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tfw when ur otp’s status of Fave is threatened

why the hell did i draw this

Using pronouns is the hardest thing about writing gay fanfic.
You can’t even say “He put his arm around his shoulder.” Whose arm? Whose shoulder? Did he do some weird bone bending thing and put it around his own shoulder?

Am I the only one who notices jikook’s special chemistry?? I mean CAN NO ONE ELSE FEEL THE SEXUAL TENSION BETWEEN THEM?! I’m going crazy because I don’t know if I’m being delusional or if there really is something SPECIAL there. Am I going crazy?? or they really match each other so perfectly that I make up things in my mind? ……….


JM (to JK): Why do I like you so much?

Every damn time Zuko and Katara are on screen my dad goes ‘They should end up together’ and then starts rambling about how stupid it is they don’t and how stupid it is Katara basically married her son he was just babbling for 5 minutes like 'really she ends up with the bald kid r u serious’ h o n e s t l y I’ve never seen anything like this dad u the real Mvp





i thought i couldn’t fall deeper in loVE BUT I FUCKING HAVE



⇨ m e m b e r : m i n g y u

[ you’re a real demon, calling me your baby boy ]

word count: 1, 048

includes: a lot of sappiness + gets slightly heated + enjoy!!

✎ if u’re wondering what tf “seventeens boyfriend corner” is, i’m basically gonna be posting short scenarios for each member that depicts the cute moments of being their gf. i’m starting with mingyu, therefore dedicating this to  maya and her celery stick bf!

You could hear it, the wispy hum that belonged to the ceiling fan, puffing fragile currents of air to graze skin smooth and lush. It was not an annoying sound, nor was it one that faded into absentminded darkness. There was a certain presence it burrowed, reaping the doves that cooed through a system still and quiet.

After many instances that could no longer be counted on fingers and toes, numbered by pale stars in the sky, or mossy pebbles that lined every creek, did you wallow in the thought that the sound was soothing.

It just so happened to be on today’s instance that you settled with your newfound conviction.

You could feel the prominent bone in his hip dig into your backside, the marble slope of his nose shift against your hair. The whirr spinning from the ceiling fan suddenly wasn’t the sole croon tickling your ears anymore; something else was beginning to brew. A groan, low and husky, vibrating from the chamber of his chest, exhaled past pink lemonade lips. Perhaps he was awakening from your ancient slumber.

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Your art is very lively to me. It's like when I see it, the people in your work are about to pop out and start moving. The way you draw expressions/body movement is fantastic and the way your sketches hit me is calming. Sorry if this was a weird message, I just wanted to tell you. Continue to surprise me with your wonderful art dear friend <33

anon this is sincerely such a sweet message and ive?? been smiling non stop all day thank you so much this means so so so much to me!!! ill do my best to continue improving!!!


Um ,,,,i swear there was more to this djbek than just headphones but it looked bad & i was prioritizing nuggets over fixing that so it got heckin cropped instead ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

no for real y’all u can tell we’re running out of content i can’t tell you how many isak and even scenes i’ve reblogged with similar-but-not-exactly-the-same coloring or how many times i have seen the words ‘parallel universe’ in captions or how many times i’ve seen magnus hug even in different shades of grey or how many noora and vilde and eva gif sets i’ve reblogged with almost the exact same scenes like. @ julie we’re dying here. we’re going insane we’re literally living our own groundhog day over here