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G u y s

I never see the whole “write on your skin and it’ll show up on your soulmate” au used as a form of communication

there are people who draw their otp drawing dicks on each other but it’s so common! And maybe, actually pretty and cute, little designs on the skin but I hardly see it used as a form of communication!

I want your otp writing on themselves til the break of dawn just entranced by the others writing style or how quickly or slowly the letters are written!

I need them frantically running around looking for a lost pen or marker when they see their skin is imprinted with “Hey how’s it hangin’ dude”

I need person A’s writing suddenly die out and Person B is just “what the fuck” but they see their skin revealing the phrase “sorry my pen kinda died lmao. It was my fav pen ;;”

I need one of them being “we could exchange phone numbers instead of writing” and the other being like “sure but I like writing with/to you”


I need to see more of this!!!!!

my opinions on the instruments since you guys are asking (reblog and add yours!!1!)

french horn: honestly so pure. i always think of Dvorak’s 9th when i hear them and u g h y e a s

tuba: my bias here should be obvious

euphonium / baritone: honestly they’re so pretty and cute and nice to listen to. basically improved versions of tubas (sorry @me)

flute: pretty but anyone who can play them is clearly dabbling in dark magic

mellophone: i haven’t met one but i really like their sound. its so nice and… not to be redundant but mellow

trumpet: tbh i could listen to trumpets all day. even beginning players sound amazing to me

trombone: i always listen to the trombones when i’m confused on my part, so they’re sort of my anchor. thanks frens 

piccolo: similar to flutes but the notes are even prettier and the players are using even more dark magic

saxophone: honestly saxophones=awesome jazz to me, and i love jazz, so 

clarinet: they sound like the ethereal wood fairy version of flutes (im not sure why i think this). there’s a really good clarinet player at our school so i always think of their solos when clarinets get brought up

oboe: like clarinets but more flute and less wood fairy

bassoon: oboes but stronger

percussion: thank you kind friends for keeping the beat when i am too lazy to count

piano: probably the very purest musical insturment

viola: like with french horns i always think of Dvorak and how awesome y'all’s parts are in his stuff

violin: amazing but also definitely dark magic

cello: i live to listen to cello solos. (also just Dvorak in general, but the two are intertwined)

bass: you’re the string version of me. i respect you


NCT U REACTION: Of you being too shy to look up at them after you pecked them on the lips


Although he felt a little uncomfortable, he’d try not to show it, however for some time he wouldn’t know what to do.


“Y/N stop being so cute!” TY would try to make you look up and make the ambient better and comfortable while thinking how pretty you look with a blushed face.


Doyoung would be shocked and start the drama.

“Yah! You kissed me and now don’t look to me? Oh man… I feel used…”


Provocative Ten appears.

“Aigo… You have courage to kiss me but not to look in my eyes? Ahh… So ambiguous…”


Feeling a little awkward, Jaehyun would pass his hand on his hair and smile softly thinking how to make you look up.


Mark’d be too shy to look at you too, so he’d feel relieved, laughing a lot.

~ADM Misso

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Let Me Teach You A Lesson :: Eggsy Unwin Imagine

This took so long, I am so so so sorry! I hope you like it though! Requests and prompts are open!

Request: Love ur blog so much do u think u could maybe do an eggsy imagine where y/n is dancing with someone else and eggsy gets really jealous and Smut smut smut stuff and have a cute ending -Anon

Eggsy’s Point of View

I make my way over to the usual table on the patio at the coffee shop and plop down in the seat in front of the pretty (c/h) female. “Hey there (y/n),” I winked causing her to smile with a shake of her head, “Hi Eggsy.” I smile at her and nervously bit my lip, “What’s wrong?” she asks as I fiddle with the collar of my polo. “Well, remember I work at Kingsman?” I start and she nods, “Well the company is holding their annual ball this Friday…and I uh, was wondering if you could be my date. Only if you want to!” I quickly add in a slightly louder tone causing her to laugh. She nods quickly with a huge grin, “Yeah I’ll love to go with you!” “Really?” I blink in awe at her smiling and sipping away at her iced coffee, “Really!”

Normal Point of View

I twirl in front of the mirror as if I was a teenage girl all over again getting ready for prom. Which is kind of funny and nostalgic since Eggsy was also my prom date back when we were in high school. Although, we actually didn’t go to prom due to his financial issues, instead we dressed ‘pretty’ and went out to a diner and had a movie marathon back at my place. But honestly I couldn’t ask for anything more, it was perfect, and prom is totally overrated anyways. I scoff and look over to the cheap plastic crown sitting on top of my shelf, besides we won prom king and queen, I thought as a placed the dusty cheap plastic crown that Eggsy got from the dollar store on to my head. In all honesty it looked a little stupid, with the beautiful flowing (colour) dress and the perfect curls pulled over my left shoulder. Suddenly the doorbell rang, erupting me from my mirror daze. I carefully take off the plastic crown, setting it back to its original place before bounding down the stairs. I all too excitedly swing open the door to come face to face with the handsome Eggsy decked out with his fitted Kingsman suit, classically slicked back hair, topped off with those thick dark rimmed glasses he sometimes wear. “Well aren’t you handsome,” I shyly smile while pulling on my heels. The blonde flashes me his famous grin and winks, “I can say the same to you, gorgeous.” With that he swept me off my feet and escorted me to the Kingsman ball.


It was simply awful. I wish I never came.

Was I being a little dramatic? Why yes, maybe just a smidge I huff, taking yet another swig of alcohol. I down my third cup of the night and rest my chin in my hands, eyes never once leaving Eggsy’s tall stature on the dance floor. After entering the stupid ball never once had Eggsy looked my way, or yet even talked to me, hell he hasn’t even been in a 3 meters radius of me since we got here hours ago. A heavy sigh escaped my lips and I drop my face into my hands, I should’ve seen this coming. But there I was hours ago thinking that maybe I would have a chance of Eggsy even thinking about maybe being more than friends, never have I felt this self conscious as I was now. I bitterly laugh at the pathetic being I was as I remember how incompetent I was compared to any other living female that walked this damned planet. Shaking my head to clear the on coming hot tears, I flag down the bartender for another drink. “I will die happy if I could unseen all the shit I’ve seen all night” I mumble to myself, chugging down my fourth drink angrily all the while watching Eggsy holding beautiful hot women close to him while dancing and smiling into their perfect soft locks of hair. It makes me sick, I jealously huff getting up to leave. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter if I was here or not I laugh, it’s not like he would realize that I left.

I spare one last glance at him in hopes to maybe catch him staring back, but it never came. Getting up from my stool at the open bar I make my way to the exit, but obviously being me, I never got far. “Hi there,” smiled a tall brunette, “Leaving so soon?” I blink up at him in slight confusion, was he talking to me? “Uh…yeah.” He frowned slightly before a smug smile stretched across his face, “Well that’s a shame, I was wondering if you would join me in one dance.” I laugh with a shake of my head causing a numb throb to resonate in my head, probably shouldn’t have drank that much and so fast in one sitting, “I guess one dance won’t hurt.” He grins and loops his arm around my shoulders leading me to the dancing crowd. I guess if he worked for Kingsman he wouldn’t be so bad, since Eggsy said that you needed to be a proper gentleman to actually work there. But then again, men still have needs, I conclude as I feel his hand travelling a little too south on my waist. I should’ve said something but I didn’t, maybe the alcohol didn’t help with my need for someone’s attention, or maybe it just slowed the hell out of my brain. I couldn’t even comprehend what happened as I felt a familiar hand rest on my shoulder, gently pulling me into a firm chest. “That’s enough Lucan, I think it’s my turn to dance with her.” I look over my shoulder and of course there stood Eggsy with his little smirk, even though I was slightly tipsy I couldn’t help but notice the dangerous glint in his olive green eyes. “As you wish, Galahad,” the brunette male bows, almost teasingly, placing a chaste kiss on the back of my hand before stepping away into the crowd. “What the hell was that?” Eggsy snapped quietly into my ear, quietly but surely angrily. “I was dancing?” I laugh scratching my cheek. The blonde pulls my hand away and rubbed away at the spot where the guy, apparently Lucan, kissed and added, “Anyone but him, okay.” I frown and pull away from him, “Why does it matter? I can dance with whoever I want Eggsy. Besides…it shouldn’t bother you, last time I checked you were the one that didn’t want to dance with me or heck, even being seen with me, okay? Can I please, please, just go home?” The male furrows his eyebrows together and shake his head, “That’s not true, far from the truth actually.” I look up into his deep green orbs and bit my lip as he continues, “Before you go, can you please just have one dance with me?” “Okay…” I shyly mumble looking at the glossy floor.

Eggsy’s strong arms encircles my waist and pulls me flush against his chest as my arms hesitantly wrap around his neck, holding him close as I bury my face into the crook of his neck. “Eggsy,” I mumble into his shoulder, “Why have you been avoiding me all night?” He chuckles, dipping his head near the shell of my ear and whispers huskily, “Cause, you drive me crazy. I can’t control myself when you look like that.” My cheeks warm and I timidly smile against his collar, “Really?” He nods and noses the shell of my ear, “Mhmm, when I look at you thoughts fill my head.” “What kind of thoughts?” “Dirty thoughts, really dirty thoughts,” he whispers lowly before licking the shell of my ear and nipping at the cartilage softly. A quiet moan escaped my parted lips, I dig my fingernails into his shoulder attempting to keep quiet as his lips travelled along my neck. “Eggsy, not here,” I heavily breathe, “Someone might see.” “What’s so wrong with that, you are my girlfriend,” he cheekily adds before sucking onto the supple skin on my neck, erupting a whimper from my throat. “G-Girlfriend?” I stutter out and he nods, “And I thought I was the tipsy one (y/n), tut tut, besides no one is going to notice.” He hums kissing my exposed chest, but of course leaving a few dark purple bruises on the swells of my breasts. “E-Eggsy, I swear to god!” I cry squeezing my eyes shut as his wet appendage plunged into the crack of my cleavage, “I…I can’t! Not here,” I sigh as I feel his fingers slide up and down the crack of my ass before his fingers push at the (f/c) fabric of my dress, allowing him a more direct access to finger me over the textile. His long index and middle finger presses small tight circles into my opening, it felt amazing yet foreign, no one has ever touched me down there before, let alone myself. I moan loudly into his blonde gelled tresses making odd strangled noises. “I can’t, Eggsy please!” I beg, clawing at his back relentlessly as his fingers attempt to plunge into my folds regardless of the fabric of my dress and underwear blocking his entrance. “Ahh, whatever you want princess,” he hums lifting his face away from my chest to sweetly kiss my lips. His fingers tug at the clingingly damp fabric away from my core to stroke my back lovingly, “Shall we continue back at the hotel?”


Thank gods for Kingsman to take precautions that there would be lots of celebration drinking and such, providing all the guests a room to stay at a high-end hotel nonetheless. I sigh contently as Eggsy lifts me onto the bed and hovering over me with his signature smirk, “Love that dress on ya princess, but it’s time for it to come off.” The blonde hums as he unzips the dress and pulls the long textile off my body, leaving me in just my lacy and embarrassingly damp (f/c) underwear. “Ah, aren’t you naughty, and soaking wet,” he chuckles deeply dipping down to kiss my lips again. But this time we would go on without trying to be discreet. I groan loudly as his pearly white teeth tugs at my bottom lip, forcing me to part my lips for him. He excitedly runs his tongue over the roof of my mouth before rolling his appendage against mine. I could tell that he was letting me be dominant over him as I easy pushed him onto his back, straddling him as I pushed my tongue into his warm cavern. He groans into my mouth as I tug at his blonde locks, easily dishevelling his previously perfect gelled back hair. I pull away to look down at a heaving Eggsy, who was surprisingly really submissive for the most part, until I moved my fingers away from his hair to slide off his glasses. Almost instantly a glint sparked in his eyes, he flips me over onto my back, “Do you understand that you can not dance with anyone but me now?” He teasing smirks, practically begging me to say no, so I did, “No Eggsy I do, not, understand” I smile as his widens, “Well then, let me teach you a lesson.”

He tugs down my panties and continued on what he started at the ball without any barriers and restrictions. Eggsy once again slips his index and middle finger into my folds, massaging gently into the warm wet skin. When wet enough, his fingers slip into the folds and pump in and out at a steady and quick rhythm. A moan escapes my constricting throat while I claw at his still clothed back. “Wait…Eggsy your clothes,” I breathlessly say tugging at his tie and he smirks knowing my intention. He quickly sits up and threw off his suit into the unknown corner of the huge hotel room, then went his dress shirt, and his fitted trousers, everything but his crisp black tie. I giggle at his cute little kink and encouraged it by tugging at his loosened tie to bring his lips back onto mine. Eggsy falls back onto his knees and pulls me onto his lap, I gasp as I feel his clothed bulge press into my sensitive nub of nerves. A high pitched whine rips from my throat, racking my entire body as Eggsy thrusts and grinds his hardening bulge into my warmth. My grip on his tie tightens impeccably as I burry my face into his shoulder seeking for comfort, especially when one of his hands that were holding onto my hips slid up to cup my breast and kneading the soft globe. I hiccup into his collarbone and pant out, “P-Please Eggsy…stop teasing.” He hums and purses his lips in attempt to put on his thinking face, “Eggsy!” I pout and he laughs, “You got it darling.”

Eggsy’s strong arm curls around my torso to lift up my body from his lap, as his other hand tugged off his black boxer briefs. He gently settles me back onto his lap and I shyly glance down to take the sight of him in. Eggsy was huge, his long thick length stood tall with pre-cum at it’s tip, I gap at his lower region and he chuckles stroking my back comfortingly. “Are you ready?” he huskily breathes into my ear as he spreads my thighs open while lowering me slowly down onto his length. I nod while biting my lip as I feel his tip prodding into my folds, olive eyes make eye contact with mine in a silent gesture to make sure that I was okay. Nodding again for him to continue he embraces me tightly and lowers me slowly but surely onto his full length. A groan escapes both our lips simultaneously as he throbs inside me and I tightly pulse around him. “So tight,” he whimpers and I laugh, causing both of us a slight discomfort and a spark of arousal. We sat there holding each other in silence, embracing one another tightly and lovingly before we mutually decided to move. His large calloused hands rest on my hips guiding me to ride him, when steady pants left my body he decided that I was ready for him to start moving as well. Eggsy thrusts upwards causing an unreal friction to build between our bodies causing my head to toss back. I wrap my hands tightly around his neck, attempting to ground myself as I feel my body slip into euphoria. He slams his hard length into my core relentlessly as I fail to keep up with his strong complete thrusts. I call out his name as the knot in my stomach tightens considerably, tightening around his hot cock, and I cry out as I became undone all over his length. Eggsy cusses under his breath before he also becomes undone, filling up my entire core with his hot seed, “Fuck!” he groans riding out our organisms causing our juices to mix and leak all over his lap, seeping into the sheets. “And that’s lesson one,” the blonde pants with a huge grin as he pulls us both down to lay on our sides on the fluffy mattress. I laugh and hug him tightly as he reciprocates, “Don’t dance with any one but Eggsy. But honestly, if you are going to do this every time I do, I just might.” He scoffs and kisses my temple, “If you don’t I will reward you, princess.” “That sounds good too,” I smile, “I love you, by the way” I add with a soft laugh and his arms tighten around my body. “And I love you most, okay.” “I’m glad we finally got that out there, after how many years,” I yawn. He smiles and nods, “Me too,” he confesses before gently pulling out and pulling the covers over the both of us.

Boyfriend Jihun

Requested by Anon

  • Get ready for the fluffball Jihun
  • He’s the definition of fluffball 
  • Literal. fluff. ball. 
  • Back hugs galore 
  • Hugs galore in general 
  • Pecks here there and everywhere 
  • Doesn’t care if y'all are in public will still show his love for you 
  • Giggles giggles giggles 
  • Can be hella dominant at times 
  • Looks hot asf not just cute 
  • When he’s concentrating god 
  • Basically whenever he’s not looking at you 
  • He’ll be a total hottie 
  • But then turn total fluff when he sees you 
  • Lolz did I mention c u d d l e s 
  • Dresses up when going on dates with you 
  • Bc he knows how pretty you are :) 
  • And tries to dress up so he looks as good as u 
  • Fr tho you never look ugly in his eyes 
  • Basically pure and puppy love 
  • Looks into your eyes 
  • “I love you y/nnnnn” 
  • Laughs at you 
  • Fr if you do anything stupid he’ll fall to the ground laughing 
  • Brings you out with the members often 
  • But holds your hand and everything and keeps you with him 
  • “Seungjun why are you standing next to y/n !!” 
  • Sometimes you feel like you’re third wheeling Seungjun + Jihun 
  • But then Jihun comes up and pecks you on the lips and you’re fine 
  • Seungjun: disappointed but not surprised 
  • Fixes your hair and clothes for you 
  • Wants to watch scary movies with you 
  • Ends up so scared 
  • Screams 
  • Shouts 
  • Squeals 
  • After watching the movie he’ll call you at midnight 
  • And be like 
  • “Y/n I’m scared come and sleep with me” 
  • You’ll just laugh at him and ask him to go back to bed 
  • “SCRATCH mY bACK” 
  • Literally begs for you to scratch his back when Seungjun doesn’t 
  • One last thing: CUDDLES

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shit I’ve said and that has been said to me through tumblr IM starters.

“arson should not be a source of arousal!!!!”
“everybody wants his booty.”
“i now pronounce you the prettiest booty in the court.”
“you can’t fight this face. it’s too pretty.”
“be my pretty boy.”
“you get that booty and you never let it go.”
“so that’s when I figured ‘oh this is my son’s boyfriend’”
“That’s pretty cute not gonna lie.”
“and just it got really gay really fast.”
“a lot of what he said was kinda ominous.”
“we’re just all prepared for anything at this point lma o.”
“literally every scene they had together I was just like ‘GAAAYYY’”
“brother why. why are you licking me”
“I’m ten chapters in and I’m 100% trash for him.”
“seriously like just the smallest things that he does make me legit squeal and scream”
“he’s apparently got a thing for dark hairand a royalty kink but we don’t talk about that.”
“okay i’ll make out with you.”
“you’re just like ‘haha what if’ and then it suddenly becomes ‘oh no.’”
“…………..that wasn’t planned.”
“you could knock………..or you could join.”
“follow ur heart.”
“as in the heart in his pants or actual heart”
“I mean the fact that he’s bffs with 2 of the finest booties at court probably doesn’t help.”
“gayer than gay.”
“…are you looking at his butt?”
“no way I’m gay … I just … none of these girls interest me.”
“Smooth as gravel, that’s me.”
“I can’t even apologize I have no shame.”
“give me the angst. give me the regret and the pining and the hurt.”
“PLUS: it was very selfish.”
“I am ready for death.”
“That essay, that I stayed up until 4 am to finish, is due next monday.”
“I have a thing for pretty boys”
“good night! good luck getting the booty!”
“et tu?”
“he needs a little thirst in his life.”
“just embrace your ho life.”
“okay no blame will be placed as long as it is recognized that I am the most good looking.”
“kissing my brother I see how it is. I thought we had something special.”
“wink wonk.”
“e x cus e me ??”
“a blog called horny-sluts0 just started following me.”
“I’m not saying he isn’t kinky, I’m just not saying he has a royalty kink.”
“#dO NOT.”
“what’s the haps my dudes”
“(name) I do not think that 'what’s the haps my dudes’ is a correct way to engage with youths.”
“are you trying to put me in a bad mood because it’s working.”
“i shall corrupt this one.” *fixes cleavage*
“bet your pretty ass i am.”
“I’m gonna fucking punch something.”
“i will torture u softly.”
“how is walking in front of someone entirely naked cryptic?”
“she’s my child now don’t upset my child or i will eat u.”
“stop that.”
“Is this what a break up feels like?”
“i’m irresistible it’s my best character flaw.”
“i mean, i am irresistible, we established that.”
“i’d rather stick my hand in a scorpion’s nest if it’s all the same.”
“where are you going to find a scorpions nest in New York?”
“please don’t break into the bug house at the Zoo oh my god.”
“fine then, i’ll feed the ducks ALONE. UNPROTECTED. VULNERABLE. ALL BY MY SELF.”
“is that why I found jello in my shoes???? you’re buying me new boots.”
“little brothers are not secret weapons.”
“this is just making me MORE SAD”
“literally 80% of my decisions are made to spite someone.”

BTS Reaction: A Pretty Girl Needs Help Reaching Something //requested//

*gifs are not mine*


I’m 9 feet tall, of course I can help you get that

Originally posted by jomjjeoreo


Hey pretty lady…need any help?

Originally posted by vlientae


Girl: Excuse me sir, can you help me get this

Him: *gif*

Originally posted by hugtae


That? But that’s not even really high up! *dies because the girl’s cuteness*

Originally posted by vubbletae


Umm y-yeah sure *shakes his head not knowing what she said*

Originally posted by jibeom


Yeah, um, no. I actually need help reaching this so it’d be great if you could help me.

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I could get that for you OR I could lift you up ya know with THESE BAD BOYS

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heroicardour  asked:

oh no. uhh .. tacticalgunner.

Send me a url and I’ll answer the following;; // accepting ! @heroicardour // @tacticalgunner tags both bc im, tired. 

Opinion on;

Character in general: ok first: ;LAGUNA. MY ACTUAL ACTION DILF. THE MAN OF MY HEART AND THE ONE WHO OWNS MY SOUL. no really look i love laguna?? so much. he can actually wreck me w/that machine gun of his. second: ZACK MOTHERFUCKING FAIR.  listen i always forget how pretty zack is and then. i am. b l i s s f u l l y reminded of his beauty. he’s a fucking bean and I WILL FIGHT EVERYONE who disagrees.  
How they play them: looks into the camera, noctis is so in love with laguna it’s not even funny and like. i love how azur plays laguna?? like he’s so fucking cute and great and honestly characterization is A+++++ and i love??? laguna so much. ZACK IS MY HUSBAND THAT IS ALL.
The Mun: hi daddy <3 NO BUT REALLY Azur is a fucking sweetheart, and honestly i am so glad i bucked up and decided to talk to them and just. A+ person here. A+. 100000000000/10 would Azur again.

Do I:

RP with them: FuC k yes ; here with laguna, and keith and zack seem to be getting along
Want to RP with them: listen im surprised they haven’t tossed my ass outta window im so annoying

What is my;

Overall Opinion:

i lov u


@stardustgalaxy  :Oh man I hope you’re still doing the emoji challenge, your art is so cute~!!! I couldn’t decide between Luffy or Ace for A6… Ahahaha… -u-“ can you do one for A6 please? 

My art is not cute..! It’s manl- Thank you UvU

The rest is for @ace-bae​ and @tsunagirl​ :>

Block-B reaction: When they are trying to flirt with you in a nightclub


“Hi beautiful, I-I liked y-you s-s …”*goes blank and starts to laugh*


“Hey baby, I like you, and I’m sure you like me too, do you want my phone number?”


“Oh, wow, look at you, you are so pretty… Don’t you think I am handsome too? We could be a nice couple.”


*In sweet tone* “Hey, how are you? I couldn’t help but keep my eyes on you, you are very cute.” *smiles shyly*


“Hey girl, look at all those ugly guys” *point to the other members of Block-B* “I’m much better than them, don’t you think?”


*With seductive voice* “Hey girl… I noticed you were looking at me. Do you want this all? It can be yours, don’t miss the opportunity.”


“Hello cutie, do you want to chat a bit with me?” *Does aegyo*

-Admin Nana

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anonymous asked:

☆♡my crush is my best friend !! he's so cute and kind, and also very (v e r y) flirty. hes v tall almost 6'0" , has cute, fluffy brown hair, v pretty brown eyes, h u g e hands, and a cute butt 👀. he always compliments me and i get all blushy nd shy and he says i look cute when i blush. sometimes, he'll flirt and i blush a l o t and he'll give me a lil kiss on the cheek. i lov him sm♡☆

aa !! this is s o cute ,??!?! and kisses on the cheE K oh my i’m freaking out a lil that’s the Best thing om g i hope things work out well !!

positivity hour !!

We Still Have Later- Fred Weasley imagine

Requests: Hey Bby, I ♡ You. For my imagine I will let you pick the boy, either… Ron Weasley Draco Malfoy Or one of the Weasley Twins :) And make it both hot and cute, pretty please♡♡


Hiiiii could i have some heated fred/george weasley? I love your blog soooo much and im so glad u r feeling better!

*According to eenie meenie miny moe, Fred is our subject!*


“Freddy, can we get out of here? It’s boring.” You groaned, resting your chin on Fred’s shoulder from behind. Fred’s hand stopped moving across the page and laid his quill next to the parchment.

“I’ve got to order supplies for our shop, Y/N.” He replied softly.

“But George is out. We’re alone. I’m bored.” You hinted, trailing your hands up his arms as light as a feather and finally rested them on his shoulders, squeezing your nails into his skin temptingly. Fred’s head followed them to his shoulders.

“Y/N.” He warned, though his voice was weaker than you figured he wanted it to be. You smirked to yourself and used your thumbs to draw circles on the back of his neck slowly. Fred breathed out loudly and coughed, leaning back over his desk. You frowned, then you got an idea. Maneuvering in front of the desk, you used one arm to slide all the contents on the tabletop to topple to the floor with a flutter of sheets and clinks of extra quills. Fred gasped slightly, glaring at you.

“Fred Weasley, I won’t take no for an answer.” You threatened, smiling flirtatiously. Fred’s eyes softened and he shook his head curtly.

“You’re too adorable for your own good.” He pouted. Keeping your eyes trained on the ginger, you sat on the desk in front of his and crossed one leg over the other, swaying your foot to a non-existent beat. Fred’s eyes ran up and down your legs and you could tell his mind was leaving his work.

“Is adorable all you’ve got?” You teased, lowering your voice to a whisper. Fred’s eyes sparkled with his usual mischievous glitter and he jumped to his feet, pushing you backward with his approach. He hovered in front of you, hands placed on either side of your hips and giving you little room to move. You smirked, knowing you never failed to rile him up.

“I think you know the answer.” He growled deeply; it sent a shiver down your spine. You leaned forward until your noses were only centimeters apart.

“Maybe I don’t.” You perked your eyebrows as if to challenge him. Fred stepped closer, making your legs open so he could stand between him. Slowly, he pressed his lips fully on yours, making you melt in his arms. You leaned backwards, tugging Fred along by his tie. He slipped one arm behind your back and pulled you flush against his body. As he did so you ran your fingers through his hair, pushing him closer against you.

Fred’s other hand grabbed around the back of your knee and lifted it around his waist. You finished the action by trapping him with both legs and tightening your grip on his hair. He let out a soft moan. Fred then busied himself with unbuttoning your top agonizingly slowly. Your lips moved in sync with each others’ as you arched your back into his torso with a small laugh. You had won. You figured Fred already knew you did.

“Why do you do this to me, Y/N?” Fred asked huskily, sliding his lips down your neck and over your collar bone. You tossed your head back in pleasure at the contact of his lips peppering your chest.

“I know I’ll win.” You replied in a gasp and he nipped at the sensitive skin. Fred’s fingers left your buttons and lowered your shirt from your shoulders, leaving more kisses on the newly exposed skin. Fred’s hot breath tickled your neck as he sucked on your skin.

“Fred? Are you still here?” George’s voice made Fred groan slightly. You rolled your eyes, your hands leaving Fred’s hair and come to a rest at the base of his neck.

“George.” Fred stated, even when you already knew. Fred let out an unamused laugh and laid his forehead in the crook of your neck, breathing down your chest. You closed your eyes and giggled.

“We still have later.” You reminded. Fred growled and stood, reluctantly stepping away from you to pick up the mess you made when you pushed all of his things from the surface. You followed him, pulling on your shirt again. When your boyfriend stood, you snuck up on him and planted a hearty kiss to his lips and opened the office door.

“I’ll tell him you’re up here.” You said quietly. Fred winked at you.

“I’m taking your offer for later.” Fred told you. You winked back and slipped out the door with a suspicious look from George.


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Relax//Taylor Momsen Smut

Hi! Can I get a smutty taylor momsen imagine thing? like really smutty :) where like y/n ‘s just been dating taylor for a while and they go to a fancy candlelit dinner in cute sexy dresses and theres some smutty stuff goin on under the table and we go to her apartment and fuck <3 I’m basically ok with everything but pegging, please do include sex toys tho. thank u so much <3

I knocked on the door, waiting for an answer. For our 1st anniversary, Taylor and I decided to dress up and go to a fancy dinner.

“Just a second!” She called as I heard her footsteps behind the door. The door opened as I saw Taylor in a long black dress that fit her silhouette perfectly.

“Tay, you look amazing..” I cooed, looking her up and down.

“Not compared to you.” She smiled and kissed me as she took my hand and we walked to my car and got in. We drove to our destination quickly, getting seated and ordering already. We were seated in a more private area as Taylor and I chatted about our days together.

I could feel her hand edging on my inner thigh moving higher and higher up until she couldn’t reach any farther, giving that we were sitting across from each other. 

Taylor looked over her shoulder before slipping underneath the table and pushing at my knees.

“Taylor, what are you doing?!” I asked, looking around to make sure nobody was coming.

“Relax..” Her voice said muffled as she pulled my panties down and off. I spread my legs a bit, my cheeks starting to turn a red colour as she moved her head towards my already shivering cunt. 

She started swirling her tongue around my clit, making a shiver run up my spine as I used my hand to cover my mouth, trying to silence the moans that were starting to come from my mouth.

Taylor’s fingers found their way to my core, pumping deep and slowly. Although I couldn’t see her through the table cloth, I just knew she was doing that smirk of hers. I gave a small whimper as she started to pick up the pace, pushing in a second finger and hitting all the right places. 

“Tay… Taylor, I’m so close…” I whispered. I could hear her giggle slightly as she continued fingering me. I saw the waiter walking towards the table as I felt my heart beat quicker and quicker, praying to god that the white table cloth covered her.

“Is this for your partner?” He asked me, talking about the food.

“Uh, yeah.” I said, Taylor not stopping as he talked to me.

“She’s just…. In the bathroom.” I said, trying to sound as non suspicious as possible.

“I see. Would you like refills?” He asked, beckoning to our water glasses. 

“Yes please.” I smiled politely. He nodded and walked off, Taylor slipping back into her seat and smirking at me.

“You’re a bitch.” I pouted.

“Yeah, you’re bitch.” She winked, licking her fingers. I rolled my eyes as we started to eat our food, finishing quickly. Knowing Taylor, that wasn’t all for tonight. We paid and left, getting into the car and driving to Taylor’s house.

As soon as the car stopped, Taylor was out of the car and opening my door. She pulled me into her house, quickly pushing her lips to mine as we started to heatedly make out.

I traced my fingers up and down her body, twisting my tongue to fit perfectly into her mouth. Taylor’s hands tangled my hair as we pulled apart and went into her bed room, Taylor in front of me and her hand practically pulling me.

Taylor grabbed the bottoms of my dress, pulling it up and over my head to throw it on the ground. She pulled her dress off too as we both stood in our underwear for a second, taking in the sight of each other.

Taylor pushed me onto her bed before going to her bedside table and pulling on all too familiar toy out.

I heard it click as she rubbed me with the vibrator through my underwear, making me shiver as it hit my clit. Taylor pulled my panties down, but only to my knees as she started to rub me with the vibrator, my moans getting louder and louder by the minute.

Taylor pushed the vibrator carefully into me, starting at a slow pace before starting to speed up. I moaned out, grasping the bed sheets as she starting going really fast, a knot in my stomach starting to form.

Taylor suddenly stopped, leaving the vibrator in me as she pulled my panties back up, keeping the vibrator in place as I twisted on the bed. Taylor stripped down slowly, smirking and making eye contact the entire time.

Once she was fully naked she climbed on top of me, her knees at either side of my face as she lowed her pussy onto my face and begun to move her hips.

I flicked my tongue in circles, basically doing everything I could to savour her taste and pleasure her. I was starting to get really close to cumming, the knot becoming so unbearable that I kept my legs squeezed together. 

I raised my hands to hold her hips as best I could, Taylor moaning loudly as I reached her clit. 

“Fuck, I’m going to cum.” She moaned, moving her hips in a circle. I licked her again, swirling my tongue around her as she threw her head back, obviously hitting her climax. 

Taylor climbed off of me, pushing my panties down and moving the vibrator quickly in and out of me, twirling her tongue on my clit, making me cum seconds later.

Taylor and I tucked into bed, tangled in our own sweat and lust as she kissed my cheek.

“Best date ever.”


I was tagged by the beauties @jaywalkingmylifeaway and @fangirl-69 to do the selfie tag/selfie like your bias tag! I don’t remember which but yeaaa aha! Thank y'all so much! Y'all are gorgeous!!

I just took these and I just came from school an hour ago so excuse my face omfg I’m so sorry aha. Just look at Jiminie’s face because he’s cuter than me. I will never be as cute as him lmao

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Can you give him legs?

Characters: Tony x Reader

Prompt: Could you do a short where the reader sort of bonds with Jarvis? And the other Avengers think it’s funny, while her boyfriend Tony thinks it’s cute? 🙈 - anon  

Request for a story where the reader is dating Tony and likes to “hang out” with Jarvis and DummE a lot and it’s pretty funny. Tony thinks it’s cute. :3 - anon

Can I get a story where the reader loves Dummy and just goes to Tony’s lab to play with him and he and Bruce think it’s hilarious? - anon

Author’s Notes: I thought this was cute. Dum-e (I looked up how to spell his name on google so sorry if it’s wrong) is one of Tony’s robots, for those of you who forgot (i did…) there’s also U. 

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