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(Dead rob/chase/Mare ask add on)Rob sniffing u out(better bc in zombie mode bc more distressed)but chase tackles him to the ground after Mare+him realised what he'd do. Rob struggling bc "Y/N IS IN THERE! LET ME GO!" Mare shouting at him to stay still but he escapes stumbling until he falls flat at ur grave,chase+Mare waiting for it bc its too late,confused bc he can smell u here but can only read a few words "y/n...died". Cue group hug by all the guys on your grave and lots of tears

Goddamn you for giving me the feels! Robbie would be devastated. And everyday he’d visit your grave with flowers, telling you all about his day and how he’s getting better at doing things. One day Chase finde him curled up against your grave stone because he didn’t want to leave.

Tea AU

Title: Family

Pairing: SasuHina

Summary: Wrapped in the warmth of family, love and tea.

Sasuke sits crossed legged on the floor near the low table, sipping a cup of jasmine tea as his children run around the courtyard.

His eyes are shut and posture relaxed and calm, a small smile on his lips as he heard his twins calling out for their older brother’s name. Thoughts running through his head, childhood memories of his late father sitting down the floor cross legged while reading scrolls and sipping mint tea. A memory of his mother brewing tea leaves from different lands and merchants who sell specialty tea leaves. Another memory of his older brother drinking a cup of tea and nibbling on some dangos after a long and exhausting mission.


Sasuke opens his eyes and saw lavender orbs staring back at him, those eyes that held so much love and devotion.

Another smile appeared on his usually stoic face, he remembers the first time he took his beloved wife on a date.

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So I just watched "Yuri on Ice"......

This fandom grabbed me by the balls, ripped them off, and created a ship out of them with its name being “Hail Victuuri.”

At first I was like, “Dude this is actually hype! I’m going to read the manga!”
Then I opened up google and type in ‘Yuri on Ice manga’
Lets just say i got a big helping of 'you can’t always get what you want’ and shoved it into my face about how there isn’t actually a manga for us. This was my thing after 10 minutes of looking, and me screeching, “THERE IS A MANGA, RIGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHT?! IM NOT JUST CRAZY, RIGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHT?!” I did find out that there, supposedly, is a manga, but it’s only for the creators and casts eyes to lay upon.
I sat there for 5 fucking minutes reading that line over and over again like,

(at this part my inner weeb came out for a second) UGH, MY KOROKO, Y DID DIS HAPPEN 2 MI, I DIDNT SIGN UP 4 DIS.!!!!!!!!” *goes on tumblr and looks up ships, fanfiction, and other things since i can’t give up this goddamn fandom*

I can’t even say goodbye to this fandom cause its too precious and I already sacrificed my metaphorical male anatomy to build a ship to tie me down into this fandom. the sad thing is: