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Imagine Yamaguchi being into kpop. Especially the boy idols. Sometimes Tsukishima gets a little jealous since Yamaguchi keeps talking about x’s laugh or y’s new dance thing or z’s voice/looks. (we all know Tsukishima is Yamaguchi’s #1 bf ever but still. Jealousy has no exceptions.)

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I feel like Piper would be the type of person who would name her son Jasper just because she 'liked the name' until it's like Christmas 5 years later and Jason looks up slowly at her and realizes they f uck in g na me d th ei r ch i l D THEIR SHIP NAME WHAT THE /FUCK/ PI PE R??¿¿¿¿ ...but that's just me.

lili i hope you don’t mind me posting thiS BECAUSE I NEED TO K EE P IT I CAN’T STOP LAUGHIN G. oh my go d.

hazel probably suggested it because it’s a gem name and she’s 100% joking about it, but piper actually rly likes it aND THEN. 

well. it could be worse. jiper grace sounds kinda like a disease and if that’s not bad enough there’s also pipson.

s/o to briggon and alex for saving my life on this blessed day feb 14th 2017

lmao my brother just told me that today, when he was doing grocery shopping with our dad, the two of them were at the female hygiene section and they were picking up the brand of pads my mom and I use (my dad and bro have always been the ones in charge of stacking up our bathroom with pads and tampons whenever we so much start showing signs of our periods coming up) and this guy that’s around his mid 30′s suddenly comes up to the two of them and says shit about ‘how embarrassing must be for him and his dad to be getting this items’ and that ‘next time he should just tell his wife or girlfriend or daughter or whatever to pick the pads themselves, it’s not like they’re drying or something’ and my dad and bro are just there speechless because of the attitude of the guy and they look just a bit off to the side of the guy and there’s a girl that’s clearly with him, and my dad just looks directly at her and says, from the bottom of his heart, ‘I’m sorry you have to deal with this kind of shit, dear’ and she kinda just nods and says ‘well, not anymore’ and looks at the guy that’s suddenly aware that she was standing there and says ‘because guess who’s without a girlfriend now. We are OVER (insert asshole’s name here cuz’ my bro couldn’t remember)’ and she just drops whatever items she had in her hands and walks away


きたああああ!! I bundled the CDs together so I got both in one package. And I got Louis’ & Leo’s mini scenario bromide <3 (idk if there are others, can anyone confirm? Edit: it looks like the bromide are given randomly i.e. there should be Alan/Alyn, Byron/Xeno, and Giles/Jill too igottheonesiwantedyass)

The CD in yellow is a tokuten/store bonus from ordering both at the animate store~ It contains each of the cast commenting on the recording, answering a question (”イケメン王宮のせかいで王になたらまず何をしますか” / “What will you do first if you become a king in the world of Midnight Cinderella?”), and a message for the listeners. Stellasworth also has a tokuten (scenario booklets) but I much prefer this one (=w=)b Tachibana-san’s ‘evil’ laugh lmao :’D

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Oh, sorry. My bad.

I suppose that’s how confessing to the love of your life must be: Detached and dull. If that’s the case I’m so much more interested in the platonic, non-romantic, fraternal love right here. At least it moved me. At least it made me feel something.

I get Kubo not wanting to draw a RenRuki image because he felt it would look unconvincing, but c’mon!!! I thought he’d put a lot more effort into his precious, adored and beautiful Orihime’s moment since she is, you know, “the main heroine” and all that stuff. Kubo is the master of emotion, or at least that’s what I felt through all these years reading Bleach. I could feel the emotions of the characters, I could see it all in just a single panel. But when it comes down to making something for his planned-since-ancient-times canon ship all he does is… this?

You can say whatever you want to me regarding my utter repulsiveness towards the ending, but if I was an IH shipper I would be damn sad, disappointed and angry of just getting this… how should I even name it? It’s a sketch but really, I could do the same on a napkin with tomato sauce and it would look livier just because of the color. Lol. 

So in the end I come back to square one. Didn’t get canon… well, if that’s what canon is supposed to look like, I guess I’m really, really happy of not having gotten it. I’d rather just keep those extraordinary and beautiful 15 years of the real Bleach inside my heart forever. And obviously, my innumerable heartfelt IchiRuki moments.