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JM (to JK): Why do I like you so much?


The Preath Head Tap™️️ 2013 vs 2016

EXO’s Reaction to You Falling Asleep on Them at a Party


Not one to go to parties often, Xiumin would be somewhat pleased when he realized you were asleep on his shoulder. He’d use your tiredness as an excuse to leave. Gently shaking you awake, he’d hold your hand and lead you to the door, happy to be out of the obnoxious club. Once you were in the car, he’d give you a thumbs up for falling asleep and giving him an out so you didn’t have to stay there.


Definitely more of a party-goer, Chen would be a bit annoyed that you had fallen asleep on him when he sat down to drink with you. He’d nudge you a little to wake you up, raising his eyebrows. When he saw how tired you looked, he’d concede, slowly leading you out of the house and into the car. You’d apologize but he’d just shrug it off, acting like he hadn’t wanted to stay so you wouldn’t feel bad.


Though enjoying being the center of attention at the party, Baekhyun would put your health before his eagerness to be the star. When he saw you dozing off on his shoulder he’d gently shake you awake. “Wanna leave?” he’d ask quietly. When you sheepishly nodded he wouldn’t hesitate to scoop you up in his arms and carry you through the door, waving goodbye to everyone as you two left.


Chanyeol enjoys socializing, however parties were never his forte. He’d stay by you most of the night, following you when you sat down on the couch to relax. He’d start talking with you, not realizing you had fallen asleep on him until twenty minutes later. He’d smile, admiring how adorable you looked, before waking you up and carefully escorting you out of the booze-filled house and into the car.


Also not big into parties, Lay’s favorite part of the whole night would be when you fell asleep against his shoulder. He’d finish his drink quickly and kiss your cheek, waking you up. “Come on, baobei, let’s go,” he’d say, gesturing to the door. As he drove you back to your house, he wouldn’t be able to help himself from asking (his amazement obvious) how you managed to fall asleep with the loud music blasting around you in the bar.


More of a silent observer than a partaker during such social events, D.O would be secretly happy that you had fallen asleep on him. He was getting bored watching drunk girls grind on tipsy guys, but didn’t know how to leave without being rude. He’d slowly lead you through the mess of sweaty, wasted 20-somethings and to the exit, giggling at how ridiculous everyone looked.


For some reason, Suho would turn into a giddy, giggling mess when he saw you snuggled so comfortably against his shoulder. “J-Jagiya~ What are you doing? We’re at a party!” he’d say, gesturing to the room filled with neon lights and terrible music. You’d just look at him, your expression tired, and he’d take the hint. On the way back home, he’d still be giggling, shaking his head at the fact that you had fallen asleep during a literal party.


Kai enjoys a good party now and then, and wouldn’t realize you had fallen asleep on him until he got up and realized you had tipped over onto the couch. He’d bite back his laughter as he helped you up, asking if you wanted to leave. When you said yes, he’d nod understandingly. For weeks after, he’d bring it up, imitating how you had fallen over while laughing way too hard.


Sehun would be..put out..that you had decided now was the perfect moment to fall asleep on him. He’d wake you up, asking you flatly if you wanted to leave. When you said yes, he’d nod, reluctantly saying goodbye to his friends and escorting you out of the house. You could tell he was annoyed, however he didn’t want to make you feel bad so he wouldn’t bring it up, soon forgetting about the incident entirely. 

MaStar Week 2017 | Day 1: Starry Eyed

kinda based off of this

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Dating Yugyeom would include

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Kim Yugyeom
- this could go two ways
- cute lil baby who gets all shy
- also gigantic meme
- or uh
- uhHhHHhHH
- maknae grinds a lot so I’ll leave that to ur imagination
- I mean u saw him on hit the stage
- going to costume stores around halloween and trying to scare each other w/ the masks
- and then he bumps into one of the racks and everything falls
- clumsy boy
- he likes to act like he’s bad
- and inwardly screams when you get all shy
- and sometimes you’ll play along and he panics like nonono what r u dOING WHAT
- complimenting you could go like:
- scenario 1: “Ahhh Y/N you look so cute look @ u!!!”
- scenario 2: “Yugyeom, how does this look?”
- “Huh? Oh uh- yeye u look good- I mean nice?? Great! Yes u look great!”
- walks away
- scenario 3: “Jagi that dress looks really nice ;) it fits u ;)”
- “Ahh do u really think so?? Because I think it’d look better on the floor”
- “w-what uh,, i uh,, y es no i wHAT”
- random singing at any given time
- random dancing
- legit he’ll start singing something and you kinda start singing along and then it’s just the two of you sitting lazily on the couch, off-key and everything
- shopping kart races in the grocery store parking lot
- Suddenly a wild Jinyoung appears
- you’ll get videos of him torturing ur boy
- “what are you gonna do about it Y/N??? hm?? nOTHING”
- little does he know that you’ve already put vaseline on his door knobs
- tbh you’ll get videos from all the boys of him being a meme
- speaking of the boys, you’re at war w/ them
-they legit have lil meetings to try to prank/scare you but you’re always a step ahead
- back hugs
- hand holding
- tall baby
- rests his chin on your head/shoulder
- pecks on the cheek in public
- soft kisses when you’re alone
- probably holds your hand when you kiss
- flowers just because ur so cute
- piggyback rides
- teasing each other nonstop
- playing Mario Kart together
- wrestling and messing around all the time
- making him get things from high shelves for you
- the face he makes when he’s like embarrassed where he closes his eyes and just kinda silently laughs and cUTE
- you probably have to say I love you first
- the first time you tell him you love him he’s really shocked and is like “???? what???”
- “are you sure????”
- he’s in such disbelief but he’s so happy
- vv blushy
- his fluffy hair
- playing with said fLUFFY HAIR
- He’s ur boy u gotta love and protect him
- sitting in on his dacne practices
- but when you do he’s lowkey nervous and just wants to impress you
- but you’re supportive no matter what and it makes his large body all warm and fuzzy inside



Stage Direction: “Shibutani gets so angry that nobody dares to interrupt”

He got in character easily and scared everybody!! As expected from an award winner actor!! But I think the argument scenes are his speciality. >XDa

from Togaki House - Kanjani8 Chronicles 15/04/2017

Cr.:  関ジャニクロニクル_YT