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favorite comic character meme ✦  [1/3] platonic relationships: bruce wayne

“But the whole truth was obvious. Bruce liked having Jason out here.”


JM (to JK): Why do I like you so much?


“Maybe I got tired of seeing Kevin bend. Or maybe it was the zombies.”
    When Andrew just stared at him, Neil shrugged and said, “A few weeks back you and Renee argued contingency plans for a zombie apocalypse. She said she’d focus on survivors. You said you’d go back for some of us. Five of us,” Neil said, splaying his fingers at Andrew. “You weren’t counting Abby or Coach. Since you trust Renee to handle the rest of the team, I’m guessing the last spot is for Dobson.”
    He knew Andrew wouldn’t answer that, so he dropped his hand and said, “I didn’t say anything then because I knew I’d only look out for me when the world went to hell. I don’t want to be that person anymore. I want to go back for y o u.”

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maddy i love yr blog but yr caesar love is the most unrelatable content in the world. i respect caesar theoretically but ive had to translate the fucking gallic war this semester and heres my big take: hes no good. he thinks good sentences r 10 lines long and he wants 2 fuck ablative absolutes. he has a shrine 2 them w roses and candles and an engagement ring for when the time is right. hes a bad garbage man. 0/10

this ask is poetry and i can respect it

Just a Memo - Boyf riends

Title: Just a Memo

Word Count: 1822

Pairing: Jeremy Heere x Michael Mell (boyf riends/Meremy)

Warnings: None unless you consider dorks being dorks objectionable

A/N: This originally started out as a headcanon so the writing style is more informal-ish towards the beginning.  Also this is my first piece of actual fanfic ever so bear with me here. :’D

Jeremy still sometimes hears the Squip talking in his head.  It’s so faint though, that he’s not really sure if it’s just his own thoughts or if it actually is the Squip.  Either way he doesn’t tell anyone.  Maybe, he thinks, it’ll just go away on its own.  No, the voice says, It can’t be gotten rid of that easily.  But nevertheless, Jeremy continues to live as though there weren’t possibly the ghost of a half-mad supercomputer embedded in his brain.  

One day he notices his left hand moving of its own accord (to do what, he had no idea) and flips the fuck out— but regains control of it immediately after panicking and flailing it around for a second.  This type of thing starts happening on occasion; usually just small actions probably meant to inconvenience him.  That time he caught himself aiming a crumpled ball of paper at the back of a teacher’s head was one of the more notable ones.  Oh, and that time he poured a glass of water on himself probably qualifies as well.  

Jeremy realizes that he really can’t deny the Squip’s presence at this point, but it hasn’t tried to do anything super malicious, so he decides to wait things out before taking any drastic action.  One day he sees his hand reaching for a pen on its own.  Normally he’d jerk it back on reflex and that would be it, but he decides to leave it alone and see what happens.  His hand picks up the pen and starts writing on a scrap piece of paper.  Definitely not his handwriting, he notes with a mix of apprehension and curiosity.  Then it stops.

Y O U R  F L Y  I S  U N Z I P P E D

Jeremy hurriedly looks down.  Shit.  

After remedying the situation, he stops for a moment to direct a mental ‘thank you’ at the Squip.  Hell, that’s probably the nicest thing it’s ever done for him.  And so it continues.  Every so often he’ll notice his nondominant hand moving of its own accord, writing a helpful (or not-so-helpful) suggestion courtesy of the Squip.  The notes are brief— no more than a sentence or two.  He’ll usually follow them if the advice doesn’t seem too fishy.  

One day Jeremy’s at the school library with Michael, both of them studying for an upcoming math test.  Well, Michael’s the one doing most of the studying.  It’s not for lack of trying on Jeremy’s part, it’s just he keeps finding himself distracted by Michael.  It’s not his fault that Michael bites his lip in the cutest way when he’s figuring out a tough problem, or that the sunlight dancing across his face makes him look like some kind of angel, or that his hair looks so incredibly soft and touchable that Jeremy really wants to run his fingers through it.  Man, he thinks, some girl’s gonna be so lucky to have him someday.  

He shakes his head and turns back to the study guide for what must be the fifth time when he finds his hand moving to write a note from the squip.  It’s become a common enough occurrence that he’s not too fazed by it, but he’d really like to make some headway on this problem, so he’ll just check the note once he’s finished.  His Squip-controlled hand sets down the pen and taps on the desk impatiently.  In a minute, Jeremy thinks.  But the Squip isn’t having it apparently, because it slides the study guide off the table.  He curses under his breath and reaches to pick it up when the Squip suddenly forces him to wipe something else off the table.   It’s the note.  

A S K  H I M  O U T  A L R E A D Y.   

What?!  Jeremy has to stifle a snort.  He’s obviously not gay, as evidenced by his massive crush on Christine.  The Squip must be more broken than he thought.

His hand snatches a pen off the table and scribbles on the back of the note.  Jeremy thinks he can almost hear an exasperated sigh in the back of his mind.

Y O U R  O B L I V I O U S N E S S  I S  K I L L I N G  ME.

Jeremy’s face reddens a bit as he crumples the note and resumes studying.  But he still can’t concentrate, thanks to the Squip’s comment.  So what if he thinks Michael’s attractive?  Doesn’t mean he’s gay.  It’s not like he wants to make out with Michael, or hold hands with him, or cuddle with him, or…


Well it doesn’t matter either way.  Michael’s probably straight as a board, and even if he weren’t, he could do so much better than Jeremy.  Not that he’s jealous or anything.  Just stating the facts.  Jeremy’s a just another hopeless nerd, but Michael’s so cool in his own way and he doesn’t even know it.  Guys like him are cool in college.  Guys like Jeremy just fade into the background.  But regardless, he has a math test to study for.  

Less than ten minutes later he finds his hand moving to write another note.  He considers jerking it away but can’t bring himself to do it.

“Dude!  You never told me you were ambidextrous!”  Michael practically jumps out of his chair in excitement.  He leans across the table to get a better look at Jeremy’s squip-controlled hand, which suddenly stops writing and moves to cover the note.

“What— oh,” Jeremy freezes up.  Sure enough, he’d been working a math problem with his right hand while the Squip wrote a note with his left, “Uh, yeah… I guess it just never came up?  It’s really not a big deal.”  A light blush dusts his cheeks as Michael picks up his hand and stares at it in amazement.  Jeremy figures it’s probably best to just let Michael believe this whole ambidextrous thing instead of telling him the Squip is back and has taken to spontaneously writing notes of advice with his nondominant hand.

“Not a big deal?!” Michael cries, “Are you serious?  Only two percent of humanity is ambidextrous, you happen to be one of them, and you’re telling me that it’s not a big deal?  It’s freaking AWESOME!”

“If you’re about to say we should celebrate this by getting stoned in your basement, I’m gonna have to pass.”  Jeremy deadpans as he gently removes his hand from Michael’s.  Have his hands always been this soft?  

“GASP!” Swooning dramatically, Michael clutches his chest and falls back into the chair “I AM HURT.”  

“I’m sure you’ll survive.” Jeremy says with a laugh.  Even if the Squip were right about him liking Michael, he decides it wouldn’t be worth risking their friendship.  The pain of losing moments like these greatly outweighs the possible benefits of confessing— BUT there’s nothing to confess so it doesn’t matter anyway!  He glances toward Michael, who has gone back to his study guide and is doing that cute lip biting thing again…

… Okay so maybe there’s a little that could possibly be confessed.  

Michael gestures towards the note currently covered by Jeremy’s Squip-writing hand. “So what were you writing anyway?  With that hand, I mean.”

Jeremy freezes.  Just when he thought he was in the clear too.

“How do you even take two sets of notes at once?” Michael muses, “That’d have to involve some serious parallel processing capacity on your part.”

Shit-shit-shit-shit-SHIT.  Jeremy lifts his hand slightly so he can see the note.  Maybe it’s nothing he’d have to worry about Michael seeing?  Yeah, he can probably just write it off as a note to himself for later on.  It’s probably nothi—

I  R E A L L Y  L I K E  Y O U  M I C H A E L.

Oh fuck.  

“Uh— it’s nothing,” Jeremy says a little too quickly.  He’s sweating bullets.

“Oh?”  Michael raises an eyebrow, “Well if it’s nothing, then I’m sure you won’t mind if I just—” he moves to snatch the note but Jeremy slaps his hand back over it.

“I-It’s just a memo,” he stutters unconvincingly as his face turns bright red.  Is the Squip seriously trying to set them up?

“Just a memo?” Michael grins wickedly and slaps his hand over Jeremy’s own to wrestle for the note, “Gee, you’re awfully cagey about it for being something that’s ‘just a memo’.”

“AUGH— Come on man!”  Try as he might, it’s a losing battle.  Jeremy’s left hand seems to be actively betraying him as he struggles to keep the note away from Michael.  Goddamn Squip is probably laughing it up right now.  They grapple a few more seconds before Michael emerges victorious with the note.  Jeremy’s face falls and he can feel a pit forming in his stomach.  There’s only seconds until their friendship is ruined.

“AHA!” Michael raises it high in the air like a victory trophy.  “Time to see what dark secrets—” his triumph turns to shock, and his lips part in an ‘o’ shape as he stares at the note. “…Oh…”

“I-It’s not what you think!”  Jeremy laughs nervously, knowing full well there’s no way out of this.  He’s awaiting Michael’s response like a prisoner waiting for execution.

“You sure about that?” Michael begins, blushing hard, “Because, I mean, this seems pretty…” he searches carefully for his next words, “…straight-forward.”

Jeremy’s sure there’s nothing he could do to make this any worse.  But naturally he finds a way.  “…Pun intended?”  He buries his face in his hands as he realizes what he just said.

Michael just stares at him for a moment.  His expression is unreadable.  Then he starts to laugh softly, in that way Jeremy always thought was so cute but now couldn’t be more worrying to hear. “Oh my god… Jeremy.”  He sighs as though he’s been holding his breath for a long time, “You big dork.”  He says as his face breaks into a smile.  

Jeremy looks up.  His heart is racing a million miles an hour it’s pounding so loudly he’s sure Michael can hear it.  “Wait, you’re not…” he trails off.  Mad?  Straight?  Interested?  He’s not sure what he’d prefer at this point.  It feels like he’s floating, ready to drop into freefall or soar into the sky at any moment.

Michael grins, “I really like you too.”

His heart soars.

“I have for a while now.”  Michael admits sheepishly,  “I just thought you didn’t, uh, swing that way.”

Jeremy melts right then and there.  He’s pretty sure he would’ve passed out if he hadn’t been sitting down.  God, how didn’t he see it before?  He can hear a faint “I told you so.” in the back of his mind but he doesn’t care.  Michael likes him too and that’s all that matters.  Jeremy gathers his courage and straightens up, a look of intense determination on his face, “D-Do you wanna maybe finish studying back at my place?”  

Michael takes his hand. “I’d like that.”

you  can   𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮  a

                                        it   can   even
                                        l o v e    y o u   back

                                                                                but  that  doesn’t
                                                                                change           its
                                                            ɴ  ᴀ  ᴛ  ᴜ  ʀ  ᴇ 

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Soulmate AU with Wonwoo? ✨

  • au where everyone is born with half a heart tattooed onto their wrist, and when they fall in love w their soulmate, the heart becomes complete
  • ur best friend wonwoo (who you’ve known since like birth) was one of the first to have a completed heart on his wrist whilst u guys were a lot lot younger
  • u guys were sitting on some swings in the park when he suddenly went bright red and stared at wrist and, being the nosy child u were, u leaned over to oggle at whatever he was looking at
  • at the time u were jealous that a) he found his soulmate before u and b) u suddenly weren’t the most important person in his life
  • whenever u asked him who it was he’d just glare at u and mumble “it’s a secret”
  • innocently, u never really presumed it was you
  • and as u both grew up, all the rest of ur friends began sporting completed hearts - except u
  • stubbornly you’d pretend it didn’t bother u, but it really did, and wonwoo knew that
  • he’d always reassure u saying “it doesn’t matter, y/n. you’ll find them one day” .. but u never really believed him
  • as u grew older, you began mixing with new friends and so did wonwoo
  • but at the end of the day u remained solid best friends no matter what
  • ^you’d randomly turn up at wonwoo’s house uninvited just to sit by his bathroom door and moan about ur day whilst he’d be like. peeing or something
  • ^^and you’d always try to ruin the endings of his favourite books only for it to backfire as u realise he’s read every book on earth cover to cover, and thus has the power to ruin all ur favourite book plots in return
  • even until ur middle teens you’d use pinky promises as a main basis of trust
  • of course, he’d always be ur absolute favourite study buddy just bc he had all the patience for u in the world and a lot of the time you’d just end up getting distracted and try to annoy him (it never worked)
  • (^if it did he’d tickle u until u cry then immediately apologise)
  • he’d always wait for u after school with this smile on his face and as you’d run up to him it just felt like coming home
  • but in all honesty, u were confused as to why wonwoo would always insist on hanging out w u instead of his soulmate
  • the few times u asked him about it, he’d just bashfully say “well ur all alone without ur soulmate”
  • you’ve always wondered whether your tattoo is just broken and whether u actually fell in love with ur best friend years ago
  • one day ur walking home with him from class and u see him reach down to stroke a cat with these adorable sweater paws
  • u study him w this small smile on ur face for a few moments
  • and then u feel this weird warm tingly feeling in ur wrist ???
  • to ur shock u look down and discover that ur heart has been completed
  • bewildered, u look at wonwoo again and think am i in love with wonwoo?
  • then u pause
  • u remember all the times you’ve felt something more than platonic love towards wonwoo without even realising, like when another girl asked him to the school dance and u felt jealous, or all the times just looking at him as caused u to grinned at him so much that ur cheeks have hurt, or whenever you’ve sat in his room crying into his chest about what a terrible day you’ve had yet feel completely safe and content in his warm arms, or about all the time’s you’ve laughed together so hard it’s hurt and you’d just feel the happiest person on earth around him
  • suddenly u notice he’s began walking again and he looks back and asks “y/n? what’s wrong? are u coming or not?”
  • u scoff and storm in front of hi .. but only bc u don’t want him to see ur wrist or the sudden pink glow to ur cheeks
  • u both crash out at his house for the evening, and tbh u feel slightly awkward knowing that he must be in love w u and u must be in love w him, yet he doesn’t know the latter yet
  • he’s spread out on the floor next to u studying, and all u can do is just watch him and wonder how tf u didn’t realise u were in love w ur best friend
  • like u watch the way his deep mahogany eyes concentrate on the page and the way he prods his glasses further up his nose and the way he’d purse his lips when trying to understand a question
  • u feel that warm tingling feeling in ur stomach and at first u wonder whether u have food poisoning
  • then u remember ur in love
  • yet u continue to repress everything
  • later, u help him make dinner as he chops up vegetables, and as u go to remove something from the oven, ur wrist catches something hot and u burn it
  • all u mutter is “ow” yet he drops everything he’s doing and rushes over and hurriedly asks “are u ok??? what happened??? what did u do?? where does it hurt???  do u need me to get a first aid kit???”
  • u try to brush him away bc u know that if he looks at the burn, he’ll see ur completed tattoo
  • so u quickly say “i’’m fine !!!!! rly i’m ok !!!”
  • he stares u straight in the eye and says “u are the worst liar” before gently taking a hold of the wrist hidden behind ur back
  • u are suddenly very aware of ur close proximity and the way his body brushes against urs
  • but he doesn’t seem to notice and instead spots the tattoo on ur wrist
  • u feel him go rigid
  • he quietly asks “u found ur soulmate?”
  • u don’t say anything and just stare at the floor, altho u can feel the blood frantically rushing to ur cheeks
  • he softly says “why u didn’t tell me?”
  • u abruptly snap “u knew we were soulmates all along but u kept it a secret,, like u could’ve at least told me-“
  • “wasn’t it obvious i’ve been in love with u almost ever since i met u?”
  • u lock eyes and just feel everything inside u melt as he gazes at u with such warmth and intimacy that u physically have to catch ur breath
  • u just keep staring and simultaneously u begin to lose sense of the rest of the world as u just think ohymgodhohymgoshoyhmgsohohymgoh
  • hopelessly u try to open ur mouth praying even a few words will come out but to ur utmost surprise, ur cut off by wonwoo’s lips upon ur own
  • you’ve kissed him before in school plays or “just for fun” but the feeling it gave u then is nowhere near the infatuation and yearning u feel now
  • as he cups ur cheeks with his hands u realise u really and truly are in love with wonwoo, ur best friend, ur soulmate, and u genuinely couldn’t be any happier
Matchmaker - Cody Christian AU Imagine

Warnings:SMUT,swearing,daddy kink,jealous Cody,ass slapping,hand tying,m+f oral,fake tweet,fluff.

A/N: Enjoy xx and Happy Valentines Day or as I like to call it “Another thing to remind me i’m Single AF” 

y/n; your name

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Lisa: Hi guys were back on Clevver Tv’s Valentines day special with the cast of Teen Wolf * Lisa smiled*

Lisa: So Cody our sources yell us you’re off the market and have been for some time now, is that true?

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