y u no touch his bum

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Ahhhh, okay so since I’m in a bap mood rn, I’ll tell y’all about the one time I screwed up talking to my dearest love, Choi Junhong :’)

i don’t ever talk about it bc it’s so fckn embarrassing, but last April I went to LOE in Chicago and got hi touch… it all went smoothly until I got to Junhong, I’d managed to say “I love you” and whatnot to everyone, but when I got to him my brain wouldn’t work and I just stood there…. for a solid few seconds…. not saying anything, just looking at him. He looked at me with a smile on his face, waiting for me to say something. I realized that I was frozen to the spot and holding up the line, so I let go of his hand and walked a few steps before turning around and saying “You’re amazing”. At that time he already was with someone else so I wasn’t expecting much of a response, but to my surprise as I continued walking away I heard him yell “Thank you!” and when I turned around he had a huge, awkward smile on his face istg i h8 myself.

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