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Is This Love? (Jungkook)

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Genre: Angst/ suggestive content(?) (Mentions sex)

Word Count: 1,027

Summary:  “I can’t love you if you lie”

Request: is this love by governors screams angst to me. can u write something based on this song (y/n with jjk/tae/jim, choose the one that better fits in your imagination) thank you very much!! lots of love @cherryshnapps

Song: Governors – Is This Love (Really good song, thanks @cherryshnapps for introducing me to this song! Would suggest if you listened to it while reading this unless you’re on mobile lol.

A/n: Enjoy, sorry this took so long~Joy

You sat at home, as you bitterly waited for Jungkook to come back from work, taking another sip of your wine you placed down your glass and headed to bed, not waiting for him to come home. It was three in the morning when Jungkook finally came home and the first thing he did was lay down beside you, cuddling beside you. “Jagiya? Do you know what tonight is?” He asked he was obviously drunk. “It’s Wednesday night~” He cooed as you growled.

“I’m not having sex with you tonight Jungkook, go jack yourself off.” You snapped as Jungkook’s eyes widened.

“What’s gotten into you?” Jungkook mumbles as you roll your eyes.

“You were supposed to come home at nine and we were going to spend the night together but you bailed on me again and now you’re expecting sex?” You asked angrily as Jungkook scoffed.

“I’m sorry, I had to work some of us work you know?” Jungkook snarled as you got up from the bed. “Where are you going?” Jungkook asked as you grabbed a pillow and a blanket. 

“I’m going to sleep downstairs on the couch, I don’t even want to sleep in the same bed as you anymore” you hissed as Jungkook’s eyes widened and he ran to block you from leaving.

“Look I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lash out like that…You know working is so stressful and I didn’t mean to take it out on you…” Jungkook apologies as your hardened expression softens.

“I know…I just wish you could come home earlier more often and just spend time with me more.” You confessed as Jungkook smiled softly.

“I wish that could happen too” Jungkook agreed as he pulled you into a hug. “Can we still do Wednesday night sex? You don’t have to if you don’t want to” Jungkook asked as he looked at you with puppy eyes, you nodded and he kissed you.

You woke up and instantly felt the coldness of the other side of the bed, it was barely nine and he was out of the house already. You hated that Jungkook always seemed like a one night stand the morning after, you almost felt like crying, you didn’t help but feel used.  

“Hey y/n? This is really hard for me to say but…I’m moving back with the boys so we can focus more on the group…I can come over for sleepovers every Wednesdays though.” Jungkook explained through the phone as you clicked your tongue in annoyance.

“Wednesdays huh? How funny…” You hissed as you could hear the hum of confusion come from the other line.

“I feel like Wednesdays are the better days” Jungkook insisted as you rolled your eyes.

“Yeah…Whatever” You answered, ending the phone call.

It was nearing Jungkook and yours third year anniversary and you hoped that Jungkook had remembered and hopefully it would fix your relationship. “Jungkook you’re still coming over for dinner right?” You asked him as he hummed in agreement.

“Of course I am” He answered back as you smile softly.

“Good, see you then!” You gushed as you could hear Jungkook chuckle.

“I have to go, till then!” 

Jungkook arrived at your home and noticed that you were dressed so nicely, he, as always, shrugged it off. “You know what today is right?” You asked him, as you grinned brightly.

“Wednesday?” Jungkook asked in confusion as your grinned dropped but slightly came back because you thought Jungkook was joking.

“No silly, here have this!” You smiled as you handed him a nicely wrapped gift, Jungkook smiled at you before opening the present. 

“No way! You got me a Rolex?” Jungkook grins as you smile back.

“I know how much you wanted one so I decided to get you one” You confessed as Jungkook’s smile fell.

“Why did you get me one again?” Jungkook asked as you laughed it off.

“Why do you think?” You asked jokingly but saw that Jungkook truly looked confused. “It’s our anniversary today?” Jungkook’s face instantly lit up.

“Oh yeah! Our second anniversary, I love you so much Jagiya!” Jungkook grinned but every part of his voice sounded fake.

“Our second? Jungkook are you stupid?” You snapped as Jungkook’s eyes widened.

“What? It’s our second anniversary” Jungkook mumbled uncertainty floated in his voice.

“You fucking idiot…We’ve been dating for three years” You hissed as Jungkook’s eyes widened.

“No we haven’t y/n, don’t act like this…” Jungkook sneered his voice full of confidence.

“You’re kidding me right?” You asked him as Jungkook shook his head. “We might as well make our anniversary the day we break up” You spat as Jungkook’s eyes widened.

“No! I’m sorry…It has been three years, I was just joking” Jungkook laughs as you quirk your eyebrow. “I knew that today was our anniversary, I even considered making you mad.” 

“Oh really? Then what did you get me for our anniversary?” You asked him, as he looked around the room.

“Gifts are so materialistic so I decided to get something that would make us both happy” Jungkook grins as you look at him again.

“And what did you get me? Or should I say us?” You asked him as Jungkook grinned.

“What better way to celebrate our anniversary than with some sex?” He exclaimed as you clenched your fists angrily. 

“You have to be fucking kidding me” you angrily shouted as Jungkook’s eyes widened in fear.

“I mean…I love you” Jungkook insisted but it just felt like lies.

“Jungkook, I can’t love you if you lie…” You answered as Jungkook grabbed your hands.

“No, no, no! I do love you”  He tried again this time he sounded even faker.

“Just stop…You just wanted sex that’s all you see in this relationship. I’m not even mad at you” You answered truthfully as Jungkook’s face lightened.

“You’re not?” He asked as you nodded.

“I’m mad at myself for wasting so much time on this relationship, I should have left when I save the first red flag.” You answered as Jungkook’s smile dropped.

“Y/n, I do love you” He tried again but you just shook your head.

“Just leave…I don’t ever want to see you again.” 

A/n: So after finishing it I realised I have no idea how to write it based on the song…So sorry if it sucks.~Joy

Random thing but like one night Mary comes home and she is Shit Faced like Robert and another buddy had to walk her home and she’s all noisy yknow yknow. So like she comes home and Joseph’s not?? In the living room???? Where is her husband.

Being drunk she doesn’t really worry about it so she goes to their room to go to bed. Once there she sees Joseph by the bed like in a praying sort of sitting next to the bed and she’s a little confused but when she walks closer joseph is. Crying. Y is bread boy crying. And she’s like “hey what’s wrong ??” and he replies “no no I’m fine dw bout it” n she’s like “well ok” and goes to change into her pajamas.

She does and when she comes back he’s sitting on the bed but He’s Still Crying and he’s trying to hide it now. Now She’s Worried.

“Hey why are you crying, don’t lie to me.”

“I’m– it’s nothing Mary, it’s just uh … it’s stupid.”

“Well then tell me, jo.”

//shook “U-Uhm– I just. Feel bad, yknow? Like not … physically though ”

“Not physically?”


“… why do you feel bad not physically?”

“You’re drunk, Mary, I’ll just tell you in the morning.” “No, you’re telling me now because I won’t care in the morning.” Again Joseph is Shook. “I feel terrible for what I’ve done to you.”

They’re both quiet for a moment, “… What do you mean?” Mary asks softly, finally sitting next to him on the bed.

“The … cheating. I’ve even cheated on you with Rob–”

“I’ve cheated just as much, Josie.” Joseph’s fuckin Tense™ like wrow those r nicknames he hasn’t heard in a darned Minute. “You know this. Why are you beating yourself up over this?”

Joseph’s trying not to Sob at this point bc he feels so guilty but he doesn’t know why. He knows they’re both just as bad in this situation but he feels like he caused all of this. Which is. True (to my knowledge). But he felt as if she completely Hated him and he Still Loves Her but it isn’t the Same Love when they met and got together and when they married.

“I just miss when we were happy together, I guess,” And now he’s like trying to wipe away tears and stop crying but it only gets worse bc Mary fuckin Snorts

“Yeah yeah, I know. But maybe we were just meant to be friends. We were happier then, ‘n even in our just datin’ thing we weren’t too happy.” Mary’s noticeably quieter and less hyper.

“… yeah.” Joseph huffs and crosses his arms to set on his knees, resting his forehead on his arms. He continues to sniffle and since Mary feels a tad awkward she just cuddles up to his side and hugs him.

In the morning she remembers the conversation and she makes it Priority that she stays home so she can talk to Joseph about it. They do and they finally mutually agree to divorce. They decide that Joseph keeps the kids and that Mary can visit them whenever she’d like. Mary feels like a weight is lifted off of her when that’s finally all discussed and Joseph says he’s going to get the papers.

Then after everything is settled Mary moves into a small apartment and visits like once a week (or more) to talk with the kids or Joseph.

Yeah that may not have made sense but I’ll write this at some point.

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Paladins in a situation they're not yet s/0 accidentally ends up on a truth serum and spills all their secrets including their crush on said paladin

~Aaah, so much scenarios request! It takes some time to answer all of them tho hehe, anyways here it is!~


 • Him and s/o were probably out looking for herbs and spices at that time. That’s when both of them saw some odd looking, but appetizing, types of herbs that they’ve never seen before.

 • Hunk probably grabs it and him and s/o goes back to the castle to test it out.

 • Not actually knowing that the herb that they took had chemicals, similar to ethanol, where it interferes with the brain’s ability to think or act properly.

 • Of course, he and s/o not knowing this, so they put it in anyway.

 • Eventually s/o got curious so they took a small nibble on the herb.

 • Immediately feels drowsy and starts moving around Hunk strangely.

    - “Uh, (y/n), what are you doing?”

    - “Hiii Hunk~~”

 • Hunk eventually realizes (and starts panicking) that the herb was intoxicating his s/o, so he goes to tend to them instead.

    - “Are you okay (y/n)?! How do you feel? Do you need to lie down?”

    - “All I need is you Hunk!~”

 • The boy blinked several times at this. And s/o starts pouring out everything they feel about Hunk, including their crush on him.

    - “You’re so cute Hunk! Hahaha, you’re so silly and adorable it makes me wanna pinch your cheeks! You know I really like you, oh! Did I mention that you’re so cute?!” 

    - “U-uh… I-I… Y-yes, you already did I…”

 • Hunk is probably speechless about the sudden confession, but couldn’t help but feel the same. 

 • Ushers his s/o back to bed, and convinces them to sleep while he goes back and tries to make a drink that will help dissolve the chemical in their body.

 • He’s all giddy and excited about it though, he just couldn’t believe his crush confessed their feelings to him! 

 • Also has his doubts too, “Wait what if they didn’t actually mean it? It might just be the herb! Yeah, it might be it!”

 • Confronts it to his s/o about the confession, not so subtly. 

 • When his s/o admits that they do have feelings for him, he just turns into this stuttering mess, and has trouble trying to tell them his feelings, but all that leaves his mouth is “Oh uhhh… I… Y-yknow (y-y/n), I-I… Uhh…. I … L-like aaa”

 • S/o has to calm him down before he finally gets his feelings across. 

 • Hunk is so giddy about it, and they cuddle. He just couldn’t believe it, is this all a dream?

 • Pure boy is just so happy when he wakes up the next day, and sees s/o right next to him.


 • It probably happened during one of Coran’s experiment. He and s/o were told to look for a type of herb, the same herb that Hunk found, and bring it to Coran. After handing the herb to the Altean, Coran starts to ground it and carefully place it in a container.

 • He and s/o were just curiously watching by the side, but then Shiro comes and asks for Keith, so Keith leaves s/o for a while. 

 • He and Shiro were probably just talking about something, when some time later, s/o starts walking up to them, but kept tripping on their footing.

    - “(y/n) are you okay?” 

 • Red bean and space dad is concerned and confused. 

    - “Keith! I’ve been looking for youuuuu~” 

 • Notices that s/o starts to act weirdly and clingy all of a sudden. 

 • Keith was taken fully by surprise when his s/o suddenly wraps their arms around him.

 • He then looks at Shiro in question, but sees him with a knowing smirk. Space dad leaves the room with a mischievous grin, “I’ll leave this to you Keith,” 

 • K e i t h  i s  s h o o k

 • Literally does not move as his s/o starts talking with him in a flirty tone, which they never do, and starts talking about their feelings towards him.

    - “You’re so badass and cool Keith! And you’re so hooooot too~”

 • *Keith.exe has stopped working*

 • S/o notices that Keith doesn’t respond to him and starts to think that he doesn’t like them the same way too, so they start crying. 

    - “You don’t like me do you? I knew it! You don’t actually like me,- hicc -” “W-Wait what? N-NO! I didn’t mean to- please stop crying!”

 • Coran finally finds s/o and brings her back to the lab, explaining that he tripped and the gas within the container, which had the herbs, spilled unto s/o and eventually inhales it, intoxicating them. 

 • Coran makes an antidote while s/o is sleeping on the couch, Keith is right there beside them. 

 • Thinks about his s/o’s confession to him recently, and could not help but blush. 

 • Once s/o woke up from their sleep after taking the antidote, they immediately remember the events and apologizes to Keith, still thinking that he doesn’t return the feelings. 

 • Keith was having trouble trying to tell his s/o what he was trying to say, as s/o starts apologizing continuously.

 • Eventually blurts out, “Shut up! I like you too!” 

 • Immediately realizes his sudden outburst, so he says softly this time, “I-I… Like you too.” 

 • S/o is so happy they hug him, to which Keith reluctantly returned. 

 • Keith smiles (wow), as he and s/o eventually gets together. He doesn’t quite show it, but he’s happy at the sudden turn of events. 


 • Now this one happened where he and s/o were out on the same planet where the herbs were, but in flower form. They both were just outside the castle casually taking a stroll. 

 • Of course, Lance being Lance, flirts with s/o while they stroll, to which they just roll their eyes at. 

 • But then they come across a gorgeous flower, to which they approached steadily. 

 • Lance was just looking around when his s/o suddenly starts sneezing.

    - “You alright there (y/n)? I’d say god bless you, but it looks like he already did.” 

 • Gets concerned when his s/o starts coughing profusely, “Are you okay (y/n)?!” 

 • Notices that s/o starts to act strangely, and sways from side to side as they tried to walk. They suddenly stop, then turning to Lance with a huge grin on their face.

    - “Lancey!!!” “What?”

 • S/o suddenly clings onto him, taking him fully by surprise. 

    - “You’re acting really strange (y/n),” “What?? Reaaaally??” “Yeah really,”

 • Is so confused and becomes a complete blushing mess when his s/o starts firing at him pick up lines which he never thought of before.

    - “Is your daddy a baker? Because you got some nice bunnss!~” 

    - “Hey Lance do you have a map? Because I’m lost in your eyes~~” 

    - “Even if there isn’t gravity in space, I’d still fall for you Lance!~”

 • He could not even think of anything to say back because his s/o starts to confess their feelings towards him, which was something he never expected. 

    - “Lance? (y/n)? Are you two alright?” Shiro asks through the intercom,

    - “U-Uh… Y-yeah! W-were fine.” 

    - “Why is (y/n) blurting out pick up lines?” Shiro questions.

    - “I… I kinda need help here guys…” 

 • He and Shiro had to walk s/o back into the castle while they start talking about Lance, to which space dad just chuckles at. 

 • When they finally reach the castle, Coran starts making the antidote for s/o and lets them sleep for a while.

 • Lance was still a blushing mess after the encounter, he couldn’t believe that his s/o actually returns his feelings! And that they actually do like him! 

 • When he was told that his s/o woke up, he decides to go to them. 

 • S/o is so embarrassed after the incident, and couldn’t even look at Lance properly. 

    - “You should have told me about your feelings (y/n),” “Shut up Lance.”

    - “But you know…. I-I…. I really like you (y/n)… I mean it this time,” 

 • S/o is genuinely happy, knowing that Lance actually likes them back, so the two hug each other.

     - “I like you too Lance.”


• Pidge found the same herb earlier than the others, and seeing that it had some weird components which she’ve never seen before, decides to bring it to her room to examine it, thinking that it could have any potential code in it.

 • It was after a mission was completed, and everyone was exhausted after the fight, but Pidge brought the herb to her room and started to test it. 

 • Found out that the herb had chemicals in it where if consumed, interferes with the brain’s neurotransmitters, similar to getting drunk on alcohol. 

 • Decides to further test it, so she brought it the kitchen and mixes it with water just to see what would happen upon contact with liquid. When she sees that nothing happens, she goes to her room go get the rest of her equipment.

 • Although, not knowing that her s/o entered the room in need of a drink, and absentmindedly drank it, still occupied from the thought of the battle earlier.

 • S/o starts to feel drowsy and starts to see double after she drank it though. Pidge comes back and sees her s/o start swaying from side to side.

 • Figured that her s/o drank the glass, she cursed as she ran towards them and asked if they were feeling alright.

 • Out of all the paladins, Pidge knew what kind of effect the herb had when consumed, but she didn’t quite expect her s/o to start talking about her.

    - “Pidge! You little potato! Hehe, watchchu up to?” S/o slurred.

    - “(y/n), you need to sit down and rest while I go find an antidote,” 

    - “What? Nooo, don’t leave me~” 

 • S/o starts to cling onto Pidge and refuses to let go, to which the small teen groaned in frustration. 

    - “(y/n)! Get off me!” 

    - “Never!” 

 • She and s/o were probably stuck together as s/o started cuddling her. 

 • Pidge couldn’t help but stutter as her s/o started to pour out their feelings towards her.

     - “You know Pidge, you’re such a smart and amazing person! I don’t think I can ever be in your standards… -hicc-, you’re just so adorable and small and talented while I can’t do sh*t,”

  • Keith eventually finds her and s/o together, and lifts s/o off of Pidge before carrying them off to Coran where he then gives them the antidote.

 • When her s/o is asleep on the couch, Pidge couldn’t help but think of the recent events that had just occurred.

 • “(y/n) likes me? B-but how? I’m not even that pretty and they still like me?” 

 • When her s/o does wake up, they couldn’t even look at Pidge properly, as they had remembered the recent incident. 

    - “I’m so sorry Pidge. I shouldn’t have done that, and I- oh god.” S/o is just beet red as they try to apologize. 

 • Though they eventually stop apologizing when Pidge hugs them, effectively shutting them up.

    - “I uh… I actually had the same feelings (y/n)… Heh, I didn’t actually thought that you would like me back. Hehe,” 

 • She and s/o starts laughing and giggling about the incident, no longer embarrassed. 

    - “Just don’t drink something out in the open like that next time!” 


 • He and his s/o were stationed outside of the castle, on guard just to make sure there were no intruders. The castle was slightly damaged after the fight earlier, and needed some repairs, and seeing that the planet they were on were hostile, they had to be on guard. So he and s/o opted to guard outside the castle.

 • He and s/o were just chatting casually while they were outside, enjoying the view from time to time. 

 • Then s/o spotted an odd looking plant suddenly emerge from the dirt not too far from them. 

    - “What was that?” Shiro asked, barely catching the emerging object from the corner of his eye.

    - “I’ll go check it out,” 

    - “Be careful (y/n).”

 • Stands by while his s/o goes out to inspect the object. 

 • He was immediately alerted when he hears them start to cough and wheeze profusely, and ran towards his s/o. “(y/n)! (y/n) are you okay?!” 

 • Notices his s/o swaying from side to side, and acting strangely. 

 • They trip, though he was able to catch them before they hit the ground.

    - “(y/n) are you alright? What happened to you?” 

    - “Huhh?? Oh hey!! Helloo Shiroo~” 

 • Immediately notices the sudden change of attitude in his s/o, “Are you feeling okay (y/n)?”

    - “I feel great! Especially now that you’re here!” 

 • Space dad froze up when they lean into him, and bury their face in his chest.

 • Decides to bring them back inside the castle, but as he did so, his s/o starts talking to him rather… Suggestively.

 • They eventually tell him along the way their hidden feelings for him. 

 • Shiro is actually surprised at this, but seeing as s/o seems to be intoxicated and started to tell the truth he decides to ask them questions.

 • He’s probably the only one out of all the paladins who actually still strikes up a conversation with their s/o.

 • Doesn’t really want to exploit them too much, so he just opts to ask them random, mundane questions.

    - “So, do you have any place in mind that you’d like to go to?”

    - “Oh! Remember that blue planet which was surrounded by beaches and flowers? I’d like to go there sometimeee~” 

    - “I see…”

 • Will probably use this useful information for the future. 

 • He brings them to Coran, so that he could make the antidote for them. S/o eventually falls asleep in the couch once they take it, Shiro beside them.

 • The only one who is actually calm and collected about the situation unlike the rest of the paladins. 

 • When his s/o wakes up, he confronts them about the previous encounter.

    - “I didn’t know that you actually harboured feelings for me (y/n),”

 • S/o is a complete stuttering and blushing mess as he says this, to which Shiro just chuckles at. 

 • Wraps his arms around them to calm them down. 

    - “What I mean is… I like you too (y/n).”

~Sorry if the paladins might be a little out of character, hehe, there are just a lot of requests flooding in my ask box recently, woot woot!~

college bf hoseok

3/7, this one might be my fav by far tbh, sorry i got so carried away, i rlly love college bf hobi :((((((( 

  • jhOoOoOOoE
  • ok so i know our boi is like super loud and dramatic
  • but for some reason i feel like he wouldn’t be as obnoxious???
  • like i definitely see hobi like super involved 
  • and everyone would be super jealous and curious
  • like how’s he managing good grades, 32948 extracurriculars and a bae??
  • and you, the bae, would be sO proud of him
  • you’d be his number 1 supporter
  • and ofc he would be yours too
  • and since you both lived far from ur hometowns, you guy’s would be each others’ support systems when ur homesick 
  • “y/n, wake up u have practice”
  • “nO”
  • “how are u gonna win mvp if u skip practice???”
  • you’d groan but rlly appreciate his caring nature
  • and right before u head out of his room to grab ur volleyball gear from urs, he hands you an apple and a kiss obvs
  • “come over tonight hobiiiiii”
  • “i’ll come after class, ok??”
  • “but ur class ends at 9!!!!”
  • “i’ll bring u food??”
  • “ok and stay the night pls”
  • “ok babe, gO OR UR GONNA BE LATE!!”
  • “love u!!!”
  • fast forward to later that night
  • u open ur door to see a distressed hobi
  • and ur like !!! r u ok
  • and he’s just like 
  • “im SO sorry i couldnt pick up any food, class ran late, and everything was-”
  • u laugh bc what the fuck he’s so cute
  • “it’s ok we can order take out!”
  • and he’d just fall onto ur bed and throw his bag down 
  • you’d go over and straddle him
  • but not sexually???
  • “pick what you wanna eat”
  • “anything” and he hands u his phone with the food ordering app open
  • and u just hand it back like…
  • “shut up hobi, it’s on me tn”
  • “y/n pls”
  • “u look exhausted let me”
  • but he’s too tired to comply
  • so you finally lie down beside him
  • and he pULLS u into him and closes his eyes 
  • ur scrolling thru the app like hmm what to eat??
  • indian, greek, chinese, mcDONALDS??
  • so many options
  • “how was class today?” he asks u
  • “it was good, what about you”
  • but u get no reply?
  • “hobi!”
  • and he’d just hum so quietly in response
  • “the foods coming soon, don’t fall asleep yet”
  • and he’d turn his head and place his hand on his chest
  • “babeee”
  • “y/nnnnnnn”
  • you’d just pull at his arm lightly
  • “uGH FINE IM UP”
  • “what”
  • ok srsly i can’t do this anymore college bf hobi is 2 much 4 me
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • ok soz back 
  • anyway
  • he would sleepily smile at you
  • and he’d just gesture @ u to come sit on his lap
  • u take a seat on his lap
  • and he’d whisper so many cute things to u
  • “i’m so lucky”
  • “you’re such a sweetheart”
  • “i know i’m so busy with all these clubs/sports/class and i feel like i never get enough time with you”
  • “i love u sosososoososo much”
  • and ur smiling and lowkey dying bc cuTE
  • ding dong 
  • its ur food
  • anyway after eating y’all KNOCK OUTTTTT
  • and he’d cuddle you so hard in bed 
  • and the next morning u wake up to him like playing with ur hair 
  • and u smile to urself bc hobi’s actually the best bf ever?!?? 

A/N: This is a continuation of a previous imagine. Enjoy!

Imagine sitting cross legged on your bed across from George Harrison. The room is eerily quiet after George’s unanticipated confession, and suddenly the guitar sitting in your lap feels very heavy.
“You… you’re /what/?” you finally break the silence with narrowed eyes. For a second you think you’ve misheard him, due to the fact that he’s returned to strumming lazy chords on his guitar like he /hasn’t/ just admitted to being in love with you.
“In love. With you,” he returns calmly, eyes fixed on his fingers as his ministrations on the guitar grow more complex. Alright, so you /did/ hear him correctly. “Have been for awhile now. Here, put your fingers like this- that’s an A chord,” he diverts, showing you his own guitar in demonstration.
“So what, that’s that?” you exclaim, setting your guitar aside and inching close to your friend and quite talented guitarist, as being proved to you now. “You tell me you’re in love with me and act like it’s nothing?”
“Well I’m teaching you guitar, aren’t I? I can’t just walk up to the girl of me dreams and sweep ‘er off her feet when She doesn’t even fancy me back. I just thought you should know,” he mumbles, fingers dancing along the frets of his battered acoustic like it was nothing. You want to be angry, really you do; George isn’t good at feelings, and he’s worse at timing, but dammit does he know how to play guitar, and he looks so good in the dim lighting of your bedroom…. The complicated and woody notes fill the gaps that words can’t, hypnotizing you and compromising your ability to slap the socially and romantically incompetent man sitting in front of you.
“Sweep me off my feet?” you breathe, fluttering your eyes closed as the notes grow lighter and more inviting. George shrugs slightly and bites his lip.
“Em, yeah… I wanted to tell you how I felt and, um… right here… Romantic guff and all that stuff. It’s not important; you can have any bloke you want,” he huffs, and the music coming from his swift and talented fingers grows a bit hostile in tone.
“Girl of your dreams?” you ask, and that gets him. While he won’t meet your gaze, George can’t hide the bright blush on his cheeks as you reach out a hand to stop his guitar.
“Y-yeah… You are. But what does it matter? I don’t deserve ye,” he mumbles, finally meeting your gaze for the first time of the night. “H-here’s a… Here’s a G chord-” before he can embarrass himself any further, you grip the front of his shirt and yank him in for a soft kiss. His lips react immediately in kissing you back, his eyes squeezing shut as he lets out a soft, happy mewl. Breaking apart for air, you eagerly watch his face for a reaction, smiling when his lips follow yours.
“U-um… That w-was…” he stutters before finally giving up with a wide, goofy smile. He strums a foreign chord and whistles before setting it aside and falling back on your bed, eyes closed and face bright red.
“Jesus Christ, /I’m in love with you! I love Y/N; she kissed me, I kissed her, and it was fucking fantastic/!” he sings happily, giggling when you lie down next to him on your bed and hug him tightly.
“I love you too, George,” you sigh, kissing him again and laughing when he presses soft, incessant kisses to the corners of your mouth and all over your face. You decide then on a rain check for the rest of the guitar lessons.

Spaces - Chapter 3

Excerpt: There was a small tattoo on her upper thigh that Harry so desperately wanted to see up-close. He wanted to kiss up her leg to the inside of her thighs and tease her until she begged him for more. Dirty thoughts clouded his mind as she slipped the fabric over her head and threw it on the floor, revealing matching underwear. The bra and thong were stark white lace; Harry could have sworn in that moment that she was an angel. He was practically drooling at the sight of her nearly naked and had no shame in checking her out from head to toe.

Pairing: Harry Styles + OFC

Rating: This chapter is a bit steamy ;-)

Word Count: 2,636

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