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Imagine Yamaguchi being into kpop. Especially the boy idols. Sometimes Tsukishima gets a little jealous since Yamaguchi keeps talking about x’s laugh or y’s new dance thing or z’s voice/looks. (we all know Tsukishima is Yamaguchi’s #1 bf ever but still. Jealousy has no exceptions.)

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I feel like Piper would be the type of person who would name her son Jasper just because she 'liked the name' until it's like Christmas 5 years later and Jason looks up slowly at her and realizes they f uck in g na me d th ei r ch i l D THEIR SHIP NAME WHAT THE /FUCK/ PI PE R??¿¿¿¿ ...but that's just me.

lili i hope you don’t mind me posting thiS BECAUSE I NEED TO K EE P IT I CAN’T STOP LAUGHIN G. oh my go d.

hazel probably suggested it because it’s a gem name and she’s 100% joking about it, but piper actually rly likes it aND THEN. 

well. it could be worse. jiper grace sounds kinda like a disease and if that’s not bad enough there’s also pipson.

You and Jimin getting caught in the rain and then running like crazy to find cover, losing your flip flops on the way and falling into the mud…

But you’re still laughing like kids the entire time

s/o to briggon and alex for saving my life on this blessed day feb 14th 2017