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*Requested* Can u do an imagine were y/n used to date kol but when he died she is devasted until she meets kai when he first comes to mystic falls she starts to fall for him because she has a thing for bad boys and when Kol comes back to mystic falls for her he gets jealous and him and kai fight for her… You can pick who she ends up with :D thank you and have a nice day

(Kai AND Kol in one imagine, what a treat. There´s a decision waiting for you at the end, let me know how you decide ;) I hope you enjoy and happy reading my lovelies)

Word count: 886

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A lot of people have a thing for bad guys, but with you it´s the understatement of the century. After your boyfriend Kol, the wildest of the (in)famous Mikaelson family got killed, you were a crying mess for months, and you were sure you´d never find the same level of connection with any other human, or in this case, supernatural being. Yet as the time passed, another, even more evil and vindictive guy stepped into your life and it happened to be Mystic Falls very own sociopath; Malakai Parker.

You are currently on the edge of the city with that particular sociopath of yours, waiting for the scheduled meteor shower today. While Kai is organizing some drinks you sit on a bench as a very familiar figure spots you from the distance and makes his way towards you.

Y/N: “Kai, I swear to god this is better not you sneaking up on me. I´ll punch you, you know I will.”

Kol: “Still feisty I see.”

Your heart stops a beat as the familiar voice of your ex-boyfriend reaches your ears. You turn around, you mouth dropping wide open at the look of Kol standing there alive.

Y/N: “Kol?!!”

Kol: “Hello Y/N darling.”

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ZEXION. ( @praestigii. )

is it okay for him to do this? probably not. is he doing it regardless? well, yes. zexion has a long weekend and he’s spending it away from college, having taken the chance to come home and spend some much needed time with his guardian. it’s all well and good in theory, he’s missed the old man, but zexion had completely failed to take one small thing into consideration and is now faced with an unforeseen problem—he misses riku. they’re not dating so calling just to hear his voice is probably weird, and zexion considers ending the call before riku picks up, but then he does pick up and oh— um. hey. it’s me.

Spending time outside of the college grounds is very boring, to say the very least of it —– because yes, it’s time to spend time with family, but it’s also time that he’s not being flooded with assignments or projects or other things that always keep him busy. It’s quiet and lonely, in it’s own ways, and for lack of a better word, there’s really not much to do. He lives with his parents when he’s not on the campus, though they’re very few-words so much as he is, so not much conversation nor social interaction happens even when he is at home.
He’s surprised at the ring of his phone, really - Axel knows he’s away, he’s only just spent the entire day with Sora and Kairi - though seeing Zexion’s name on the screen somehow makes his throat go dry. He blinks, for a moment, before answering —– and has to wonder if Zexion had even wanted him to do that.

He sounds nervous, somehow, but just hearing his voice has Riku’s own lips curling slightly, fingers fidgeting with the top corner of a page from the book in his lap, back propped up against the headboard and eyes gazing at nothing in particular ; though full of fondness nonetheless.


Zexion’s not usually one to point out the obvious ( at least to Riku, who surely knows better ) so the fact he’s doing so is somewhat amusing in it’s own right —- of course it’s Zexion, it’s his phone - but perhaps he’s simply anxious ; which makes Riku concerned but amused,

“Miss me already?”

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Selena lately has been pissing me off, how do u wear ur boyfriends merch when y'all just started dating but she never wore Justin even when she went to his concert or they were friends, like I need her to explain

Cause they kept them private, it was to special for them, they didn’t need to do stuff like that, I guess her and Abel r different

AU: (Request) can u do a blurb/imagine that y/n is dating calum and she’s rlly shy around the boys ??? 

You laughed as you and Calum play-wrestled, pausing every now and again to kiss each other. You were on top of him, pinning his arms above his head when Luke, Michael, and Ashton came into the room, neither of you noticing until they cleared their throats. 

You blushed heavily and quickly got off your boyfriend, helping him stand up as he laughed. “What’s up?” He asked as you smoothed down your clothes. 

“Just wondering what you two were up to.” Ashton smirked and you looked down shyly, playing with your fingers.

You were shy around Calum’s friends, you didn’t really know them yet and they were loud and not shy at all around you. They treated you like you had been friends for years but even that didn’t ease you into their conversations. You felt like you were intruding almost, by being included in what they were doing.

“Do you want a drink?” Calum asked nudging your arm.

You looking up to see him smiling at you, his face slightly flushed from the wrestling. “Please.” You replied quietly, smiling back.

“You’ll both need it after that.” Michael chuckled and you heard Calum laugh. You tried laughing too, hoping it didn’t sound false. 

You sat down on the couch, Luke sat on the opposite side of it to you and Michael and Ashton sat on the one opposite. “Are you coming out tonight?” Luke asked, turning to look at you.

You looked at him without making eye contact, nodding, “Yeah, if that’s alright?” It wasn’t meant to be a question but it came out as one.

“Course it is, someone needs to look out for Calum.” You laughed falsey again and nodded. Why was it so difficult to be comfortable around them? They weren’t intimidating guys, they were always friendly towards you and showed no hints that they disliked you. It wasn’t their fame, either, because you were completely comfortable with Calum. 

In the taxi home from the club you sat in the middle seat because ‘you’re the smallest’. In other words, the others didn’t want to. They were all a little intoxicated, as were you, which made you a little less tense around them.

“Why do you always look like you’re scared of us?” You heard Ashton ask as you fidgeted away from Michael’s leg that was touching yours due to the small space inside the taxi. 

A red colour stained your cheeks, “I, I guess I don’t want to say something wrong in front of you?” You offered as an answer. “You’re Calum’s friends, I want you to like me.”

Calum took your hand and gripped it tightly as Luke spoke, “We like you! You’re funny and you make Calum happy.”

Michael threw his arm around your shoulders, “And I noticed your lockscreen is a charizard which makes you pretty awesome.” 

You smiled and felt yourself ease a little bit back into the soft leather of the taxi seat. However you knew at the back of your mind that the next morning you were going to be just as anxious around them as before.

cherik model au part two
  • erik never intended to end up in this line of work.  in fact if you had asked him a couple of years ago what he thought of the fashion industry he would have said that it was vapid and shallow. that it exploits people’s insecurities and perpetuates unachievable humancentric beauty standards. except here he is in a skintight wetsuit, doing a photoshoot of the coast of rome, achieving all of those standards.
  •  he shakes sand out of his hair and the photographer ends the session for the day. god knows he’ll be back here tomorrow wearing something even more ridiculous.he’s still not sure how emma conned him into becoming a model but he suspects telepathic manipulation. it’s easier than admitting to himself that he sacrificed his principles for a paycheck.
  • he gets out of the wetsuit and changes back into his street clothes. he checks his phone and sees three missed calls from someone named charles xavier. a quick google search shows some fashion designer in new york. erik sighs. this has emma written all over it
  • “who the fuck is charles xavier?” “nice to hear from you too darling. how’s rome?” “unbearable as always. now who the fuck is he?” emma clicks her tongue in disapproval. “no manners at all, it’s a good thing you’re pretty.” erik is about to growl out something derisive because he is classically handsome not pretty when she finally explains.         “charles xavier is to fashion what michelangelo was to sculpture. he’s a genius. i must have him.”      
  • erik is intrigued despite himself. emma never compliments anyone. ever. it’s one of her most endearing qualities. “he can’t be that good.” “he will be. i need you to model for him, he’s designing a new collection for me. keep an eye on his progress, i want regular updates. oh and bring me back something from milan. i’m thinking crystals ” and with that incredibly vague statement emma hangs up on him. typical.
  • two weeks later after erik has fulfilled all his prior commitments, emma arranges a meeting with xavier at what is quite possibly the stuffiest restuarant in all of manhattan. erik tugs on his silk tie and reluctantly resigns himself to an evening of mindless conversation. twenty minutes later and xavier still hasn’t arrived. erik levitates knifes above the table and idly considers castrating the bastard.
  • “oh but that’s incredible, do that again.” erik looks up into the brightest blue eyes he has ever seen and the silverware instantly falls to the table. the angel smiles and erik smiles back awestruck. he snags the empty seat at erik’s table and gestures at the silverware. “well go on, don’t stop on my account.” erik flicks his hand and the spoons begin waltzing. 
  • the man laughs delightedly. “extraordinary, absolutely extraordinary. i’ve never seen anything like it- tell me is it telekinesis?” erik shakes his head. “metalokinetic is the closest word for it, i manipulate magnetic fields.” the man grins and steals a roll from the bread basket and lathers it with butter. 
  • “this is such a relief. forgive me, mr. lehnsherr but i was worried we’d be discussing color theory and fabric choice all evening. it’s such a delight to meet someone with similar interests.” before erik can ask what he means by similar interests, the man raises his hand to his temple in the universal gesture for telepathy. 
  • erik sits back in his seat stunned. xavier- and its xavier it has to be- is not at all what he expected. he’s not quite sure what he was expecting but not this charming, odd man dressed more like a professor than a fashion designer. erik feels slightly flustered and off balance and he will later attribute his next words to a temporary lack of self awareness. 
  • “do you want to get out of here?” erik’s cheeks flush, that is not at all what he wanted to say. the spoons seem to wilt in embarrassment before falling to the table. xavier’s eyebrows rise and he smiles mischievously. “a bit forward but i’m willing to consider it.”  erik facepalms. “that’s not what i- i meant that do you want to go somewhere else to eat. i don’t much care for this place.”  charles smiles. “lead the way.” 
BTS Reaction when you’re dating Rap Mon //requested//

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*stares* You’re so pretty….why are you with Namjoon?


Why be with Namjoon when you can be with me *flexes*




We could’ve had something special


If you ever get bored….call me


I could show you a better time than him 


Excuse my girlfriend and I while we *gif*

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