y u so cute and funny


So I decided to draw @pikaiscool because why not xD I wanted to compare my digital drawing to my traditional drawing and I gotta say…I need to practice more..😂 oh yeah and I’m a Mccree main in Overwatch(and btw that’s not Tyrodin *hack HACK COUGH COUGH* 😳) but yeah! Shen is really cool and funny..just like me xD I hope to speak or doodle with her someday 😂 it’d be great

WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT YOONGI's voice in 21st Century Girl

Lol idk why but I found it so hilarious that his voice cracked while mimicking voices. Like boi y u so extra. Imagine the gummy smile as he says those lines. Omg it’s so cute. I keep replaying it.

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i always thought u are cute, friendly and funny bc of how u are on here. but recently i saw ur pics and i was shook bc u are so beautiful and CUTE !!!! gemini princess (or queen if u want *kisses x10000*

I’m blushing
y'all hear that I take the throne as the gemini queen


Can you give him legs?

Characters: Tony x Reader

Prompt: Could you do a short where the reader sort of bonds with Jarvis? And the other Avengers think it’s funny, while her boyfriend Tony thinks it’s cute? 🙈 - anon  

Request for a story where the reader is dating Tony and likes to “hang out” with Jarvis and DummE a lot and it’s pretty funny. Tony thinks it’s cute. :3 - anon

Can I get a story where the reader loves Dummy and just goes to Tony’s lab to play with him and he and Bruce think it’s hilarious? - anon

Author’s Notes: I thought this was cute. Dum-e (I looked up how to spell his name on google so sorry if it’s wrong) is one of Tony’s robots, for those of you who forgot (i did…) there’s also U. 

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