y u do dis


Comic by the talented @sarcasticasides

Papa Shimada is voiced by none other then our fav @seigiva

Shimada no Dinner- //smacks. STFU

Inktober 006: Viktor Nikiforov from Yuri!!! on Ice

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Re: Overwatch Fandom

Listen here. I’m only gonna say this once.

Never. In my 22 years have i ever seen a fandom so damn ready to kill each other over ships.


Must i say it slowly for the people in the back? Must i define it?

These are fake characters, made up by some dorks sitting around.

I honestly can’t wrap my mind around why people feel like they need to call people disgusting, stupid, “retarded”, or any other kind of slur or jab just because they like?? Two (or more)???? FICTIONAL??? characters??? together???

Please someone give me a real answer as to why you are so bitter about this?

I dont like certain ships either but ya know what i do? I black list it, i dont look at it, i scroll away. I let people LIKE THINGS.

I just..

*whispers* who hurt you?