y u no lie with me in bed

college bf hoseok

3/7, this one might be my fav by far tbh, sorry i got so carried away, i rlly love college bf hobi :((((((( 

  • jhOoOoOOoE
  • ok so i know our boi is like super loud and dramatic
  • but for some reason i feel like he wouldn’t be as obnoxious???
  • like i definitely see hobi like super involved 
  • and everyone would be super jealous and curious
  • like how’s he managing good grades, 32948 extracurriculars and a bae??
  • and you, the bae, would be sO proud of him
  • you’d be his number 1 supporter
  • and ofc he would be yours too
  • and since you both lived far from ur hometowns, you guy’s would be each others’ support systems when ur homesick 
  • “y/n, wake up u have practice”
  • “nO”
  • “how are u gonna win mvp if u skip practice???”
  • you’d groan but rlly appreciate his caring nature
  • and right before u head out of his room to grab ur volleyball gear from urs, he hands you an apple and a kiss obvs
  • “come over tonight hobiiiiii”
  • “i’ll come after class, ok??”
  • “but ur class ends at 9!!!!”
  • “i’ll bring u food??”
  • “ok and stay the night pls”
  • “ok babe, gO OR UR GONNA BE LATE!!”
  • “love u!!!”
  • fast forward to later that night
  • u open ur door to see a distressed hobi
  • and ur like !!! r u ok
  • and he’s just like 
  • “im SO sorry i couldnt pick up any food, class ran late, and everything was-”
  • u laugh bc what the fuck he’s so cute
  • “it’s ok we can order take out!”
  • and he’d just fall onto ur bed and throw his bag down 
  • you’d go over and straddle him
  • but not sexually???
  • “pick what you wanna eat”
  • “anything” and he hands u his phone with the food ordering app open
  • and u just hand it back like…
  • “shut up hobi, it’s on me tn”
  • “y/n pls”
  • “u look exhausted let me”
  • but he’s too tired to comply
  • so you finally lie down beside him
  • and he pULLS u into him and closes his eyes 
  • ur scrolling thru the app like hmm what to eat??
  • indian, greek, chinese, mcDONALDS??
  • so many options
  • “how was class today?” he asks u
  • “it was good, what about you”
  • but u get no reply?
  • “hobi!”
  • and he’d just hum so quietly in response
  • “the foods coming soon, don’t fall asleep yet”
  • and he’d turn his head and place his hand on his chest
  • “babeee”
  • “y/nnnnnnn”
  • you’d just pull at his arm lightly
  • “uGH FINE IM UP”
  • “what”
  • ok srsly i can’t do this anymore college bf hobi is 2 much 4 me
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • ok soz back 
  • anyway
  • he would sleepily smile at you
  • and he’d just gesture @ u to come sit on his lap
  • u take a seat on his lap
  • and he’d whisper so many cute things to u
  • “i’m so lucky”
  • “you’re such a sweetheart”
  • “i know i’m so busy with all these clubs/sports/class and i feel like i never get enough time with you”
  • “i love u sosososoososo much”
  • and ur smiling and lowkey dying bc cuTE
  • ding dong 
  • its ur food
  • anyway after eating y’all KNOCK OUTTTTT
  • and he’d cuddle you so hard in bed 
  • and the next morning u wake up to him like playing with ur hair 
  • and u smile to urself bc hobi’s actually the best bf ever?!?? 
Spaces - Chapter 3

Excerpt: There was a small tattoo on her upper thigh that Harry so desperately wanted to see up-close. He wanted to kiss up her leg to the inside of her thighs and tease her until she begged him for more. Dirty thoughts clouded his mind as she slipped the fabric over her head and threw it on the floor, revealing matching underwear. The bra and thong were stark white lace; Harry could have sworn in that moment that she was an angel. He was practically drooling at the sight of her nearly naked and had no shame in checking her out from head to toe.

Pairing: Harry Styles + OFC

Rating: This chapter is a bit steamy ;-)

Word Count: 2,636

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