y u do this body

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I have no idea if this was asked before- I don't think so But how do you draw bodies? I'm trying to develop my art style (but im honestly all over the place) so I figured I'd ask one of my favorite artists!!

first of all YELLS…THANK YOU DEAR,,

I DONT HAVE MUCH OF A PROCEDURE…. i just kinda do this (lets go w the most static thing in the world and also hide the hands bc i am a wreck today)

i either make it just shapes or just skeleton-y depending on my day,,and then u do it w the body type of ur character ig 

and then u put a pretty boy on top

et voila

i just wanna take jason and wrap him in a blanket and give him cookies

Touch My Body (Smut)

U should do more Benny wilk imagines, can u do one where y/n and him do the touch my body challenge?


“Hey guys! My name is (Y/N) and welcome to my channel!” I shout to the camera, my unoriginal ass intro continuing. “So, as the title says, I am doing the touch my body challenge, with..” I pause to let Ben jump into my lap.

“Me! Her boyfriend.”

“Yes, with my boyfriend Ben.” 

“This is my baby.” He wraps his arms around me, kissing my cheek. “Come on Ben quit!” About two minutes into the video of explaining the rules, Ben and I finally began. Ben tied the blindfold around my eyes and grabbed my hand. He placed it somewhere squishy, and I could easily squeeze it. “Ben, if this is your ass I swear-” “It’s not!” He laughs, and once he spoke I realized it was his cheek. “It’s your cheek!” I say, pinching it. I tie the blindfold on him, and guide his hand to my lower stomach. His finger slides up and down, a smirk resting on his face. “Come on babe? It’s your stomach.” “We have to start off easy!” I say, hoping his next one is easy to guess. He places the blindfold on my face, and lets my hand hang in the air. “Move your hand forward.” He says and I’m met with Ben’s back. I move my hand around, making sure that’s what he meant for me to touch. “It’s your back?” “Good babe! You’ve always been good with your hands.” He winks, and I blush. After a few minutes, Ben gets up for a second. Then he sits back down, guiding my hand. Once I touch where he wants me to be, I immediately start to laugh. “You horny bastard.” I chuckle, pulling off the blind fold. “Your hand is still there right? Might as well put in work babe.” I settle on my knees infront of him, wrapping my lips around him. As soon as I start moving my head back and forth, his head goes back and his groans fill the room. He pulls me up, sliding down my shorts along with my underwear. “Just a quick one babe.” He whispers, pulling me onto him. He slides in, and we both moan in pleasure. “Fuck Ben.” I groan, feeling him slowly fill me up. He quickly moves his hips up and down, going deeper with each stroke. My nails claw at his back as his lips kiss on my neck, making this experience even more pleasurable. He leans back on the couch, letting me ride as fast or a slow as I please. I grind on him agonizing slow, and his eyes roll back. He looked so hot I couldn’t help but to go even slower. “Babe, your killing me.” He complains, gripping my hips to quicken my movements. “Fine, fine.” I speed up, grinding and bouncing on him, using his chest for support. “Fuck baby. I’m gonna-” He says, before groaning loudly and bucking his hips. He cums inside me, and I cum right after him, collapsing onto his heaving body, matching our breathing. “You turned off the camera right?” “Of course.” He laughs, kissing my forehead.
signs I've slept with

Capricorn - great eye fucker, loud in bed, you know what you want. Easily orgasms. You get comfortable quick too. 

Aquarius - you are beautiful/mysterious/creative/dirty a hardcore gangsta but you’re completely mental and kinda weird in bed 

Leo - the spiciest vanilla I ever fucked. I can still hear your hair crackle with electricity and sexual power. 

Libra - boring, basic. 

Cancer - you’d be perfect if you weren’t so fucking selfish I still love you the most tho

Virgo - gorgeous, tasteful. Ur room & life r perfect. u can be a fucking problem but only if u want to be

Scorpio - so sexy, so good in bed, being with you is like being in a romantic sitcom

Taurus - we have that telepathy thing, you’ll always have a weird pull over me tbh

Pisces -  freak in bed, fun to be around but totally mental & drinking makes u so much worse so idk y u do it everyday  

Gemini - I feel like you fucked my body not me. Nice smile even if it’s fake

Aries - fairly good in bed. Nice, loyal, honest. Boring, but nice. 

Sagittarius - I always felt like you wanted me to do things but I didn’t know what they were coz u didn’t tell me

thin ppl literally only hang out w and date other thin ppl + its so wild how do u all live w soft cute jiggle so void in ur lives, whose belly do u take naps upon, y do u spend so much time sending me hateful anonymous messages, etc