y u no still alive

Asche: “I don’t even know if they’re still alive…”

Asche: “U-Uh…”

Asche: “Y-You look a lot like me, but… bigger!”

“A-Are you, by any chance, a P-Pikachu? If you are, then…!”

Asche: “Ah- eh- um- c-can I ask you a few q-questions?”

“How was evolving like? Since when are you a P-Pikachu? How did you manage to evolve? Do you have many friends? Is there any special technique to do it? What—”

<Fritz is the first Pikachu Asche has ever meet!>

<Asche is very excited!>

<…Again, maybe way too much>



140402 Star Update with Super Junior M - Donghae

year 2214: memes are heavily outlawed. the forgotten art of our forefathers is only to be practised by a few chosen elite. the youth gather in dark alleys to corrupt their mind with ancient rage comics

“the war on memes must come to an end! LEGALIZE” obama cries as he tries to do the Y U NO face. how is he still alive