y u no reel!

Prompt: A supernatural au where Light visits his father’s grave and a spirit (L’s) follows him home. for danathelaugh

A spirit is distracting Light. It’s not breathing, it’s not walking, it doesn’t even play with the furniture. It’s just there…and its presence is loud as silence in a cathedral, heavy. In spite of Light’s efforts to chase it away, it seems determined to linger. It doesn’t even respect the witching hour, so it won’t fear the ofuda or any amulet either.

“The simple fact that you exist highlights how unjust this world is. The dead can’t stay dead. They feel unfulfilled, unavenged,” he tells it once, with averting eyes.

Air and time turn to ice around Light. The spirit is the culprit, but how do you arrest it? It’s too vague, ethereal, to be recognised. Its aura feels familiar; invasive like a sidelong look from someone you once wounded. A bad omen grips at Light’s throat. His collar is choking him, and he can’t answer properly when Matsuda asks him if they can take a break.


The spirit appeared after he visited his father’s grave for the second time. The first time was the burial. The second time was goodbye, his simple goodbye, devoid of apologies. He couldn’t even kneel before the marble with his father’s name etched on it.

What happened to Soichirô Yagami was most unfortunate. Sacrifices are supposed to be unfortunate. They’re not meant to happen. In Kira’s case, it only takes one ridiculous, insignificant misstep for his tower to crumble. It’s the foundations – they aren’t solid.  

Kira will have his castle soon, but now he’s living in a house of cards. It’s shameful. Ever the optimist, Light is able to make the feeling go away with warm words.

The spirit comes as a cold, cold reminder.

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