y u no have live video

some Yixing headcanons
  • our Chinese king everyone’s a yixing stan don’t lie
  • so let’s get through this and hope I won’t start cryin amen hallelujah god bless
  •  so I feel like he’d worry about you even more than you worry about him
  • esp when he’s away 
  • he’s always texting you on his whereabouts letting you know what he’s up to
  • bc this angel can’t stand the thought of you stressin over him esp little things
  • also like he’s such a gentleman
  • won’t even go a day without complimenting your head off
  • and making sure you know that he feels lucky just to be w/ you and have you deal w/ him even when it’s so hard to see each other sometimes
  • but tbh he makes it work
  • skyping every night/day
  • sending you the absolute cutest snaps of him w/ the cutest filters
  • “thinking of u bb I want u here ;((”
  • “ily baby make sure to eat all your lunch today”
  • “guess what bb, I can be home by tomorrow :o I was gonna surprise u but I’m too excited y/n!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • what a man
  • and AND AND yixing sends you hella recorded videos of him practicing aka the death of you
  • acts like he just sent it to show you what he’s doing but low key he’s begging for you to praise him bc he lives for that shit and your opinion is the one that matters the most to him oml
  • he’s wild when he wants to get you a present tbfh
  • might even have people create a special perfume for you or even name a star after you idk man it’s yixing you’re stuck w/ him now get used to this
  • also I know I’ve said this hella times before but he’s such husband material bruh wife him asap
  • even makes you breakfast sometimes and he loves nothing more than seeing your sleepy face smiling up at him in gratitude
  • he gets so excited like
  • “bb I’d do this for u everyday if I could I always want you w/ me :((((”
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yixing pls//////
  • take you on hella trips to China bc you know he’d be an emo mess without you for too long
  • and shows you around everywhere 
  • while he points at everything all excitedly and smiles at you so big you think his heart is going to burst from all the love
  • plus hella red carpet events w/ him lookin like a whole snacc in a black suit you’re welcome
  • wants to show you off and tbh you should let him
  • high key treats you like royalty wherever yall go and he makes sure everyone knows you’re his
  • but yixing is hella hilarious too I mean
  • he always tries to make fun of you and tease you but tbh it always backfires bc he ends up being the one who’s flustered
  • like he can’t stop laughing sometimes he’s so weird
  • idk what’s going through his mind but his random fits of laughter must be recorded on your phone bc you’d be missing out I’m telling u
  • did I mention he always coaxes you into dancing w/ him sometimes
  • and it’d end up in him literally grinding on you and you ain’t even sure if it’s a part of the routine but tbh………..imma leave it up to your imagination it’s lit
  • anyways
  • he’s a king so always treat him like one pls I’m begging you 💙

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Unshippable- Josh Pieters Imagine

Word Count: 1,327

Request:  can u do a josh imagine where literally no one ships you two, like not even the boys. and one night he finds you crying while reading Instagram comments or something and he is just super sweet and says that nothing matters but your love for each other

Warning(s)/ Trigger(s):Some cyberbullying comments & remarks

Author’s Note:  I’m back! After not writing for almost a month, I have an imagine for you! Enjoy(:


“Hey (Y/N), do you know what I want to do for this week’s video?”

You walked into the living room with your tall, ginger boyfriend, Josh sitting at his desk with his laptop in hand. “What?” you asked, taking a seat on the sofa.

“I think it’s time we did the girlfriend tag. I mean everyone knows about our relationship and it’s been a good amount of time. So why don’t we give it a go?”

You paused, trying to process the idea. Not that it was a big deal, but you were nervous. You had never been in one of Josh’s videos. Sure his followers had seen you in snapchats and maybe in the background of a livestream, but never in an official video. Let alone a video devoted to your relationship.

“(Y/N)? (Y/N) you alright?” you heard Josh faintly calling your name.

Suddenly you felt him touch your hand, making you snap out of your train of thought.

“Hey. You alright?” he asked with a concerned expression in his big, brown eyes.

You gathered yourself, took a deep breath, and nodded your head in his direction. “Uhh yeah, sorry love. What were you saying?”

“The girlfriend tag. What do you say?” he repeated with a smile, his hand still over yours.

“Oh yeah sure. Sounds good!” faking a smile, trying to hide the hesitation in your voice.

Josh sprang to his feet in excitement, then leaned over to give you a soft kiss on the cheek. “Great! We’ll film tomorrow. Everyone will love it.”



The next day

You arrived at Josh and Caspar’s flat anxious, not knowing what to expect. When you walked through the door, you turned to see Caspar stood in the kitchen, wearing nothing but his ‘Where’s Wally’ pajama pants. “Hey Caspar! Where’s Josh?”

He held up his hand to let you know his mouth was full of cereal. When he finally was able to speak, “He’s just getting his camera and stuff, so he can set up.”

You took a seat on the sofa, scrolling through your phone as you waited on your boyfriend. A few minutes later, you heard footsteps enter the living room. You glanced up to see Josh carrying his tripod and one of his soft lights.

“Hey you! You ready to do this?”

“As ready as I can be.” you joked with a nervous laugh.

He sat down beside you, putting his arm around your shoulder, “Don’t worry you’ll do great.”

You quickly looked down at the coffee table, “Wait Josh, why are there cans of whipped cream?”

A devious smirk spread across his face, “You’ll see.”


“Alright guys, that’s it for this week’s video! Be sure to give it a like, comment, subscribe. You know all that good stuff. Also show some love to (Y/N) for being an absolute trooper! We’re going to go clean up our faces. See you next Monday! Bye!”

“Bye guys!” you laughed and gave the camera a wave.

Josh got up to turn off the camera as you wiped whipped cream away from your eyes. You could feel the stickiness start to cover your face. “Josh I’m going to go wash this off and probably have a shower because it’s in my hair.”

“Wait hang on!” he said, grabbing his phone. “Let’s take a pic for Instagram.”

“Alright! Hurry up I feel so gross and sticky!” you cried impatiently. He quickly snapped a picture of you two, then you ran past him straight to the shower. As soon as the water hit your skin, you felt your worries and anxiety from earlier melt away. You felt a sense of relief that your first video was out of the away. You even had a good time filming, more than you thought you would. Hopefully Josh’s viewers would like it.

Once you were clean, you turned off the shower head and grabbed a towel off of the rack. You wrapped it around your body and went to reach for the door, but you heard Josh and Caspar talking loudly in the distance.

“Josh did you see what people are saying on your Instagram?” Caspar waved his hand, calling Josh over to him.

“Let me see.” he leaned over the top the sofa, grabbing Caspar’s phone out of his hand. He stared at the screen for a minute, you saw him sigh and scroll a few times.

What was wrong?

Josh walked back over to Caspar and handed his phone back.

“Dude, did you you see it?”

“Of course I did. It’s ridiculous.” he huffed, sitting down at his desk.

“No offense, but I could have told you that was going to happen.”

Josh perked up in his chair and tilted his head, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Okay.. don’t get me wrong I love (Y/N), but I mean I was surprised when you two started dating. I just never pictured you and her in a relationship.”


“How so?”

You could hear the tone change in his voice, the room was tense.

“It’s not just me. The boys have said the same thing.” Caspar confessed.

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing, you could tell Josh couldn’t either. They both sat in silence for a minute, before he spoke up, “Nice. Real nice.”

You heard him get up to walk back to his room. When he turned to go down the hallway, you backed away from the bathroom door so Josh couldn’t see you had been eavesdropping. He disappeared into his room, slamming the door behind him.

There you sat, at the edge of the tub alone. So many thoughts running through your head.

Is that really how the boys feel about you? Do they think you’re not good enough for him?

You felt the urge to check your Instagram to see what people were saying. But once you did, you wish you hadn’t. Everything was so overwhelming. You didn’t know how to feel. The comments just kept appearing in your head over and over.

 Josh could do so much better

 They’re an odd couple

 I don’t ship them at all

Sorry they’re just not cute

There were nice comments, but the mean ones seemed to overshadow them. You felt tears streaming down your face. You couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Josh must have heard you, because all of sudden there was knock at the door. You tried to compose yourself and wipe away the tears.

“(Y/N) can I come in?” he said softly.


The door creaked open, Josh went over and sat next to you, flashing a sincere smile. “What’s the matter?”

“Everybody hates me.” you sniffled. “Your fans, your mates, I just feel so shitty. I don’t even want to release that video now. Which sucks because I was feeling so good about it. I don’t know how you deal with this.” you cried, putting your hands over your face.

Josh placed his hand on your back and started tracing little circles with his fingers. “I’m guessing you overheard Caspar and I? And checked Instagram as well?”

You nodded.

He took a deep breath, “You wanna know how I deal with hate? I think about how truly sad those people must be. To post and hate on a person’s life they don’t even know or think they know. And as for the boys, they have to respect our relationship. You’re my girlfriend and I love you, nothing else matters. I don’t care what anybody else thinks. You’re the girl for me. If you don’t want me to put up the video, that’s totally up to you. We can put it up whenever you’re comfortable. Okay?”

 He always knew just what to say

You lifted your head up and rested it on his shoulder, his hand still rubbing your back. “Okay.” you whispered, as Josh wiped away some of your tears with his other hand.

“I love you (Y/N)”

“I love you too.”


sorry these are so badly drawn..

i’m tired, and stressed. The city that I live in is in threat of fire (i live 20 mins away from napa) so my family and i have been strssing and preparing, just in case, and it doesn’y really help that i get a panic attack evey time i hear sirens.

but dan’s new video really did help me, and i am so sorry that is art is so crappy, iknow i would be able to execute it better if i had more time.

but yeah, stay safe evrybody, and remember to take care of yourself, depression isn’t fun ^_^ 💛💙🖤

  • A: an uplifting song
  • B: a song to listen to before you go to sleep
  • C: a song from a soundtrack
  • D: a song that reminds me of a fictional character
  • E: a song by a band I’ve seen live
  • F: a song that I’ve used as a ringtone at some point
  • G: a song to party your butts off to
  • H: a song that reminds me of my childhood
  • I: a song that gives me butterflies
  • J: a song by the beatles
  • K: a song I know all the lyrics to
  • L: an instrumental song
  • M: a song that hasn’t got a video but I wish it had
  • N: a song by a band I want to see live
  • O: a melancholic song
  • P: a song that I’d recommend you based on your blog
  • Q: a song to drive to
  • R: a song that I’ve listened to lots of times recently
  • S: a song by a band of your choice
  • T: a lovesong
  • U: a song that reminds me of a fictional pairing
  • V: a non-english song
  • W: a song with an amazing music video
  • X: a cover
  • Y: a song I’d send to my crush (imaginary, if you don’t have one)
  • Z: a randomly chosen song

[stolen from lyonsheart.tumblr.com ]

honorable mentions: quotes that didnt make it into my recent "the signs as" post


good evening, you dirty homestuck


i lunch

what are you, a chump

welcome to your tape

i nominate cordy for bucket duty


you got me. i am a cute polyamorous fuck thats allergic to spice

“Yahtzee” said Dave.

“Oppan Gangnam Style,” her brain said approvingly.

“Bruh,” said Terezi.


“i ship it” bb said blankly.

the score is now Cordy 826, Jacob Asshole.

welcome to scenic Screwup City, population Allison Keith

“fuck up”, see under “shut the”

at least we have memes to dull the pain of existence

i once had a dream that the kid who played rico in hannah montana went to our school

im allison, from gym class
im karina, from hell

imagine if all babies sounded like Cr1tikal

i think i convinced my moms friend to name her son eridan

gay love!

bee communism, and robot communism for that matter,

sleepless in seattle 2: electric boogaloo

yknow i dont think nebraska exists

ava and emma are pyromaniacs, more at 11

dont you >:3c at me young man

how did you know chess the musical was a musical about chess

i hate shakespeare but ive alrready sold my soul to the bard

*someone sends me a video of a furry convention*
this is cyberbullying

okay ive wanted to do this for a while but
guys i gotta come out to you
a communist
and a lesbian but more importantly a communist


beef cheek

bernie will pierce me


kisses smorch is a valid fantroll name

i sweater god

sounds like something a daddy dom would say

amelia have you ever heard of a wild concept called church and the redemption of sin

my entire body is in tangible pain!!!


welcome to hellmurder island ill be your concierge


hatsune malfoy

maybe the REAL horcruxes were the friends we made along the way

*soccer mom voice* sorry marlene, you arent daddy material

pumpkin party in sea hitler’s water apocalypse: the real straight agenda


my name. is will SHAW.

*accidentally flushed my pad down the toilet* well this has gone completely fucking pear shaped, looks like theres no other way outta it. youre going to have to decapitate m

no but listen have you ever actually played russian roulette

dave strider, hatsune miku, and vlad the impaler walk into a bar,

brandon you chicken fried fuck

chapter one; old man megido and the freezer of doom


*blasting metal crusher* fuck me mettaton

hey cordy what happens if i snort pop rocks
“you die”
shit really

fuck you and fuck your dog biscuits!!

young man, are you suggesting we blackmail batman

i identify as an anime character, i promise i am pikachu in my heart

im a fucking winner! a winner!!!!

oh shit its sans undertale

No Archive Warnings Apply: Aradia Megido/Aradia Megido

fucking mc escher


*loudly humming megalovania*

sbear ov juddice

shes fuckinh whispering the lyrics to funkytown in my ear

*ievan polkka blasting*

taste THIS rainbow!

goddammit janet


*dani california blasting*

listen. have you ever seen 2001: a space odyssey?
okay watch it and tell me being in love with hal 9000 is wrong

i warned you about the stairs bro, i told you dog



eat me, lizzie millican!

mushroom dance, mushroom dance, whatever could it mean?
“it means youve lived a life of sin”

*loud and squeakily* aND EVERY TIME WE ToUC H—


ha! youre broke!

why is beetlejuice mossy

i am the left brain, i am the left brain
work very hard till my inevitable death brain
you got a job to do, you better do it right
and the right way is with the left brains might

welcome to antisocials anonymous

*angrily* tHIS is why youre nEVER GONNA BE STAGE MANAGER

*someone sneezes* shut the fuck up

your blood is like a venetian delicacy also send nudes


we should all go to comic con as homeless people with aids
“no, annick”

im so sorry mr strizzle

“lance lance revolution”
please watch less voltron

im pretty sure thats called cystic fibrosis

Annick DuChateau has changed her name to 4 Entire DQ Blizzards in a Trench Coat

on the count of three everyone kinkshame karina

thats gay charlotte!!!! thats gay!!!!

“and his memes arent funny”

babbay pullmd close rin the backerseart of yowizr rofetr


i cant believe brandons a directioner
“i cant believe jacks emo”

cry me a table, linda

*groping an undertale body pillow* kama sutra, siena

*singing off key* oNE RinG to RULE THem aLL

soak me in your finest milks daddy

who is our messiah? … mrs d'angelo (our science teacher)

*brandishing a plastic horseshoe* take it back, fuckboy

i hate the library. everyone hates the library. you know what? heres your three dollars. ill see you in hell

every time you speak, i hear the sound it makes when pac-man dies

rey picks up kylo and dunks him in the trash. fucking obliterated

are you a parking ticket? the future terrifies me

if you cant put an end to moffat’s shit writing you cant put an end of my life

cake. stick it in your hoo-hah


oh you love homestuck? name five of his albums

your room has posters with the dead eyes of Cameron Diaz boring through the souls of all who enter—

sollux feels trapped in a hell of “Wheels on the Bus”

holy shit is that kurt cobain

“yahtzee” said dave

“ahem. undertale”

then im gonna pull out my dads bigass bowling ball like “this is 1/800 the mass of vy canis majoris”

only dumbfucks play magic the gathering

in his free time, reginald enjoys BODY SLAMMING CIVILIANS WITH HIS WHEELCHAIR


blondie screeches to a halt, another comrade fallen

meggers preggers


lizzie dont name your kid onomatopoeia

annick youre a running joke in my household

i can cut fabric lady but if you wanna see a super special skill i can cut human flesh

you kids with your understuck and hometale

im extra homosexual, but im in love with him. god bless that man. his laugh is my text tone

bellybutton fetish

Joshua roommates!au
  • multilingual roommate
  • switches from korean to english in 0.2 seconds
  • “stop proving that i’m dumb!! i’m gonna learn twelve languages and tHEN I’LL MAKE YOU PAY”
  • uses korean to tell you that u r cute and when u ask what that means he just goes “ha it means that u lazy get up from the floor and help me pick a movie :))”
  • half sweetheart half meme
  • does the running man challenge to go to the bathroom
  • has a new motivational quote every morning believe me okay this is a fact
  • also your entire family + friends adore him and it’s awesome okay it’s not like this could become a problem
  • LIES
  • “your mom just texted me a video of you snoring haha this is going on my instagram”
  • “she did what”
  • “yeah and your best friend told me about that time she drew over your face with ketchup—”
  • “just stop”
  • apparently all the people around you put “making joshua laugh” on a higher place than “protecting y/n’s image” in their priority list
  • plays the guitar when you feel sad
  • and when you feel happy/angry/bored/dead
  • just….. plays the guitar
  • but your relatioship can overcome the constant music in the background okay nothing to fear
  • you sending him pictures of cats and using “it u” as a caption
  • so yeah one day you are out with your friends and one of them asks you the meaning behind joshua’s last video and you are like ?? i didn’t know he sent u a video ???
  • and she just stares at you with a raised eyebrow
  • “are you faking innocence”
  • “you don’t know that joshua has a youtube channel.. really”
  • “he has a youtube channel ???”
  • and all your friends start to look at one another so it must be really bad
  • “did he record me eating all that bread ?? because i swear it happened once and you guys know i eat when i get stressed !!”
  • no one is replying :)) no one is even opening their mouth :))
  • really bad
  • so you quickly get home while wondering how many embarrassing things joshua hong sHARED WITH THE WORLD
  • “spill the beans right now okay i feel sO betrayed”
  • and he’s like oh hi y/n how was your day
  • “i know about your video !! i trusted you !!”
  • and he just changes expression because yOU DO ?? BUT YOU NEVER GO ON YOUTUBE I PROVIDE ALL THE MUSIC FOR YOU
  • “my frienDS TOLD ME”
  • “haha well then i guess this is embarrassing haha but i mean you don’t have to react this badly i can just keep my feelings to myself”
  • wat
  • now it’s joshua who wants to say wat
  • “i didn’t share that video tho”
  • [realization hitting joshua right in his face] “i think u misunderstood something”
  • “so yeah i guess i can show you….. prepare yourself because this is going to be awkward”
  • so you angrily sit down on the floor while he gets his pc and when u read the title of the video u just [malfunctioning]
  • “I’m Living With My Crush! 3 Tips To Understand If Your Roommates Likes You”
  • did he just
  • he did
  • “haha yeah i guess this must be a shock for you because— y/n!! pls breath!!”
  • so yeah after coming back from the dead u just
  • “my mom is going to cry”
  • and he ?? i mean i really like your mom and all but wHAT ABOUT YOU
  • you are already crying someone help
  • “uhm wait are those happy tears or i-have-to-find-a-new-roommate tears”
  • “hfshtgappy trsgars”
  • “…happy tears??”
  • and you just nod bc emotions are literally flowing out of your eyes
  • a week later you still can’t believe that your roommate slash boyfriend confessed through a youtube video but you shouldn’t be the embarrassed one okay
  • no one is going to let him forget this
  • NO ONE
  • [dramatic guitar playing in the background]
RFA+V, Saeran and Vanderwood ‘s Youtube concent

Y O O S U N G 

★ Yoosung would have LOLOL Thursdays 

★ He live streams him and his guild conquering everyone and everything * 1000000000000000% cussing every 2.5 seconds 

★ “SOMEONE FUCKING HEAL ME” “DO NOT PULL A FUCKING DONALD DUCK” lol kingdom hearts reference if ya get me “ I NEED HEALING GDI" 

★ 10/10 times you’ll see dark circles and bags under his beautiful purple eyes 

★ Gives gaming tips especially on LOLOL 

★ Occasionally would have a "Cook with me” segment where he’ll cook up his fav and requested dishes 

★ 9/10 would fail but that’ll never stop his smile from faltering because his fans would encourage him and say how cute he looks so determined and focused 

★ His YouTube channel is 90% LOLOL, challenging hacker god 707 and other solo game plays. 

 ★ 10% RFA included in his vlogs, bff tags and challenges 

★ Would literally cry and shit bricks if he did a highly requested scary game play

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When You Fangirl over Seventeen


Him: “Why don’t you ever scream like that when I do something?”

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Him: “You’re going to tell me that a 16 year old boy is a man but you won’t accept the fact that I’m the actual man here? Okay, (Y/N), okay.”

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Him: “What do you mean ‘take styling pointers from him’? My clothing options are perfectly fine.”

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(Y/N): “Dino is my favorite maknae of all time~”

Him: “You know, Baobei, Sehun isn’t bad either.”

(Y/N): “He ate my leftovers from yesterday. He’s dead to me.”

Him: *gif*

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Him: “Last week was Got7 and this time it’s Seventeen? When does EXO come along?”


After hearing you gush over how good looking Joshua was, Baekhyun decided to interrupt you.

Him: “You know, Jagiya, I’m pretty high in the visual category, too.”

(Y/N): “…Anyway, his smile could literally save lives.”

Him: *gif*

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Him: “I bet those kiddos don’t have guns like me though.”

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He heard your scream from across the house and rushed hurriedly to your shared room. Once he saw that you were squealing over a new Seventeen music video, he relaxed and sat beside you, watching the video with you. 

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He tried his best to ignore your loud and exaggerated, off-tune singing as you literally screamed along to Adore U.


Him: “Jagiya, please… This is the eighth time in a row.”

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You managed to have him agree to letting you tell him the members’ names and have him listen to a few of their songs. On the third song, he passed out. Literally.

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You were singing along to Seventeen’s mini album when Shining Diamond’s intro started playing when Kai joined, taking over completely.

Him: “Move aside, babe, this is my song. Yeah, I’m only 22, I only got more than a few dollars.”

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Him: *imitates the way you fangirl until you hit him out of annoyance*

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TWDG Questions - send me a letter in my ask and i'll answer

A - Who had the most heroic death?
B - Your favorite episode of S2?
C - Your favorite episode of S1?
D - Your favorite episode from both seasons?
E - Do you ship Nuke?
F - Who had the most saddest death?
G - Which character do you hope is still alive?
H - Lee or Clementine?
I - Favorite outfit?
J - Favorite ship?
K - Least favorite ship?
L - Favorite Lee moment?
M - Jane or Molly?
N - Sarah or Duck?
O - Least favorite episode?
P - S1 Clem or S2 Clem?
Q - Favorite member from the cabin group?
R - Favorite villain? 
S - Mike or Bonnie?
T - Favorite 400 days member?
U - Lilly or Kenny?
V - Favorite area we were in?
W - Character I would kill for another one to live for forever?
X - Thing you most hated?
Y - Character that gets a lot more hate that they deserve?
Z - Character who had a lot of potential? 

It makes me so uncomfortable when people twist their lipsticks all the way up when they put them on like dude it’s gonna snap and break how can u be so reckless and live ur life without fear

Reasons why Gabriel Agreste is probably Hawkmoth

(Contains major spoilers for Jackady and Origins eps!!)

1. In Origins P1, we saw a silhouette of Hawkmoth’s human form that PERFECTLY matches up to an outline of Gabriel Agreste’s face.

2. In Origins P1, Hawkmoth (as a human) was holding a locket containing a picture of the face of a blonde, green-eyed woman. Later in this episode, a portrait of a similar looking woman can be seen in the Agreste mansion. In Jackady, there is another full-length painting of the same woman. And near the end of Jackady, it is confirmed that the woman in all of these paintings and pictures is, indeed, Adrien’s mother (and Gabriel’s wife).

3. In Origins P1, when Hawkmoth (as a human) goes to close the previously mentioned locket, you can perfectly see that there is a simple, silver ring on the middle finger of his left hand. We have never actually seen Gabriel Agreste’s left hand until Jackady, where he holds up his hand towards Ladybug. The ring can be seen if you pause the episode while he’s dropping his hand.

4. When Gabriel’s reaching towards Ladybug in Jackady, hE’S LITERALLY REACHING FOR HER EARRINGS (“I never noticed your earrings before, they’re fascinating. May I?” no, no you may not). GUYS. G U Y S.

5. In Jackady, Gabriel is captured by the akumatized villain. After that has happened, we don’t see any more of Hawkmoth in the episode.

In Jackady, we can see a full-length painting of who we know (since Jackady) is Gabriel’s wife. Since then, many people have theorized that that painting is the entrance to Hawkmoth’s lair. The next few support that mainly in addition to how Gabriel managed to be onscreen as Hawkmoth one minute and Gabriel the next in the episode Jackady.

7. In Jackady, we see Hawkmoth, and very soon after, a live video of Gabriel is seen, while he’s sitting in front of that very same painting, which would make sense if he left his lair in a bit of a rush to be on air and presentable for the show (where he probably purposefully makes someone humiliated and embarassed to akumatize them)

8. Also in Jackady, Gabriel is seen looking at the painting right before we cut to seeing Hawkmoth.

last two might just be coincidence though