y u pick on tyler

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highkey i ship ethan and vanossgaming

ya bc like,, 

-evan a big buff but hes a total sweetheart softie and he loves cuddling 

-hes so shy in public but ethan is a loud outgoing boy

-ethan brings out evans talkative side 

-ethan encouraging evan to wear the mask in public and not b embarassed if tht makes him feel better 

-ethan kissing the beak of evans mask and evan d y ing, 

-ethan getting his own owl mask!!! 

-ethan meeting the crew and doing vids together o h

-ethan would love delirious probably 

-brian and tyler would tease evan so much abt his new bf, 

-marcell is good supportive best friend and hed hand w ethan all the time tbh hed a dad 

-david too lets be honest david is dad af 

-evan goes weak af when ethan holds his face in his hands and kisses evan’s nose 

-evan is just. so weak for any affection hes lowkey touch starved and needy

-ethan being heart eyes every time evan smiles 

-could u imagine ethan in evans clothes hes so small good b y e 

-u thought tyler could pick ethan up effortlessly??? look @ this buff owl

-evan and tyler arm wrestling, (evan wins hes way more jacked)

-tyler having A Talk to evan abt how he better treat ethan right or hell be Dead bc tyler is protective dad af

-marks pissed to meet someone thats not only buffer than him but also 1 inch taller and hes constantly challenging evan to various competitions to try and assert himself as The Manliest 

-evan teaching ethan korean and chinese aaaaaaaaa

-evan taking ethan on fancy dates all the time and ethan is just so flattered and feels so undeserving tht evan spoils him so much