m old i don’t know all this internet stuff”
  • also imitates you for fun sometimes and it can get annoying but it’s okay because you love him
  • he’s so random with it like you two would be cuddling on the couch and he’d just out of the blue
  • “you know the other day my trainer was making me learn this dance combo and i swear i looked like a chicken doing the hands”
  • continues to imitate himself
  • but all the memeing aside 
  • he’s also really surprisingly deep into the relationship
  • it’s nice that he’s not afraid to be emotional and genuine and he’s the same around you
  • because he’s so sensitive he’s always in tune with how you’re feeling
  • “just tell me what’s going on, don’t lie to me and say it’s nothing”
  • and although he tries to hide some struggles from you not to worry you he ends up always telling you everything (after you find out of course)
  • just very honest and open it’s nice
  • he’s soooooooooooo clingy and loves skinship
  • “jagiyaaaaaaaaaa” “honeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy” all day every day don’t expect it to stop
  • will aegyo you to death don’t try and avoid it
  • clings on to you
  • if necessary will let you drag him to wherever you’re going as long as he’s still touching you in some way
  • sometimes the excessive sweetness is for memes but like it’s cute so you play along
  • wow just realized the amount of times i have said “memes” in this headcanon
  • oh well it’s for jisung how can you not
  • would definitely adopt a million animals (only if you were willing to)
  • always wants to take you out on fun dates (arcades, fairs, bowling, etc etc) and will probably whine when neither of you have the time
  • but tbh,,,,,,,, he’d be kinda frugal like he would beg to split the check from time to time
  • doesn’t mean he doesn’t get you gifts, he just really likes free stuff
  • “jisung this teddy bear has the logo of some sort of medical company on it”
  • “hey they were giving them out for free and it’s still cute”
  • fights would be super rare and only if something was super serious
  • and at the point where the two of you are yelling you’re both also crying so like,,,,, what’s the point
  • they end really quickly you two will probably hug it out then talk it out
  • jisung’s a huge fan of talking it out

park woojin:

  • if he’s not already completely comfortable around you before you guys date he would be kinda shy
  • if he’s uncomfortable at first he would try so so so hard to be the model gentleman but ur just like
  • “,,,,,, woojin i got into the car you can close the door now”
  • a cute lil blush on his face that makes it all okay
  • it’d probably take some gentle nudging from you to get him to open up more
  • on the first date looking down and constantly licking his lips
  • nonstop blushing
  • honestly though i think woojin opens up to people from sharing experiences, so as you spend more time with him he will slowly become the lil silly woojin we know and love
  • once the shy phase is out of the way whew you better prepare for the skinship
  • honey this boy is bouta cuddle you to death and you can’t do a n y t h i n g about it
  • just accept that he really likes keeping you in bed and giving back hugs even while you’re doing important things
  • he’s going to be like a puppy that follows you around it’s cute
  • but ofc he’s also that good balance of having his own social life and knowing when you two don’t need to be together
  • let’s be honest though at this point he’s introduced you to all the bnm boys and his friends back in busan and you’re part of each other’s social life
  • mutters “why are you so pretty/cute” all the time under his breath
  • on random nights probably stays awake with some trivial question
  • at 3 am: “y/n do you think fish exist on other planets”
  • “woojin you have practice tomorrow go to sleep”
  • will pick you up, throw u over his shoulder, then go on his merry way
  • or he’ll just pick you up and flip you like a fuckin
  • i don’t even know anymore have you all watched episode 10 because then you know what i’m talking about
  • “woojin please don’t pick-”
  • grabs you from behind “i want food we’re going to the kitchen” keeps walking while you’re just propped up on his shoulder like a flour sack
  • jam sessions all over the place
  • microphone hairbrush, hair whipping, loudspeakers and all
  • for dates he likes really chill ones
  • would occasionally go on busier/wilder dates farther from home but like
  • on a daily basis the most “interesting” it gets is like,,, together in the dance studio or something
  • but it’s okay stay-home/domestic dates are always cute and relaxed there’s never pressure
  • veeerryyyy good listener, he processes everything you’re telling him but sometimes doesn’t know what to say in return
  • he’s not the best with words when it comes to serious or emotional conversations 
  • sometimes that gets you frustrated but it does take a bit to get used to
  • not the most emotionally sensitive (won’t really be able to feel your emotions) but always always always wants you to tell him what’s up
  • “hey, just tell me what’s going on, even if i can’t do much to help it’s better than just letting everything build up”
  • may seem mellow but oh god don’t let him get mad nope nope nope
  • not afraid to ignore you and probably too stubborn to give in
  • but eventually he does because he loves u and it would take a couple days for things to get to normal but that’s because things are getting worked out and compromises are being made
heacanon: dating yixing

Dating Yixing Would Include:

  • sweet angelic boyfriend
  • is so nice and kind to you its unbelievable
  • fighting? who’s she? you’ve never heard of her.
  • serenades you 24/7
  • “hey y/n, bet i can make you blush in 2 minutes.”
  • “okay, yixing.”
  • and he succeeds, so you give him an unsuspected kiss 
  • and now he’s the one blushing
  • always calling you pretty
  • when u wake up, “omg, you’re so pretty”
  • when u cook, “omg, you’re so pretty”
  • when he walks in on you on the toilet, “omg, you’re so pretty”
  • makes things for you randomly
  • like a cute bracelet with your name on it
  • or a mini puppet
  • “it’s a good luck charm”
  • every time he gives you something you always praise it
  • even if he spent no time on it, bc you love him
  • is sweet and angelic but everyone has two sides amirite
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • you know where i’m going with this
  • always wanting to make you happy in bed
  • not satisfied until you are
  • really whiny
  • won’t stop moving around
  • doesn’t like to make a mess
  • but he’s flustered when he sees you covered in his mess if u know what i mean
  • really quiet after both of you finish, to the point where you have to make sure if he’s still alive
  • “i’m dead. your sexiness killed me~”
  • overall a boyfriend with a cute aura that will never do anything to hurt you intentionally