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You’re My First - Clay Jensen Smut

Clay Jensen x reader

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader gives her first blowjob to Clay who is also receiving his first? And/or leading to loosing their virginity

WARNINGS: Smut, swearing

“What do you want to watch princess?”

“I don’t care, you can pick whatever.” I’m laid up with Clay in his room as he surfs the guide. It’s a Saturday night and I rather be with my boyfriend than home alone. Granted we are alone right now, being that his parents are out at some function, but at least we are alone together. I trace circle on his clothed chest as his eyes are focused on the TV, finding something to watch. I can tell that he is pretending to be into the TV so that he doesn’t need to focus on my hand against him. I snuggle more into him as he sucks his teeth.

“There are no good movies on babe” he says, throwing the remote down as the TV stopped on Full House. 

“Then we don’t watch TV, we can do something else anyway” I say, as I slide my hand under his shirt. He looks a little nervous as he looks down at my hand. 

“Like what?” He sounded a little nervous, but flirty at the same time. I move my leg across his torso and put my lips up to his ear. 

“Anything.” I pur. He looks down at me, his eyes on mine. His eyes flicker down to my lips and I know he wants nothing more than to feel my lips on his. As if he read my mind, he pulled my face up to his, pressing his lips onto mine. The kiss was nice and slow. It’s like our lips were made for each other. His tongue grazed my bottom lip as he asked for an entrance. I didn’t allow him in to tease him and he squeezed my thigh making me yelp. When I opened my mouth he stuck his tongue in, softly wrestling with mine. I rolled on top of him and sat on his lap, never breaking our kiss. The kiss suddenly went from slow and sweet to more rougher and needy. Clay’s hands were on my waist as I wrapped my arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. When I started to slowly move my hips against his, Clay suddenly withdrew from me.

“What’s wrong, why’d you stop” I pant as he avoided my eyes. When he didn’t say anything, I got worried.

“Did I do something?” I ask. His eyes found mine again and quickly shook his head.

“No no no, god no. It’s just I’m getting a little um..a little-”

“Horny” I smirk, looking down between us and seeing him semi-hard. He looked embarrassed and nodded his head. A giggle at his nervous state.

“So what babe.”

“I don’t want you to think I’m rushing you.” He said looking down.

“Last time I checked, we are both virgins. And what if I’m ready.” His eyes widen and he swallowed hard. 

“A-are you sure, cause I’m not rushing at all trust me, I can wa-” I stop him from rambling on by crushing my lips on his. 

“Clay, I love you and I’m ready. I mean if your not that’s fi-”

“No! I am, it’s just we don’t have to. It won’t make me love you any less if we don’t.” I smile at his cuteness and press my forehead against his. 

“I’m ready Clay.” I pull on his shirt so that our lips collide again. Feeling his body against mine made me loose the fear in the moment and only made me want him more. I pull away to take my shirt off as he took off his. He stared at my bra and looked away when he noticed I saw. I pulled his faced back towards me and smiled.

“I’m all yours Clay.” With that, his mood lightened up as his hands cup both of my breast squeezing. I threw my head back as I felt his lips on my neck, sucking lightly. 

“Your so beautiful y/n.” He unclasped my bra and I suddenly felt so exposed and nervous. He can tell I felt weird by my face.

“Don’t be shy about your body, you look amazing.” I smiled and loosened up as his lips went to my breast. His lips attacked one of my nipples, while softly massaging the other. I bit my lip to keep me from moaning as his sucking got more harsh, making my core wet. I started to hump back and forth on his now rock hard member, making him groan against my breast making me moan. The friction beneath us was killing me and I want nothing more than to take everything off. I unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down as far as I could without moving off his lap. 

“Clay can I try something?” I pant as his sucking went from my breast to my neck, surely leaving like 10 bruises. 

“What is it babe?” He said, not breaking his series of kisses. 

“I-I um want to please you..” I felt his kissing stop as he stayed there, probably waiting for me to finish, or just not knowing what to say. Probably both. 

“You know..please you down there.” I felt so shy asking him, but I really wanted to make him feel good like he does to me. I just want to do it in a more intimate way. 

“U-um I don’t know y/n, you don’t need t-”

“I want to.” He looks at a lost for words, debating on what to say. When we takes to long, I just take matters into my own hands. I slide off of him, sliding his pants all the way down, along with his underwear. When I did, his dick sprung all the way up, smacking again his stomach. I positioned myself so that I was in between his legs with my butt in the air, looking up at him. 

“Y/n stop you don’t hav-” I quiet him by slowly taking his entire member into my mouth, almost gagging. I come back up, licking his tip while pumping him with my hand. 

“Oh my-” Clay’s eyes were shut tight as he threw his body back. I flattened my tongue against the side of his shaft before taking him in my mouth again, pumping in and out faster. 

“Fuck babe, that feels good” He’s a moaning mess above me as he looks down at me sucking him. His eyes are glued to mine as I look up at him through my eyelashes, pumping my hand faster. He’s a groaning mess as he continues to do a string of curses. Unaware of what he’s doing, Clay starts thrusting into my mouth, making me even more wet. He grabs my ponytail and that was my motivation to go faster. I take all of him in my mouth, not caring that I was gagging, as I started picking up my speed. I start to moan with him still inside me and that threw him over the edge. 

“Fuck! y/n I’m about t-” He doesn’t know what to do with his hands as he releases inside of my mouth. I swallow what’s left as he pulls me up to him, kissing me passionately, still panting.

“Sorry that I did that, I should have told you I was…you know.” I smirk at what he was trying to say, “That’s okay, I liked it.”

Clay turns us over and starts peppering kisses down my neck. He kisses all the way to my stomach as he pulls my underwear off. He comes back to my lips, smashing his with mine, his hands roaming all over my naked body. He stops and looks at me.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked genuinely. 

“More sure than anything.” I smiled. He pulled off of me and got something from his desk draw. When he came back, he hovered back over me, pulling on a condom. When he started having trouble pushing it on, I held in my giggle, stopping his hands. 

“Let me help.” I unraveled it, slowly pushing it on his member, making sure to lightly squeeze him in the process, making him groan. I wanted this, his body on mine.

“I’ll be gentle” he breathed, his voice soft, “Just tell me if it hurts.” I pulled his face closer to me, making that as a sign for him to go. He starts to slowly push into me, giving me this stretching and ripping feeling throughout my body. I try to adjust to him as he continues pushing in slowly. I squeeze my eyes shut, gasping into his mouth as I grabbed his arms tightly. I whimpered as I just waited for the pain to go away. He pulled away from my lips as he looked at me.

“Is this okay?” he pants, looking at my face for any bad reaction. I nod my head, wanting him to keep going. 

“Yes baby, keep going.” I try to focus on the pleasure, even though I can still very much feel the pain. I was slightly tense and as if Clay sensed that, he started dropping kisses against my jawline, making me more relaxed. I started grinding my hips up against his and wrapped my legs around his back. He started thrusting a little faster, his eyes shut as he started groaning. I moan, tilting my head back into the pillows. As his speed picked up, the pain slowly subsided, giving me nothing but pleasure. I felt his weight on me, his body against mine and I realized just how much he meant to me. 

“Fuck princess, you feel amazing” he moans into my neck. I tighten my grip around my neck, moaning into his ear. 

“Baby f-faster please” I whimper. He did just that, his thrust getting deeper and deeper. His body slap against mine and all I can hear are our loud moans and the headboard against the wall. He picked up his speed even more making me dig my nails into his back, surely leaving a mark. 

“Fuck baby!” He screams, drilling into me. My breast are jumping up and down as I scream louder, the pleasure becoming overpowering.

“Clay! oh my god!” The faster his thrust got, the more I felt my stomach clench up. My body started to stiffen as he kept pushing in and out of me, on and on. 

“Come for me baby” he whispers and I let go.

“Fuck Clay!” My body went limp as I exploded. He kept pumping through my orgasm as I squeeze around him and in the same second, he screamed out my name, releasing himself. With both of us still panting and breathing heavily, I open my eyes to see Clay staring back at me. He slides off of me, laying his head on my bare chest. I run my hands threw his hair, kissing it after.

“That was amazing babe” I breath out, earning a nod from him.

“If that was amazing, wait till next time.”

A/N - This was my first Clay smut!!! Hope you liked it, I did!! 

Things People Say

Writers - Admin Aingeal @aingealcethlenn & Admin Grace

Characters - Dean, Reader, Sam, Mary, Castiel

Pairing - Dean x Reader

Summary - She was the best hunter in the United States. They were the Winchesters. Dean is overprotective of her, and ends up pushing her away. What happens when she leaves and hunt on her own? What happens when he gets a call, in the middle of the night, because he was her emergency contact?

Word Count - 2,692

Warnings - Angst…Lots and lots of angst…Mild language, Mentions of injuries from an accident/hunt (reader is in hospital)…
Mary Winchester is included in this, but no spoilers from any actual episodes. Doesn’t follow the episodes at all.
(If you spot any other warnings I should add, please let me know so I can edit this post to include them!)

A/N -So..This was written for a challenge, and ended up getting away from me, and turned out WAAAYYYYYY longer than I first envisioned lol There WILL be a part 2 though (as long as people are interested)! So please let me know! And let me know if you wanna be tagged in it!!!

-Reader POV-

It had been the same almost every hunt recently. Dean asking me to stay behind. Hold down the fort, help with research instead of with the battle. It was his way of keeping me safe. Making sure he wouldn’t lose me to some monster, or demon, or anything else out there.

When I met the Winchester brothers, they knew exactly who I was. In fact, the only hunter feared more than those two, was yours truly. I was meticulous, and dangerous, and loved every minute of my job. That never put the boys off though. No, instead, it only drove us closer. Especially Dean.

Lately though, it seemed every argument that we had, was surrounding my safety.

“We just don’t want anything to happen to you.” Dean said softly, trying to calm me down.

“I know how to take care of myself Dean! Damn it, I was the best damn hunter in the states! Now, just because I’m with you, suddenly it’s too dangerous for me to be out there?!”

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❖ embarrassing || b.sk drabble

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

genre: gross fluff, drabble

word count: 875

notes: i love!!! my baby!!! so much!! this was requested by an anonymous user, but i’m also tagging @saythename17scenarios!! idk if you remember me but i’m that anon who said i’d tag you in a fluff scenario and here i am aklsgsdgdhg its kinda rushed & sloppy but i hope u enjoyyyyy

“y/n, no, that’s not how you—” Seungkwan’s already breathless voice trails off into yet another fit of laughter when you place your finger over your ear and belt out an obscenely high-pitched and off-key note while striking a melodramatic pose to the music, keeling over to clutch at his cramping stomach and tears continuing to leak from his eyes. “That’s not how you — do it—”

“I hate to break it to you, Boo, but not everyone is naturally gifted with the vocal chords of a god. Some of us are human,” you sniff with a mouthful of cheesy pizza, but you’re smirking good-naturedly as you say it, continuing to bounce lightly on your heels as Pretty U blares around you loudly. There are discarded pillows and blankets everywhere, two pizza boxes, one empty and the other half-eaten, slumped onto the coffee table that’s become somewhat crooked in all your activity — the television is playing one of Seventeen’s live performances of the song you’re currently singing to, and Seungkwan’s legendary high note comes to an abrupt end.

You’d both assumed that you’d end up curled up on the couch to re-watch Mean Girls for the hundredth time to audibly judge and critique the behavior and clothing of the characters; thus, when Seungkwan called you explaining he had the day off and was on his way over, you immediately prepared enough snacks to feed a tenth of the starving kids in Africa and piled a bountiful amount of pillows and blankets on the couch.

And things went normally, too — for a while. Until you got a call and your ringtone — which is coincidentally Seungkwan’s part in Pretty U — rang from under the blankets. At the time he didn’t think anything of it, until you casually remarked that you could ace that note with a bit of practice, and his offense was obvious.

That’s how the two of you ended up where you are now, after Seungkwan said that he’d be able to teach you; you then responded by being cheeky and saying something about the quality of his high notes, when he lurched to his feet while uttering “my notes are the best quality,” and “i am a high note.”

Rather than a lesson in falsettos, it turned into a competition over who could simply scream the loudest and perform the most ridiculous dance moves to any music that came on throughout your playlist (Seungkwan was more touched than he’d like to admit when he found out that more than half of your playlist consists of Seventeen’s songs). A poorly executed running man, enough involuntary dabs to bring even Minghao to shame, Seungkwan’s short-lived twerks at your shameless request, and countless over-exaggerated hip thrusts courtesy of you when Very Nice’s tune began to play.

Seungkwan simply hums after catching his breath, a self-confident beam on his features as he places his hands on his hips. “Yeah, that’s true. Not everyone can be as talented as I am.” Another disbelieving grin spreads across your lips after you realize he’s being serious, and in the space of a second you’ve shoved the last of your pizza in your mouth and drag him down to the couch by his arm with a pillow in your other hand.

“You — overconfident — little — punk—” you breathe out between smacks of the soft cotton to his face in spite of his yells, finishing off with a light flick to his forehead and pushing strands of hair from your forehead, a pleased smile settling over your mouth. “That’s exactly right. Good boy. You’re my smart, talented, handsome boyfriend.” You almost let something slip about how he “also has a really great ass” but settle for keeping your mouth shut.

Even with the fiery blush on the apples of his cheeks, both from embarrassment and dancing for so long, you can tell that Seungkwan’s trying to force down his laughter, lips pressed into a quivering line. Silence settles over the two of you, both simply staring, and eventually the quiet becomes too much and you both burst into obnoxiously loud giggles. You shakily collapse beside him on the couch, laughing so hard it hurts your stomach, and every time you think you’re about to calm down the sound of his infectious laughter has you falling into hysterics and down onto the cushions again, feebly batting at his arm the entire time.

You’re not sure how long you stay like that, laughing until you sputter into quiet chuckles and holding onto each other so tightly like it’s all that’ll keep you from floating away.

“You’re ridiculous,” he pants once your giggles cease, tentatively wrapping an arm around your shoulder and looking up at the ceiling. “And embarrassing.”

“I simply speak the truth,” you hum, nuzzling yourself closer into his side and feeling your eyes growing heavy. “And you must be just as ridiculous because you apparently love me so much, right?”

“Um, no, not apparently. Don’t I make it painfully obvious with the whole “to the moon and back” thing?“

You release a flustered groan and slap his bicep one last time when he simply snickers, burying your face in the material of his t-shirt. "God, you’re the embarrassing one.”

“I know.”

Irony; Johnny

Request: “Can I ask a scenario with Johnny? Your family and his are neighbors and really hate each other but you and him end up working at the same place (not as idols)? You see each other as rivals and enemies but then you fall in love but don’t know how to tell the parents? Thanks 😊”

Genre: A little angsty, fluff and it’s a normalpeopleandnotidols!au.

Warnings: Cursing.

A/N: The request is pretty clear, I know, but there were a few things that I didn’t understand, but I still feel satisfied with the results. I hope y’all enjoy it!

You were cuddling by his side now, both of you in silence, lost in your own thoughts while caressing each other’s skin softly. He let go a loud groan and sat on the bed, running his fingers through his hair showing clearly how stressed he was feeling. I sighed and sat beside him, hugging his back.

“I’m so sorry for everything, Y/N. We deserve so much better.” His words were sincere and his voice tone was sad, and looking at him like this was breaking my heart. How would say that I’ll have such strong feelings for the person that I spent years hating.

“I-I don’t want to lose you, Johnny.”

“And you won’t because there’s no fucking way I’ll leave your side just because of such a stupid reason like my parents opinion, and the same thing with my goals in life, I’m not going to give up on those.”

Both of our parents hated the news of me and Johnny being on a relationship just as much as they hated our dreams of us wanting to become big artists. We wanted to show the world the best of us and test ourselves in the process, but they never liked that, how ironic that they hated each other so much. But Johnny was a lot more determinate for this kind of stuff, unlike me who’s always doubting of my decisions and feeling insecure every time someone gives me a bad opinion of something I choose.

Johnny turned around and placed one of his fingers in my chin after I took my arms off his body, making me look right into his eyes that tried to look comforting but only made me feel even worst.

“We’ll find a way to make things work out, Y/N. I promise you.” I only nodded quietly and accept Johnny’s hugs and kisses.


It was our third night sleeping together after moving out. Insomnia was by my side, keeping me company while Johnny was sleeping beside me with his arms and legs around my small figure. That scene kept replaying again and again in my mind and for every second it past, the mental and physic tiredness would be worst. I felt like crying my eyes out but at the same time I felt like I wasn’t able to shed any tears.

Different memories kept coming to my mind the whole night, only giving me twenty minutes of sleep before the alarm started to sound.

“Since when do you work here?” You asked with a surprised expression, silently trying to calm down and not say anything stupid.

“I started like a month ago, but I don’t want to waste my time with you just order quickly and go away.”

“No, actually I’m going to start working here too, today is my first day.” His eyebrows raised and his mouth opened a little in surprised for a few seconds, and after doing a disgusted expression he would give you a warm welcoming.

“Then stop talking and playing around and start to work already, we have a bunch of dirty cups that you could be cleaning right now.”

You remembered that day perfectly with a smile on your face, giggling every time it would come to your mind.

“What are you laughing about, you weirdo?” You heard your boyfriend said as he put you closer to his body and started to leave kisses in your neck and jaw, making your smile grow even more.

“It’s because I remembered my first time working in the cafe, when you hated me and always obligated me to clean cups every day, and how it’s such an irony that I still have to do the same thing every morning with the tiny difference that now we’re in a relationship and we live together.” You could feel his smile while he continue placing his warm lips in your neck and a few moments later another one, this time on you cheek.

“I remember I felt like an idiot when you suddenly started to act so nicely with me and I finally realized that telling you to work faster wasn’t going to be as useful as me actually helping you. Good thing that I finally learned.” He said grabbing some paper of a high shell and drying your wet hands in a delicate and caring way once you finished cleaning the dishes.

“What is this, Y/N?” Johnny asked with a confuse expression while looking at the cup of coffee that was in the table where he sits every day, ready to scold you.

“I made it for you. Even from my house I could hear you studying your Korean out loud at 3 a.m., I though you would be tired.” You tried to sound as natural as possible and to hide your now blushed face from him as you would clean the coffee machines slowly, without being able to see how Johnny’s entire face changed when he felt a warm feeling in his heart and butterflies in his stomach for a few seconds.

“U-uh, thanks.”

“And do you remember when I confessed to you a few months later, Y/N?” He asked while placing his hands in your small waist and looking at you with a small smile in his face and nothing but pure love and adoration in his eyes.

“How could I forget? It was the day were you saved me of give up on my dreams and goals, and basically of myself.” You said while slowly putting your hands in his shoulders and enjoying the way he started to caress your back from up to down under your pajama shirt. “I’ll never be able to describe how grateful I am to you for everything you have done to me, Johnny.”

“Don’t be silly. I don’t feel like it’s right to say that after you literally escaped to a complete different country that’s in the other side of the world where you knew nothing about the language or culture just to be with me. Uhm?” He would kiss your forehead and look at you one more time.


“You already finished the whole book? And you’re still studying?” He would laugh at your comment and smile at you.

“Korean is not an easy language to learn, Y/N.” He would say, slowly bringing his hands closer to yours that were busy grabbing his book of notes.

“You should teach me a little someday. And how’s your pronunciation? Can you say something in Korean?”

“Yeah, I could say something like 나는 너를 좋아해.”

“And what does it mean?” He would take a deep breath before finally grabbing your hand, drawing nonsense shapes with his thumb in your palms and leaving some kisses too.

“I like you.” You could felt your heart beating faster as you saw his sincere eyes while he pronounced the words, finding his blushed cheeks adorable but at the same time feeling yours turning in an even brighter shade of pink.

“I-I like you too, Johnny.” He smiled widely as soons as he saw a little smile forming on your lips as you lowered your head and hided your face with your hands.

“You’re precious, Y/N.” 

You couldn’t believe how happy you were just by being by this men’s side. You wouldn’t have much money and you didn’t even have a normal job. But you had each other, and that’s everything you need to feel like you were in home again. You knew him since forever and better than anyone else in the whole world and it was the same case with him. You felt complete every time he was by your side, the way you had the perfect height to hug him or how every time you hold hands it would fit so perfectly. Both of you were mean to be and you couldn’t be more happy for spending the rest of your days with him.

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comin outta mmy cage and i been doin justt fffine gotta gotta be doawn becaiuse i want it all itt started out with au kiss hhhow did IT end up like this it was only ae kio ss it was only a kiss noow i;;;m fallin asleeep and shes callllin a cab and hes havin a smoake and she;;s takin a drag now they;re goin ttto bed and my stomach is sick and it;;;s all in my headd but she;;;s touchin his chest now he takes off heir dreas s now let m e go ain d i just cant look i ts killin me and takin con tr

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Joker Imagine - Please forgive me

Anonymous said:  Could you do one were you and Mistah J fight and you get scared and he goes to apologise on his knees hugging you legs/lower stomach looking up at u 💜

Originally posted by vrdantt

Originally posted by yesiamarebelliousflower

Your P.O.V.

Once again I was fighting with Joker, my boyfriend of two years now.  He got mad after I shot a dancer from his club. Why? She threatened me and said she’d take J away from me. Joker didn’t seem to believe me. 

‘’You can’t just do that Y/N!’’ ,he growled loudly, pacing around the kitchen, He was obviously pissed off, making me angry because he cared about that filthy dancer. ‘’Well she said that she would take you away from me!’’ ,I defended myself and crossed my arms. Suddenly J grabbed a knife from the counter and gave me an angry look. ‘’So what? That means that you obviously think that I would cheat on you!’’, J yelled loudly and started walking closer.

Now that he held the knife, I shut up and backed away. He really scared me when he was angry, but the knife made things ten times worse. ‘’J..’’, I whispered while leaning against the fridge. I felt uneasy in my gut as he just came closer to me. ‘’What the fuck were you thinking about doll?’’, he breathed out raspily and then stopped right in front of me. I was so scared that he’d stab me so I started trembling. I squeezed my hands into fists and clenched my jaw so I wouldn’t start crying in front of him.

Crying was a sign of fear and fear was a weakness.

‘’Oh..is regret starting to kick in?’’ ,He asked me while placing a hand next to my head, so he was leaning against the fridge. ‘’No! I just don’t want a knife pierced through my body’’, I pushed the words out of my mouth. Then I wiggled away from the situation and walked towards the living room. Hopefully he wouldn’t fucking kill me. ‘’Y/N!’’ J called out my name as I sat down on the couch and hugged a brown cushion. 

‘’I wasn’t going to stab you’’, he said as he found me again. That’s when tears started running down my face. I tried to ignore him, because I was so frustrated. ‘’Oh baby..’’, he pouted and walked closer. ‘’Go away’’, I snarled at him. This fight had been a complete waste of time besides he already scared me to death. Instead of actually listening to me, J did the complete opposite. He got down on his knees and then wrapped his arms around my legs. ‘’Please forgive me darling, I would never hurt you’’, he begged and looked up at me. I bit my trembling bottom lip and tried to keep an angry look.

His icy blue eyes were big and he looked at me like a puppy. ‘’You really scared me J’’, I admitted quietly. ‘’I’m so sorry’’, he whispered and then climbed up so he was hugging my lower stomach now. His arms felt good around me. ‘’But you need to believe me J. I didn’t like her attitude so I shot her’’, I added and then put the pillow aside. He nodded against me and pressed a kiss on my stomach. ‘’I know..I was just worried..Now please, pretty pretty doll forgive me. I don’t like fighting with you’’, He sighed and seemed to really regret it.

Who could be angry at Joker for long? I knew that I couldn’t.

‘’Fine..’’, I gave in and then watched as his red lips curved into a big smile. ‘’Ah I knew you’d melt darling’’, he purred and then picked me up. I screamed because it startled me. He let go for half a second and then hugged me tightly. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck so I wouldn’t fall. ‘’The only thing I would push inside your body is myself’’, he whispered dirtily into my ear and it made me giggle. Funny how he changed my mood like a lightswitch. ‘’You dirty pervert’’, I chuckled playfully and then took a deep breath. At least we weren’t fighting.

New Girl


(this vine doesn’t relate to the imagine but I really liked it so DEAL WITH IT)

Pairing: Ryder Scanlon x Reader

Words: 1,895

Warnings: Marijuana use, smuuuuuttt

“Hey, who’s that?” I ask my new friend, trying to discreetly point at the attractive boy who sat down in front of us.

“Him?” She nods her head in his direction, “That’s Ryder Scanlon, he got expelled last year.”

 I widen my eyes, “What’d he do?” I look back at him, watching him take out his notebook and setting it on his desk.

“Got caught smoking weed.”

I raise an eyebrow, “That’s it?”

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the bathroom floor lets me
melt upon its tiles,
as i clench my phone straight
scrolling to find your name

my vision is distorted
along with my thoughts
i’m searching the keyboard
to press the letter
i’m wiping my blackened tears
blending the rest of my lipstick
onto my forearm
gripping my hair back
out of my face
my legs are smeared across the surface
begging me to get up
they stumble
at the attempt to stand
but the volcano inside my stomach
is not allowing me
it’s bubbling vomit
that is ready to erupt

the mirror reflects a shaken image
there are two of me
one prettier than the other
both staring back into my eyes

this room is shrinking
consuming me
with its heat
and lack of air
i open the door
i stagger down the wooden stairs
that are filled with kids
in the same state of mind
they try to talk to me
but their intoxicated voices are muffled
by the music that is hammering my head

and then i see you
across this brimming room
skimming the back of your hand
against hers

—   drunk texts (351 out of 365)
Worth Fighting For (Peter Parker Imagine)

f l u f f 


Prompt; ‘It’s worth fighting for’ Looking Up, Paramore 



Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; language 

Word count; still have no word counter on my phone

Originally posted by comicbookfilms

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Title: When I’m Finished With You
Pairing: Kylo Ren x Fem!Reader
Genre: Smut (kinda)
Warnings: Language, sexual themes
Request: None, just something I did on my own because I just can’t seem to stop sinning
A/N: WHOOOOOOOO SPICYYYYYY also it’s set to be before TFA so that’s a thing

Things went wrong way too quickly for your liking. Normally, you at least had a little bit of time before you ended up running, but you weren’t even granted that. The First Order was waiting for you, ready to pounce the moment you landed on the planet. All you were doing, well, supposed to be doing, was gathering intell. Secret mission stuff. And yet, no matter how secret, they knew.
They were like fucking ninjas. A whole squad of Storm Troopers surrounded you in three seconds flat, blasters at the ready. You were more annoyed than anything, tired from the trip and ready to go home to D’Qar. Now you had to deal with the First Order? Fucking perfect.
You were roughly boarded onto a ship, the grip the soldiers had on your upper arms closer to that of a vice. Anyone in your position would be terrified, but not you. You knew the First Order. They were cowards, and their leader was nothing more than a whiney kid who threw fits when things didn’t go his way. Your only concern was the pain you knew they were capable of inflicting. Other than that, they were mindless drones in white armor.
After being thrown-yes, thrown- into a cell, you sat up and scanned your surroundings. It was a miracle they hadn’t strapped you into some torture chair of doom, so you thanked the stars for that. Your relief was short lived as you stood and found literally nothing in the room. Nothing but steel walls and a floor to match. You cursed under your breath and rubbed at your sore upper arms as best you could.
It must have been at least an hour until the chrome door slid open. You were sat at the other end of the room, one knee bent toward the ceiling and your arm resting on top of it. You watched as a cloaked figure entered the cold room, recognizing the battered mask almost instantly.
“Your mom’s looking for you, y’know,” you said, maintaining a cool exterior.
“Is that so?” the figure spoke, his voice metallic and icy through the voice modulator.
“Yep,” you responded, “She says it’s past your bed time or something.”
He didn’t speak, instead studied you from the other end of the room. You had to admit, it was mildly intimidating, but you’d seen the face behind the mask. Though he was only a year or so younger than you, you always viewed Ben as a child. You’d been friends at first, considering how close you were with his mother. He was sweet, even a little cute, but always had that underlying darkness about him.
“Your thoughts are awfully loud,” he said, folding his hands behind his back and stepping toward you, “They always were, weren’t they?”
Kylo knelt down in front of you and you could see your reflection in the glass where his eyes should have been.
“I doubt my thoughts are as loud as your ego,” you spat, half smiling at your own remark. He stared at you in silence, as if pondering his next move. He reached up behind his helmet and undid the clasps, a sharp hissing noise emitting from the metal. The helmet was removed in one fluid motion, set to the side and forgotten.
Kylo zeroed in on your thoughts, smirking at your reaction to seeing his face after so many years. All you could think about was how handsome he had become in the short time you’d been away from him. His boyish physique was still present, but his jawline had become even more prominent, his eyes seemed older, his smirk sending immoral thoughts straight through your mind.
You shouldn’t have thought the things you did about him in that moment. The idea of being taken by him there on the metallic floor, the mere concept of screaming out his name as he did sinful things to your body, it was overwhelming. You began to wonder if he was forcing you to see these things, or if it was your own doing.
“Worry not, little one,” he spoke, his voice thick with something that made your knees weak, “Your thoughts are your own.”
Well, that answers that question.
“What do you want?” you asked, trying to change the conversation and push the fantasy out of your mind.
“I want the location of your base, and I can easily find it through your memories,” he said, bringing a gloved hand to your chin and examining your features, “But I think I’d much rather pry it from you myself.”
His words hung in the air, making it nearly impossible to breathe. Your eyes were locked with his in a heated stare, your head stationary thanks to his hand. You couldn’t look away, but you weren’t entirely sure if you wanted to.
“You don’t scare me,” you said, doing your best to sound tougher than you felt. Kylo smirked wider, inching closer and closer to your face. You held your breath, waiting for him to do whatever it was he was going to do.
A gloved hand slid from your kneecap to your inner thigh, the contact making you jump slightly. You released the breath you’d been holding just to suck in another, doing your absolute damnedest to keep your composure.
“You’re not stopping me,” he said softly, his lips mere inches from your ear. You gasped when you felt his teeth clamp down on the cartilage roughly, his hand sliding further and further upwards. He was kneeling between your legs, something you hadn’t even noticed until now.
“I’m not telling you anything,” you said, fighting back the moan that was building in your throat as his tongue flicked over the flesh he’d been previously nibbling on.
“But you will,” he said, his hand resting in the valley where your thigh met your pelvic bone, mere millimeters from where you needed it most, “You’ll tell me everything I want to know and more, my dear Y/N.”
Your hips began to wriggle as he traced the area around your arousal. Your body was reacting with you even meaning for it to, and you had to stop yourself from giving in to him. It was becoming increasingly difficult to not completely submit to him as the heat between your legs begged for attention. He was breathing in your ear, something that made the back of your neck burn in anticipation.
“I don’t want this,” you lied, a last resort. Maybe he couldn’t hear you practically begging for him in your thoughts.
“Your mind tells me otherwise,” he chuckled into your ear, finally pressing his fingers against your core. You couldn’t help the gasp that rose from your throat, the sensation of finally being touched by him making your brain turn to mush. Kylo moved his hand expertly up, down, and around, caressing you in all the right places.
“Why don’t you tell me where the Resistance is?” he whispered, his lips brushing against the skin underneath your ear and making you quiver.
“Why don’t you go fuck yourself?” you shot back, your stubborn nature finally useful to you for once in your life. With that, his hand withdrew, the loss of contact both a frustration and a relief.
“I won’t need to do that when I’m finished with you, Y/N.”
Kylo picked up his helmet off the floor, stood, and turned away from you before striding out of the room. The moment you heard the door hiss closed you took a few deep breaths, trying to organize your thoughts. You felt dizzy, your mind whirring with a million thoughts.
A sick feeling settled in your stomach when you realized that he wasn’t even close to done with you.


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@haechansgf this is my apology for tryna steal ur bf

-lol ok so dis boi probably drew on himself a lot as a kid

-like one day you’d wake up with your whole arm colored red and you’d be so scared cus you’re only a 3 yr old babe

-you run to your mom crying because ur arms red and u think a monster hurt you

-and that’s when you learn about soulmates and now ur so mad at your soulmate cuz they scared the shit out of u

-since your a cheeky lil’ shit and you want revenge you color your legs black to creep him out

-and u succeeded

-like he was so scared like wtf???? My legs are black??? And he also ended up crying to his parents and learning about soul mates

-so now you two are in intense battle that lasts for years and both of you keep getting in trouble with your parents

- like “y/n why is your face green?”

-you two have never actually communicated in words yet you already have such a close bond because of your intense battles

-sometimes you wake up with penises all over your arms

-and he wakes up to curse words all over his legs and he’s all like

-”are u srs it’s summer and now i gotta wear pants f u soulmate”

-but when you both are 10 it all suddenly stops??? And you’re like I did not color my stomach in such an intense pattern to not have a response

-he stopped coloring because he kept getting teased by his classmates

-because “MISSSS Donghyuk keeps playing with his girlfriend!!11!”

-and everyone jokingly runs away from him cuz COOTIES

-so he stops talking to you cuz girls are eww

-2 years later he’s practically forgotten that whatever he writes on himself appears on you

-so he writes the answers to a test he’s about to take since he didn’t study at all

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cookiemini4-deactivated20160907  asked:

Can I request a gd smut scenario where his gf is teasing him in front of his members

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Red pumps tapping against the black tiles of one of Seoul’s newest night club, you had wondered just why you agreed to show up to this party with G-dragon. He wasn’t even your ‘official’ boyfriend and yet here you were hand in his as the male idol sat down and talked with his fellow groupmates. It was the last day of their world tour and the boys wanted to celebrate their hard work in no place other than their home country.

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What Ever Made You Think That?

Request: hi I came from @justhamilton and I want to request a Daveed x reader where reader is self conscious about their body and Daveed makes them feel better about themselves? I’m having intense body shame rn and I want something happy :) 

Warning(s): slight angst? 

Word Count: 931

Reader Gender: Female (if it was supposed to be male PLEASE MESSAGE ME AND ILL WRITE ANOTHER

 Author’s Note:hey anon I think you’re beautiful just sayin also @justhamilton is an angel and shoutout to @bestfluteninja for proofreading this they’re so nice :) ok let’s do this 

I wake up from the sunlight coming in through the window. The clock next to my bed read 9:47 a.m. Ugh, nope. I slam my face into the pillow, trying to remember my dream. Sadly, I can’t, because footsteps interrupt me. Pretending to be asleep, I hear those footsteps come into the room. 

“Y/N, get up,” A voice says. I know it’s Daveed, but I stay where I am. Maybe he’ll let me sleep a little longer, I think. The bed sinks slightly as he sits down. “C'mon babe, I know you’re awake,” he says. “Don’t make me do this.” I can tell he’s grinning now. What is he gonna do?

It’s not long before I get my answer. Daveed suddenly jumps on top of me and starts tickling my sides. I scream and roll over, putting my arms up in defense. He continues to attack me, and I can’t stop laughing. 

“Daveed, s-stop!” I yell, out of breath. I throw my hands up in surrender. He’s laughing at me, but stops and leans down to kiss my cheek. 

“Get ready, I’m taking you out for breakfast,” Daveed says. He gets off the bed and heads for the door. As he walks out, he winks at me. I grin, and start to get ready. Once in the bathroom, I start on makeup. Just some simple stuff, like mascara. I brush my hair quickly. I go back into the room to decide what to wear. The closet doors are open from Daveed getting his clothes earlier. I start throwing different things onto the bed. Shirts, jeans, skirts, everything. Turning around, I take my shirt and leggings off to get changed. As I start to put one of the shirts on, I catch my reflection in a big mirror on one of the closet doors. My mind starts racing. 

My stomach is too big, I think. My arms are big too. But why does my stomach stick out so much? I don’t even have any curves. And my legs are flabby. Stretch marks are everywhere. I walk closer to the mirror. When I get there, I start pulling on my stomach, trying to make it smaller. I push the fat on my legs around. I pinch my arms some, trying to figure out how to make it all disappear. Tears begin to form in my eyes. Why am I so fat? Why am I so disgusting


I spin around to see Daveed standing in the doorway. He has a look of confusion on his face. I think I can even see some hurt in his eyes. 

 "U-uh,” I stutter, not knowing what to do, “how long have you, um, been standing there?" 

"Long enough,” he replies. “I came to see how close you were to being ready. What are you doing, babe?" 

"Uh, nothing, it’s nothing,” I say. I quickly grab one of the larger shirts to put on. Daveed walks to me and grabs my hands, making me stop. 

“Sweetheart, talk to me,” he whispers. I look up at him, and sigh. I can tell he does want to know and isn’t pretending. Dropping the shirt, I lean into his chest. He wraps his arms around me, and I tell him: 

“I’m upset about how fat and gross I am." 

Daveed stands still for a moment. Suddenly, he puts his hands on my shoulders and gently pushes me forward. He’s looking at me now, his eyes slightly glistening. 

What ever made you think that?“ He asks. I gesture at my body with my hands. "Y/N, you’re a masterpiece,” he says. He looks me up and down and gestures, “Just look at you.” I’m blushing now. But, I can’t help but think negative remarks about my body. 

“Daveed, I have stretch marks on my legs and stomach,” I tell him. “My stomach sticks out, my legs are big, and my arms have a lot of flab. I’m not curvy in any form. I’m just so gross and unattractive.” He steps back from me. Then he starts talking: 

“Love, you’ve got it all wrong. These aren’t bad things. It’s normal for your stomach to stick out, it’s beautiful. Your arms are lovely, and your legs are works of art. Your stretch marks are absolutely gorgeous. They make you who you are. You don’t have to be traditionally skinny or curvy to be pretty. I know this, because you’re even more than pretty. You’re an absolute goddess, inside and out.” Daveed steps forward and pulls me to him. “You have no idea how lucky I am to have a girl as astounding as yourself." 

I’m smiling beyond belief now, and slightly tearing up. Thanks to him, I feel somewhat better in my own skin, which is a big improvement. I reach up and kiss him, thanking him in my own way. Once we break apart, finally, I realize I’m still not dressed. 

"Hey, you wanna help me choose what to wear?” I ask him, winking. He nods and immediately picks up a shirt and a pair of jeans I’d thrown onto the bed. The jeans hug my legs. The shirt was one of my favorites, and it was loose but still shows my form. Quickly, I put them on with a pair of combat boots. Once I was dressed, I looked at Daveed for confirmation. He smiles wide and gives me a thumbs up. As we went out of the house, I grab his hand. All I can think is, I have the best boyfriend in all of existence.

Conversation between Osana and Senpai if you don’t poison the meal.

Senpai: Wow, this is delicious!

Osana: …R…really..? Y… you like it, Senpai…?

Senpai: Yeah! It’s great!

Osana: … That’s right! You SHOULD be grateful! But don’t expect me to keep making you free food!

Osana: …U…unless…y…you *want* to eat my cooking every day…

Senpai: Hmm? What was that?

Osana: I… I didn’t say anything! D… dummy!

Conversation between Osana and Senapi if you did poison the meal.

Senpai: Ugh… what did you put in this?!

Osana: Huh? What do you mean?

Senpai: My stomach… really hurts all of a sudden!

Osana: Hey! You shouldn’t insult a girl’s cooking, you dummy!

Senpai: I’m sorry… I can’t finish it! I have to go!

Osana: Huh?! Senpai, wait!

Osana: … Oh, no… what did I do wrong…?

You’ve Got It All Wrong [NCT U Jaehyun Oneshot]

Genre: Fluff, Jealousy…(is that a genre? x’D)

REQUESTED: I saw your taeil scenario and I loved it omg (emoji) can i have a jaehyun scenario where you’re best friends with taeyong but he gets the wrong idea and thinks you guys like each other and gets all pouty and jealous until you confront him?

Jaehyun’s P.O.V.

“Taeyong oppa, you’re late,” I heard Y/N whined to Taeyong as Taeyong entered the dance studio.

“What? I’m only 1 minute late,” Taeyong said.

“Still, you’re late,” Y/N said and Taeyong apologized.

“Jaehyun hyung, who are you looking at?” I heard Mark asking me as he sat beside me.

“No one, why?” I asked him back.

Mark didn’t reply and tried to see who I was looking at, and he found out.

“Ah, Y/N. You’re looking at her aren’t you?’ Mark asked.

I just nod and just looked at her.

“Just confess to her already,” Mark said lying down in front of me with his cap on this stomach.

“I don’t want to,” I replied. “She’ll definitely say no.”

“How do you know?” Mark asked.

“Because she likes Taeyong hyung,” I said. “They look so happy talking to each other.”

Y/N’s P.O.V.

“Taeyong-ah, he’s looking at us,” I said changing his topic.

“Yah, stop interrupting me,” Taeyong scolded me. “Did you even pay attention to what I said?”

“Yes, of course, I am,” I replied.

As Taeyong continued talking, I took peeps at Jaehyun who’s talking to Mark. His smile is so cute. His dimples make him look even cuter.

“Yah! Y/N are you listening to me?” Taeyong asked waving his hands in front of me.

“Y-yeah, I am,” I replied.

“Then, what did I say?” Taeyong asked with his arms crossed.

“Umm, something about the dance?” I replied and Taeyong just rolled his eyes.

Jaehyun’s P.O.V.

“She seems to be having a good time with Taeyong, I wish I was Taeyong,” I said to Mark as I saw the two of them laughing. She must really like him a lot.

“Hyung, just ask her out,” Mark said as he stood up and began practicing some of the steps. “You wouldn’t know until you ask.”

“I’ll think about it, let’s get practicing,” I said and stood up.

As I practiced with Mark, I saw Taeyong and Y/N sitting really close to each other, whispering stuff to each other and laughing as if they were in their own world. At that point, I really wish I was Taeyong. He’s so lucky to have an admirer like Y/N.


Y/N’s P.O.V.

“We should be practicing,” I said to Taeyong as I stood up.

“Help me get up,” Taeyong said and reached his hands to mine.

I grabbed his hands and tried pulling him up, but he was a little too heavy for me. So, of course, I couldn’t.

“Yah, come on. I want to go and practice. If you don’t get up, I’m leaving you here,” I said.

“Well, technically you could because I’m not your partner for the dance. Jaehyun is,” Taeyong replied.

“Alright then,” I said and walked to Jaehyun leaving Taeyong on the floor.

As I walked to Jaehyun, I saw him dancing with Mark. I didn’t want to interrupt him, so, I just stood there and watched him. His movements are really good, I hope that I don’t look like a robot dancing with him. He seems to be into the music and dance a lot.

When he was done, I clapped with a smile on my face and startled him a bit.

“O-oh, Y/N, I didn’t see you there,” Jaehyun said with a little laugh.

“I didn’t want to interrupt you. You seemed to be really focused,” I replied. “Sorry for watching.”

“You have nothing to be sorry about,” Jaehyun said. “I should be the one that’s sorry. I should have look around my surrounding more.”

“Can you guys just stop with the apologising and just practice already?” Mark said and we both nod. “You guys are killing me with your conversation.”

I think my cheeks are turning pink. Oh, no.


As Jaehyun and I practiced halfway, there was this one step that I couldn’t seem to do and I was getting frustrated.

“I can’t do this,” I said in disappointment and collapse on to the floor wanting to cry.

“Don’t worry, it took me a while to get this step right too,” Jaehyun said trying to comfort me.

“I doubt that,” I replied. “You’re too good at dancing.”

Jaehyun laughed and shook his head. “Taeyong hyung’s better in dancing than me, though,” Jaehyun said.

“But you’re still good,” I said and sat up.

“You’re a pretty good dancer yourself,” Jaehyun said. “You’re one of the main dancers in the group right?”

“Yeah, I don’t even know why ” I replied.

“Maybe it’s because your CEO saw something in you. The potential to be a great dancer. All your members said you were one of the best dancers in the group,” Jaehyun said. “And remember the first day we met to practice? We all had a dance battle and you were one of the top 3?”

“You remembered?” I asked in surprised and he nods.

“Of course, I did,” Jaehyun replied. “You were awesome!”

I just blushed at his compliment and tried to hide my face.

“Now, maybe I can help you with that dance step,” Jaehyun said and stood up.

“Okay,” I replied with a smile and stood up.


Jaehyun’s P.O.V.

As I taught Y/N the dance step, Y/N tried very hard to get it right. After a few tries, she eventually got it and was really happy.

“I did it!” she said happily. “And it’s all thanks to you,” she said and hugged me.

I was kind of in shock that she hugged me but I didn’t push her away. Instead, I hugged her back.

When we broke the hug, I felt my cheeks turning red and my heart beating loudly. There was a little bit of silence between us but it was broken by Y/N.

“Can we take a short break?” Y/N asked and I nod.

“Sure,” I replied and she ran off to Taeyong who was sitting not he sides drinking water.

I wish she would spend time with me during her breaks.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

“Oh my god, did you see that? Jaehyun hugged me,” I said to Taeyong feeling really happy.

“I know, stop getting all excited. You’re scaring me,” Taeyong joked.

“Yah!” I exclaimed at him and hit him lightly making him laugh.

“Anyway, I can’t have go to the cafe with you later. Mark and I have to stay back longer for our rapping duo,” Taeyong said.

“What, then who am I suppose to eat with?” I asked in sadness.“The girls are all busy with their own activities tonight,” I said.

“Hmm, why not ask Jaehyun?” Taeyong suggested.

“What, no. He’s probably busy,” I replied.

Taeyong didn’t reply and had a poker face. All of the sudden, he shouted to Jaehyun. “Hey, Jaehyun are you free tonight?”

Jaehyun turned around and nod. “Yeah, why?”

“Good, can you accompany Y/N for dinner tonight?” Taeyong said and my face immediately became flushed with embarrassment.

“Okay,” Jaehyun said with a smile and continued talking to Doyoung and Mark.

“See, you’re going to go on a date with Jaehyun,” Taeyong said and messed my hair a little. “You’re welcome,” he said and got up to go and continue practicing.

Oh, my god, I’m going to go on a dinner with Jaehyun.


After our final practice of the day, most of us were released and were free to do whatever we want.

“So, where are we going?” Jaehyun asked as we both walked in the streets. There weren’t a lot of people today, so, the streets were calm.

“I don’t know, where do you think we should go?” I asked him.

“Why not the cafe around the corner here? Doyoung and I always come here to have bubble tea and they have really delicious pasta,” Jaehyun said.

“Okay, let’s go there then,” I said with a smile.

As we walked there, neither one of us was talking and the silence was killing me.

Luckily, he broke the silence. “You and Taeyong hyung are very close, huh?” Jaehyun asked.

“Yeah, we’re close,” I replied.

“How did you guys met?”

“Our parents are like best friends, so, basically we became the same as them. We’re the best of friends. He’s been there for me since I was born because when I was born, he was already in kindergarten. He’s like the older brother I never had,” I replied.

“Oh, how nice,” Jaehyun replied and I saw him pout in disappointment. “I wish I was like him,” I heard Jaehyun mumbled to himself.

Is Jaehyun sad? Nah, that’s impossible.

“D-do you like him?” Jaehyun asked all of the sudden.


“Do you like Taeyong hyung?” Jaehyun asked.

“Yeah, I like him. I wouldn’t know what to do without him,” I replied.

“No, I mean like, as a guy. Do you love him?” Jaehyun asked and my eyes widen.

He thinks that I like Taeyong oppa.

“No! You’ve got it all wrong,” I said feeling disgusted. “Obviously not,” I replied. “I only see him as an older brother and best friend. We’re very close but I definitely don’t see him that way.”

“Oh, really?” Jaehyun asked in surprised and I nod.

I saw Jaehyun smiling and it made my heart melt. His smile is just so freaking adorable!

“You thought that I like Taeyong oppa?” I asked and he nods. “Why?” I asked laughing at his thoughts.

“Because you guys are like very close and you the way you smile around him is different compared to how you smile around your members. So, I kind of feel jealous of how close you are with him,” Jaehyun said.

“You’re jealous?” I asked making sure I heard the right thing.

“Umm, yeah,” Jaehyun replied with a faint laugh. “Stupid right?”

“S-so, you like me?” I asked and he shook his head.

My heart immediately broke into pieces.

“T-then why I jealous?” I asked trying my hardest not to cry.

“Because I love you,” Jaehyun confessed to me.

“W-what?” I asked.

“I’m jealous because I love you,” Jaehyun said as we both stopped in the street and he held my hands. “I want to be the one that always makes you smile, laugh and happy. Taeyong hyung always does that to you, so, that’s why I’m jealous. I want to be the one that you’ll always love and cherish because that’s what I feel when I’m around you. No, not only around you, but even when I’m not around you. I really really really really love you, Y/N.”

I swear I could feel my cheeks turning red and my heart beating so loud that he probably heard it. “I-I love you too,” I said to him with a tear of joy falling.

“Why are you crying?” Jaehyun said with a cute laugh and wiped it away.

“Because I feeling too overwhelmed right now,” I replied with a laugh and we both finally kissed.

His lips felt really soft on mine and I felt the butterflies that we in my stomach now flying around us.


“I was really jealous of you want Taeyong hyung when you both hugged each other,” Jaehyun said with a pout as we ate.

“You don’t have to be jealous anymore, okay? Remember, I love you and I always will,” I said to Jaehyun and he had the brightest smile on his face.


Thank you so much for requesting this story you lovely anonymous. I hope you will enjoy this as much as the Taeil one :D I have another story coming up and I’m going to finish it before I sleep tonight. So, stay tuned for that. Anyway, I’ll stop here. I hope you all enjoy reading this and feel free to request if you want. 

tag game!!!!!

 i was tagged by @littlegreys @only-freakin-sunflowers and @caliietorres thanks laaddieeeesss :) 

r u l e s : answer the questions - not restricted to one fandom. tag as many people as you’d like afterwards.

first ever fandom? harry potter!!

first ever ship? zashley DONT @ me. i stanned them so, so, so, so hard. browsed photobucket every saturday morning for new pics/manips. i was just as diseased back then as i am now. 

first death that made you cry/upset? dumbledore probably. i remember being like 11 and laying on my stomach on my bed and C R Y I N G. 

OTP? as if i could just pick one!!!! japril, everlark, joshifer, zashley. 

NOTP? i never was crazy about merder, i dont like elizona, not crazy about merriggs, zanessa i hated, galeniss can choke. 

least favourite fictional character? gale hawthorne, the dumbshit. i dont like minnick either mostly because i think shes unnecessary to an already messy bunch of storylines. 

5 favourite female fictional characters?

  • april kepner (greys)
  • katniss everdeen (thg)
  • izzie stevens (greys)
  • primrose everdeen (thg)
  • addison montgomery (greys) 

5 favourite male fictional characters?

  • jackson avery (greys)
  • peeta mellark (greys)
  • crosby braverman (parenthood)
  • mark sloan (greys)
  • george o’malley (greys)

5 favourite actors/actresses?

  • sarah drew
  • jennifer lawrence
  • jesse williams
  • selena gomez
  • sandra bullock

4 favourite characters who died/left the show?

  • lexie grey (greys)
  • izzie stevens (greys)
  • mark sloan (greys)
  • george o’malley (greys)

3 favourite characters from shows you stopped watching

  • julia braverman-graham (parenthood)
  • crosby braverman (parenthood)
  • joel graham (parenthood)

3 favourite characters from shows that have ended?

  • clay jensen (13rw)
  • addison montgomery (private practice)
  • chloe lukasiak (dance moms) i realize shes real)

3 favourite shows you started in the last year?

  • 13 reasons why
  • parenthood
  • i dont rly watch a lot of shows

favourite tv show: greys

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Talk To Me. // Derek Luh // Sweet

Request:  can u please please please make a derek luh imagine were ur like bigger and he makes u feel better and it’s all cute and stuff?? thanks boo!

Hope You Enjoy This Babes!


I grumbled in annoyance as I poked at my pudgy stomach and my fat rolls. I’ve been working out for a few weeks trying to get rid of some of this fat but it doesn’t even look like I’ve been to the gym once. I hated my body more than anything. I had thunderous thighs, love handles, and I had big boobs on top of all of that.

I pulled my tank top over my head and peeled off my cropped leggings. I just came home from the gym and I’m hoping I can squeeze in a quick shower before he comes home from the studio. I’ve been dating my boyfriend Derek Luh for almost two years now and I’m really happy with him.

But I just don’t know what he sees in me, he has tons of skinny pretty girls chasing after him every day. I pushed those thoughts out of my head and stepped into the shower adjusting the water temperature. I sighed in relief, letting the warm water wash away all of the stress from today.

Around thirty minutes went by and I finally decided to get out of the shower. I shut off the water and wrapped myself up in my pink fluffy towel and headed back into our bedroom. I dried myself off and as soon as I let my towel drop Derek entered the room immediately stopping in his tracks scanning every inch of my body.

“What are you doing home, it’s only five?” I ask wrapping myself back up in the towel.

I awkwardly shift as he licks his lips ignoring my question.

“Derek? Are you even listening?” I ask tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

He made his way over to me and gently pushed me against the wall placing both of his hands on both sides of my face trapping me.

“You look so fucking sexy right now baby.” He said biting his lip.

Immediately my cheeks started to heat up turning rosy.

“Shut up Derek.” I said brushing him off and heading over to our shared closet to put some clothes on.

Not even seconds later Derek had followed me into our walk in closet and leaned against the wall beside the door.

“Why do you do that?” He asked sighing stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“Do what?” I asked as I looked through my clothes.

“Y/N look at me.” He said gently grabbing hold of my wrist and turning me towards him.

“Derek I’m trying to get dressed.” I said rolling my eyes.

“Every time I compliment you, you turn away or you roll your eyes.” He said sincerely.

“I’m your boyfriend, if there’s something going on you need to tell me.” He said softer.

“There’s nothing going on, I’m sorry.” I said pulling away from him.

I exited the closet just settling on my robe seeing as he wasn’t going to let me get dressed in peace.

“Don’t walk away from me Y/N, we’re talking about this now.” He said walking after me.

“Okay Derek! You want to talk, let’s talk? I’m not fucking beautiful or pretty Derek and I know it.” I yelled.

“And so when you lie to me, and you say those things it pisses me off.” I admitted.

He looked back at me a look of disbelief and shock sketched on his face.

“What?” He asked combing his fingers through his hair.

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore Derek, just drop it.” I said sitting down at the foot of our bed.

He walked over to me and kneeled down in front of me taking both of my hands into his.

“Y/N? Listen to me.” He said moving my chin to face him.

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. How could you even say that about yourself?” He asked.

“Because it’s the truth.” I mumbled.

He let go of my hands and swiftly untied my robe and pushed me back on the bed climbing on top of me.

“Derek I’m not in the mood.” I huffed covering up my boobs with my arms.

“All of this…” He said ignoring me and running his hands up and down my sides.

“Is fucking beautiful, every inch of your skin is beautiful.” He said looking down at me.

“It pisses me off that you can’t see all that I do and what everyone else does.” He admitted.

“Derek you don’t understand, your skinny you don’t get it.” I said.

“Does that mean I can’t recognize beauty when I see it?” He asks.

“Never mind, forget that I said anything.” I said defeated.

“We’re not leaving this bedroom until you open your eyes and start being truthful with yourself.” He said getting off of me.

I sighed and sat up closing my robe back up.

He sat next to me and leaned his back up against the headboard.

I tried my best to discreetly every minute or so scooch as far away from him as possible. I just didn’t want him to be around me when I was feeling this way, I know Derek’s a generally happy person and I’m just not like that 24/7 I have my days where I just want to hide from the world.

He reached over and grabbed my hand interlocking our fingers.

“What did you make me promise you when we first started dating?” He asked looking down at our hands.

I smiled to myself thinking about how simple everything seemed back then.

“To always be honest with me.” I answered.

“Baby girl I know I’m not perfect, and I know I can be a shitty boyfriend at times.” He said softly.

“But I want to be here for you and with you, I don’t want you to shut me out.” His beautiful voice echoed throughout our empty home.

“I don’t know how to let you in Derek, I want to but I just can’t.” I said finally letting the tears roll down my cheeks.

“Just talk to me, tell me whatever you want and I’ll listen. Now come here.” He answered.

I obeyed and crawled over to him and he pulled me into his chest wrapping his arms around me protectively.

anonymous asked:

Can you do something where Mercy made Mccree go to the other support hero (the reader) and he's like "I'm totally fine why am I here again!" And then the reader comes in like hi! And he's like heart eyes "WHOOP I'M TOTALLY SICK TAKE CARE OF ME"


Why did he have to go to the new healer to be cared for it was just a twisted wrist he was fine.  “I’m totally fine why am I here again?”  he mutters to himself as he sits on the doctors table waiting for this healer.  “They’re great don’t be so closed minded” he remembers Mercy saying to him before he was pushed off to their office.

Five minutes passed and he was still sitting on the table slowly giving up on this support before the door bursts open.  A person slightly shorter than him walks in “I’m so sorry there was an accident in the hallway.  I had to help,” they apologized.  “Oh yeah my name is (y/n) I’ll be helping you out with your twisted wrist,”  they explained.  He almost completely missed what they said he was so lovestruck.  He stuttered“u-uh yeah nice to meet you, i’m Jesse McCree.”  There was a pause. “Actually it’s more than just my wrist,” he added.  “Oh really what else?” they tilted their head to the side in question.  “Oh god that was cute,” he thought.  He had to think of something convincing.  “Mah throat is uh a little sore,” he said making his voice sound scratchy and faking a cough.  “And um my stomachs achin’ a lil’,” he then said dropping the scratchy voice.  “Hm, well let me put a brace on your wrist so you don’t hurt it more and then I’ll check your stomach and throat, but it doesn’t sound scratchy anymore perhaps it already went away,” they said clueless to the fact he was faking it.  “I don’t think so,” he replied faking another cough.

They carefully applied the brace to his wrist, their fingers delicately moving on his hand and arm.  He didn’t realize it, but his face was bright red.  “Hm, perhaps it’s worse than I expected you’re turning red,” (y/n) said, their voice laced in worry.  “I think I’m okay I just feel a lil’ hot,” he said which was sorta true.  “Hm, I’ll have to prescribe you something so you don’t get any worse,” they thought aloud.  “I know what will help doc,” he said taking the jump.  “What?” they asked.  “Dinner, 7pm,” he said ready to face humiliation.  Their face turned red “Oh well that could work.  You’ll still need some throat and stomach medicine to keep you from spreading any viruses,” (y/n) muttered running a hand through their hair.  “Ah well there’s no need for that sugar. I’m fine,” he said trying to fix his own lie.  “Hm, well I’ll give you something just incase,” they handed him a bottle.  “I’ll…see you at 7 then” they said, their face still tinted red.  “No doubt about it (y/n),” he said before walking out of their office before his face would burst into flames.