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The Preath Head Tap™️️ 2013 vs 2016


Favorite Tagatha Quotes (2/?)

He ripped out his training sword and Sophie drew back. But instead of striking her, Tedros stayed on one knee, pivoted to the aisle, thrust the blade towards the crowd –
“Agatha of Woods Beyond.”
He laid down the sword.
“Will you be my princess for the Ball?”

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me: it’ll only be 1k-2k words!!

ItLL ohNly bE 1k-2K wORdZ¡¡

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i loove love love your headcanons can you do more soda hc's?

thank u here u go love!!

soda !

- he’s precious and constantly complimenting u
- so!! many!! kisses!!!!
- forehead
- cheek
- nose
- lips
- he’s just all over u
- tbh more of a hand holding kinda dude
- reassuring af
- he’s like the mom bf
- takes care of u in any situation
- he’s always spoiling u
- buys u a promise ring
- staring at u and smiling constantly
- cracking jokes or play fighting
- ur good friends with steve and darry and pony love u!!!
- y'all r so cute im dead


It’s winter in Nohr so Leo lent Takumi his scarf uvu 

I HOPE YOU LIKE IT GGGggghhhhh _(:3 im gomen about your son’s hair