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tfw when ur otp’s status of Fave is threatened

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Oh, sorry. My bad.

I suppose that’s how confessing to the love of your life must be: Detached and dull. If that’s the case I’m so much more interested in the platonic, non-romantic, fraternal love right here. At least it moved me. At least it made me feel something.

I get Kubo not wanting to draw a RenRuki image because he felt it would look unconvincing, but c’mon!!! I thought he’d put a lot more effort into his precious, adored and beautiful Orihime’s moment since she is, you know, “the main heroine” and all that stuff. Kubo is the master of emotion, or at least that’s what I felt through all these years reading Bleach. I could feel the emotions of the characters, I could see it all in just a single panel. But when it comes down to making something for his planned-since-ancient-times canon ship all he does is… this?

You can say whatever you want to me regarding my utter repulsiveness towards the ending, but if I was an IH shipper I would be damn sad, disappointed and angry of just getting this… how should I even name it? It’s a sketch but really, I could do the same on a napkin with tomato sauce and it would look livier just because of the color. Lol. 

So in the end I come back to square one. Didn’t get canon… well, if that’s what canon is supposed to look like, I guess I’m really, really happy of not having gotten it. I’d rather just keep those extraordinary and beautiful 15 years of the real Bleach inside my heart forever. And obviously, my innumerable heartfelt IchiRuki moments.


きたああああ!! I bundled the CDs together so I got both in one package. And I got Louis’ & Leo’s mini scenario bromide <3 (idk if there are others, can anyone confirm? Edit: it looks like the bromide are given randomly i.e. there should be Alan/Alyn, Byron/Xeno, and Giles/Jill too igottheonesiwantedyass)

The CD in yellow is a tokuten/store bonus from ordering both at the animate store~ It contains each of the cast commenting on the recording, answering a question (”イケメン王宮のせかいで王になたらまず何をしますか” / “What will you do first if you become a king in the world of Midnight Cinderella?”), and a message for the listeners. Stellasworth also has a tokuten (scenario booklets) but I much prefer this one (=w=)b Tachibana-san’s ‘evil’ laugh lmao :’D

Mysterious Hazelnut | Pt. II

Summary: Coffee have always been key to lighten up your mood in cloudy days. Specially when its made by your favorite barista. 

Author: @sleepywinchester prev. deanwincehster-af | Mobile Masterlist |

Pairings: Barista!Sam x Plus Size!Reader

Words: 1.k+

Beta: @waywardlullabies [thank u, xoxo]


A/N: A while back I had this request and I finally found a way to incorporate and write something that I kinda feel identified with but in a cute way. Gonna see about the cheeky smut but there’s def gonna be a sexy scene, not on this part tho… *Wink wink* [ About the gif; THAT HOW HE LOOKS IN MY MIND FOR THIS FIC. I MEANNNNNN. ]

Request by Anonymous: Hey so i was wondering if you could do a Sam x plus size!reader and she is dating Sam but is super self conscious of her body and is awkward in trying to tell Sam how she feels? Fluff with some cheeky smut?


It’s been a two days since Sam gave you his number and you still haven’t called him. It wasn’t because you didn’t want to, the honest reason was simple; you didn’t had time. Two days ago you had to work and do closing, by the time you got home it was too late. Yesterday was a rush day with three classes and homework; yet there still some you had to finish tonight. But before you needed to call him and prove you aren’t the asshole, he might think you are by now.

And today… the day when you finally made some time to call and see if he was free to go out, you couldn’t find the dammed up Sam wrote his number on. It had to be in your house, you clearly remembered putting it on the living room and then maybe in your room. You should have saved the number on your phone the second the hottest barista you’ve ever met wrote it on the cup. But it wasn’t the case thanks to all the things that rush through your mind at all times.

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y’all just like

can u imagine back when they were in the academy and fitz getting a little too drunk one night and mumbling something about his da but jemma doesn’t let him go any further because he’s drunk and not thinking straight and she just tucks him in and makes sure he sleeps 

and then months later, she beams at him and tells him he’s the most brilliant person she’s ever met and the only other person that’s ever told him that is his mum and a handful of teachers but somehow its so much different hearing it from her because he values her opinion and thinks she’s the smartest person he’s ever met. so later when they’re holed up in one of their bunks he tells her all about his dad after a drink or two (nothing that intoxicates him like it was the first time, but its enough of liquid courage) and after he’s done speaking - she wouldn’t dare interrupt him - she just looks him straight in the eye and she tells him no one is ever going to talk to him or about him like that again. and he takes it for what it is, an empty promise, but jemma means it and she holds onto that every time he gets down on himself and takes it as a personal offence every time someone doesn’t give fitz the credit he deserves

papa fitz, boi, u better hope u never meet jemma simmons cause she will end you.

You are the Yuri!!! on Ice fandom and you were born to make history!

Your show is a SPORTS ANIME focused on ICE SKATING, which is pretty out of the NORM. It boasts fluid ANIMATION, amazing MUSIC, lovely CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and, the most IMPORTANT thing of all, a canon SAME-SEX RELATIONSHIP. Suck on that FREE!.

Your INTERESTS include, aside from ice skating, BALLET, FLAMBOYANT COSTUMES, and INSTAGRAM. Your favorite food is KATSUDON and you love both CATS and DOGS. Not many people know that you’re also great at BREAK DANCING and POLE DANCING but you would rather not let that get AROUND.

Your strife specibus is ICE SKATE KIND and your chumhandle is eroticKatsudon. Y❅ur w❅rds are❅n ice just as much as y❅u are! 

[[I come back from the dead with this shit. I am totally in love with this show and it’s ending in two episodes! *cries* Also I can never get away from fandomstuck no matter how much I try…

Picture credit to @releasethellamas a.k.a. Kurobasu mun.

Fangirl over YoI with me at @the-wicked-xen]]