y u hot


Though Levi’s lived on the island for nearly ten years now, there are some things he’ll never grow accustomed to. Sure, the swaying palm trees and the easy-going and friendly attitude of the locals are what had prompted him to move there for good, not to mention the sunny weather. Winters are his favorite, because that’s usually when the flow of tourists eases at least a little and the temperature remains pleasantly warm.

Now, during summer, the sun is just a little too unforgiving for his tastes. Their guests seem to love it, though, many of them sunbathing by the pool for hours, and of course coming to Levi for refreshments. On particularly busy days like this he’s been allowed to snatch Hanji from the restaurant to help him serve drinks, a privilege that he uses quite often. Even though they have a fan whirring away behind the bar, it gets really damn hot and humid working through the sunniest hours of the day, so it’s no wonder Levi’s constantly reaching for a tissue to wipe off the sweat on his face.

They reach a bit of a lull and he finally gets the chance to sit down for a moment. He downs the rest of his water bottle in one swift gulp, swallowing the already lukewarm water before muttering, “Fucking hell.”

“I know,” Hanji calls out from where they’re wiping down the counter. “That one woman with the pink hat kept insisting that the ice in her drink wasn’t ‘cold enough’. People are horrible.”

He and Hanji have known each other for a long time, so it’s not uncommon for them to catch up on gossip and complain amongst themselves whenever they’re working together. Thankfully, no matter how wealthy, tourists are still tourists, and the vast majority of their customers don’t speak a word of Spanish, which leaves the two of them to talk to each other about whatever they feel like. Hanji seems to know everything about literally everyone, and even now they move to nudge Levi lightly as they nod towards the pool area.

“Have you seen the eyecandy that’s staying in the penthouse suite?” they ask with a waggle of their brows. “He’s just your type. The one who’s getting out of the pool just now, near the showers.”

Levi chuckles at that, but the laughter dies on his lips as soon as he notices the eyecandy Hanji’s referring to. “Damn,” he states, his gaze trailing from the strong lines of the man’s shoulders down to those shapely biceps and even lower along his sculpted abs as he follows the small trail of dark hair that disappears under the waistband of his shorts. His beautiful bronzed skin is shimmering with moisture, droplets falling from his wet hair as he rakes his hand through it. Unfortunately he’s soon covering up all those gorgeous muscles as he dries off with a towel, making Levi let out a disappointed sigh. “That body is a work of art.”

“Told you,” Hanji drawls out. “I heard he’s some German businessman. The lady who’s been cleaning his room claims that he leaves a tip for her every day.”

“I’d clean all of him, if you know what I mean,” Levi says flatly, still busy appreciating the hot German businessman’s back and thinking about how good that tan skin would look with his marks all over it. “I mean with my tongue.”

Just then the man happens to look over his shoulder and those brilliant green eyes lock on to his, almost as if he’d heard Levi’s words. He’s several feet away and supposedly German so it’s most likely not the case, but it still feels a little eerie. And damn, that shining green of his eyes does cause little nervous flutters to run through Levi.

He gives a polite smile before turning his attention back to Hanji. “He could tip me any day and in any position, if you catch my drift,” he goes on as he moves to restocking the fridge with more juice and lemonade. “Penthouse suite, huh?”

Hanji nods with a slight laugh. “Yeah, it’s the first time I’m seeing him around the pool, though.” They’re about to say something else but suddenly there’s a couple of British ladies asking for another cocktails by the counter, and Hanji reaches for the glasses with their usual customer service smile. It’s the same ladies who’d asked Levi to give them Sex by the Pool yesterday and he’s still not sure whether they’d been asking for some absurd drink or for actual sex by the pool, though their frantic blushing and giggles had hinted at the latter. He remains behind the counter just in case until Hanji’s handed them their drinks, inspecting the soda cans for a needlessly long time until he’s sure the sound of their footsteps has faded into the distance.

After the two ladies Hanji moves to serve a yet another customer, and Levi hears them pointing out the drinks menu to them in German. Maybe it’s the language that catches his attention, and as he turns his head and catches a glimpse of tan skin and messy brown hair he instantly knows who it is. He glances down along at the man’s body, you know, just to make sure, and yeah, those are definitely the abs he’d just been admiring.

He steps closer to the fan to soak up the gentle breeze blowing from it as he remarks, still in Spanish, “Look at that stomach. I would definitely do shots off of his abs.”

Hanji’s eyes widen as they sputter a little before barking out a laugh. “Damn, do I need to shove you into the pool in order to cool you off or something?”

“Probably, yeah. Shove him in with me while you’re at it,” he states as he discreetly steals a look at those sharp, handsome features. The German man seems completely oblivious to what they’re talking about, instead smiling at something on his phone while glancing through the list of drinks. “Seriously, that is the most gorgeous tourist I’ve ever seen.”

Just then he appears to have made up his mind, ordering one glass of orange juice and one Papaya Dream from Hanji. Levi hands them the juice and then resumes desperately trying to cool off by the fan. It’s not very effective, but then he gets the idea to also fan himself with one of their menus, and oh, God, what sweet relief from the humid warmth it brings him.

“He’s probably travelling with his wife,” he wonders out loud as Hanji passes him by on their way to grab the vodka. “Because that is our fruitiest cocktail.”

“Hey, I think it’s pretty good,” Hanji retorts, a little defensive.

“That only proves my point,” Levi replies with a cackle as Hanji rolls their eyes at him.

Hanji makes the man has drinks quickly enough and wishes him a good day. Just then Levi decides to pay specific attention on his ass as he’s walking away since he hasn’t yet had the chance to check out that part of him. His plan is severely impeded by the fact that the beautiful man happens to look up at him right at that moment, and before Levi knows it, he takes a few steps and is standing right in front on him on the other side of the counter.

Then, those green eyes alight with mischief, he says in perfect, if slightly accentuated Spanish, “This is for you.” He slides the glass of orange juice over to Levi. “Sounds like you’re a little hot.” His gaze flickers over Levi’s body appreciatively and he adds in a low voice, “Looks like it, too.”

“Uh.” It’s all he manages to get out, growing even redder and sweatier than he was before with those smoldering, playful eyes fixed on him. Hanji looks like they’re desperately trying not to laugh, which is not helping the situation at all.

Hasta luego, cariño,” the man says with a quirk of his lips before walking off, leaving behind the orange juice and a very flushed and mortified Levi. That apparently does it for Hanji and they burst into uncontrollable giggles, and amongst all the confusion, Levi doesn’t even remember to check out the man’s ass.

He does drink the orange juice, though, since it would just go down the drain otherwise, and despite of his embarrassment, he can’t help but to imagine how it might taste when licked off of the gorgeous stranger’s belly button.