y u get little screen time

Can u do a Benny wilk imagine where y/n r filming a q&a video and she calls him daddy and everybody freaks out and some call them mom and dad and say they ship it?

Just like most everyday, I am currently at Sam’s house. Sam and I have been friends for years. We met at one of Skate’s parties and clicked instantly, but it’s not what you think. There is nothing but friendship between us whatsoever. I know he’s cute and sweet..but i’ve just had my eyes on someone else. His brother.

Damn his brother.. his smile, his eyes, his hair..everything about him is perfect to me. Speaking of Ben, once he gets home we’re doing a Q&A on Younow. I was going to do it with Sam but he has things to do at the studio so Benny offered to fill in for him.

I was sitting on my bed getting the Younow set up while waiting on Ben to get home when all of a sudden i felt two strong arms wrap around my waist “Hi” Ben says and pulls me onto his lap… One more pretty important thing I forgot to mention; me and Ben have been lowkey hooking up for about a month and a half. it’s AMAZING. He’s amazing…

“Hi” I smile and look at him. He smiles back and kisses my lips softly, before deepening the kiss. As much as i want him to rip my clothes off and take me right here, we have things to do,“Hey now we have a Q&A to do like now” I chuckle and turn my face away from his lips. He leans his head back against the wall and sighs exasperatedly “finnne”. I laugh and kiss his cheek “Quit your whining, i’ll make it up to you later”. He smirks at me and wiggles his brows suggestively which causes me to laugh and smack his chest before climbing off him.

I scoot back into the wall next to him and pull my laptop closer so we’re both in view, “ready?”. He shrugs “let’s do it”. I start the Younow after i send a tweet out telling everyone to come watch, ‘Hey everyone!” I smile and wave,”I know you were expecting to see Sammy boy with me, but some things came up so Benny here decided he’d come hang with us” I can’t help the big smile i have when i look over at him, “Hello everyone” He says and smiles his perfect smile.

I look back at the screen and say, “So basically just ask us any questions at all”, He nods and adds on, “They can be random, serious, dirty, embarrassing, anything you can think of.”

For the first 10 minutes things were pretty simple. Just your typical: “what’s your favorite color?” “who’s your favorite singer” “what’s your favorite movie?”, questions like that, but now we both started noticing more interesting questions. “ooo I like this one” Ben points to it ,”r/f/a says ‘you don’t have to name an names, but was the last hook up you had good?” Ben reads with a knowing smirk. I instantly blush at the question, “Um I mean you could say it was good…”, He raises his eyebrows and tilts his head a little “Really? Cause I can say my last hook up was pretty fuckin’ great.” He says with that stupid grin on his face. My heart starts to beat a little faster and I reply, “She must be one lucky girl then”, He shakes his head “No I think i’m the lucky one”, he says making my heart swell.

Further into the Younow I get more and more comfortable with answering more..personal i guess you could say..questions and we somehow got on the topic of kinks we had. “hmm.. honestly I don’t have any weird things that I like in bed. I just like a guy who can rough me up a little and maybe bend me over his knee if he thinks i’ve been bad”, I bite my lip a little and look over at Ben and chuckle a little when I see his stunned face “u-um well..” he coughs a little trying to get his cool back, “I guess you could say the daddy kink really does run in the family..” he says and winks at the screen knowing the fans are gonna lose their minds. I grin and check the time on my phone, “well, daddy” I say slyly, “I think it’s time for us to sign off. Thank you so much for hangin out with us today! We love you all” I blow a kiss and grin while reading the comments: “OMFG I SHIP IT SO MUCH” ‘Y/N JUST CALLED HIM DADDY NO FUCKING WAY” “mom and dad jfc” “ahhhhh! #shipname” “bennyandy/narefuckingtonight”, “Byeeee” he laughs and signs off before closing my laptop.

“you know..” he mumbles while trailing his hand up my thigh and bringing his lips closer so i can feel his hot breath on my neck, giving me chills, “that one fan wasn’t wrong.. y/n and ben are definitely fucking tonight” he groans before capturing my lips in a passionate kiss.

a/n: sorry it took so long! It’s actually really awful so i’m sorry about that too ugh